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"Mayor Michael Tubbs was the first Black mayor elected in the city of Stockton and the youngest mayor of a major U.S. city at the age of 26. Just a few years later, Mayor Tubbs joins DL Uncut to explain how he has transformed Stockton through a variety of methods that show progress being made by the people who call it home #DLUncut
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Bat Turgidson
Bat Turgidson Prije 5 dana
DL you need to look into the 209 Times on Facebook if you want the real truth. Sad you pimp for Tubbs who is nothing but aa puppet for the rich and treats stockton like a toilet. Seriously DL do some research into this clown 209 Times got the real.
The Bigblack Jesus
The Bigblack Jesus Prije 28 dana
Tubbs is a corrupt politician who has stolen money from Stockton he's done nothing for the city we call him the Absent mayor because he has spent more time outside of Stockton promoting his companies making himself and his friends rich by giving them 6 figure salaries to be his assistants and drive him around after he got a DUI the clowns a lush but that's the least of it homelessness has gone up 200% under his leadership crime has skyrocketed Tubbs is a criminal who should be investigated for fraud he claimed he had 20 million dollars in donor money for his Stockton scholars non profit but there has never been any record of the money ever existing. Stop giving corrupt criminals of color a platform they are making our people look bad
Dry Rain
Dry Rain Prije 28 dana
Kevin Lincoln for Stockton Mayor!
Dylan24Weed Prije 29 dana
This guy is getting plenty of airtime.. what is he taking credit for?? I love Stockton , but it’s the same ol dump it has always been
Joseph Estrada
Joseph Estrada Prije 29 dana
Stockton is in a state of desperation Ask tubbs about the Justice for James Rivera coalition
Tom Moccia
Tom Moccia Prije mjesec
The city has become exponentially worse since Tubbs took office and unfortunately I voted for him.
Bryce Keeney
Bryce Keeney Prije mjesec
What a great job that man has done. I am curious though with the basic income given what is to prevent companies and government taxes increasing costs so they can steal the basic income away and turn it into their profits. I think a better option could be to put a cap on mortgage, rent, and utility costs. In my opinino basic income stipends are a band aid fix that can not last forever without other things inflating. Put a cap on living costs and make sure wages are well beyond that cap. Then the only reason to be poor is because of lack of responsible use of their resources.
Bat Turgidson
Bat Turgidson Prije 5 dana
you from stockton? place is worse now than ever check out the 209 Times on Facebook for the real not this corporate media BS
shelby gray
shelby gray Prije mjesec
He is an absent mayor and needs to be voted out!
TeeLadyC Prije mjesec
I live in the city. They only time this man is in when a camera is around other than that he’s not there. Never been to any local events EVER. Didn’t vote for him before and will not vote for him now. Unbelievable that people who have no clue can put someone on a high pedestal. About the basic income please release the report of who received that money for basic income.
gianelli85able Prije mjesec
Remember to vote November 3rd, Trump 2020
Niners 21
Niners 21 Prije mjesec
And big time lie the bay area people move here all the time. There are many of them acting up here in stockton also. It's not just us
Jerry Fisher JR
Jerry Fisher JR Prije mjesec
DL never knows what he's talking about
Niners 21
Niners 21 Prije mjesec
I vote mayor tubbs but he transformed what? I'm in Stockton I'm trying to figure out what transformation? Theres still gun shots homeless all kinds of crap
Juan Campanur
Juan Campanur Prije mjesec
Has anybody has gone to these tent cities just just ask any of these homeless people if they want to work I would be surprised that one out of 100 will agree to go to work because I have asked a lot of these homeless if you want to work and I can get them a job and it’s like throwing cold water at themA lot of them don’t wanna work
Niners 21
Niners 21 Prije 26 dana
@oneshot_me I go jogging at the park and they are right there
Niners 21
Niners 21 Prije 26 dana
@oneshot_me I live by the park and in the creek of the park a bunch of them live under the street in tents by the park where I live
oneshot_me Prije 26 dana
@Niners 21 You live by them or they moved to the bushes by you??
Juan Campanur
Juan Campanur Prije 27 dana
There are plenty of good paying jobs working out in the fields My people do it every day And guess what they have their own homes to drive around In beautiful cars and some of them don’t even speak English so what’s their excuse who I can say they can always work in the fields there’s plenty of work there all year around
Niners 21
Niners 21 Prije 28 dana
@Juan Campanur yep cuz there is a talented man also but for some reason he wont get a job either
Jaden Dabdoub
Jaden Dabdoub Prije mjesec
Monkydollqueen 69
Monkydollqueen 69 Prije mjesec
Dud awsome
Zain Al
Zain Al Prije mjesec
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