This show is WILD
Prije 15 dana
Battling Our Anxiety
Prije 2 mjeseci
Kevin Hart is Ready to Wrestle
Kevin Hart Surprises Usher
gaussminigun Prije 8 sati
Now this is what we call. According to boondocks.....a ni-
thing you know
thing you know Prije 8 sati
Thug scout 😂
Wangan280z Prije 8 sati
Hey all i see is equal treatment to everybody he asks
Prince ENAD
Prince ENAD Prije 8 sati
christoph !!
christoph !! Prije 8 sati
He's off his nuts or was last night hence the medic moment
Dallas Gelmich
Dallas Gelmich Prije 8 sati
Guy needs to put on his big girl panties if he’s but hurt over a damn 😂😂
Re Jac
Re Jac Prije 9 sati
He is a fool!🤣🤣🤣
Alyssa M
Alyssa M Prije 9 sati
i just noticed that pete's bracelet has the initials A.G.D.
Bryan Carpenter
Bryan Carpenter Prije 9 sati
Pete sound like coach Steve from big mouth
Feedback Accepted
Feedback Accepted Prije 9 sati
Ew. This baby daddy/baby mamma culture needs to die.
AK Prije 9 sati
That's not asthma that's just high.
Falishia Edwards
Falishia Edwards Prije 9 sati
He crash everything lmfao
x Skag
x Skag Prije 9 sati
Shano Da Boss
Shano Da Boss Prije 9 sati
She so fine 😭😫
m h
m h Prije 9 sati
mans saying “damn” like hes not 42. boi if u dont…
Isaiah Tucci-Caselli
Isaiah Tucci-Caselli Prije 10 sati
"Gimme that Erik"😂😂😂
Shavonta Cortijo
Shavonta Cortijo Prije 10 sati
Great Video glad to know him better
dante golding
dante golding Prije 10 sati
I freaking love Kevin yo
Patrick Franklin
Patrick Franklin Prije 11 sati
Two of the funniest people
jrami521jr Prije 12 sati
The simulation not real Kevin gotta row 4 times for one of snoop's strokes
Sahil Ahmad
Sahil Ahmad Prije 12 sati
Whaaaaaa Don Cheadle is 56!?!?!!??????!!!!!? I thought he was like 34
EmilioLEANDRO Todo
EmilioLEANDRO Todo Prije 12 sati
that is all ILUMINATI 💩💩
Jay Godfrey
Jay Godfrey Prije 12 sati
Sammmie Jane
Sammmie Jane Prije 12 sati
Jimmy needs to get some sun 😂
Sammmie Jane
Sammmie Jane Prije 12 sati
Tiffini James
Tiffini James Prije 12 sati
I love me some USHER
Katherine Woodward
Katherine Woodward Prije 12 sati
He never mess up USHER
Keepyourjob Keepyourjob
Keepyourjob Keepyourjob Prije 12 sati
He does look old...
Giovanni Botta
Giovanni Botta Prije 13 sati
youre so lucky chris tucker retired thats the best!
Christopher Russell
Christopher Russell Prije 13 sati
Hahaha he obviously didn’t mean that in a malicious way. Brittle ears fs. But this was hilarious.
Aro Doubleu
Aro Doubleu Prije 13 sati
Hologram performance of usher? That needs to be did everywhere for celebs own safety yeah? Usher, unforgettable, Kevin Hart, hands down heart of comedy Central roast 🤩😍
lorraine farquharson
lorraine farquharson Prije 13 sati
Hold this!! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
lorraine farquharson
lorraine farquharson Prije 13 sati
Watched this over & over laughing 🤭 🤣🤣😂😂😭😭😭😭
Walle B.
Walle B. Prije 14 sati
Juan Arce
Juan Arce Prije 15 sati
Where was Brian Cranston at?
