Die Hart Teaser Trailer
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Prof. Granpa & Dr. Dustin
Prof. Granpa & Dr. Dustin Prije 2 sati
"Because some N*** ate a bat" made me choke on my rootbeer
Felise Villarreal
Felise Villarreal Prije 2 sati
When it’s 2021: did he drink corona 👁👄👁
Modesto thegreat
Modesto thegreat Prije 2 sati
2 Fake men
ma'am Prije 2 sati
haha le prank funny memes, le lol.
Guineapig1227 Prije 2 sati
2020 -The Horror Movie- You already watched it..
Jaksa 332
Jaksa 332 Prije 2 sati
I like when Kevin was KiAi and then sensei said „More macho one.” And Kevin just goes *KIAI*
jacob. ws
jacob. ws Prije 2 sati
Eating meat on a bat is a lie. Wuhan institute of virology.
C Will
C Will Prije 2 sati
Ghostbusting Bro
Ghostbusting Bro Prije 2 sati
0:44 3:42 7:25 7:48 8:23 9:02 9:26 10:08 10:31 13:40 14:28
Mia !
Mia ! Prije 2 sati
Trump really fucked us up
Mia !
Mia ! Prije 2 sati
This is going to have 10million
alexis arenas
alexis arenas Prije 2 sati
Well ww3 didn’t happen *but a second civil war happened so that’s in the books*
Ghostbusting Bro
Ghostbusting Bro Prije 3 sati
2:28 2:37 3:29 3:51 4:59 5:16 11:16 12:41 13:50 13:58
Jake Hodge
Jake Hodge Prije 3 sati
Y’all realize that 180 seconds is three minutes not 4 😂
Augustas Kuprys
Augustas Kuprys Prije 3 sati
" You look like Vin Diesel, who gave up" :DD
Tom Ace
Tom Ace Prije 3 sati
good watch
Ghostbusting Bro
Ghostbusting Bro Prije 3 sati
3:51 4:28 5:37 7:26 8:25 9:15 11:25 12:20
Devin Feliciano
Devin Feliciano Prije 3 sati
꧁Pug Lover꧂
꧁Pug Lover꧂ Prije 3 sati
The family’s just like 👁👄👁 they whole time
TAMON PRIDNiCE Prije 3 sati
David Quaicoe
David Quaicoe Prije 3 sati
This is really good
Damion W
Damion W Prije 3 sati
Ghostbusting Bro
Ghostbusting Bro Prije 3 sati
3:57 5:46 6:51 8:11 9:12 10:03 10:57 11:36 12:09
Brandon D
Brandon D Prije 3 sati
Love the racism towards white folks 👍
MAhki Cunningham
MAhki Cunningham Prije 3 sati
Bam Bam is a character 😂
Mike Ludwikowski
Mike Ludwikowski Prije 3 sati
That was super funny and had a message. But why the N word!? I’ll never understand I guess bc I’m white is that it? Hmm
BIG JCT Prije 3 sati
Faize Wolf
Faize Wolf Prije 3 sati
Black women also sent hate Kobe Bryant's way 😒
tyler ortiz
tyler ortiz Prije 3 sati
who the fuk is coby
Te’Dra Time Capsule
Te’Dra Time Capsule Prije 3 sati
I wish I got the lotta numbers and not to get fat😹🤦🏿‍♀️
Summer Lembo
Summer Lembo Prije 3 sati
Nate Tebigwayo
Nate Tebigwayo Prije 3 sati
Ayyy 🕺🏿
Will the Ham
Will the Ham Prije 3 sati
Aight who disliked before even seeing it 😑
Nate Tebigwayo
Nate Tebigwayo Prije 3 sati
We lit
Karol Anne Beatty
Karol Anne Beatty Prije 3 sati
Andres Alvarez
Andres Alvarez Prije 3 sati
Yeah!!! Or something like that moda sucka
Zombiesavage YT
Zombiesavage YT Prije 4 sati
Uppercut cause ur short 😭
ShineTheLight89 Prije 4 sati
You can buy chapstick by the pound 😂😂😂
ShineTheLight89 Prije 4 sati
Ghostbusting Bro
Ghostbusting Bro Prije 4 sati
0:24 1:24 2:43 3:11 4:09 4:15 4:37 5:34 7:56 8:15 10:02 11:09 12:41
Gabriel Hernandez
Gabriel Hernandez Prije 4 sati
Yoooooo 27 mins left
CarsLover #1
CarsLover #1 Prije 4 sati
CarsLover #1
CarsLover #1 Prije 4 sati
8th comment for my boi Kevin
Sohan Masters
Sohan Masters Prije 4 sati
We already know that liangelo is the least favorite
CST Prije 5 sati
We want Shay or Stephen A!
