Din Washer
Din Washer Prije sat
Everyone looked so stressed but Pete and Kevin
Дильназ Баймухамбетова
Дильназ Баймухамбетова Prije 2 sati
Здесь есть русские-казахи ?😳
Genesis Nworgu
Genesis Nworgu Prije 2 sati
can wait until this pandemic is over i want to watch more cold is balls
Sam Stephenson
Sam Stephenson Prije 2 sati
The husband was not happy
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn Prije 3 sati
Guys just remember we are not supposed to go and see phsycic mediums. Demons fufill anything that comes out of that persons mouth, so you can come back for more. God bless you all!!! Repent, and turn to Christ, Amen
Patricia Prije 4 sati
3:07 lol thank me later you are probably here for this..
Super Duper
Super Duper Prije 4 sati
Stacey Weller
Stacey Weller Prije 5 sati
0:27 dat boy sus Exited to play with me today
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez Prije 6 sati
Dennis Rodman is my favorite player man. I like watching his old Chicago bulls games.His my idol as a basketball player.👏👏👏
Julius Elliot
Julius Elliot Prije 6 sati
“You gotta shovel?” 🤨 lmaooo
Jose Estrada
Jose Estrada Prije 6 sati
Parkour..nuff said🤣🤣
alaya little
alaya little Prije 6 sati
Love she flirts with everyone lol
D R Prije 7 sati
Bianca Bliss
Bianca Bliss Prije 7 sati
Ok am I the only one who saw the ghost run behind him at the very beginning
Ravi Shoul
Ravi Shoul Prije 7 sati
Damn floyd f dude up
JESUS LOVES Prije 7 sati
caleb moss
caleb moss Prije 7 sati
Kevin looking a lil faded
Tavon Willis
Tavon Willis Prije 8 sati
I'm nearly crying. This is hilarious.
Mesirionye Emmanuel
Mesirionye Emmanuel Prije 9 sati
BaT Prije 9 sati
"you're dating Arianna Grande" hits different in 2021
Karen Heyward
Karen Heyward Prije 9 sati
Kevin is a Nut .!!!!!!!.I love him.!!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏
Phat and volumptious
Phat and volumptious Prije 10 sati
The black girls laugh is life😂😂☠️
Phat and volumptious
Phat and volumptious Prije 10 sati
“I’m out here loose sir..”😂😂😂☠️
Deniel Light
Deniel Light Prije 10 sati
Gina's laugh stole the show 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Yatan Prije 11 sati
how the hell is this funny.. I lasted 2min
MasterStepz9 •
MasterStepz9 • Prije 11 sati
When he said 'Coming to America 2 will be great', their reaction was the same as mine after seeing the trailer. It told me to avoid it by all means.
Camil Montaño Luna
Camil Montaño Luna Prije 12 sati
don't cry ..please 😂
Tereza Šolcová
Tereza Šolcová Prije 12 sati
2:30 spit in my mouth pls
D R Prije 12 sati
rufus Goatman
rufus Goatman Prije 12 sati
I was gonna say that they got a height advantage.. But i think only Terry checks that box. Gotta love how these kids are giving Terry some pointers on how to do the things.. I can imagine that he took it to heart too ❤️😂
Kayleigh Campos
Kayleigh Campos Prije 12 sati
Pete just causally having an asthma attack💀
Daniel H
Daniel H Prije 13 sati
Come on Eastwood junior make the tough guy proud.
Reanna Hines
Reanna Hines Prije 13 sati
Man I always come back to this video 😂😂😂😭
Spiral Out
Spiral Out Prije 14 sati
Makes me sick that rich people live like that
Aniket Chowdhury
Aniket Chowdhury Prije 14 sati
Anything related to Indian Culture and Divine Hinduism Westerners: Let us destroy that real quick
Anaya Spencer
Anaya Spencer Prije 14 sati
I'm happy rebel lost that all her weight she lookes even better than she did before
Anaya Spencer
Anaya Spencer Prije 15 sati
It's crazy cause now everytime I see Terry I see his buffness and why he got buff like that it's so sad 🥺
George Cooper
George Cooper Prije 15 sati
Sexy female with bringing the drinks nipples were standing at attention!
Kaleab Tsegaye
Kaleab Tsegaye Prije 15 sati
Those woooos dont get old
J Mitchell
J Mitchell Prije 16 sati
She is the best looking of all the sisters
Terry Richards
Terry Richards Prije 16 sati
They both suck
Fay c
Fay c Prije 17 sati
Kevin cracks me up🤣🤣🤣
7zar Vomva
7zar Vomva Prije 18 sati
new subs here from 🇵🇭
4Bidden Fruit TV
4Bidden Fruit TV Prije 19 sati
Galloping Goat And Jagged Stroke Is Comedy Gold
Sultan Din
Sultan Din Prije 20 sati
Is that MagicOfRahat???
Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson Prije 20 sati
The most underrated black actor of my generation! I grew up with him! He was only suppose to play Steve Urkel one episode. Was so good they made him do 10 years!!
