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In this episode of Cold As Balls: Cold Cuts, NFL All-Pro Derrick "Top Hat" Henry talks to Kevin Hart about fatherhood, his lack of sleep, and how he learned to run the football by watching his older cousins. Top Hat Henry also talks about playing college football and being treated like royalty at Alabama. Kevin relates to Henry, noting he was heavily recruited as an elementary school Pop Warner standout. Kevin has the stories to prove it.

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Nadia Jones
Nadia Jones Prije 28 dana
I can relate to what he said about how tell he was 5/5 I was the same height about tho. I was born in Birmingham Alabama around 28th April so yeah.
Jason A. Ruth
Jason A. Ruth Prije mjesec
Blue Hunnids
Blue Hunnids Prije mjesec
Dude arm bigger then my thigh
Mizzi Prije mjesec
Kevin hart! HAS A CHANNELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? WHY NOBODY TOLD ME?!
newtmane Prije mjesec
Insan bersaudara
Insan bersaudara Prije mjesec
Kevin hart 😘😘😘
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley Prije mjesec
Erhard Ster
Erhard Ster Prije mjesec
Jumanji three?
Yung Jeong
Yung Jeong Prije mjesec
One day YUNG JEONG will be big in the music industry...manifest 🙏🏽⭐️💫🎶
Yuky Channel 1
Yuky Channel 1 Prije mjesec
Lil Druzi
Lil Druzi Prije mjesec
Derrick Henry better do good he on my fantasy team
Realmofy Comedy
Realmofy Comedy Prije mjesec
I have been a fan and a subscriber to lol for some time now. I lost everything due to the lockdown, my job, my business, my fiancee and all. With the lockdown still on, i discovered my skills and decided to start this HRpost channel, and i hope it goes well. If you are seeing this message and you belive we rise by lifting others, then pls check me out and show me some love. Thanks and God bless
Benjamin jc
Benjamin jc Prije mjesec
Jesus is coming soon, repent for the kingdom of god is at hand!!
Summer Williams
Summer Williams Prije mjesec
Thats whats up he's from my home town yulee fl making big moves this damn town so small most people just say we close to Jacksonville fl lol keep making moves we're all so proud of you back here in little old Yulee,Fl
kelly bonilla
kelly bonilla Prije mjesec
Early 😌
Isaiah Barrera
Isaiah Barrera Prije mjesec
David Bahati
David Bahati Prije mjesec
Kevin hart is. Always ready to say something funny
Lavar Cole
Lavar Cole Prije mjesec
Ooooooooooooh Henryyyyy
BIG424 Prije mjesec
Garage Comedian
Garage Comedian Prije mjesec
I have the NFL in my Garage Comedian News this week! A new SNF Anthem for America to rally behind! Hahahahahahaha.
SYTHEGUY 21 Prije mjesec
Giovany Gonzalez
Giovany Gonzalez Prije mjesec
Love you kev
Mikey Tee
Mikey Tee Prije mjesec
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