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Kevin's recent release "Zero Fucks Given" is giving Na'im something to think about. The Plastic Cup Boyz talk to Kevin about him actually caring what people think of the comedy special and think it's counteractive with the title. HOWEVER, it's all about MARKETING. New episode of Straight from the Hart coming your way!
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expoN8 Prije 24 dana
Harry that shii was dope
Scotty. S
Scotty. S Prije mjesec
Your special before this one was good so ppl was going to watch this new special but let's see if they watch the next one them you see where you at with the ppl homie.
DJ WATERZZ Prije mjesec
I actually thought the special was funny as hell.. it showed growth and I don’t think it was meant to be the glitzy n glamory special that he usually has.. it was intimate and still funny lol
quinn love
quinn love Prije mjesec
If you didn't like kev new special keep it to yourself because it's funny af to me because I'm a dad and I get all of it.
Robert Grace
Robert Grace Prije mjesec
Safe to say there’s no honesty in the camp
Eugene Reeves
Eugene Reeves Prije mjesec
Tariq Nasheed is who hart is talking about
Michael Gaffney
Michael Gaffney Prije mjesec
I’ve been a Kevin Hart fan for many years..... that last special was rough to watch though.....
Deandre Brown
Deandre Brown Prije mjesec
Kev isn’t making any sense
Ayato’s Journey
Ayato’s Journey Prije mjesec
I love your special and I UNDERSTAND it Kev, you deserve appreciation not criticism for doing something like this for us at a time like this !
C KQ Prije mjesec
kevin hart solved a rubix cube and made it all green and white a black homie then asked him what cell block you in (green) for all that straight coke lines (white)
Josh Banes
Josh Banes Prije mjesec
Kev BEEN wanting Tariq to say something to him. That's why he was in his lil feelings on some pussy shxt
BrandNuEnt. Prije mjesec
Bro I have never heard of the word clout before 2020
Tubeless Prije mjesec
They're doing the most to "ignore" Tariq Nasheed, but the brother obviously got under their skin. Poeple spitting truth you don't like usually do..
The special was trash. Plastic cup boys some yes men.
daja supreme
daja supreme Prije mjesec
Hardly any views 👀😁
Tommy Alexander
Tommy Alexander Prije mjesec
Kevin is funny but not on the level of Godfrey, Kat William, Mike Epps & many more! And these guys are just complete yes men!
Jwda thefax
Jwda thefax Prije mjesec
@It’s Me, Hikeem! - Nah that shit’s corny and if that were true, I shouldn’t be able to tell when it’s not written.
It’s Me, Hikeem!
It’s Me, Hikeem! Prije mjesec
@Jwda thefax Mike freestyles is the best ever! That’s why he is so damn funny! He doesn’t have to write.
Jwda thefax
Jwda thefax Prije mjesec
Katt I can agree with in his early years but he tends to get too preachy towards his last specials. Mike always seems to freestyle too much which makes me think he’s lazy with actual writing and I think it’s disrespectful to people who bought tickets.
DemocracyUS Prije mjesec
Annoyed that the otherwise talented Native US Black person doesn't tolerate free expression by certain other powerful Black males. Instead, uses talent to obsessively remake someone's image to their negative liking under the guise of helping them in front of the masses. Or shuts down an individual's right to free speech altogether. It is a serious flaw. Tell the unnamed person that un-obsessively uplifting and inspiring without causing pain is the only way.
King Mojo
King Mojo Prije mjesec
I haven't seen Kevin Hart special but I do agree that if he's going to run with the nofucksgiven then he needs to approach it with nofuckgiven.
