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Straight from the Hart is still on a hiatus for the next week or two but we still have some episodes coming your way.
NBA and WNBA players made a stand to unite and put a stop on some playoff games. This caused massive attention on the movement and even had a ripple effect across other sports. Kevin and the Plastic Cup Boyz give their thoughts on what this means and what the future could hold.
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Josh Jacob
Josh Jacob Prije 2 mjeseci
christopher daniels
christopher daniels Prije 3 mjeseci
I'm happy you are holding it down Israel
Kam G.
Kam G. Prije 3 mjeseci
Great call out here by Naim
The Organization
The Organization Prije 4 mjeseci
Vote Up so Kev can hear this man Kevin you have been elevated to the upper ranks of society and with that spotlight to quote uncle Ben with great power comes great responsibility I CHALLENGE KEVIN to begin calling a spade a spade what that Cop did was not Blind to the times it was in Blatant disregard of every conversation That was Their Response to every name on our shirts
Shalon Rivers
Shalon Rivers Prije 4 mjeseci
I agree with Kevin. They wanna let us know they give zero fukks about what's going on or how we feel about it. EGO and HATRED for no damn reason at all. Monsters and gang members wearing a badge
Knowledge Unordinary
Knowledge Unordinary Prije 4 mjeseci
🤤 "Got em covered!"
FLORIDA-BOY Prije 4 mjeseci
7 times in the back is murder no matter what
Lisa Thacker
Lisa Thacker Prije 4 mjeseci
Kevin sounds like he has had one to many drinks on this podcast. His words are slurring.
Jake Prije 4 mjeseci
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Mr. Porter
Mr. Porter Prije 4 mjeseci
They should have canceled the rest of the season. Nothing was accomplished with 1 game
Josh Jacob
Josh Jacob Prije 4 mjeseci
@Darshyboy Don't worry, they are not getting paid for social activism. Their salary will be cut if they don't play.
Darshyboy Prije 4 mjeseci
Or they can just shut up and dribble. They are paid to play not social activism.
pipimp100 Prije 4 mjeseci
William Brown
William Brown Prije 4 mjeseci
Thank you for speaking up Kev ✊🏿
Aldo Giant
Aldo Giant Prije 4 mjeseci
These are real important conversations, because still i don't see the system take action to racism because smh its still going on from decades killing all the brothers and sisters around the world..... yall already know what im talking about. Well said everybody. Much Love
Niners 21
Niners 21 Prije 4 mjeseci
Im black but let's be real if u talk to them normally and dont have anything illegal them u really wont have any problems. Some of these people are defiant and resisting. U still have to act like u have a brain
Niners 21
Niners 21 Prije 4 mjeseci
But all these white dudes still think its coo that he shot him 7 times in the back in front of his kids when not posing a threat
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley Prije 4 mjeseci
Speaking facts👏🏾👏🏾💯💯
Andrea Hardie
Andrea Hardie Prije 4 mjeseci
Off topic; Is he sleepy😒? What is with the swaying and fighting to keep his eyes open🤔 don’t make me get the belt🥺 take a break and rest up you are a hard person to forget. Hell you even yelled at the two people with the attitude problems a few shows back. And I get yelling at people I was born in 79 too, we are just naturally good at it. But STOP IT! Get Some Rest. ( see something say something step in) If you need my yelling services hit me up. We can go Pro bono on the first appointment, then from there I just get ridiculous. Later with love
Jay Brown
Jay Brown Prije 4 mjeseci
Jason Michael Mesich shot 40 rounds of bullets at police AFTER killing his wide and the neighbor. This was within the last few weeks. He's alive and well....
stop theRword
stop theRword Prije 4 mjeseci
"more dangerous for a police officer to stop you then walking down the street" clearly my man no on the streets
Josh Jacob
Josh Jacob Prije 2 mjeseci
Hello Pedro Passos or whatever you call yourself! Hope you're doing well! I guess most Americans agree with Kevin and me now that Biden has won!! Take care!
