Jemele Hill Joins Kevin Hart And Tries To Change The Name Of The Show | Cold As Balls | LOL Network

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Jemele Hill never holds back on her opinions and it makes for a great interview with Kevin Hart on Cold as Balls. Jemele talks about her time at #ESPN, working with #ColinKaepernick, and how she came to be such a prominent figure in not only sports but in life. SUBSCRIBE▶︎

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LOL Network
LOL Network Prije mjesec
Leave your comment on favorite guest so far and how you are enjoying the season!
Eric Chandler System
Eric Chandler System Prije 4 sati
I like that!
anon anonono
anon anonono Prije 28 dana
@Jr World Brazilian Ronaldo
Jr World
Jr World Prije 28 dana
Cristiano Ronaldo
Kenny Ray
Kenny Ray Prije mjesec
Great Show and we love Jemelle here in the City Of Memphis Tennessee
anon anonono
anon anonono Prije mjesec
@Universe Yeah KSI is good at giggling 🤦‍♂️
Ris3n Gaud
Ris3n Gaud Prije 2 dana
Mrs. Hill so damn THICK!!!!!
Leroy Green
Leroy Green Prije 4 dana
She so beautiful
Edward Robinson
Edward Robinson Prije 8 dana
Jemele is in the tub, OG!
qcwestside411 Prije 8 dana
The racist, Jemele. Maybe she’ll drown.
JustaEllsworthHomie Prije 11 dana
She look's like Derrick Henry 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Conscious Prije 12 dana
My favorite guest was Gabby Douglas. That's a beautiful sister right there. I like Jenelle sometimes, I just can't get with the many generalizations she has made about an entire group of black men. We all ain't that. And what are people of color? I hate it when we use this term to include everyone but no one else says it to include us. You mean we need more BLACK women in sports journalism? Well I agree especially since the two most popular sports are full of black athletes. Good show bro.
Mike J.
Mike J. Prije 12 dana
Love her, great episode 👏🏾👏🏾
Kevin Richardson
Kevin Richardson Prije 13 dana
Love Her!
B H Prije 13 dana
jamele looks like she is 40 going on 60.
Mista Idgaf
Mista Idgaf Prije 14 dana
Lavar Stark
Lavar Stark Prije 14 dana
Trump got her and micheal fired smh Stephen a didn’t stand up for our black women
The faceless Question
The faceless Question Prije 15 dana
Kevin voiced the bunny from "secret life of pets" d behavior is THE SAME as he is in real life...funny AF. Oh and Jemelle ;damn you're d full package!!! And hot as breasts ...hahahhaahha Cold as breast, stop playin mama.
Jamaal Lee
Jamaal Lee Prije 15 dana
I love her cause she said she is a 49er fan!👍🏾👍🏾
Gifted Introvert
Gifted Introvert Prije 15 dana
Wow the white house was really pressed, but it's not that surprising smh
Travis Andrews
Travis Andrews Prije 16 dana
In your face nba lmao 🤣
In The Mix Radio
In The Mix Radio Prije 16 dana
Jemelle Hill hate black men.
You Can Call Me K.
You Can Call Me K. Prije 16 dana
Them Muthafuckas hoopin 🤣🤣🤣
smoove55dfs Prije 16 dana
Damn she thick as hell.
יהושע כהן
יהושע כהן Prije 17 dana
49ers fan 👍🏿👏🏿
2k Fo’eva
2k Fo’eva Prije 17 dana
Y’all notice how they edited out the part where he asked if she don’t like skip bayless? Lol
John C
John C Prije 17 dana
Not enough Jamele. Kevin way too many interruptions. Let's hear your guests. I don't want to see Bam. No consistent flow this show.
Philly Simpson
Philly Simpson Prije 18 dana
She ways & still is gorgeous
Keyshawn Holmes
Keyshawn Holmes Prije 18 dana
Get Stephen A on here
Nermin Bajric
Nermin Bajric Prije 19 dana
I know kevin like dame she thicker then a snicker.
johnnycaralta Prije 20 dana
I thought you only had celebrities on this show? Jenelle Hill is just another ignorant sheep.
Johnathan Schumake
Johnathan Schumake Prije 20 dana
She the one that said skip said he made her entire career ?