TheTruthTyStick402 Prije mjesec
I know none listens to fans but I think you should get some of that Marvel Money and try out for Howard the Duck bro I'm just saying no body better and Kevin you know you'll make money off toys,games other appearances in movies .just keep me in mind bro
1200 Gaming
1200 Gaming Prije mjesec
That special was funny as hell. In fact I can't remember one that Kevin had that wasn't funny. Keep winning
bob bib
bob bib Prije mjesec
thats people that take things way to far sad
Kaua paizante
Kaua paizante Prije mjesec
hi i am roblox kaua
Kaua paizante
Kaua paizante Prije mjesec
O kaua do roblox
Kaua paizante
Kaua paizante Prije mjesec
Oi sou o kaua
Chany Chany
Chany Chany Prije mjesec
I love you Mr Kevin Hart but this special was not it for me. Everyone has a bad day at work and I think this was yours. I still love ur work though.
Jwda thefax
Jwda thefax Prije mjesec
Nah, not really.
Broadway Biz
Broadway Biz Prije mjesec
The special was weak but I'm sure kev will bounce back
DJ KING STRO Prije mjesec
Kev my brother philly is behind you all the way me personally would like to see you clown the hater and haters the video of me in the dark talking shii is really good material do this for me from now clown and laugh at the criticism or ignore it . remember when some see that they can get at you they always will ..
Samantha lamboy
Samantha lamboy Prije mjesec
You are a wonderful father hands down regaurdless..your real fans know you so JOKES WILL BE JOKES but foundation of your morale code for your kids in your household is obviously not questioned I think these social workers are FANS..🙏
75hoya Prije mjesec
Special was trash
MagneticQubzian %
MagneticQubzian % Prije mjesec
Tariq did nothing wrong, and he diagnosed ur comedy as of Late
Aye Run
Aye Run Prije mjesec
Does anyone know who was beefing with Kev on Twitter? And for the record, I enjoy Na's show.
__brianturnerbodybuilding Turner
__brianturnerbodybuilding Turner Prije mjesec
He's a true cancer We can be sensitive lol
bailefresh Prije mjesec
I loved the special. Kev was honest and so funny. Good job!
Blacc silver Staff
Blacc silver Staff Prije mjesec
michael thomas
michael thomas Prije mjesec
I wonder if Kevin’s writers was funny will he be funny...
I like this radio show man !! it's sooo authentic 😂🔥🔥🔥
Femi R.
Femi R. Prije mjesec
Tbh I only watched Kevin special after Tariq recent show Abt it. I got thru 10:57 mark. I grew up on soul plane and house husband's but the special was boring
Femi R.
Femi R. Prije mjesec
So Kevin is saying basically if you're pro black you can't have an opinion ??
Chris South
Chris South Prije mjesec
Kevin really wants you to believe that he doesn't He also tries to based quality based on how many views he has of something, that means nothing. You can't unview something if you don't like it. Kevin, it was terrible .. Accept it and move on....
Mike B
Mike B Prije mjesec
Kevin got famous for being a jester. He decided to be a stand-up comic again. People weren't ready.
Theycallme Queen
Theycallme Queen Prije mjesec
The upside was great it's like he represented like Bulls from Philly I put myself in his shoes
Theycallme Queen
Theycallme Queen Prije mjesec
This is like the 12 disciples and black Jesus
Theycallme Queen
Theycallme Queen Prije mjesec
Upside the best 🙏🏽😂😂
Jaja Diego
Jaja Diego Prije mjesec
Follow my kids Jaja Diego
Dude stop. Don’t put something out for the people and then get mad when the people don’t respond the way you want. Did Pryor, Murphy, Chapelle throw fits when people responded poorly to their art? No. Grow up
Jwda thefax
Jwda thefax Prije mjesec
“The people” obviously responded tho. You don’t continuously get the numbers that he gets if the majority doesn’t like your stand up. And if it’s a case where people are watching just to complain, then it’s the equivalent of when people were helping Mayweather break PPV numbers cause they wanted to see him lose. That didn’t work out in the fans favor either. Lol
TubeToons Prije mjesec
Some of his movies I like, his standups are pretty mediocre but he's a likeable dude so people support him.
William Brown
William Brown Prije mjesec
Stick to movies. Stand up just isn't it nomore. Black comedians have to talk about more than family and staff.
mrgogetit Prije mjesec
Kevin is WRONG Tariq didn't bash him...he should apologize. He is losing steam aka credibility
It’s Me, Hikeem!
