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Jamie Foxx swings by DL Uncut to talk about his time speaking with the Floyd family and what it means to be there for his Black fans. Also, this man has the biggest smile in the world. Catch DLUncut on Demand on Pluto TV Channel 428: bit.ly/DLUNCUT_Ep6
The Comedic Legend Returns With An Honest and Hilarious Look At Politics, Pop Culture and Trending Topics with his co-host Jasmine Sanders and special guests each week, LIVE, Fridays at 5pmPT/8PM ET on LOL Network Pluto TV Channel 428!

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Randall Bivins
Randall Bivins Prije 5 mjeseci
4:40 Ali/Frazier1 theory. Ali had all the black fans and Frazier had all the white. Once Frazier won all his white fans left and Ali’s fans were still there.
4th Horseman
4th Horseman Prije 6 mjeseci
Damn. I feel like I'm the only one that can't grow a beard.
island Prije 6 mjeseci
Jamie fox sold his soul y'all stop following these sellouts
Carol Brown
Carol Brown Prije 6 mjeseci
WOW. I have new respect for Jamie.
Trevor Hunt
Trevor Hunt Prije 6 mjeseci
Did she say he was Radio???
Carlos S
Carlos S Prije 6 mjeseci
Did she yell out ' He was Radio ? " ....That was Cuba Gooding Jr.
Jon Samuels
Jon Samuels Prije 5 mjeseci
Seems like he heard it too 😂
Sae Tae
Sae Tae Prije 6 mjeseci
Embarrassing 🤣
Trodd Beats
Trodd Beats Prije 6 mjeseci
Yvette Mckinzie
Yvette Mckinzie Prije 6 mjeseci
That's the truth! DL speaks facts with no fear!!!
VG Prije 6 mjeseci
Love DL and JF....So Proud!!!!
dr k woods
dr k woods Prije 6 mjeseci
Where is the full interview
Kenneth Holmes
Kenneth Holmes Prije 6 mjeseci
I remember when Jaime came down to New Orleans, him and his sister, and they got busy !!! I think he was shooting "Ray" but he they earned everybody in NOLA respect that day, so watch out D.L. it's a whole family of thugs😂🤣😂⚜🎭🎷
Ricoh Glover
Ricoh Glover Prije 6 mjeseci
Did Jasmine Sanders say Jamie was "Radio" @ 2:13? Like, played the character "Radio"? That was Cuba Gooding, Jr. right? Am I the only one that caught that? Or we just ignoring that part? Asking for a friend. Other than that, Jamie is by far the G.O.A.T. Also had high respect for him. Singer, Comedian, Actor, and more!! C'mon.. Let's goooo! Oh and @Jamie, tell my Unc. Conrad what up!!
Tee E
Tee E Prije 6 mjeseci
If you read the comments you'd know you weren't the "only one".
Dog The bounty hunter
Dog The bounty hunter Prije 6 mjeseci
Imagine if george floyd had got in the police car on one of the several times they tried to get him in he would still be alive end of story
Tee E
Tee E Prije 6 mjeseci
Imagine if the cop had taken his knee off his neck. He'd be alive. Imagine that.
Brenda Farrier
Brenda Farrier Prije 6 mjeseci
Great interview but I have to tell Jamie I'm addicted to your glasses. I order a pair everytime I see them on QVC. They are truly awesome for a fantastic price. You're going to need to establish a rehab if I keep this up🤣. I don't need anymore glasses but I just can't resist. Thank you. And DL I read your book last week (I got the audio and a hard copy), so informative and on point. I'm an old black woman and there were so many things I didn't know. Shame on me but thank you so much. Our young men are in such good hands having you and Jamie looking out. I'm sending copies of your book to my son and grandson.
keitel delorean
keitel delorean Prije 6 mjeseci
keitel delorean
keitel delorean Prije 6 mjeseci
KAREN HALO Prije 6 mjeseci
Serious matters. Welcome to the Conscious Society.
YumYum Kitty
YumYum Kitty Prije 6 mjeseci
I went to high school with Leo DiCaprio. John Marshall High School, Los Angeles.
Gregory Kelly
Gregory Kelly Prije 6 mjeseci
I'm not proud of Mr. Fox playing a role DJango being called the "N" word in the movie. Excessive "N" words. Mr. S Portier would never accept a role soo degrading.
Jwda thefax
Jwda thefax Prije 6 mjeseci
Wasn’t he the hero of the movie tho? And although it was a fictional movie, it was a “time period piece” so excessive use of the N- word isn’t that far fetched. They weren’t exactly being politically correct during that time period.
