Anish Gurung
Anish Gurung Prije 20 sati
Demar wearing a deep red shorts gets me uncomfortable everytime
שיר בו
שיר בו Prije 20 sati
I dont know that Canon... but Kev u look the responsable person here lol Those jupanis sumo are so cute their faces like a muffin 🤣🤣🤣
George. George George. could
George. George George. could Prije 20 sati
Iam george 👏👏💜
Luis Salinas
Luis Salinas Prije 21 sat
It’s me or the guy in the back with red shirt is the one guy of the awkward kiss video the one that was in tlc josh 😂😂
Lex Michaels
Lex Michaels Prije 22 sati
Floyd finally shows us his hand & quits acting.
Afui Tangimana
Afui Tangimana Prije 23 sati
Sound better than the original 🤣🤣
Cigar.Sports.Scents Perry
Cigar.Sports.Scents Perry Prije dan
Funniest thing said was “he’s an amazing actor”
Daniel Creighton
Daniel Creighton Prije dan
Who was they talking about with the Twitter thing ??
Gee Vee
Gee Vee Prije dan
i get to see reggie everyone once in a while here in venice where i work. chill dude.
Chrispy Prije dan
Wayne got the boxes in the background filling the whole screen 🔥
Marten Dekker
Marten Dekker Prije dan
Kevin Hart is lying, or really stooopid.
Christopher Wallace
Christopher Wallace Prije dan
it's crazy because believe it or not Kevin actually had a better body than floyd
Jess Boe
Jess Boe Prije dan
I love they legit bullied some of the kids 😂😂
Lakesha Fayne
Lakesha Fayne Prije dan
Lol 😂😂😂 was dying laughing when I first seen this video
【Cloudy Skies】
【Cloudy Skies】 Prije dan
Is anyone not going to mention the guy that's last name is Corona-
Heather Corinne
Heather Corinne Prije dan
Nikki is my girl crush
willibroad lapah
willibroad lapah Prije dan
Fun fact: John Cena is actually there with Nicki
Jaki Stewart
Jaki Stewart Prije dan
if each zodiac sign was brothers: author kevin - aquarius athlete kevin - sagittarius mogul kevin - aries actor Kevin- leo comedian kevin - pisces
Jay Mann
Jay Mann Prije dan
I'd love to see Kevin fight. He's got alot of heart and ain't scared of no one. Would hate to see him mad tho lol
Jude Linton
Jude Linton Prije dan
I like this!
Hayden Johnson
Hayden Johnson Prije dan
Who here after he tied with Oscar Robertson
H2O jellyfish
H2O jellyfish Prije dan
He’s about to be 50-1 😂
Smooth Crew
Smooth Crew Prije dan
Who else thought before they went into the fortune shop they they were about to make fun of them
Ayden Thompson
Ayden Thompson Prije dan
Poppy from trolls
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Marshall Prije dan
50 and 1 😂😂
Rayyan Al-Riyami
Rayyan Al-Riyami Prije dan
This family is so dry I’d be laughing my guys off
Rayyan Al-Riyami
Rayyan Al-Riyami Prije dan
It honestly upsets me when people refer to Pete as “the guy that dated ariana”
Rayyan Al-Riyami
Rayyan Al-Riyami Prije dan
“I’m mr. grande” that didn’t age well...
Austin Ouko
Austin Ouko Prije dan
4:00 got me crying laughing 😂😂
Yanni Prije dan
If the show was hosted by a white comedian and he would've had a "black hand" behind the two tubs, it would be called racism. But this is called funny. How?
Arfan Prije dan
im sure the fart will condense in that tub
Above your mom
Above your mom Prije dan
This is scripted
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez Prije dan
He looks like a 60 yo Kanye lmfao
D S Prije dan
Kev get Anthony Joshua on Cold As Balls !!!
UNC23 Prije dan
Beating women and DUCKING Pac-man..."REAL" champ........SMFH
Bing Da Liew
Bing Da Liew Prije dan
Kevin Hart vs Jake Paul anyone?
