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Yes. The answer is yes. Kevin and the Plastic Cup Boyz talk about a recent interview Tyson gave where he got a little heated which made Kevin a little nervous to be in a room with an angry former Heavyweight Champ. Wayne thinks that Tyson has gotten a little more docile over the years and he doesn't have that bite he used to have but hey, we're not gonna make it come out of him. An all-new episode of Straight from the Hart is here. #SiriusXM
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jawrig05 Prije 14 dana
I'm with Kev. He read the room
Reuben Dukes
Reuben Dukes Prije 20 dana
😂😂😂Exactly kev😂😂😂
cashappDavidshake1 cashapp
cashappDavidshake1 cashapp Prije 23 dana
All lions are the wild lions are u kidding me. They will strike at anytime
EvanDixon YourSuccessCoach
EvanDixon YourSuccessCoach Prije mjesec
Promise if these guys were in that room would be nervous. Period!
Mack Singletary
Mack Singletary Prije mjesec
Then after u seen him box last week I wonder if he speak the same. Lol
travis03 Prije mjesec
This didn’t age well. He looked pretty good last fight
Gig Lamarr
Gig Lamarr Prije mjesec
Brittany Alonge
Brittany Alonge Prije mjesec
“ You don’t know if he smoking Indica or Sativa” 😂😂😂😂😂
Dave Parker
Dave Parker Prije mjesec
Wayne is weak man 😂😂
JACK KAIN Prije mjesec
😂 I'm with you on this one kev these guys would all be yes mike no mike how high mike if they were in Tyson's presence
Astro Star
Astro Star Prije mjesec
That guy that is talking like mike is too old and blá, blá... but if they were there and mike was get mad 😡 they were be fucking quiet 🤐
denis bute
denis bute Prije mjesec
that dude with the hat bugging, like Mike said, everyone has something to say until they get punched in the f**king mouth!
Ganjah MacK
Ganjah MacK Prije mjesec
Mike Tyson would look at Wayne and say “You teathe’en me mothah’fuckah” and Wayne would fold real quick.
Casey Suttlar
Casey Suttlar Prije mjesec
I think Kevin is over thinking this way too much, those 2 talking together in a room would create great moments of life lessons and knowledge, honestly this needs to happen
Jakendrick Williams
Jakendrick Williams Prije mjesec
That dude who called Kevin the b word I bet u wouldn't say that to Mike Tyson face .
Makavis Wulf
Makavis Wulf Prije mjesec
Wayne corny af smh
Married One
Married One Prije 2 mjeseci
Mike is a scary man point blank
Syl. A
Syl. A Prije 2 mjeseci
Listen to Kevin he got more common sense and has eyes in his head 😂😂😂
Miguel Lugo
Miguel Lugo Prije 2 mjeseci
Kevin need to do a hotbox with mike just to get it over with lol 😂 my honest opinion he don’t need to smoke weed either
Spencer Jackson
Spencer Jackson Prije 2 mjeseci
3:00 bro eating during a podcast is no bueno i dont wanna watch you eat.
topdhen Prije 2 mjeseci
I’d rather go head up with a prime Kimbo Than go at Tyson at this age
Plug862 Prije 2 mjeseci
I 100% respect Kevin's honesty all i want to see now is Wayne in the Hotbox
Harri v'Jah
Harri v'Jah Prije 2 mjeseci
2:07 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Mike could be a hundred, blind with one leg.......and i still keeping my distance by moving to another state 3:31 LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOLLLLLLLLL 6:20 🤣🤣🤣
dee see
dee see Prije 2 mjeseci
So hold up it’s his business but y’all talking about Boosie business isn’t that a contradiction
The Women Are Worthy Network
The Women Are Worthy Network Prije 2 mjeseci
Is Wayne an adult
Iron Dogger
Iron Dogger Prije 2 mjeseci
Wayne has it 😎 on point 🤣 now let’s see it in action! Get the crew in there Hotboxin’ with the Champ! Now THAT would be awesome!
Iron Dogger
Iron Dogger Prije 2 mjeseci
I don’t think the Champ wants people afraid to come on his show, he is just so deep and in another place it’s hard to separate the man in the ring from the philosopher with a blunt for many. I get that. I watched the interview live and it was definitely intense moment but that is what is so compelling about his show 🙏🏽 we get the blessing of seeing his transformative journey and hearing his perspective
Halima Toby
Halima Toby Prije 2 mjeseci
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Kevin sound scared now.. This was funny..
Uknow777 Prije 2 mjeseci
That guy is an idiot. Sayin mike isnt scary. He is frontin.
KingBrie Prije 2 mjeseci
A lion is always going to be A fucking lion never forget that.
Jason Orwick
Jason Orwick Prije 2 mjeseci
Tell wayne go on hot boxing with mike Tyson and sign a waiver for mutual combat. Bet he sits there more quiet than boosie.