Anthony Israel
Anthony Israel Prije 6 mjeseci
They call me mr tibbs..... In the heat of the night... Buck and the preacher just to name a few that make you a liar
dirk diggler
dirk diggler Prije 6 mjeseci
I would respect Jamie a lot more if he was openly honest about being a homosexual
Becoming Aaliyah
Becoming Aaliyah Prije 6 mjeseci
Jamie, would you date a dark skinned female? Asking for a friend.
De Sava
De Sava Prije 6 mjeseci
@Zone Pistolez sit down, can't spell lol
Zone Pistolez
Zone Pistolez Prije 6 mjeseci
I'm sure he has. They aren't they only females though. Us blac men have taste in all shades.
Pebbles Stone
Pebbles Stone Prije 6 mjeseci
We don't question either one of these brothers Black Loyalty. Black Royalty to Us !
Meritus Actio
Meritus Actio Prije 6 mjeseci
Any Black person with a platform must use it to uplifting the black community in the memory of those black and white who have sacrified their lives for justice.
Charlie O. Price
Charlie O. Price Prije 6 mjeseci
A couple of talented brothers, great to have you, to be black with you, and see to you continue to use your platform to help make some sense in this "world of confusion."
Fred Staton Jr
Fred Staton Jr Prije 6 mjeseci
At 2:15 did she say he was radio? Like that isn't the same actor. That was Cuba Gooden lol but I could be wrong and she said something else but I don't think I am lol
Jwda thefax
Jwda thefax Prije 6 mjeseci
Scherry Blakely - They’re talking about what the women said after DL said “Ray”, but they were talking at the same time so it wasn’t clear.
Scherry Blakely
Scherry Blakely Prije 6 mjeseci
No, he said “Ray” referring to “Ray Charles”.
Uncle Olu
Uncle Olu Prije 6 mjeseci
The reason I paused to scroll lol I heard that but thought maybe somebody could clear it up for me...maybe I misheard lol
L. Davis-Bey
L. Davis-Bey Prije 6 mjeseci
Not proud of you screwing all of these european caucasians 😶
Hinduallah Alkaline Water Jones
Hinduallah Alkaline Water Jones Prije 6 mjeseci
So is Katie Holmes a real one, too?
Mary Fouloa.
Mary Fouloa. Prije 6 mjeseci
Support you Jamie Fox 💯✊.. From New Zealand
Tanya Talbot
Tanya Talbot Prije 6 mjeseci
I only wish sell out ninja like 1 cents an donkey Wayne an Terry air, could love themselves an their culture
Drucella Prije 6 mjeseci
"If I don't have black fans, I have nothing" Jamie I love you , why can't you say that about Black women in your love life'? Hmmm 🤔
Sheila Mohammed
Sheila Mohammed Prije 6 mjeseci
What Black Man chases a white man's ex wife? The same white man who was said to be his friend? Jamie sounds really good but he's just another Eddie Murphy. Black women they prefer white women that's the bottom line. Jamie is always making references about light skin dark skin. But he is a Great Actor.
Drucella Prije 6 mjeseci
@Strong B What Black women has Jamie Fox dated with the exception of questionable Stacey Dash? What Black children does he have with the exception of maybe his eldest daughter Karin (by a white woman')who he primarily raised in her format years to adulthood. His younger daughter is being raised by her mother who is White. .
Strong B
Strong B Prije 6 mjeseci
Lay off...the man have date alot of black women and have black kids...love is blind my friend as long as you open up.
L. Davis-Bey
L. Davis-Bey Prije 6 mjeseci
Sheri Blake
Sheri Blake Prije 6 mjeseci
Loved it when Jamie said if I don't have my BLACK FANS GOD Bless you Jamie
Coco33 L
Coco33 L Prije 6 mjeseci
Jamie put that hand away when you are talking 😂
Algeron Bradley
Algeron Bradley Prije 6 mjeseci
One love Jamie man ✊💪
straight lace
straight lace Prije 6 mjeseci
I really like Jamie alot but he choose to lay down with a white women and u listen to him it sounds good but again it bull! Oh my black people but there's a disconnect.
Charles Stevenson
Charles Stevenson Prije 6 mjeseci
The Milwaukee Jam for Peace 1994 Jamie Foxx killed
Dom Middleton
Dom Middleton Prije 6 mjeseci
Dom Middleton
Dom Middleton Prije 6 mjeseci
Dom Middleton
Dom Middleton Prije 6 mjeseci
Melissa Brownlee-Peterson
Melissa Brownlee-Peterson Prije 6 mjeseci
Jamie Foxx is on point.....