Priest DuRant
Priest DuRant Prije 20 dana
49ers for life
Politic 1
Politic 1 Prije 21 dan
Bam and Daryl make this show
Ron Hernandez
Ron Hernandez Prije 21 dan
Without Bam Bam the show is less than!
beelzebub beelzebub
beelzebub beelzebub Prije 23 dana
his inner Dave Chappelle came out I Lied!!!!
Kwamevi92 Prije 23 dana
Chroniclesofjudah144 told me all I need to know about this dam woman
Nella N
Nella N Prije 24 dana
Get in the damn water Kevin
Fresh Prince of ATL
Fresh Prince of ATL Prije 24 dana
This was a funny episode. Love it.
YSLick Prije 24 dana
Thank god Kevin the goat cause she’s the worst lol glad kev could still make this a good episode
Roundtable Productions WCMG
Roundtable Productions WCMG Prije 25 dana
i would def un-can Jemelle Hills Yams 💯
Joey Arrighi
Joey Arrighi Prije 25 dana
Fast pitch be like a bible with no money. Read that slowly, OG.
James-Earl Bonez
James-Earl Bonez Prije 26 dana
Ohhh she thick thick
MG Streams Power Washing LLC Veteran Owned Business
MG Streams Power Washing LLC Veteran Owned Business Prije 26 dana
Jemele is thick and fine 🙂
MG Streams Power Washing LLC Veteran Owned Business
MG Streams Power Washing LLC Veteran Owned Business Prije 9 dana
@Pharoah 1 and likes sports bro who ever put a ring 💍 on her winning
Pharoah 1
Pharoah 1 Prije 9 dana
And smart 😎
Mathew Haiden
Mathew Haiden Prije 27 dana
The secretive banana adversely knock because lift consecutively wonder regarding a fresh technician. crowded, jittery cowbell
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson Prije 27 dana
That was excellent love her. Sis keep doing your thing we got your back.
Worker Prije 27 dana
Yea she did a great job. Ran her mouth wasn't smart enough to get more black women in there just worried about her narrative. ....they would never take her back she's to much of a liability
Royal Family
Royal Family Prije 27 dana
Bam bam wanted to see how phat she was for his self 🤣😂😭🤣
jonathan hilliard
jonathan hilliard Prije 27 dana
Jemele filed a grievance because Kevin’s water was colder. Lol
QueenTei Reigns
QueenTei Reigns Prije 27 dana
She sounds like Da Brat
Jeffrey Kircher
Jeffrey Kircher Prije 28 dana
Shes racist af
James-Earl Bonez
James-Earl Bonez Prije 26 dana
Takes one to know one
Christie Ogunlana
Christie Ogunlana Prije 28 dana
I’m watching that show with the two of them 😆😆😆
Nik B
Nik B Prije 28 dana
He screamed "SELF DEFENSE!" 😂
Bojan Radenkovic
Bojan Radenkovic Prije 28 dana
Why does she only talk about colour... Wtf is het problem
Benny Grimm
Benny Grimm Prije 28 dana
That's unfair she's fully clothed 😒
Jesus Alvarez
Jesus Alvarez Prije 28 dana
Is the lady who he had an affair having a safe and funds this Christmas after being ruined by this mans falsely accused Christmas??? Just asking 😊
JDukeFitness Prije 29 dana
I see you Bam Bam @13:48...Don’t blame you one bit! 😂💀😂
Jay-God Prije 29 dana
He should have deestroying on there
Trenton's Messenger
Trenton's Messenger Prije 29 dana
Im sure someone asked this before buuuuut why she stay with Moesha braids
Texan Football Houston
Texan Football Houston Prije mjesec
Cold as balls lol🤣
Green Mamba
Green Mamba Prije mjesec
Is Bam or Daryl on Instagram?
kb 2003
kb 2003 Prije mjesec
That's a thick hill😁
Rodrigue Alexandre
Rodrigue Alexandre Prije mjesec
This was the best one yet bam bam, LMAO!
