Die Hart Teaser Trailer
Prije 4 mjeseci
WasabiNinja Prije 8 sati
Kevin Hart looks like he is standing the entire time. lol
alt Prije 8 sati
Did this man just say marijuana’s not a drug it’s legal?! 4:15 lmao just bc its legal doesn’t not make a drug hell advil is legal and still considered a drug caffeine is a drug and is legal
Riq G
Riq G Prije 8 sati
Now i need to see kevin hart n all his homies on the mike tyson podcast to see if they still feel the same😂
Meli Prije 8 sati
“are you married” “yeah” “cool” lmaooo that’s me.
Clarence Lynch
Clarence Lynch Prije 8 sati
I think the family didn’t find Pete too funny but he made me laugh this entire video
Nutter Butter
Nutter Butter Prije 9 sati
This was on like last year or sumtin right?
Vincent Foster
Vincent Foster Prije 9 sati
That looks like the fake ice that can be bought on Amazon.
Cj Jones
Cj Jones Prije 9 sati
That guy totally off base. Point Kevin was making. That guy would not peep a peep with Mile.
Anthuan Juarez
Anthuan Juarez Prije 9 sati
Kourtney Kardashian! ⭐️
Anthuan Juarez
Anthuan Juarez Prije 9 sati
Kevin Hart! ⭐️
V. T.
V. T. Prije 9 sati
more videos please😂😂👍👍👍
Matthew Adair
Matthew Adair Prije 9 sati
Why does OBJ seem so shy on these shows but when he is in a game or by himself, he is all over the place and dancing and stuff
Matthew Adair
Matthew Adair Prije 9 sati
Leslie is sooooooo underrated as a comedian
Relying Moore
Relying Moore Prije 9 sati
none of yall wanna go in that room with mike
Matthew Adair
Matthew Adair Prije 9 sati
adam : “i loved kevin when he played the donkey in shrek” kevin : “that wasn- that was eddie murphy” I CANT WITH ADAM BRO 💀😭
Matthew Adair
Matthew Adair Prije 9 sati
The anxiety of being the only girl in a circle of 5 hot soccer players and one celebrity must be crazyyy
SAK MWT Prije 10 sati
if it was me before seeing the spider i would be dead
Natalie. S
Natalie. S Prije 10 sati
scott is highkey finee
Vivian Ho
Vivian Ho Prije 10 sati
"I promised to be taller next year, doesn't mean its gonna happen" LMAO
Amadi Media
Amadi Media Prije 10 sati
Tyson would whoop all 5 of yall at the same time
Tiaza Dobbs
Tiaza Dobbs Prije 11 sati
Could Pelosi and Hillary not join you ? I've seen you too and I'm wise enough to see right through you. South Carolina is NOT for sale !
Clarence Lynch
Clarence Lynch Prije 11 sati
Who do you think was Floyd's best opponent?
GTTC 773
GTTC 773 Prije 12 sati
i was like, hmm kevin is being really respectful of boss today until he went on his knees and kevin laughed.....
GTTC 773
GTTC 773 Prije 12 sati
"why he got cleats on" LMAO
GTTC 773
GTTC 773 Prije 12 sati
Kourtney Kardashian looks naturally beautiful and all American fun girl.
Hanzo Hasashi
Hanzo Hasashi Prije 12 sati
Tyson gets mad I'm😳🏃
Bhumswrang Wary
Bhumswrang Wary Prije 12 sati
First time saw kevin hart outrun in speaking by someone(x mr. Grande)
pipimp100 Prije 13 sati
Mike will knock all these fuckers on this crew out at his current age!!!
Doobie Nasty
Doobie Nasty Prije 13 sati
@12:13 when somebody ask you if you got a condom and you jokingly say no
Owen Hernandez
Owen Hernandez Prije 13 sati
Is it just me or am I getting a suttle impression that he's trying to act a bit cool
QuantumJoe Prije 13 sati
waaaiiit crazy conspiracy, ninja is secretly a trans person
Kay Dee
Kay Dee Prije 14 sati
Wayne has too much bass in his voice for someone who would definitely fold in a face-to-face. Dude is capping.
nxt lxst
nxt lxst Prije 14 sati
do you know how hard it is to sit in a bath full of ice??
Kaseim Ezell
Kaseim Ezell Prije 14 sati
Phil M.
Phil M. Prije 15 sati
Where is the part where Handler tells the black man he can't support Trump? To her - all black men are the same. They must vote Democrat. And Trump gets called a RACIST. Obviously, the Democratic Party's propaganda machines are working hard to get Biden elected. Chelsea is shaming black people because they can form an opinion?
MyVids Prije 15 sati
I understand Kev, hell I would back pedal and moonwalk in that situation! Everyone is tough watching or speculating, it’s different being in arms reach!
Tareq Osman
Tareq Osman Prije 16 sati
Wow at 1:17 Both made the same mouth move simultaneously, literally identical
G. G.
G. G. Prije 16 sati
I'guess he never seen Mike's workouts of this year. Would love too see K.Hart on Hotboxing!
Lojalny Prije 16 sati
True gamers know Ninja havent huge skills he is just joker :D
Amy Wick
Amy Wick Prije 17 sati
OFFICIAL 6ARZ Prije 18 sati
I had Covid twice and stayed home. I recovered in 2 weeks. My wife is a nurse and not once did she tell me to go to the hospital. Even though she's a nurse she's still woke. She knows about all the bullshit the system be on. Plenty of liquids, LOVE and don't smoke if possible. It's nothing but a different strain of flu.