Manda Babi Simpson
Manda Babi Simpson Prije 6 mjeseci
I'm proud of both of you. I'm Happy D.L is better. I love Jamie he's such a great actor. All his movies are great.. Sleepless i was like Damn he has to fight everybody. It was non stop action. Beautiful dude.
Sebastian Jackson
Sebastian Jackson Prije 6 mjeseci
So we just gone let her slide on calling Jaime "Radio", because the conversation is serious.
HBK T Breezo
HBK T Breezo Prije 6 mjeseci
Because There comedians.
reggie carter
reggie carter Prije 6 mjeseci
DL IS A LEGEND... PERIOD . Thank u for sharing all your gifts! Both u and jamie 🙏🏿
Rhonda Wilson
Rhonda Wilson Prije 6 mjeseci
That's right Jamie!!!!! A sale out is a losers game! Let em know what you're made of.... ALWAYS!
Edna Collier
Edna Collier Prije 6 mjeseci
Great show, love all this wisdom from my black people, that's why they fear us, all we need is a way to showcase our talents
The Prophet
The Prophet Prije 6 mjeseci
DL you have always been one of the coolest dudes. Gave me tickets to come and see you when you had never actually met me and told me to come backstage and holla at you. And I've seen you a few other times. You have always just been cool. you wouldn't know me from adam because last time you were in Dallas you were to hi when i came and talked to you:) Got pictures and all. lol. But much love man. Stay cool, stay black and keep God first among all of it.
The Real Eli Ben
The Real Eli Ben Prije 6 mjeseci
Love Y'all. Black people are so fly!
Sandra Braziel
Sandra Braziel Prije 6 mjeseci
I LOVE YOU JAMIE, so proud of you! I LOVE YOU TOO DL for your Boldness and intellect, always keeping it real! My smart, intelligent, hilarious, talented Brothers, be blessed.
gooneybird808 Prije 6 mjeseci
Jamie is a real man..god bless
Tyrone Frye
Tyrone Frye Prije 6 mjeseci
Dl and Jamie ogs still gettin it love how they us their platform keep killin it checkout the main squeeze
Corduroy Jones
Corduroy Jones Prije 6 mjeseci
Wait did she say he was “radio”? C’mon 🤦🏾‍♂️
Loretta Tooley
Loretta Tooley Prije 6 mjeseci
LOL!! I had to rewind to catch that she thought he was Radio!!! Wow!! But yes, Jamie was soooo good in Ray, it was hard to separate the two. That, to me, was perfection!! So proud of him and DL as well!! Love them!!
Always Be you
Always Be you Prije 6 mjeseci
charleigh ... yasss it was 😭😭😭😭😭
CoryJonesMusic Prije 6 mjeseci
Vicky Exum
Vicky Exum Prije 6 mjeseci
LMFAO just disrespectful
charleigh Prije 6 mjeseci
Wasn't that Cuba Gooding jr?
11oakclifftx Prije 6 mjeseci
Hwy 80 Boyz. Terrell, Tx
Youtoo22 Prije 6 mjeseci
👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾love those guys!!!Jamie Foxx snd DL good job
TiK Progress
TiK Progress Prije 6 mjeseci
Where’s the full interview?!
Cap Daddy
Cap Daddy Prije 6 mjeseci
There’s no comparison with the two. Outside of it being white and black. It’s disappointing to see how all you celebrities are selling out to this bs. What happened to Floyd was bs that shouldn’t have happened, but to compare it with the dude in ATL is ridiculous. Guess Terry Crews is the last real black celebrity.
Damian Thompson
Damian Thompson Prije 6 mjeseci
Real Spill
cport4lyfe Prije 6 mjeseci
The Real GOAT Period
Patricia Busch
Patricia Busch Prije 6 mjeseci
I am a huge fan of Jamie. He is such an amazing actor. DL is absolutely right, you BELIEVE Jamie is who he is playing. He's amazing.
Billy Eubanks
Billy Eubanks Prije 6 mjeseci
An your amazing my dear!! Thank you
Derrick P
Derrick P Prije 6 mjeseci
2 talented men showing love and respect to each other. That’s real
kimibooc Prije 6 mjeseci
Lol the Girl definitely said Radio 🤣
Ravonne Poole
Ravonne Poole Prije 6 mjeseci
I with u . Jaime Fox DL Hughley wish you the best man 43 I following you a long time...
Becoming Aaliyah
Becoming Aaliyah Prije 6 mjeseci
I know right. 43
BetaRayChill Prije 6 mjeseci
You got my first name ✊🏾✊🏾💯
Brandie Redd
Brandie Redd Prije 6 mjeseci
J.foxx / DL... 2 of da best!
