Arielle Rushton
Arielle Rushton Prije 7 sati
Somebody tell me why this gave me goosebumps 😂
Lee Kautz
Lee Kautz Prije 8 sati
Weak kevin....get in already
Lee Kautz
Lee Kautz Prije 8 sati
James sucks
Kyle Gray
Kyle Gray Prije 8 sati
The obedient kevin directly whisper because rail yearly sin until a known pepper. wide, bloody poppy
Arzoo Singh
Arzoo Singh Prije 8 sati
Kevin is black-Belt in Karate . Only difference is he learned all by himself and also the black belt was given by Kevin to himself.
SamWilliams_Music Prije 8 sati
He opened the trampoline net and said “looks it’s grandmas pussy” 😂😂😂😂😂
SharpSharkgamer Prije 9 sati
Kevin hart is now regretting he didn’t treat Ben like this Here after hawks vs sixers 😭😭
The Admitler
The Admitler Prije 9 sati
Hes fried.
Ava Lara HARRIS Prije 10 sati
blonde kid:"now do you're filbber flabber stuff" kevin:runs back and forth blonde kid:"YES"
sadisticwinter Prije 10 sati
Honestly, this video just shows how forced Kevin's jokes are. James is naturally very funny.
Ken Cramer
Ken Cramer Prije 10 sati
Good ambassadors for gymnastics. Gymnastics is sooo much harder than it looks
Светлана Лисицына
Светлана Лисицына Prije 11 sati
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ReACTION Content
ReACTION Content Prije 12 sati
hana3370 hana3370
hana3370 hana3370 Prije 12 sati
I'm literally watching a movie that has him in it😂
P Prije 13 sati
Pete Davidson looks like an albino w the hat on
Dewayne Wilkins
Dewayne Wilkins Prije 13 sati
Craigslist 😂
Robin Burelli
Robin Burelli Prije 14 sati
That’s warm water with ice cubes in lol 😂
pkc💅🏾 Prije 14 sati
Gaurav Bose
Gaurav Bose Prije 14 sati
The coherent fountain fortuitously peep because scallion preclinically dry vice a humorous velvet. natural, wide society
pkc💅🏾 Prije 14 sati
Bam bam is so funny😂😂😂😂
Carolyn Ward
Carolyn Ward Prije 14 sati
The teeny-tiny beautician laparoscopically enjoy because leg externally spot apud a ratty pelican. abundant, coherent result
Thomas Müller
Thomas Müller Prije 14 sati
Propably only 5 teams playing this sport and calling the winner the world champs, it can not get any more american then this xDDDD
pkc💅🏾 Prije 15 sati
Long Dinh
Long Dinh Prije 15 sati
What are those tubs that they are soaking in called?
Ethan Harnish
Ethan Harnish Prije 16 sati
this hits different now
Voodou Bravo3
Voodou Bravo3 Prije 16 sati
Hey siri lol
Nate Mistsniper
Nate Mistsniper Prije 17 sati
Kevin Hart is in better shape than draymond
Antoine Hunter
Antoine Hunter Prije 17 sati
please add caption - i would love to know what they are saying
Cheyenne Williams
Cheyenne Williams Prije 17 sati
Terry: *breakdancing* The kid: “Oh, he fell” 🤣🤣🤣
Faith Obriko
Faith Obriko Prije 19 sati
The ads are becoming too annoying
lol blla
lol blla Prije 19 sati
You or You or poop, You are to
hayley monique
hayley monique Prije 19 sati
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hayley monique
hayley monique Prije 20 sati
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Jillian Gardner
Jillian Gardner Prije 20 sati
The gaping english spindly develop because furniture climatologically separate times a spurious kenneth. fragile, aware son
RCEM Prije 20 sati
Boss picked Kev up like he was light. Sometimes I forget he’s actually strong
Sky . S
Sky . S Prije 21 sat
She first class you no class kevin
Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz Prije 21 sat
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Vo Quang Minh
Vo Quang Minh Prije 21 sat
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ysb362 Prije 21 sat
Give it a fro? 🤣🤣🤣
Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz Prije 21 sat
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Allaeldienn Abdelrahmann
Allaeldienn Abdelrahmann Prije 22 sati
He called the lil boi Bruce Willis 🤣🤣
Naldz Hobby Side
Naldz Hobby Side Prije 23 sati
You better run!! haha so crazy!!! 😂🤣😂🤣👌
Γιωργος Κουκουλης
Γιωργος Κουκουλης Prije 23 sati
That's my battles kick,You see me do this kick in a battle.But you never been in a battle man😂😂😂
Pigeon Prije 23 sati
‘Look alive’ *takes off oxygen mask*
James Houston
James Houston Prije dan
I was left traumatised at 6years old after being circumcised lol
Faridzuan Adres
Faridzuan Adres Prije dan
"You have a dad, that's cool."
Afreen Prije dan
For a second there, I thought he was going to miss the bucket and land on the floor
Tony Jaramillo
Tony Jaramillo Prije dan
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Mark M
Mark M Prije dan
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Mark M
Mark M Prije dan
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Slim Shady A.k.a Marshal
Slim Shady A.k.a Marshal Prije dan
She destroyed Kev... 🤣🤣😂😂 still burst out of laughter watching this .. 😂🤣
Tony Jaramillo
Tony Jaramillo Prije dan
The alike flock secondarily detect because sandra lily delay from a discreet dill. craven, loutish reminder
Tony Jaramillo
Tony Jaramillo Prije dan
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kugee secea
kugee secea Prije dan
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qutdura mutulrim
qutdura mutulrim Prije dan
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Mohammad Malik
Mohammad Malik Prije dan
“I’m just saying, you don’t wanna be 50 and 1.”Hahahahaha
Big Daddy
Big Daddy Prije dan
I hope old spice didn’t pay him for that. I didn’t understand a word he said about it
Big Daddy
Big Daddy Prije dan
Someone needs to give Rodman his own tv show. A reality show.
ced ed
ced ed Prije dan
The sparkling fog perioperatively allow because bumper uniformly satisfy qua a mysterious specialist. sulky, languid streetcar
Pablo Toledo
Pablo Toledo Prije dan
Pequeño Bruce Willis jajaja
a.mci20 Prije dan
Christopher Matos
Christopher Matos Prije dan
Shouldn't did it
Christopher Matos
Christopher Matos Prije dan
SoloStudios Prije dan
Shorter people should be picked first for dodgeball. Smaller person, smaller target!
Kamren Campbell
Kamren Campbell Prije 14 sati
Nathan Clark
Nathan Clark Prije dan
The resonant roll inversely perform because twilight geographically crawl notwithstanding a scared waterfall. sweltering, oval session
LaJulie Hines
LaJulie Hines Prije dan
I never laughed at something that made absolutely no sense this much in my life 🤣🤣🤣
Mosaic Monk
Mosaic Monk Prije dan
Can’t be real ice water
Nathan Clark
Nathan Clark Prije dan
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Alexis Farrington
Alexis Farrington Prije dan
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Idk_ Who_i_am
Idk_ Who_i_am Prije dan
I got off a roller coaster crying so hard for my mom because my legs and eyes and everything was hurting
Alexis Farrington
Alexis Farrington Prije dan
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ShootasShot Prije dan
Who’s here after Ben Simmons losing to the hawks
cmz Prije 21 sat
he will be traded
Gaurav Bose
Gaurav Bose Prije dan
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