Luis R
Luis R Prije mjesec
Darrell and bam bam make this show
Mpendulo Mahlangu
Mpendulo Mahlangu Prije mjesec
Kev will only go deep in the tub when the Rock is on the show....cause he can't stand Rock being better than him in
Brandon h
Brandon h Prije mjesec
Bring in yoel romero
TR Johnson
TR Johnson Prije mjesec
This woman is horrible! I can’t believe you have her on your show. Two thumbs down 👎 👎
Pat Lucid
Pat Lucid Prije mjesec
We need Stephen A on this
Alex Mayer
Alex Mayer Prije mjesec
Kevin got some small ears
Daniel Jenkins
Daniel Jenkins Prije mjesec
Loved it. Jemele Hill is so dope
Hebrew Abraham
Hebrew Abraham Prije mjesec
she look like a baby dinosaur so cute
Roc Williams
Roc Williams Prije mjesec
She's cute
Cash byrd
Cash byrd Prije mjesec
Damn she fine
Debs Matthew
Debs Matthew Prije mjesec
Was nice seeing Sista Jemele, and Broda Kevin, do this right here it was hilarious for real.
Jack Dovletian
Jack Dovletian Prije mjesec
Kev really ?
Raymond Rios
Raymond Rios Prije mjesec
And for the money 💴
Raymond Rios
Raymond Rios Prije mjesec
She’s racist
Butchie Boi Chelb
Butchie Boi Chelb Prije mjesec
I have a lesbian CRUSH on Jemele Hill...♥️🏳️‍🌈✌️😁
Ismael Adame
Ismael Adame Prije mjesec
Get Phil Heath, the rock, flex Lewis, Chris bumstead, Brandon currey on here 🤙🏼
Charlie Bennett
Charlie Bennett Prije mjesec
I was gonna comment but @theworldonmars stole it! Shout out!! I wanna see that too!!
Demigod Sinbad
Demigod Sinbad Prije mjesec
I'm trying to pay attention to the interview but that nipple tho lol it's a lil shy thing lol
Taurean Graves
Taurean Graves Prije mjesec
When he turned around an said self defense I literally bust out 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Rashad Lucas
Rashad Lucas Prije mjesec
“Muthafuckas hoopin!” 😂😂😂😂😂 I’m weak af
Yung Bezel
Yung Bezel Prije mjesec
8:37 first time I seen Darell laugh 😂
King Greg
King Greg Prije mjesec
Jemele my favorite show is The Office too
Jake Lex
Jake Lex Prije mjesec
This show is getting sooooo rowdy lol
Vincent E Stone
Vincent E Stone Prije mjesec
JEMELE HILL is One of The GREATEST Black Women alive ! She's up there with KAEPERNICK. 🔥 interview. Also, in agreement with the viewers, Get COLIN & MARSHAWN on.
Tod Hold
Tod Hold Prije mjesec
What's going on with Kevin's nipples?
robert ross
robert ross Prije mjesec
When you going to have KD
Chad Hammond
Chad Hammond Prije mjesec
Seriously, yall need to do a bloopers episode that show Darryl and Bam breaking character cuz I KNOW IT HAPPENS! They are the straight faced GOATS
Deonte Townsley
Deonte Townsley Prije mjesec
Lmao. At no point did he even get in halfway in the tub this episode
Vell Vellie
Vell Vellie Prije mjesec
We want the rock Dwayne Johnson
whoislow Prije mjesec
why you giving someone like her attention lmaooo u lost bro
Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen Prije mjesec
It is really getting harder and harder to watch this... so much distraction and fake interaction with his supporting cast.
Al illups
Al illups Prije mjesec
Love me some jamele...❤️
D Elliott
D Elliott Prije mjesec
Yo, Jemele got 🍑.
Martinez Solomon
Martinez Solomon Prije mjesec
My favorite 🤣🤣🤣
nikko ross
nikko ross Prije mjesec
Why does jamel always have braids 😂🤣🤔
Hoopfan83 Prije mjesec
This lady was so much cooler like q0 years ago.
TreEiht 38
TreEiht 38 Prije mjesec
Became a fan of hers simply because she is a 49er
Hawk Prije mjesec
Jemele thicker than cold oatmeal
Brian Brooks
Brian Brooks Prije mjesec
She was so afraid and uncomfortable. Worst episode because she’s awful
IAM WATER Prije mjesec
I never knew she was thick...Are we jumping the gun fellas?? I never knew her to have a nice booty
Harley Bjork
Harley Bjork Prije mjesec
Why did Kevin have a racist on his show?
Travis Smith
Travis Smith Prije mjesec
Really a racist on your show Kevin she is a big time racist and no one can deny that this is shame
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