Part 1 - Kevin Talks #BlackoutTuesday on Straight From the Hart Livestream

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Kevin Hart and the Plastic Cup Boyz talk about the meaning behind #BlackoutTuesday and the powerful movement of #BlackLivesMatter on this episode of #StraightFromtheHart.
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Ladarrion Newell
Ladarrion Newell Prije 4 mjeseci
Strength Attack
Strength Attack Prije 4 mjeseci
Kevin Heart D Man
Danny Burke
Danny Burke Prije 4 mjeseci
Hey small balls be seeing you!
champloo29 Prije 4 mjeseci
Why yall pump fake me like that at the beginning cuh🤨
khalid Baptiste
khalid Baptiste Prije 4 mjeseci
Respect to our brother Kevin hart for using your platform correctly.
Peculiar Woman
Peculiar Woman Prije 4 mjeseci
BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GRamz GREALLA Prije 4 mjeseci
Watching this shows me this really doesn't bother mother fuckers who make alot
Sun Shine
Sun Shine Prije 4 mjeseci
Didn’t know. I have so many questions where do you get the information ?who’s organizing it ? How is the information getting out to the people?
Tia T
Tia T Prije 4 mjeseci
damn i was off i thought it was to not buy anything on tuesday also didnt get on sm smh
Sharma Jones
Sharma Jones Prije 4 mjeseci
I heard that July 7th is supposed to be a blackout purchase day. I hope that information is spread prior to that day so I can be more effective. I did not know about blackout Tuesday for social media until Tuesday morning
Reopen US
Reopen US Prije 4 mjeseci
Let’s just agree no one knows bc it doesn’t make much sense.
Strap522 Prije 4 mjeseci
What is Ja Rule’s opinion on this???
True Black Knight
True Black Knight Prije 4 mjeseci
James Bell
James Bell Prije 4 mjeseci
People need to watch The Young Turk online a Progressive site that will give you the actual news that's going on in our community not the mainstream news
Niccolo Calarco
Niccolo Calarco Prije 4 mjeseci
Niccolo Calarco
Niccolo Calarco Prije 4 mjeseci
1 Love
Ghastly_Grinner Prije 4 mjeseci
All I know is my neighborhood has been trashed by these BLM riots I have 0 sympathy for anything they have to say all they are succeeding in is causing more hatred for the past several nights I have had to stay up with a rifle to keep looters from destroying what is mine If my aunt wasn't black I would be Hyper racist right now
Jason Moser
Jason Moser Prije 4 mjeseci
Straight From the Hart... hmmm wonder where ya got that!! WBIR Knoxville TN ...
svartiske Prije 4 mjeseci
It's called convergent evolution.
Jaye Cann
Jaye Cann Prije 4 mjeseci
I respect people making efforts to organize and do something to effect change. Just consider this: the Montgomery bus boycott lasted a year. It was effective because it hit that bottom line in a way that white patrons alone couldn’t mitigate. I’m all for blackouts and boycotts, but a day ain’t enough to drive sustainable change.
Adrian Nieves
Adrian Nieves Prije 4 mjeseci
Geahh dat’s wassup ✊🏾✊🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Brian Wright
Brian Wright Prije 4 mjeseci
My question is: can I buy a soda today?
ToniBaloney Prije 4 mjeseci
I'm not racist 365 days a year, not 1 day a year. Don't be sheep to elite telling you what to do to prove how not racist you are.
T-Matchless Mystic
T-Matchless Mystic Prije 4 mjeseci
That's not the premise of the movement 🤦‍♂️
Brian Wright
Brian Wright Prije 4 mjeseci
Kindrell hutchinson
Kindrell hutchinson Prije 5 mjeseci
Editing is horrible
C. Will Harden
C. Will Harden Prije 5 mjeseci
Jordan Perez
Jordan Perez Prije 5 mjeseci
a heard a different definition talking about no minorities are supposed to spend money tuesday to "black out" the start of the economy starting up again
Aineshia Washington
Aineshia Washington Prije 5 mjeseci
Its not that hard to understand y'all.... talk about the change we trying to create... about voting... talk about reform.... it's not that hard to understand
athanatic Prije 5 mjeseci
Before a smart kid wants to be a cop rather than an engineer or a lawyer or a doctor, nobody you want to be a cop will be one without futile altruistic motives and incentives... Incentives, you know this story.
HouseMDaddict Prije 4 mjeseci
Well it's like people that want to be a boss or in charge of stuff, usually like the feeling of having power and are susceptible to eventually becoming greedy and power hungry and abusive with their power. People that can actually be good leaders and not abusive with power usually avoid those jobs.
Crystal Jeanveau NORTHERN LIGHTS
Crystal Jeanveau NORTHERN LIGHTS Prije 5 mjeseci
I dont know what it will take to change this world for the better..i pray for a better world god bless💐🌹⚘🌷❤❤
Yosef Fisher
Yosef Fisher Prije 5 mjeseci
Video start now 👉 4:15 😁
kentrock Prije 4 mjeseci
Thank u.. I was “wtf is going on here”
keba773 Prije 4 mjeseci
Thank you lol I was like what the fit mahn 🤣 longest intro Eva
Denise Cwik
Denise Cwik Prije 5 mjeseci
dongbingnutz fartsbutshart
dongbingnutz fartsbutshart Prije 5 mjeseci
can't say all lives matter until black lives actually matter which is what we are fighting for..