Jazmin Acuna Manzo
Jazmin Acuna Manzo Prije 5 sati
does any one know what type of car is in the video like kevin’s car
Jazmin Acuna Manzo
Jazmin Acuna Manzo Prije 5 sati
because i really like the car
Алексей Гавриленко
Алексей Гавриленко Prije 6 sati
Приглашать русских и иностранных гостей нарадио Алекс м
Алексей Гавриленко
Алексей Гавриленко Prije 6 sati
Кетрин бесекел во разных местах стах
Алексей Гавриленко
Алексей Гавриленко Prije 6 sati
Антониеагениядивутспгконо ноих побискоили сдоставкойвофис иков идрсладостей к гаврикубудутпрдхашить парни идевушки
Алексей Гавриленко
Алексей Гавриленко Prije 6 sati
Анна кенрик втеатре идртобщеве ых местах идр актеры матросы
ninou souala
ninou souala Prije 6 sati
where is the dirty version xD
Jniyah Coleman
Jniyah Coleman Prije 6 sati
12:29 🥲
Aleena Fatima
Aleena Fatima Prije 6 sati
I swear I would just go to this school just to talk to this boy about fast and furious
Laeeq Williams
Laeeq Williams Prije 6 sati
Throw that cat out on my way Emma
Jacob Dehm
Jacob Dehm Prije 6 sati
Ayyy 👏 bruh👏
13Babeloe Prije 6 sati
Love Leslie.
Emilee Aragon
Emilee Aragon Prije 8 sati
Please do tennis !!
EntendreYT Prije 8 sati
im a different kind of machine
RC Racing
RC Racing Prije 9 sati
This video feels like such a long time ago
chipette Prije 9 sati
8:21 will forever be my favourite laughter
Stanley Cheng
Stanley Cheng Prije 9 sati
The baby looking at them who tf are you
max gallimore
max gallimore Prije 9 sati
early gang
สิรภพ มากทรัพย์
สิรภพ มากทรัพย์ Prije 9 sati
Cool running Jamaica 🇯🇲
Jeffrey P
Jeffrey P Prije 9 sati
One of my greatest childhood heroes was Ric Flair, I still love him. Then to show up here with one of my favorite entertainers (Bam Bam)...just amazing! What's up, Kev, LOL...WOOOOOOO!
xPORKxxCHOPx Prije 9 sati
he avoided getting disrespectful when kevin brought up the play
Amarpal Sohal
Amarpal Sohal Prije 10 sati
now this guy is gonna fight logan paul
Darius Baker
Darius Baker Prije 10 sati
Tf is up with that broom
Csaba Rostàs
Csaba Rostàs Prije 10 sati
Scak a scajok mi
J Richter
J Richter Prije 11 sati
Kevin‘s look when he reads the ad has me everytime😂
Taylor G
Taylor G Prije 11 sati
I have always wanted to try goat yoga even though it seems a little weird
Kimberly Barrameda
Kimberly Barrameda Prije 12 sati
This is so funny! Why havent I seen this before?
Nicole Yuen aka Frankie Jonas & Nick Jonas's friend
Nicole Yuen aka Frankie Jonas & Nick Jonas's friend Prije 13 sati
Nick should have said, "I have a brother who is also called Kevin." That would be even funny. 😁👍
Sbo Mjoli
Sbo Mjoli Prije 14 sati
Kevin: “were here to meet tiffany” David: “wErE hErE wItH bReAkFaSt At NoOn” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Stephanie Lopez
Stephanie Lopez Prije 14 sati
How people in staten island have yard sales: 14:20
It me ya boi the line
It me ya boi the line Prije 15 sati
Lord Kevin Hart "Would you like some Tea?" IM FUCKING DEAD 💀😂
It me ya boi the line
It me ya boi the line Prije 15 sati
Jesus Christ Jason is pretty! 😍
Consuelo Cruz
Consuelo Cruz Prije 15 sati
Joe is Mexican and Salvadoran which is funny because Liga MX and the Mexican national team is known for the players acting super injured to get a foul haha.
Monsieur Fun
Monsieur Fun Prije 16 sati
still the best Cold As Balls episode of all time.😂😂
brianna morales
brianna morales Prije 16 sati
I’ve seen those exact people at muscle beach when I went to Cali
Сергей Авакян
Сергей Авакян Prije 16 sati
Do i still get paid?? LLLLLLOOOOLLLL
CarolinaGirl Prije 17 sati
Deer hoof hands lol
Vidit Deshpande
Vidit Deshpande Prije 17 sati
Ok I was roooting for Logan Paul but I am scared to say that he will win, so mayweather will beat lp no joke