It’s Me, Hikeem! Prije mjesec
@DemocracyUS I wonder what’s the demographic of those “huge audiences”
DemocracyUS Prije mjesec
@__brianturnerbodybuilding Turner Not everyone. The special is receiving huge audiences.
__brianturnerbodybuilding Turner
__brianturnerbodybuilding Turner Prije mjesec
Tariq was just saying what everybody was saying
A J Prije mjesec
Lowkeyedaf Prije mjesec
"Not going to say his name, dont want to give him amy clout." Too late, already did when Kev responded to his tweet, unsolicited at that. 😂 Kevin Hart using his success to hide behind the fact dude got him butthurt speaking truth about him. Kevin clearly has fucks to give. The title of that standup special impresses his white fan base only.
Brian Harvey
Brian Harvey Prije mjesec
When u gotta start bringing up numbers u gotta hold that L
__brianturnerbodybuilding Turner
__brianturnerbodybuilding Turner Prije mjesec
Tuesdays Child
Tuesdays Child Prije mjesec
It's marketing and the numbers will be high but at the same time if what you're driving people towards isn't good quality there? I mean unless his clubhouse investment is more important to him so it doesn't care what attention he gets but surely if the last two specials aren't funny and that is your craft who is going to watch for the third time. I don't think I will tbh. I'll watch a movie or a show by Kevin but not his stand up. It's just not that good. But if business wise he doesn't need it to be then fine. I think tbh he gives a little f*ck. He also needs to not engage in putting all black people together in this we tear each other down ish especially if it is for marketing. We can't all continuously be bungled into one or not allowed to critique something because it's now us as a race falling short. It's not that serious. It's just wasn't funny, period.
Vision Avant
Vision Avant Prije mjesec
The special was actually funny to me.
ultra tech1
ultra tech1 Prije mjesec
Hell for what’s going on n 2020,, It made me laugh. Anything that can make us laugh in 2020 is good. I liked the latest K Hart Netflix special.Keep the train going. Spank what’s up with the Sunglasses???? Just asking
NYURBLGND •• Prije mjesec
All Clearly Yes Men
Darren Stone
Darren Stone Prije mjesec
People refuse to accept Kev is older and his comedic style is based on life experiences. Kev's humor has mature content now, wife, adultery, ex-wives kids, being 40+..If your not there in life you simply cant relate thus the jokes loose impact....for me, I enjoyed the show..... BOP! BOP! BOP!
Tonia T
Tonia T Prije mjesec
@Darren Stone - 😃😅
Darren Stone
Darren Stone Prije mjesec
@Tonia T LOL!
Tonia T
Tonia T Prije mjesec
Big ol p--y or brick oven pizza😉?
जिज्ञासा Prije mjesec
Kave is hanging with the wrong crowd.
Mylo B
Mylo B Prije mjesec
Man Kevin You need no permission but keep doing your thing king 👑 During these days we needed another laugh and you delivered. Love From Saint Lucia ❤️
B Jones
B Jones Prije mjesec
I don’t have to like every product you’ve selling Kevin that’s not being a hater
Aaron Shaw
Aaron Shaw Prije mjesec
Kev started the with the living room performance 🐐
Blain Guthrie
Blain Guthrie Prije mjesec
Who cares what anyone thinks. Like it, love it or hate it who cares just cary on doing you and making the majority laugh
TfkEdgeMusic Prije mjesec
Kevin is a goat comedist
flex master
flex master Prije mjesec
He really isnt
Melanated Intelligence
Melanated Intelligence Prije mjesec
Is Kev addressing Joe Budden of the Joe Budden Podcast ?
Melanated Intelligence
Melanated Intelligence Prije mjesec
@jnyce2nyce ok let me do some research
jnyce2nyce Prije mjesec
Tariq Nasheed
Gixxerboy Roy/LuvDrums Waters
Gixxerboy Roy/LuvDrums Waters Prije mjesec
I liked it brah, keep doing you, it had its sour parts and not so sour, its hard to make people laugh these days. Covid @@##$%% up sh@!.