Once in a while,i come back for Kevin's Laugh at 8:17 just to releave tension.Always Funny😂
שי בוזגלו
שי בוזגלו Prije dan
4:30 no words😂😂😂😂😂
שי בוזגלו
שי בוזגלו Prije dan
1:30 lolllll😂😂😂😂😂😂
שי בוזגלו
שי בוזגלו Prije dan
Niecy face 2:11 lolll
Weedz420 Prije dan
His boxing secrets? Land some punches and than run away the rest of the match to win by points.
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro Prije dan
107 longest day
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Prije dan
If I see a spider like that I will call asf and I scream cuz spider big
Thorben Waschulewski
Thorben Waschulewski Prije dan
Why he look more like a old Kanye west then a old Kevin hart
Tito Real
Tito Real Prije dan
So funny!!!! 😅😂😂😂😂
שיר בו
שיר בו Prije dan
Tommy Baker
Tommy Baker Prije dan
When there’s a famous black dude around you can guarantee there will be a kardashian close by🤷🏼‍♂️
שיר בו
שיר בו Prije dan
I loveeee the Bosss🤣🤣
Sheneqa Green
Sheneqa Green Prije dan
Man I never laughed this hard in my life at kevin 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Castiel Prije dan
шо за херня тут происходит?
שיר בו
שיר בו Prije dan
Its so funny that here kevin is the "muture" and ken is the "child"🤣🤣
What Mimi Sez
What Mimi Sez Prije dan
I'm done 🤣🤣🤣
MaKinna Prije 2 dana
Zxrst IOS
Zxrst IOS Prije 2 dana
Logan Paul prolly saw the tittle and clicked faster than the speed of light😂
bad boy
bad boy Prije 2 dana
john Carlos
john Carlos Prije 2 dana
The pistons didn’t sweep the Lakers in 94 lol
jilian_17 Prije 2 dana
Zayne Sebro
Zayne Sebro Prije 2 dana
ronda is literally shaking sooo bad right now
Josiah Word
Josiah Word Prije 2 dana
3:22 i know what he was looking at .
stang4jd Prije 2 dana
Kevin? If you love the Lord why do you keep sayin God's name in vain? 5:38...Choose your words wisely,think before you talk,..
Maria Grant
Maria Grant Prije 2 dana
Totally enjoyable- a good laugh 😂😂😂😂👍🏿🇦🇺
Connor Martin
Connor Martin Prije 2 dana
I mean they weren’t gonna win that series anyways, I let it slide
Fito Mena
Fito Mena Prije 2 dana
Ull forget Terry crews started off in a game show where he was a monster in strenght and gymnastic like events. Tmoney I think he went as
Nour NF
Nour NF Prije 2 dana
Despite his love for the money and his love to his strip club lmao, this guy is so fun to be with.
Gaming Clipz
Gaming Clipz Prije 2 dana
Only the legends know that they are at the gta 5 beach r
Michele Deardorff
Michele Deardorff Prije 2 dana
Guy is huge
antrax198555 Prije 2 dana
When Bryan star acting like Kevin he look like woody!! From Toy story!!! 😂😂😂
denzel_470 Prije 2 dana
The only reason Kev got in the tub was because of his fear of DeMar
denzel_470 Prije 2 dana
Black people lost today 😂😂😂😂
Mayya . Artist
Mayya . Artist Prije 2 dana
He was so annoying & keep complaining But I love him
Joshua Reyes
Joshua Reyes Prije 2 dana
He needs to do one of these with Conor Mcgreror!
1700 Foereign
1700 Foereign Prije 2 dana
“How tf you got a cousin 6’8?” Lmao killed me
Sahnimus Prije 2 dana
beamer boyy
beamer boyy Prije 2 dana
2:48 she started thinking about it and realizing it was kevin lmao
G O D Prije 2 dana
Pete: common you know your gonna make the crew do that sh*t That made me laugh so hard for some reason
augues jaleeh
augues jaleeh Prije 2 dana
Oshack Hennessy
andres bejarano
andres bejarano Prije 2 dana
What i whould do for getting a $100 bill