Aunty Ayo
Aunty Ayo Prije 6 mjeseci
It's it just me, or do black channels don't have captions?
Becoming Aaliyah
Becoming Aaliyah Prije 6 mjeseci
I need captions on everything
Becoming Aaliyah
Becoming Aaliyah Prije 6 mjeseci
the good girl
the good girl Prije 6 mjeseci
Well at least this one doesn't 🤷‍♀️
Denisa Anthony
Denisa Anthony Prije 6 mjeseci
A Step Closer To Fitnes
A Step Closer To Fitnes Prije 6 mjeseci
🤔 when DL said he believes Jamie because of Ray, did she say he was Radio?!?!
Dee boy
Dee boy Prije 6 mjeseci
It's so wonderful and enlightening to see two black metal speak eloquently put the curse words at all
ThatsNot TheRemoteInMyPocket
ThatsNot TheRemoteInMyPocket Prije 6 mjeseci
@2:11 .... he was radio!?! 😔
nikki23000 Prije 6 mjeseci
Suzanne Elise
Suzanne Elise Prije 6 mjeseci
Jay McClane
Jay McClane Prije 6 mjeseci
I heard that too and no, that was Cuba Gooding Jr.
Revz Prije 6 mjeseci
i think Kevin Hart should take another celebrity and act like their robbing a bank, lol
marian marinescu
marian marinescu Prije 6 mjeseci
Real OG
Rich Harrow
Rich Harrow Prije 6 mjeseci
2 of the Goats... Jamie arguably the most talented man in Hollywood...
JonTheOpp Prije 5 mjeseci
War_on_poverty Top five most talented of all time there I fixed it for you.
War_on_poverty Prije 6 mjeseci
On the planet 🌍 I fixed it for you.
Danielle Harris
Danielle Harris Prije 6 mjeseci
What conversations do you really have with the parents of those murdered by white cops and after you all talk, still no justice is really served, those murders were orchestrated and planned by the elite, and they all make millions off of it and they give us a holiday, smh. People don't give to any charities ever again, stop it please. Yah help us....
Jason A. Ruth
Jason A. Ruth Prije 6 mjeseci
Empress P.
Empress P. Prije 6 mjeseci
Yup... Way to go DL. You hauled and pulled him quick at the end. 👀😬😏
Arsalan Kazmi
Arsalan Kazmi Prije 6 mjeseci
Eric Jackson
Eric Jackson Prije 6 mjeseci
Great interview. Need the whole interview fr
L-Dog The Great
L-Dog The Great Prije 6 mjeseci
Has it been 14days???....cuz ummm😕
FLEXX-A-PEEL Prije 6 mjeseci
He already says every immediate family member and co worker has it because he was asymptomatic. Learn to carch up bruh, he dropped that news 3 days ago.
Antrell Terry
Antrell Terry Prije 6 mjeseci
Pretty sure they are all at home.
9ergang Podcast
9ergang Podcast Prije 6 mjeseci
DL is one of the best if not the best at picking on the crowd I love when he jokes on them always has me dying laughing
Mayowa G.
Mayowa G. Prije 6 mjeseci
When I watched him on Comic View the first season, I called him the black Don Rickles.
The Real Eli Ben
The Real Eli Ben Prije 6 mjeseci
Yeah, I just don't want to be in the crowd that night
True Black Knight
True Black Knight Prije 6 mjeseci
Yeah Jamie Foxx is a true pioneer and his favorite catch phrase that I heard him say in one of his movies is "I like the way you die boy" and that's from Django 💯👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Nicole Prije 6 mjeseci
They didn't have to touch him period. Not beat him up or had to shot him
Rhonda Wilson
Rhonda Wilson Prije 6 mjeseci
ABSOLUTELY!!!! That tells you the pain his father must be going through 😭😭😭 he would have accepted that to still have his SON!!!😭
Alison Gardner
Alison Gardner Prije 6 mjeseci
Ahhhh wannna watch the whole thing...😦😧
Sri Harsha Jadi
Sri Harsha Jadi Prije 6 mjeseci
KenyelxoTV Prije 6 mjeseci
I stop whenever I see Jamie speak. Full of wisdom and wit.
Sae Tae
Sae Tae Prije 6 mjeseci
Jaime? DL yeah, but Jaime, cant see it
TubeToons Prije 6 mjeseci
Yes on the wit, that other stuff idk bro
Wanjiru Weru
Wanjiru Weru Prije 6 mjeseci
4057 Fathin Ovais
4057 Fathin Ovais Prije 6 mjeseci
2 nd
Mike The GOAT
Mike The GOAT Prije 6 mjeseci
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