Jay Henderson
Jay Henderson Prije 2 mjeseci
Lol facts nobody will have this same energy face to face with mike
Gran Campeon Mexicano
Gran Campeon Mexicano Prije 2 mjeseci
Lol that guy would get brutally battered by a 54 yr old Mike
Nutleyy93 Prije 2 mjeseci
Kevin kept it 💯
Jack Tomala
Jack Tomala Prije 2 mjeseci
Why is that dude wearing shades inside the crib.
Nokke Mao
Nokke Mao Prije 2 mjeseci
kevin is making sense
Ladon Watson
Ladon Watson Prije 2 mjeseci
Bro they all capping except kev everybody tough until that in that lion den mike is just intimidating you can tell his presence is different
iam Digital
iam Digital Prije 2 mjeseci
Sky Hi Records
Sky Hi Records Prije 2 mjeseci
Calm Mike tyson is just as scary as hyped Mike tyson if not more scary 😂
Ryan Stevenson
Ryan Stevenson Prije 2 mjeseci
Does anyone no where the full vlog is???
ewrt werywe
ewrt werywe Prije 2 mjeseci
Lol the clown in the red hat would not for a damn fact say what hes saying with mike present.
Desmond Addison
Desmond Addison Prije 2 mjeseci
Boosie was right
GRANT WELDON Prije 2 mjeseci
If you would take a chance and think you know somebody...that's when you get the most surprised.
Snuggle Bunny
Snuggle Bunny Prije 2 mjeseci
These dudes have NOT seen Tyson training lately and do NOT understand his presence. His voice may be chill and very disarming, but people talk a good game until they get in his face.
afronative Prije 2 mjeseci
🦁 In the jungle, idiot.... 🙄
PREDA KING Prije 2 mjeseci
They don't want no smoke with MIKE!
Supernova Prije 2 mjeseci
Since when is 54, 60... You moron
julio frias
julio frias Prije 2 mjeseci
Kevin Hart should fight Wayne before Mike Tyson does .
Duke Nguyen
Duke Nguyen Prije 2 mjeseci
“everybody has a plan til they took a punch in the face”, we’ll see how things go when he sits with Mike lmao
Vibrant Dreams Ent
Vibrant Dreams Ent Prije 2 mjeseci
6:05 when kevin hart boy says mike listens to the show. Wayne's seems a little nervous😥
Lovely J
Lovely J Prije 2 mjeseci
Wayne all that mouth 🥊🥊🥊Take your mouth on the podcast.kevin heart speaking the truth period.Its a old saying when you talk a lot you are the one who gets 🥊🥊🥊out
James Henderson
James Henderson Prije 2 mjeseci
Phone gangstas be tough until you see them in the streets. Mike will still put you to sleep 😪😪☠️☠️☠️
Fred Dallas TX boxer
Fred Dallas TX boxer Prije 2 mjeseci
Wayne sound like a pure for “talkin” clown
Piper Prije 2 mjeseci
this cat must never seen Tysons recent training.. Hes still the goat!
bossaliniem$B tv
bossaliniem$B tv Prije 2 mjeseci
The guy with the red hat will piss his pants if Mike checked him ...
michael jasper
michael jasper Prije 2 mjeseci
Clearly he ain’t see 60 year old mike hitting that body bag i want no parts
michael jasper
michael jasper Prije 2 mjeseci
@Nickey Black idk why I said 60 lmao 😂
Nickey Black
Nickey Black Prije 2 mjeseci
He's 53.
Ghenya Jordan
Ghenya Jordan Prije 2 mjeseci
Wtf planet are y’all on.. HE HAS A FIGHT COMING UP ‼️
Mike Lawry
Mike Lawry Prije 2 mjeseci
Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell Prije 2 mjeseci
Those guys are real brave with Tyson not there. If they were talking to him and he decided to get quiet and gave them that crazy look, they would probably shart on themselves a little bit!
Jay Omarion
Jay Omarion Prije 2 mjeseci
Wayne be talking man!......🙄🙄
Sam-o Prije 2 mjeseci
Every single one of these dudes would 1000% backpedal immediately if Mike bulk up on them
Bradley Lackey
Bradley Lackey Prije 2 mjeseci
I be shook nah
Chronicled Chronicles
Chronicled Chronicles Prije 2 mjeseci
Take Mike Tyson for granted and pay a heavy price.... Once a fighter, always a fighter.... Mike Tyson is not the type of man you wanna mess with or disrespect on any given day ...Period....
Willie Cooper
Willie Cooper Prije 2 mjeseci
When mike look at you he already know what he gonna do if you want to run up on him
dyvinesun Prije 2 mjeseci
They capping hard for the podcast
Rich Texas
Rich Texas Prije 2 mjeseci
On the TK KIRKLAND episode Mike said he’s always afraid someone is going to come up to him and say “gimme ya money ni**a” and if someone says that to him he WILL LOSE IT!!