Jacob Anawalt
Jacob Anawalt Prije 15 sati
He’s gonna be there in just a decade
Italy Armstrong
Italy Armstrong Prije 15 sati
Sean Rooney
Sean Rooney Prije 15 sati
Kevin Hart was about to get a piece of War Machine
Please No
Please No Prije 15 sati
Magic of rahat
Melissa Robinson
Melissa Robinson Prije 15 sati
This really happened 🤣 it wasn't funny but it was so funny kevin felt bad then tried to lie backing away we'll take a poll on how you ment it
drea Roses
drea Roses Prije 15 sati
Kev stay in your lane😜😜😜😜🤦🏿
Alex San
Alex San Prije 16 sati
Congrats Nick !
Mitch El Bey
Mitch El Bey Prije 16 sati
Mitch El Bey
Mitch El Bey Prije 16 sati
Lino Rosales
Lino Rosales Prije 16 sati
Kevin. ERIN FREAKING ANDREW'S dude your a legend she's so fucking awesome
Myth 84
Myth 84 Prije 18 sati
Daniel Foster
Daniel Foster Prije 18 sati
I’m sorry
Nicholas Hunt
Nicholas Hunt Prije 18 sati
Kevin is a Mfn LEGEND
Aurora Kiffs
Aurora Kiffs Prije 18 sati
O. Yamaguchi
O. Yamaguchi Prije 20 sati
Met don cheadle once, he is a class A jerk
As told by Tink GODDESS OF LOVE
As told by Tink GODDESS OF LOVE Prije 20 sati
Yeah understand that...that just happened 😏😏😏🤞🏾🤞🏾
E Bza
E Bza Prije 21 sat
I've seen that Don is a bit of a p*ssy
Jaelee Jester
Jaelee Jester Prije 21 sat
Kid did look like a lil Bruce Willis lol
Alexia Winston
Alexia Winston Prije 21 sat
Kevin’s face when he went up….then the scream on the way down…😂😂😂😂
Bashley Mashego
Bashley Mashego Prije 21 sat
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I am screaming, this is so hilarious
Terry Medley
Terry Medley Prije 21 sat
Amadou Jallow
Amadou Jallow Prije 21 sat
He steal the show everything!
Paul Alexander
Paul Alexander Prije 22 sati
Paul Alexander
Paul Alexander Prije 22 sati
This is so funny
iPlayLive2 PS4
iPlayLive2 PS4 Prije 22 sati
Bro I got tears of laughter from this "Damn, I'm sorry, I'm sorry" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥
GSD135 Prije 23 sati
Love how I recognize these guys Ryan George - pitch meeting and just him in general Other guys - pro tips
school zone
school zone Prije 23 sati
The billowy keyboarding evidently stir because weather orally x-ray sans a oafish microwave. previous, pastoral italy
Sam Riker
Sam Riker Prije 23 sati
kevin hart drunk
G Marie
G Marie Prije 23 sati
HERSH Prije 23 sati
He’s guessing the year of the wine they are drinking.
ΛCE Prije 23 sati
He aint that far from it neither lmaoo
Dan Madril
Dan Madril Prije dan
Screw him I'm 55. Cheadle plays victim
Ecm Prije dan
Someone is sensitive!!!
Craig White
Craig White Prije dan
Don seems to be a little too sensitive for my liking. I think he needs to grow a pair and man up a little bit.
UFO BrownSugar
UFO BrownSugar Prije dan
Comedians say anything and gets away with it 🤣🤣🤣
Eric Flowers
Eric Flowers Prije dan
I laugh every time 🤣🤣🤣
jarrid barros
jarrid barros Prije dan
Don brought to tears lol war machines about to turn on the water works lol
Victor Aguirre
Victor Aguirre Prije dan
We need more seasons of cold as balls 🙌🏼
Agent Ray
Agent Ray Prije dan
Keegan and Kevin on the run
Nevermindallofdat Prije dan
Welp he can take care them.
Tweet ShortCakez
Tweet ShortCakez Prije dan
Rob Mv3Trader
Rob Mv3Trader Prije dan
"shudna did it" should actually be a song 😂
BMoney8600 Prije dan
The way Kevin started apologizing is the best
Dean Flet
Dean Flet Prije dan
Wow I'm older than all 3 of them but I still pass off late 20's early 30's my friends always tell it's in the jeans okay whatever 😒 being carded at my age suck's.😪