Auntie Patti Ann's Place
Auntie Patti Ann's Place Prije 18 sati
I'm agreeing that he's scary. I watch the T.K. & Teddy Riley. This mofu is crazy, with his tight pants. Shyt, no sir, he is still snapable.
Black Excellence
Black Excellence Prije 19 sati
Everybody’s a tuff guy until they get punched in the mouth - Mike
James Ross
James Ross Prije 19 sati
"It's not a drug, it's legal" lol 🤣 dude it's still a drug, it's just a legal drug. It being legal or illegal don't change that fact
James Ross
James Ross Prije 9 sati
@Black Excellence It's ok to be wrong young 👑. "Listen to advice and accept correction, and in the end you will become wise." Proverbs 19:20
Black Excellence
Black Excellence Prije 18 sati
@James Ross do drug stores sell cocaine 😭😭😭
Black Excellence
Black Excellence Prije 18 sati
@James Ross Step 1: Workers harvest the coca leaves. Step 2: The leaves are soaked in gasoline. Step 3: The gasoline is drained. Step 4: The cocaine base is dried. Step 5: The dried substance is dissolved in a solvent. Step 6: Excess solvents are removed, and it is dried into bricks. That’s how cocaine is made 😭😭😭
James Ross
James Ross Prije 18 sati
@Black Excellence Cocaine comes from the Coca leaf which is a plant 🌱.. Also Drug stores sell legal drugs nationwide. So you're saying since their drugs are legal, that those aren't really drug stores? lol
James Ross
James Ross Prije 18 sati
@Black Excellence Is cocaine a drug?
Aye Run
Aye Run Prije 19 sati
I dont know, I'm with Kevin on this one 100%. That man can flip.
Caffeine Yeahh
Caffeine Yeahh Prije 19 sati
Why does Ninja looks like photoshopped on his body, is it because color of his face and body being different?
Cole Burner
Cole Burner Prije 20 sati
THE Seanieboi
THE Seanieboi Prije 20 sati
It’s the floaties for me🤣🤣
Megan Prije 20 sati
the fact that emma is so entertaining and kevin hart is so entertaining alone, and so TOGETHERRRR
Megan Prije 20 sati
Megan Prije 20 sati
Craddo UwU
Craddo UwU Prije 20 sati
Ninja does has a catch phrase " Tf did u say to me u little s***"
G9yc8tv B9jvy8v
G9yc8tv B9jvy8v Prije 20 sati
Why did I watch this
Elementriel Prije 20 sati
oh my gosh I Kevin Hart is so freaking hilarious. Cool seeing him and Ninja together.
Cammy4460 Prije 21 sat
Kevin gets a H on his neck when he laughs 😂
Lebron Selby
Lebron Selby Prije 21 sat
The fact he made clapping noise ong kevin a different breed
Gin Jay
Gin Jay Prije 21 sat
Wayne sound foolish, Mike Tyson May be a lot calmer but he is still iron Mike and he would knock all of the plastic cup boys asses out at the same time, kevin hart is a smart man for realizing that lol
AlabamaPowell Prije 21 sat
But wait! Why are they talking like they didn't see the video of Tyson crying because the beast in him has been dormant?
ilikepets Prije 21 sat
This is like the Kai vs Lagan paul
Jimmie Thompson
Jimmie Thompson Prije 22 sati
Man Wayne talking real greasy. Like if it was him he would of kept goin and if mike had a problem he would handle it.
LILLIE JAMIE Prije 22 sati
The sound effect when James threw the weight down had me oooouuutttt 😂😂 8:33
Grant Golden
Grant Golden Prije 22 sati
How did ninja get here before Dwayne
Li Hua Liu
Li Hua Liu Prije 22 sati
Ritual expert lady: where’s your tension Keegan Kevin: he cant hear you (¬_¬)
Light Vert
Light Vert Prije 22 sati
Kevin hart was impressed 😂😂😂when Keegan did the bubble noise 3:53
Li Hua Liu
Li Hua Liu Prije 22 sati
James high jump technique was actually on point
Josh Amaral
Josh Amaral Prije 22 sati
Mike Tyson can beat you all up at the same time lol
Misha Smiley
Misha Smiley Prije 22 sati
Wayne must’ve missed that training video Mike did 👀
Robert Harris
Robert Harris Prije 22 sati
Boosie homeboy would have shot Mike Tyson
Termall Williams
Termall Williams Prije 22 sati
Tyson is in incredible shape. But he is 50 plus years old. NO MAN, I SAY NO MAN has the fountain of youth. He can get it like anyone else!!! Truthful
Guadalupe Zepeda
Guadalupe Zepeda Prije 23 sati
God bless you
The Carrera Clan
The Carrera Clan Prije 23 sati
Them: *big spider* Me: *laughs in Australia*
RuReady115 Prije 23 sati
Big deal DL Hughley
Guadalupe Zepeda
Guadalupe Zepeda Prije 23 sati
God bless you
Jacob Funk
Jacob Funk Prije 23 sati
Guadalupe Zepeda
Guadalupe Zepeda Prije 23 sati
God bless you man
Ta'jee Presswood
Ta'jee Presswood Prije 23 sati
A lion still has natural predator instinct dont let the calmness or environment fool you. They know they aint messing with tyson
T Hunter
T Hunter Prije dan
Kevin is 5'2 lol understandable
shailinjanki Prije dan
Who is the blonde???
Frosty Bankz
Frosty Bankz Prije dan
Does that girl know she’s the side?
Joseph Esteban
Joseph Esteban Prije dan
When this COVID-19 situation is resolved let's have a vertically challenged challenge