Furious Fever411
Furious Fever411 Prije 2 mjeseci
I said what’s up to mike at a local gym as I walked by. He was super nice and soft spoken and even turned his chair around to start a convo. There is something about Mike’s demeanor that is very intimidating. He looks at you with piercing eyes and then looks away a lot. I felt like there’s a monster in the box and he’s always trying to keep the lid on it
MR. OP Prije 2 mjeseci
I wonder if they know how wrong they are
Eric Bogar
Eric Bogar Prije 2 mjeseci
I wouldn't want to be the guy that said Tyson was old and docile and come across Tyson. I don't care how old he gets, he has a temper and doesn't like to be thought of as weak in any way.
dark ryder5021
dark ryder5021 Prije 2 mjeseci
They talking like Tyson still ain’t that monster FOH 👿
MinCraige Prije 2 mjeseci
If the lion cage in the Zoo is open, I am STILL not going near that door.
MinCraige Prije 2 mjeseci
MIKE TYSON is still a very intimidating Human Being EVEN TODAY!!!
brian lherisson
brian lherisson Prije 2 mjeseci
Wayne just stfu forever. You not bout it brother man
Darrin Springer
Darrin Springer Prije 2 mjeseci
Tyson still Tyson
Darrin Springer
Darrin Springer Prije 2 mjeseci
He capping cause I’m sure if Tyson was there looking at him his answer would be different
William Bonner
William Bonner Prije 2 mjeseci
William Bonner
William Bonner Prije 2 mjeseci
respect for who Tyson is ,speaks for itself wether you scared or not ....
sku36 Prije 2 mjeseci
70yr old tyson would whoop all of these 5 men. standing in front of mike tyson and not atleast be a little intimidated..nah im not believing it.
C Prije 2 mjeseci
🤣🤣🤣Love Tyson. He would beat his highlights into a human being .
Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa Prije 2 mjeseci
Tyson podcast bring sumn different outta people
Playboy2xl Prije 2 mjeseci
Boosie had the balls to speak his mind.
Nicole Sinegal
Nicole Sinegal Prije 2 mjeseci
I bet yall not gonna tell him that. Hallarious.
Terence Lockette
Terence Lockette Prije 2 mjeseci
Obviously, dude in the red hat hasn't seen any of Mike's training videos for the Roy Jones exhibition fight.
Jordan Kerr
Jordan Kerr Prije 2 mjeseci
Why is this loser downplaying the greatest boxer of all time 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Chris Ventura
Chris Ventura Prije 2 mjeseci
Hart would definitely back peddle lol
Razz Beatz
Razz Beatz Prije 2 mjeseci
Ya kev sound like a lil b word!! We are men bruhh. An yall must've missed the part when boosie said he still stand on what he said!! Boosie didn't back peddle bruhh
The Metronome Lab
The Metronome Lab Prije 2 mjeseci
This idiot... mike is crazy ...
James 23
James 23 Prije 2 mjeseci
"Everybody got a plan until they got punch in the mouth."- Mike Tyson
Red Scorpion
Red Scorpion Prije 2 mjeseci
54 yrs old Mike Tyson could beat up everyone in this Interview,Wayne thinks he can take on Mike Tyson😂
Black Prije 2 mjeseci
I feel like it was supposed to be a joke kinda but they took it too far tbh they were just annoying
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez Prije 2 mjeseci
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hoodnomics Prije 2 mjeseci
Mike still Iron Mike
Marco DuVall
Marco DuVall Prije 2 mjeseci
jeramie slayback
jeramie slayback Prije 2 mjeseci
Now don't forget mike tyson just told Joe Rogan not to long ago the he gets hard thinking about hurting people lmfao 🤣
BryanFury85 Prije 2 mjeseci
I don't think Wayne saw that Joe Rogan interview where Tyson says hurting people gets him sexually stimulated. Not that docile homie!
Me Prije 2 mjeseci
Older you get, worst you get, Mike is more dangerous than ever, trust me, life show's you that, so all this guys are taking crap, probably this is a joke AND they are having fun, but deep in their hearts they know better
Aaron Harrington
Aaron Harrington Prije 2 mjeseci
You good kev mike love you 🙏🏾🙏🏾🤲🏾
Djm11231980 Prije 2 mjeseci
Don't know what they talking about but a lion is still a lion!
Alvin Kershaw
Alvin Kershaw Prije 2 mjeseci
So why did they put it out there if it’s nobody’s business
Dex R
Dex R Prije 2 mjeseci
Bet all of them get scared if Mike got up to throw hands. Y’all seen his latest work out clips. Ppl talk real big on the internet. I’m with Kev H on this one
David Shareef Impossible
David Shareef Impossible Prije 2 mjeseci
Mike Tyson hasn't fought in 20 years but ask yourself would you walk up on a former heavyweight champion and try to get into a street fight with him. I'm a former 3 time world karate champion and I haven't fought since 2011 and I can tell you with great confidence you don't want this smoke
Blacking Outt
Blacking Outt Prije 2 mjeseci
Wayne not even physically ready for an altercation with anybody let alone Mike Tyson
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