Josh Jacob
Josh Jacob Prije 4 mjeseci
@stop theRword Sure
stop theRword
stop theRword Prije 4 mjeseci
@Josh Jacob you can't fight hate with hate, you too kid
Josh Jacob
Josh Jacob Prije 4 mjeseci
@stop theRword I did check and you are making me wonder whether you can in fact read. That was a gang related shooting. Don't argue for the sake of arguing. 8 black people died at the hands of the police last year alone, you can cross check that on any site. I asked you to find atleast three white american people who died last year in the same excessive unnecessary way(by the AMERICAN POLICE) that those black people died just for arguments sake. You couldn't find one because there is none. Listen Kid when you hear a story you need to listen to both sides of it. Don't be just listening to what Tomi Lahren has to say but also listen to someone from the opposite side of the spectrum, like say Trevor Noah at the daily show, and then make your own opinion. This whole time you were proving to everybody how ignorant you are. Stay safe.
stop theRword
stop theRword Prije 4 mjeseci
@Josh Jacob also check on same page 3, the first one "Five people shot at J’Ouvert celebration in Brooklyn ", you aint heard of this did you, y'all falling into a trap
Alex Snyder
Alex Snyder Prije 4 mjeseci
Kevin. Obviously 7 shots is excessive but Jacob completely resisted arrest and tried to grab something out of his car after a tazer did nothing. Police are people, they have more power than citizens but they still fear for their safety and need more training. I feel for the black community I just can't understand why people keep resisting arrest. The protests are good but so many have turned into riots and create more fear among both parties. All im trying to say is balck live obliviously matter but the organization as a whole isn't doing anything beneficial for bettering blacks lives as a whole. As a country we need to truly understand each scenario and try and prevent these tragedies. No more violence
Joshua J
Joshua J Prije 4 mjeseci
When are you guys gonna talk about how bad Na'ims new show is. The characters could breathe and Tyler had the laughing track playing.
Rick Grime
Rick Grime Prije 4 mjeseci
To love is too hate. So just don't love . Live your life before it end do you .
Jo A
Jo A Prije 4 mjeseci
Wake up people this is part of “defeat disinformation” islamic propaganda program funded by your tax money through DARPA. The intentions are to rise against the president make him look bad for everything he does not mentioning a single good thing. It’s time to wake up America I’m sure this post will get deleted as all my others do, this is all propaganda because these people, I mean Satanists, want to go back to their own ways where they’re stealing from us lying to us and doing massive harm on the human race. Trump has been taking them all down and they don’t like it. Wake up America stop buying into this BS do your research, get an encrypted browser and do your research.
Jo A
Jo A Prije 4 mjeseci
I see your part of the “defeat disinfo” islamic propaganda. I’m disappointed, I’ve always loved your jokes I’ve always watched you follow you, it really makes me sad to see where you stand on the side of Satan. Trump has been working to free human race and you are using your platform to push the narrative. We know DARPA which is funded by all of our tax dollars is paying you to push this narrative it is time to wake up America Hollywood needs to be shut down immediately.
Josh Jacob
Josh Jacob Prije 4 mjeseci
@Jo A You are definitely one of those qanon conspiracy weirdos. Listen you all can make up all the tall tales you want (like Obama eating kids and whatnot) but facts will remain facts, and the truth is that Trump won't win this time. Too many people are educated in the US to make sure of that.
Jo A
Jo A Prije 4 mjeseci
Preethi Elizabeth OMG, you’re kidding right trump literally holds prayer meetings with other world leaders especially many African- leaders. And the Democrat party won’t even say the word God when they recite The Pledge of Allegiance! Not to mention the DNC logo has the Satanic symbol right in it and when you look at it it’s subliminally reads death to America! It literally disturbs me how people do not hear and see these things when they’re right in our faces!
Preethi Elizabeth
Preethi Elizabeth Prije 4 mjeseci
You clearly don't know God, if you think Trump is holy!
curlton_j_smith Prije 4 mjeseci
We all have a good hart
Greatman Michael
Greatman Michael Prije 4 mjeseci
Yeah boi
Alexis Barrera
Alexis Barrera Prije 4 mjeseci
Love how Kev makes sure to bring this up in his platform
أحلى الطيور M
أحلى الطيور M Prije 4 mjeseci
colby1 G
colby1 G Prije 4 mjeseci
After months of riots you mean!...hey Kevin have you even read what BLM’s mission statement is?...didn’t think so!...blindly following something cause it has the word black in it!...shameless
Josh Jacob
Josh Jacob Prije 2 mjeseci
@KingJohn301 Don't worry brother, our voices have been heard! Biden has won!!
KingJohn301 Prije 4 mjeseci
Stop continuously assuming that when ppl say blm we referring to the foundation. More times than not we're referring to the movement
jacozard Prije 4 mjeseci
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan Prije 4 mjeseci
Racism need to end right now especially in Russia
Josh Jacob
Josh Jacob Prije 4 mjeseci
@Abominationist So what, now it is governed by white people, so it has become racist now if not before, again not because the leaders are white but because they largely ignore the black minority community.
Abominationist Prije 4 mjeseci
@Tude Flaming I was in high school then and I live in the south we never seen it in school at least. I feel like everyone was just disappointed a woman didn't win, but she just isn't the right woman to be the 1st president. These career politician's got to go asap! They are the problem.