Ashley Brady
Ashley Brady Prije 20 sati
A lot of people save their kids baby teeth. Don't know why but it's just like the thing to do when you have kids. I have a few a of my kids baby teeth but it's hard to collect every tooth when you have 4 kids and they fall out sometimes and you lose them before you get home
Jeremy Balizenter
Jeremy Balizenter Prije 21 sat
Will never understand how this buffoonery is supposed to be funny.
Dee Man
Dee Man Prije 21 sat
Rodman is the reason "The Interview" was made. Prove me wrong?
Trey Trey
Trey Trey Prije 21 sat
matter of fact im looking at somebody, i should call nike :v :v
TheEndtimes Prije 21 sat
What's the use of having a video here if every other damn word is beeped out - damn HRpost if you ain't about it stop pretending.
Holys Prije 21 sat
Wait , America doesn't have american coaches ? Lmao
GruffCube Prije 22 sati
Australians: hey I've seen this one
Sumit Kumar
Sumit Kumar Prije 23 sati
The video came on youtube on 2nd Dec and Vonn, Subban disclosed their breakup on 29th Dec
Kate Bunagan
Kate Bunagan Prije dan
Kevin keeps saying borrow baby so funny HAHAHAHA
Fajar Bahari
Fajar Bahari Prije dan
Andrey Cherepov
Andrey Cherepov Prije dan
wish u had a closed captain
Local.Brown. Skin
Local.Brown. Skin Prije dan
I felt Pete when he said “You have a dad congratulations, what does that feel like?”😂😂
Spooky Prije dan
"If I stay any longer, she'll have our teeth. You know what I mean?"
Kaitlin Woods
Kaitlin Woods Prije dan
Bam bam is my favourite! He cracks me up every time
Mistyy Prije dan
you should try aerial silks
Jahmai Prije dan
You guys should get Ochocinco on
carnetha Longus
carnetha Longus Prije dan
Great video
Dee Snuts
Dee Snuts Prije dan
HRpost getting real comfortable with these double unskippable ads
Skyfall 2021
Skyfall 2021 Prije dan
Wayne is always talking about other people but can't handle it when the McDonald's spotlight is on him. It amazing when people who work with celebrities act when they are just part of the party train.
juan daniel paredes hidalgo
juan daniel paredes hidalgo Prije dan
LaValle Barlow
LaValle Barlow Prije dan
Dolan and Jordan are close as Owners
williamsomsom Prije dan
The hustle is betta 🤣🤣🤣😳
not_kool_man_keffz Prije dan
Rugby with Dwayne Johnson / Kevin Hart: What the fit Season 4 episode 1
Lulls Baby
Lulls Baby Prije dan
Kev: What the cow's name? Boss: Chuck Me: SPITS OUT WATER WHAAAAA
Bbearhug Thomas
Bbearhug Thomas Prije dan
I thought Kourtney was a bigger girl. The media lied.
TheJeanean Prije dan
Anyone else remembering the South Park Shake weight episode
Lindsey Brodie
Lindsey Brodie Prije dan
Pete Davidson is so talented and nice , I hate that he’s known just for being Ariana’s Ex / fiancé
Daniel H
Daniel H Prije dan
When introduced Kevin Hart was supposed to come out in a pony 😆🤣
Loic Bordas
Loic Bordas Prije dan
that is literally all i ever have done to protect myself in some actual actuall street or jail .. uncomfortable encounters or disagreements blocking with my right shoulder has been by far the most efficient and feels un destructible and have had grown man outta weight category up to 210 in shape and up 250 average and could roll and block punches until their hits were so weak from just tiredness that no retaliation was necessary on my part. just a simple nod of the head and “ are you done yet “ was enough for the adversary to be able to wall away or put down the guard they barely could hold up together before walking away or sitting or whatever before forfeiting, without me ever having to throw a punch lol 😂 classic .. i probably took without exaggeration a few hundred street encounters without having to lay a hand or a foot or weapon. of any sort but taken enough hits to be so worn out and know by my refreshed attitude and a pretty decent reputation for braking a variety of wood planks bared handed or footed, that trying to ingest that type of fire power in the state they were in would of been nothing but foolish. i think the first one when i did before my opponent stoped decide to block and hit .. and proceeded to connect some 73 time within a few minutes and permanently retired that semi pro martial art / boxer ( this was pre MMA ) with quite a few witnesses .. pre social media and even internet .. but the grapevine echoed for almost a year and sounded more like V vendetta meets bruce lee in a batman mask that it did me lol 😂 by a long length .. if you read this whoever you are. no hard feelings hey 👋🏽.. god bless .
Pokémaster Pacheco
Pokémaster Pacheco Prije dan
Annoyed kevin never got in
Esclave de mon Existence
Esclave de mon Existence Prije dan
18 Millions de triso
ItzArtoria Prije dan
I swear russ got a body that look like he the main villian in creed 3 or sth
Daniel H
Daniel H Prije dan
now or never ? Little kid : I'm guessing that is never 😆🤣😂