Battling Our Anxiety
Snoop vs Kevin Hart
Prije mjesec
zooted Prije 14 sati
15:55 lmfao
Jimmy Aguirre
Jimmy Aguirre Prije 15 sati
Damn lmfaoo
Mary Wells-Peppers
Mary Wells-Peppers Prije 15 sati
Why he just do a Kanye West Taylor Swift moment to Usher? Lol 😆
**Thiz-N-That** Prije 15 sati
VD is no joke.
Jason Lindsey
Jason Lindsey Prije 16 sati
Just how much longer is that K lot going to milk attention on the coattails of a double homicide?
inyybitty littycomitybunwe
inyybitty littycomitybunwe Prije 16 sati
Kevin u r wrong 4 that one
Dasher Woods
Dasher Woods Prije 16 sati
Kevin overdoes it to me 😒
Sis J-G
Sis J-G Prije 16 sati
Soooo sweet lmbo reminds me of Keath Seeat Vs Bobby Brown lol
Squishy Bear
Squishy Bear Prije 17 sati
I find it funny bc i was a Medievil Times today and my colors where red and yellow and kevin was red and yellow
The Nature Boy will always be the man
Angel Ilert
Angel Ilert Prije 17 sati
Wesley Bundy
Wesley Bundy Prije 17 sati
Big Respect For Johnny‘s Realness.. Honesty and Openness.... ...
Matriarch LLC
Matriarch LLC Prije 17 sati
That did happen 🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣 too funny
Matriarch LLC
Matriarch LLC Prije 18 sati
Virgin Perez
Virgin Perez Prije 18 sati
Love them both ❤️🌹🙏🏻💙💙
Kristo Amadeus
Kristo Amadeus Prije 18 sati
“They don’t know we’re coming” has camera inside the house already
Cherry Janes
Cherry Janes Prije 19 sati
Why you guys treating Kevin like the BALL.? He is the BEST player on the team.
Real Jones
Real Jones Prije 20 sati
Kevin hart 🤣🤣🤣
Cherry Janes
Cherry Janes Prije 20 sati
Kevin and Terry ,you are missing your baby bottles and bib . Great sections with those kids .I think that both of you should return and let the kids give you more workout.
Pasqual Perez
Pasqual Perez Prije 20 sati
Cable Guy's Souvenirs
ibleedblue56 Prije 20 sati
Thats why the man got so many jobs. This dude is a walking lottery ticket for women.
~LIONESS~ Prije 20 sati
Met gala this year was basically a costume party
Neezy II Music
Neezy II Music Prije 20 sati
the king hart, my inspiration
Sherrida Suberbey
Sherrida Suberbey Prije 21 sat
I freakin love kevin hart he brings laughter n joy to me on my cloudy days 😂💯
Edward Wrather Jr
Edward Wrather Jr Prije 21 sat
Is McNabb in the H.O.F. ? But T.O. is right
Brandon Cheek
Brandon Cheek Prije 21 sat
omar Breezy
omar Breezy Prije 21 sat
Kevin you fake bro!
Avi Prije 22 sati
The extended clip even funnier 🤣🤣🤣🤣don cheadle the 🐐
Kita Rheams
Kita Rheams Prije 22 sati
I honestly think Kevin was jus shocked 😳 cause Don u look damn good for 56!! Like frfr!!
Reese Angela
Reese Angela Prije 22 sati
So... at first I was majorly crushing on his father for a while, then I saw Let's Be Cops.. and then I fantasize about them both🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🥴🥴giggety
shygirl vee
shygirl vee Prije 22 sati
Rob Gee
Rob Gee Prije 22 sati
Eminem is a way better father than this joker. He adopted his little brother and his niece. Nick is trash...
Ashley Scharff
Ashley Scharff Prije 22 sati
Is it just me or does the husband look pissed and over it ? Towards the end Lol 😂 🤣😂🤣
Priv8grass Prije 23 sati
I think Chito was joking. There’s no way that he is really bad offended. But if this is real. I don’t blame Kevin either. It’s hard to come back from a car crash.
yasser zainalabden
yasser zainalabden Prije 23 sati
am dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Eugene Dockery Jr.
Eugene Dockery Jr. Prije 23 sati
Yazlyn Nuñez
Yazlyn Nuñez Prije 23 sati
The mover was over them 😂
Jadi Anderson
Jadi Anderson Prije 23 sati
Gangsta. Party. Line. 4
Jadi Anderson
Jadi Anderson Prije 23 sati
Gangsta. Party. Line. 3
mohd anuar
mohd anuar Prije 23 sati
You guys so funny😂👍👍
Tia Jasmin
Tia Jasmin Prije 23 sati
I am the bored life 99
I am the bored life 99 Prije dan
Old people getting bothered by aging lol tgey always take offense by it get over it you lived your life dont mean don is offended but old people in general 😆 clearly there joking
Debra Pettis
Debra Pettis Prije dan
S Lmont
S Lmont Prije dan
More evidence nick cannon is a [email protected]
Cartier -
Cartier - Prije dan
White hand one and only Ito say that ik he feel lit
Buddy Flankwood
Buddy Flankwood Prije dan
kevin knows how to hold a wine glas, Ice Cube does not
Lawd Flacco
Lawd Flacco Prije dan
He said get the gun
Mak JLEB Prije dan
The Morrow Family
The Morrow Family Prije dan
Kevin is crazy!🤣🤣
Sunny Edwards
Sunny Edwards Prije dan
Yeah you go boy
Stacy Parker
Stacy Parker Prije dan
Katrina Brewer
Katrina Brewer Prije dan
🤣🤣🤣I love this! This dude is funny AF
Juanita Curry
Juanita Curry Prije dan
He looks like zuko
Tjuan Williams
Tjuan Williams Prije dan
I just knew Kev was about to start sang'n There goes my baby when he started growl'n & gyratin'...lmao
Calvin Adams
Calvin Adams Prije dan
How you wearing my shirt
Jordan Walls
Jordan Walls Prije dan
you. Prije dan
This is garbage lmao
Jessie Moore
Jessie Moore Prije dan
Pauline Jordan
Pauline Jordan Prije dan
Kev is a Idiot he meant how he said it LOL
Silvia Hannak
Silvia Hannak Prije dan
I didn't know that. Terrible but great that he survived such an accident
Richard Perez
Richard Perez Prije dan
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 get over yourself everybody gets old.
OhRats Prije dan
Amanda Adams
Amanda Adams Prije dan
Dizzy All Day
Dizzy All Day Prije dan
Well, this was a flop, go next lol
Ky Bek
Ky Bek Prije dan
Kyuu Kirigaya
Kyuu Kirigaya Prije dan
7:32 his laugh is just too precious
tewanwilson Prije dan
Nick made a living off of being corny but this is sad.
Pete OMO VEVO Prije dan
Purplehaze Yeaitsme
Purplehaze Yeaitsme Prije dan
This is too funny smh🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams Prije dan
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams Prije dan
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams Prije dan
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams Prije dan
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams Prije dan
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams Prije dan
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams Prije dan
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams Prije dan