Tude Flaming
Tude Flaming Prije 4 mjeseci
@Abominationist I watched racism rise during the Obama era... I thought he would have helped it more.
Abominationist Prije 4 mjeseci
I haven't ever seen so much racisms in America till the last few years, since the republican's took office back. What is sad is people think the republicans' are the resist yet the republican party was created buy BLACK MEN???
Abominationist Prije 4 mjeseci
The reason is that they are not COMPLYING WITH POLICE.......? in 2019, 9 NINE black men were shot for absolutely nothing, same year 19 white men were killed unarmed. sure seem like yawl are being hunted. You can FACT CHECK me at the national data base/FBI website. Sounds like all yawl are in on it too. pushing the communist's agenda. Kevin i love your stand ups and the workout videos but not into this. JUST MY OPION.
Josh Jacob
Josh Jacob Prije 4 mjeseci
@Abominationist You want to know why America is racist, it is because of it's history of racism which keeps repeating over the years in some form or the other and it is probably impossible for it to be completely eradicated. Look at Canada for instance, a country with all kinds of races, they always abhorred racism and welcomed people despite of their origin since the very beginning and that history keeps repeating and it is why they are still open to all people. So when Black Americans try to create awareness peacefully that racism still exists in America, they don't listen, even after they show proof the system still don't care enough to bring the right justice, and that is when they force you to listen by creating havoc, not because they want to but because they don't have a choice since every other kind of protest will be ignored, so then in order to ensure a life of peace and prosperity for their children in America, they fight back. And if still there is no change, this process will get more and more desperate. A grim future unless the country has a wise leader. Trump has failed in his first term, and will mostly fail again if reelected, so pass the responsibility to someone else and see if they can do it.
Abominationist Prije 4 mjeseci
​@Josh Jacob your probably right, I don't understand why it is so hard for people to communicate without getting mad, offended, or calling each other names. It is really not that hard. I would honestly like a open conversation though. I just font understand how people really think America is more racist now than ever before, I just don't get it.
Abominationist Prije 4 mjeseci
@S.O.D-Finds Go look at other years as well then, 2019 is the simplest to point out cause did you hear about any of them black or white? No, you probably didn't. Know why? because last year wasn't an election year. What was that definition again please?
Josh Jacob
Josh Jacob Prije 4 mjeseci
@Abominationist This crazy white lady is probably one of those people that calls the cops on black kids for selling water, she doesn't know what racism is and she is never going to find out or understand if she does. So don't bother replying to her anymore.
S.O.D-Finds Prije 4 mjeseci
@Abominationist taking a 100 year old problem and looking for stats from one year to justify your racist already formed narrative is a pretty good definition. If 19 white men were unjustly murdered by police why aren't you fighting for their justice instead of taking to the internet to justify murder. At best your a racist. At worst...
HyperCazual Prije 4 mjeseci
Unsubbed... I thought you were smarter than this.
Dirtnasty Riffraf
Dirtnasty Riffraf Prije 4 mjeseci
Tude Flaming
Tude Flaming Prije 4 mjeseci
Kevin, I've liked and respected you, but I disagree completely with you here. Of course I am a 56 year old white man. I understand what some people are saying about racism. It does exist and that's wrong. But the whole blm circus has changed my view of what is happening. Black lies mafia is not helping to change people like me to their liking. It is brewing anger in me. I hope matters can peacefully end with everyone happy. All lives happy. Putting political views in sports is wrong. I eliminated espn and nfl channels. Haven't watched nba for a while. I miss them but I don't like having over privileged athletes trying to tell me their politics. I'll keep trying to educate myself about the issues..will you?
Tude Flaming
Tude Flaming Prije 2 mjeseci
@Josh Jacob I do not see a big problem with police shooting black people. I see a bunch of people who are not thinking. Just acting like the person next to them screaming and acting like overgrown spoiled children. But you have told me the riots will stop now that Joe is in office. I guess we will see.
Josh Jacob
Josh Jacob Prije 2 mjeseci
@Tude Flaming So you don't see a problem with police killing innocent unarmed black people? The way you say it is as if black people are killing and shooting others(like the police). You by the way have a problem with all kinds of protest. Even simple acts like athletes on strike. If you don't like how its done then why don't you suggest something?
Tude Flaming
Tude Flaming Prije 2 mjeseci
@Josh Jacob yeah.. I don't really care why they are rioting. It's wrong. I realize that you and I have different perspectives about it, but being violent is wrong. If you think otherwise then I see you as a part of the problem.