Lady D422
Lady D422 Prije mjesec
Why is Kev so in his feelings. Tariq just said the special wasn’t funny. It wasn’t funny. Tariq didn’t come for Kevin Hart. He actually spoke well about him as a person, he just said the Netflix special wasn’t very good. It was nice to see Naim speak some truth about the situation. Kev also sounded a little full of himself saying he’s not gonna give Tariq any clout. Tariq doesn’t need any clout from him, he has his own loyal followers.
Moses Plasencia
Moses Plasencia Prije mjesec
Kev special was from the heart n spoke his real mind.. True fans we apreciate the logic of comedy...n giving us a glimps if his life in a smile.. In the end ..he gives zerro fucks...!! But truth.. Cant lie.. And truth can hurt If you dont learn how to smile at it at times..
Lando Success
Lando Success Prije mjesec
Kev I gotta keep it 💯 with you everybody on this tread love and rock with you. Just in the black community as a group your last two haven’t been as funny as before because you’re too “politically conscious” to not piss off white people or fans. And we can all see it, so Tariq was just stating his opinion and to get better how about ask him WHY he turned it off or didn’t like it? When I go do speeches I ask my close friend to come and tell me EVERY TIME what could I have done better? Idc how good I did I always wanna know what’s needed to get better. That’s just my stance on it
Shane w
Shane w Prije mjesec
Let’s put this into perspective. They’re mad because Kevin Harts child was put in a onesie by his father that read “zero fucks given” so mad child services are involved. On another hand, there are rappers with children that openly talk about guns and drugs and nobody bats an eye.
Murda2Wayz Prije mjesec
My mans with the red had house sound empty as hell. He set that pop cad down sound like a nickel in a empty well
SofaKingCool Prije mjesec
Kevin harts only good movie that made me laugh was soul plane that it
It’s Me, Hikeem!
It’s Me, Hikeem! Prije mjesec
Paper Soldiers?
CJ Scott
CJ Scott Prije mjesec
Harry was on fire this episode😂
Hooch Mitty
Hooch Mitty Prije mjesec
Kev should ignore hate but not criticism .. he’s too funny to be dropping this underwhelming standups .. hopefully he’s listening cuz ppl aren’t hating .. they keeping it real with him.
Elizabeth Collins-Bray
Elizabeth Collins-Bray Prije mjesec
Tk Hannibal
Tk Hannibal Prije mjesec
Harry did that... hahahaaa
Darrius Jacobs
Darrius Jacobs Prije mjesec
Please name any comedy special that made you laugh from start to finish that everybody likes? And I mean from the time it came on until it went off.
Andrew Nadar
Andrew Nadar Prije mjesec
Who did kevin respond to on Twitter?
Amiller3000 Prije mjesec
Tariq Nasheed
Rob Liberachi
Rob Liberachi Prije mjesec
Ok Harry you on a roll👌🏾
Gabriel Prije mjesec
Edwin Melendez
Edwin Melendez Prije mjesec
Smoking that pack i see
MondayTv Prije mjesec
oppfromthenorm 18
oppfromthenorm 18 Prije mjesec
But i thought kevin didnt know who tariq was? Lol
Alozie Chibueze
Alozie Chibueze Prije mjesec
Well you just did, and we going to check him out 😂
the one
the one Prije mjesec
I love and respect Kevin.. Super talent but that last special was garbage
Minka Lopez
Minka Lopez Prije mjesec
I agree with Na'im. preach the facts..
Hyasmine Prije mjesec
I love kev but I must admit that the last special wasnt me. It happens. I hope kev stops addressing people's opinions and just keep going. Dont lose momentum. Keep the content coming and keep growing. I wanna see kev do an adult the PJs.