Adrián Prije 4 mjeseci
this blm people are blinded lol
Ghastly_Grinner Prije 4 mjeseci
Piss off
Chandresh Ahir
Chandresh Ahir Prije 5 mjeseci
Cynthia Gutierrez
Cynthia Gutierrez Prije 5 mjeseci
Now ill share and help share the message
Cynthia Gutierrez
Cynthia Gutierrez Prije 5 mjeseci
Thank you for educating me...
hustle hustle
hustle hustle Prije 5 mjeseci
I don't understand American's. How do you fight racism by using racism?! It's like putting out a fire with gas... All lives matter regardless of your colour, ethnicity, religion, etc.... American's need to evaluate themselves as a nation. Instead of labeling it as" black life's matter" I think thay need to approach it from a different angle coz by stating " black life's matter" you are deviding more as a nation instead of uniting... I think this situation should be " human rights for all" and instead of just black people protesting ALL ethnicities should be protesting against brutality against civilians. Peace out✌
hustle hustle
hustle hustle Prije 4 mjeseci
@dom.cocoa It was pretty bad here once upon a time, from Aboriginals getting slaughtered and used as slaves to Europeans as in Mediterranean ( Greeks, Serbians,Italians, etc) getting promised the world just to come across on boats and on arrival all promises were taken away, instead got treated in a very inhumain way. Mmm they gave us Mediterraneans a name "Wog" after a disease🙄 which is pretty sad to call someone a disease but my generation we use it now among eachother the same way black people use the N word... In the last 15-20 years things have changed here in a very dramatic way, it's been pretty good cause i believe we have united as a nation and I hope it stays that way.
dom.cocoa Prije 4 mjeseci
i’m glad, the history of America is a bit different than Australia though. You must know that the racism is not coming from the BLM movement, we’re just trying to bring attention to it so it can be stopped. Couldn’t agree with you more though, it should not still be happening
hustle hustle
hustle hustle Prije 4 mjeseci
@dom.cocoa I live in Australia, Australia is a multicultural country. Blacks ,whites brown all live together and all help eachother and we are all looked at as the same and we will all stand together. We all treat eachother as equals. It's so so so sad that in this day and age racism is still happening in America. It has to stop. It has to change.
Sherard Prije 5 mjeseci
To a firefighter “All houses matter” so he targets the one that is on fire.
dom.cocoa Prije 5 mjeseci
the thing is, there is a difference, friends. Like i appreciate that you two feel like at the core we are all humans and we all deserve respect. But the FACT of the matter is we aren’t all TREATED that way. Brushing over that fact does not help anyone. But I agree all races and backgrounds should fight for human rights, the thing is it is currently black and brown lives that are being taken with little to no consequences. That is not happening at the same rate to most other races. Being black in America poses a difference of experience in the same way being a woman poses a difference in experience than being a man. there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging that. I hope that clears it up, have a great night 😊
L I Prije 5 mjeseci
Staying off is dumb
KINGBAYE Prije 5 mjeseci
Kent Clark
Kent Clark Prije 5 mjeseci
Man i understand how the topic isnt very laughable or to be joyful about but you all sound very sad I understand why but first time ive seen Kev not try and make a joke
Change your Life
Change your Life Prije 5 mjeseci
Ain’t ma cause anyway
HouseMDaddict Prije 4 mjeseci
Your life is affected by this even in a small way. Even if it's not your race or your country, it will reach you.
U Can't Handle The Truth
U Can't Handle The Truth Prije 5 mjeseci
Well, you need a cause, because you're somewhere you obviously don't belong!
jacozard Prije 5 mjeseci
Good luck talking about your social media nonsense while your country burns. This stream is a missed opportunity in my opinion.
U Can't Handle The Truth
U Can't Handle The Truth Prije 5 mjeseci
Nobody asked you 💩!
Dominique Ballou
Dominique Ballou Prije 5 mjeseci
We need full episodes, im not buying sirusxm for 1 pod
Ty Linton
Ty Linton Prije 4 mjeseci
@Lila Corvera Thank you for the info
Lila Corvera
Lila Corvera Prije 4 mjeseci
Y’all can listen to it on Pandora too
Ty Linton
Ty Linton Prije 4 mjeseci
Ella Blevins
Ella Blevins Prije 5 mjeseci
Can u please reply ur so funny dude
Hueman Soel
Hueman Soel Prije 5 mjeseci
PS. Some Episodes Of Straight From The Hart aren't available to Canada
Zach Denman
Zach Denman Prije 5 mjeseci
Noeliz Santos
Noeliz Santos Prije 5 mjeseci
Your awesome kevin hart!!! Love from puerto rico your the best!! 🦾
MrBrklyn212UndergroundHipHop Prije 5 mjeseci
Drift Prije 5 mjeseci
Jmemea5 Memea
Jmemea5 Memea Prije 5 mjeseci
IMpulse Official
IMpulse Official Prije 5 mjeseci
Lets get it!! 💯💯
Ghost Kid
Ghost Kid Prije 5 mjeseci