Josh Jacob
Josh Jacob Prije 2 mjeseci
@Tude Flaming You will see it going away. One last thing, talk to some young black people and ask them why do they riot, it will answer most of your questions.
Tude Flaming
Tude Flaming Prije 2 mjeseci
@Josh Jacob thanks. I'm good. I really hope blm goes away now. I doubt it though. They don't seem to actually know what they are rioting about.
Joe Cola
Joe Cola Prije 4 mjeseci
NBA is finished .
teri zachary
teri zachary Prije 4 mjeseci
I am really sad that these things are happening in America. I love all people. When I look at anyone I DO NOT see color. I see people that are angry and tired of all the BS going on.
Mike Cole!!
Mike Cole!! Prije 4 mjeseci
Are they on vacation or something??
Blind Superman
Blind Superman Prije 4 mjeseci
I stand with them
All Knowledge Philly
All Knowledge Philly Prije 4 mjeseci
Donny C
Donny C Prije 4 mjeseci
I see what you doin
Peter Piccolo
Peter Piccolo Prije 4 mjeseci
yo my guy hart is nodding off brodas
Miamiheat9517 Prije 4 mjeseci
NBA players are uninformed
Abdirisak Awes
Abdirisak Awes Prije 4 mjeseci
When life gives you hundred's of reasons to cry, show life that you have thousands of reasons to smile.
4rmDEC2FRE Prije mjesec
Great quote bro!
James Brewer
James Brewer Prije 4 mjeseci
Jeremiah Jackson right???! Thirsty for the likes
Jeremiah Jackson
Jeremiah Jackson Prije 4 mjeseci
Bruh stop saying this on every video
Pete Hayes
Pete Hayes Prije 4 mjeseci
NBA and BLM are both jokes. The BLM original message is good but what it mas morphed to is a joke. Turing criminals into martyrs. No out cry when a black cop gets gunned down or a black on black death. The racism cry in this day and time is bullshit. My opinion
Darshyboy Prije 4 mjeseci
FFS. If you dont stop reaching for a potential weapon after 6 shots then here comes number 7. He deserved every one. The Knife was confirmed but who cares about facts. NBA ratings have tanked and rightfully so.
Darshyboy Prije 2 mjeseci
@Josh Jacob proudboys are lead by a man of colour so I'd be happy to be one, and the fact that you think that biden has won is just adorable. Let's see what the supreme court had to say.
Josh Jacob
Josh Jacob Prije 2 mjeseci
Don't worry dear Proud Boy! You won't see much of those situations now that Biden won!!
Josh Jacob
Josh Jacob Prije 2 mjeseci
@KingJohn301 Don't worry brother, our voices have been heard! Biden won!!
Darshyboy Prije 4 mjeseci
@KingJohn301 A WHOLE clown!! Wow! the floppy shoes and all!! Well i'd rather be a clown with the ability to spell and construct proper sentences than what ever you are.
Darshyboy Prije 4 mjeseci
@KingJohn301 please bruh, tell me how I'm ignorant. I'll just be over here making balloon animals.
DanTheMan Prije 4 mjeseci
We all love Kevin
NoMagic Prije 4 mjeseci
Kevin is the realest comedian I know. Most comedians make jokes about these messed up events, but Kevin Hart puts this up and speaks up on it
FLORIDA-BOY Prije 4 mjeseci
Kev a good dude but D.L hughely is definitely the realist
Miamiheat9517 Prije 4 mjeseci
Kevin hart is a sellout
Rich Harrow
Rich Harrow Prije 4 mjeseci
I appreciate what Kevin is doing... But if he is the REALEST comedian you know?.. You need to expand your comedic Horizons... Chappelle.. Rock.. Carlin.. Patrice O'Neal... D.L... Eddie Griffin.. Billy Burr...
ClownPoodle Prije 4 mjeseci
I just love Kevin's voice
ROKAN6757 Prije 4 mjeseci
Helo kevin ❤️
Candice Marie Creations
Candice Marie Creations Prije 4 mjeseci
Kayke Mendes
Kayke Mendes Prije 4 mjeseci
Canal maravilhoso
Louis Martinez
Louis Martinez Prije 4 mjeseci
Some things just don't change we should be past this already
Aayush Lamichhane
Aayush Lamichhane Prije 4 mjeseci
love u kevin!!
Moto Dext flyguydexter
Moto Dext flyguydexter Prije 4 mjeseci
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EBL 2021 - ŠAIM SE vs Split Raiders | Sezona 8 Dan 1
DINAMO vs RIJEKA 0:2 (6.kolo, HT Prva liga 20/21)
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Pregleda 48 tis.