__brianturnerbodybuilding Turner
__brianturnerbodybuilding Turner Prije mjesec
He's a cancer we're sensitive lol
jafaar tjong
jafaar tjong Prije mjesec
If you going to keep putting specials like these out just don’t do it anymore than. Just do acting you don’t need the money because this ain’t it
Mus Yara
Mus Yara Prije mjesec
Mann the latest special was dope too. He said what he want to say. Just wtf is people keep complaining about. Give some positive vibes to get some positive back. Yo plasticCoupleboys keep the good work going.. period
H.C Prije mjesec
The special was boring and Kevin is starting to sound like Trump with these numbers 😂. No hate just being honest 🤷🏾‍♂️.
Theycallme Queen
Theycallme Queen Prije mjesec
clean dirty comic
Elizabeth Collins-Bray
Elizabeth Collins-Bray Prije mjesec
jafaar tjong
jafaar tjong Prije mjesec
Exactly like trump this guy said I don’t care what you think unless it’s something good
Young Reggie
Young Reggie Prije mjesec
NEW KEVIN HART SONG(dance) ON MY PAGE! Funny 😄 and lit 🔥
Say Vay
Say Vay Prije mjesec
He needs to think of JT Jackson not his comedy. Apologize to the man for ruining his career and risking his liberty! We ain't seen you the entire time our Black men and women were being murdered. We don't care about your not caring. We made you hot. Watch them leave you when they see Black people not caring.
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley Prije mjesec
Curly Virgo
Curly Virgo Prije mjesec
His last special wasn't that great to me. I tried hard to give a chuckle annnnnd....i got nothing
Jay K Holiday
Jay K Holiday Prije mjesec
I always keep a fck in my back pocket...just in case.
ricey Veli
ricey Veli Prije mjesec
Why ain't nexflex doing a movie deal with plastic cups Boyz staring Kevin an Katt Williams an Eddie and Even Chris rock
KmR Prije mjesec
kevin is tryna fight back against being cancelled lol. for the past couple of years ever since he wrongly accused jt of trying to extort him(look it up kevin made up the whole extortion thing to try to save face but it was all proven wrong in court and the charges were dropped due to no evidence whatsoever) he's been really in the hot seat 24/7 its soon gonna be time for kevin to go into the background and come out in 10 years cuz people are starting to see behind his charade and his team is the perfect group of yes men i swear, they scared to go broke. but always remember people, everybody has to pay the piper and i mean EVERYBODY!!!
KmR Prije mjesec
@Say Vay PREACH!!!
Say Vay
Say Vay Prije mjesec
You saw his interview on Comedy Hype too? That was hard to watch. Ruining someone's life just to save face. And ain't said nothing but going hard trying to get the shine off JT. Jackson's interview. But people heard it now. What Almighty God say? What's done in the dark comes to light?
Darren Young
Darren Young Prije mjesec
I notice ounce 1 person says THEY don't LIKE something. That becomes THE trend. Keep doing YOUR THING KEV. I LIKED IT. D.YOUNG STEEL CITY PA 15136 412
Theycallme Queen
Theycallme Queen Prije mjesec
Philly born we got all the talent is coming out of Philly
Theycallme Queen
Theycallme Queen Prije mjesec
Zero fucz
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee Prije mjesec
did you even watch the special
John Brown
John Brown Prije mjesec
We've grown to Love you Mr Hart but your last 5 specials are a big collection of the SAME fucking content ...
SailorMoon Prije mjesec
Often times it's not what we said but how we said things determines the outcomes. Perhaps, what they meant to say is that they concern about your kid and needing your assurance that everything is ok ????
systems are made to divide and abuse u
systems are made to divide and abuse u Prije mjesec
Zero fucks but it annoyed me. Katt williams don't bully me. Comone men Kev. This weak asf. What happened to u
systems are made to divide and abuse u
systems are made to divide and abuse u Prije mjesec
What happened to u? A while ago u was shining and glowing. Positive and happy. Wtf happened. You dairy asf
Billy Butcher
Billy Butcher Prije mjesec
Harry is the funniest in this clip. Killed it with the references 😂😂😂
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