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Prije 28 dana

Kevin is BACK! The Plastic Cup Boyz welcome Kevin back to the show after some rather nice compliments from the bossman himself. However, Kevin hears that Wayne had some issues with his "on-camera" personality and you definitely want to check out this exchange. A new Straight from the Hart is coming your way! #SiriusXM
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Cheryl Hill
Cheryl Hill Prije 23 dana
Other than that you men are funny forreal
Cheryl Hill
Cheryl Hill Prije 23 dana
Kevin you cuss too much and keep saying Gods Name in vain NOT GOOD SON
amy salmon
amy salmon Prije 24 dana
I used to love welcome back cartet
ScAnDeLeZ Prije 24 dana
Congrats kev. More life more blessings
ScAnDeLeZ Prije 24 dana
I just saw the Tyler perry commercial with naim. Good for him 👏🏽👏🏽 keep winning as a group ✊🏽💯
Steven Robertson
Steven Robertson Prije 25 dana
OhReallyTV . . .
OhReallyTV . . . Prije 26 dana
I’d like to see the full show on HRpost honestly!!
Seasoned Settlers
Seasoned Settlers Prije 18 dana
Yeah... what’s up with the snippets? No more full episodes or we gotta XM it?
Ely's Samba
Ely's Samba Prije 26 dana
Kevin your amazing!! Best actor and comedian JK Dwayne Johnson is better no I'm JK i love u soo much!!! Your amazing dude!! 😂😂💝
Squirrels World
Squirrels World Prije 26 dana
Never mind
Darl Tharp
Darl Tharp Prije 26 dana
Congratulations kevin now you are a liar and you know you are a liar and don't forget you ain't black if you don't vote for me , Does not want his kids growing up in a racial jungle, called young black men super predators, spoke at the leader of kkk BYRD and said he was a great man and a mentor, I think we all know who the RACIST candidate is and your lies won't change that
EC CW Prije 26 dana
Well *heartless*....looks like you losing supporters just like the *pebble* Johnson should have kept your big lips many times were you on the Lolita express????
Mr. B. Trace
Mr. B. Trace Prije 26 dana
Kevin Hart is a traitor to this country. He is actively trying to start a race war because his boyfriend Dwayne is. They're both traitors.
mdace15 Prije 27 dana
I like Kev a lot... but... The show flows better without Kev. Kev is often long-winded and dominates the conversation so we often never get to really hear Harry, Spank, