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Philadelphia Eagles legend Donovan McNabb talks to Kevin Hart about the drama surrounding his time playing with Terrell Owens. It's a story "ego", "T.O" and "Oh no." Daryl and Bam Bam drop into the Cold Call and Kevin does not have the patience for them today.

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Essential Respect
Essential Respect Prije 19 dana
Mcnab lying
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia Prije 3 mjeseci
McNabb is a nobody if it weren't for Terrell Owens and even than Mediocre quarter back at best.
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia Prije 2 mjeseci
@Ricardo Talley How many superbowl rings he got? He not a Dan Marino he doesn't have Dan Marino stats to be considered a great quarterback with no super bowl rings.
Ricardo Talley
Ricardo Talley Prije 2 mjeseci
Mediocre quarterbacks make The Pro Bowl 6 times? 😂
Angela Perez
Angela Perez Prije 4 mjeseci
Love Darrell & Bam Bam! Where's white hand and mixed hand??
MrBuliths Prije 4 mjeseci
Bam and Darrell make these videos FUNNY.... they what's up..
Jack You
Jack You Prije 4 mjeseci
Stop communism! Vote Trump!
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson Prije 4 mjeseci
Lol, the problem wasn't T.O. wanting attention, the problem was T.O being wide open 40 yards down field and McNabb couldn't throw him the ball.
0freckle0 Prije 4 mjeseci
Wow... 6 down votes. Is your life really that empty that you have to have hate on a man that spends his time trying to entertain us and make us laugh so our lives can be better. Cool cool... have fun being you haters. Me? Ima pray for you.
John Tha Monster
John Tha Monster Prije 4 mjeseci
Bruhh McNabb Af Tbh 🤣
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley Prije 4 mjeseci
Vincent Tucker
Vincent Tucker Prije 4 mjeseci
I don't know what Bam Bam and Daryl are getting paid but it needs to be doubled. They are hilarious! 😂😂😂
Dashing Dreww
Dashing Dreww Prije 4 mjeseci
ctnative203 Prije 4 mjeseci
MCnabb still won’t own up to his part 😂😂😂 i was prepared fool no you weren’t !!!
MrDeezy921 Prije 3 mjeseci
U can't negotiate with someone who doesn't want to negotiate. Prime example A.B in Oakland. No matter what they offered him, him didn't want to negotiate at the end.
MARGIE DANIELS Prije 4 mjeseci
Still funny ..
Beach&BoardFan Prije 4 mjeseci
Should've asked WTF happened on sunday!!!!
Neghie Pean
Neghie Pean Prije 4 mjeseci
Love that he found a way to include Daryl and BamBam. 😂
FLORIDA-BOY Prije 4 mjeseci
Can we just get past that mcnabb and T.O bull crap. My god
Cash Prije 4 mjeseci
Q' Simmons
Q' Simmons Prije 4 mjeseci
Brandon Clark
Brandon Clark Prije 4 mjeseci
Mcnabb is still bitter about his football career. Owens is in the hall of fame...Mcnabb didn't make it. Foley and Wentz brought the city their first Superbowl....mcnabb didn't. Other athletes TV careers are doing well....Mcnabb's isnt. Mcnabb is like that jealous family member who had alot of potential but upset that other people did better than him. 😂😂😂
TW Prije 4 mjeseci
McNabb will make the HOF eventually. 30,000 club and had a dominant prime
Ezequiel Penaloza
Ezequiel Penaloza Prije 4 mjeseci
Jim Hamberg
Jim Hamberg Prije 4 mjeseci
How do they not laf?? Lool
cory ddp
cory ddp Prije 4 mjeseci
He doesn't say his name so you know he's still has emotional damage and he's not taking his share of the responsibility. You help bring in a player that's a Hall of famer, wow I guess you think you deserve credit for his talent.
Big Biruk
Big Biruk Prije 4 mjeseci
If you haven't subscribed to kevin hart ima come in your dreams lol
tommyvent Prije 4 mjeseci
Kevin hart x mcnabb 🐐🍊
PHILLIP HORACE Prije 4 mjeseci
kevin you are the best comedian in the world and you are not small you're bigger than the rock you're a legend
Dikshant Afria
Dikshant Afria Prije 4 mjeseci
We love you Kevin Hart. You are the best. The funniest and an awesome personality.
Kazi420 SB52
Kazi420 SB52 Prije 4 mjeseci
Read the room guys
PHILLIP HORACE Prije 4 mjeseci
Desolation Prije 4 mjeseci
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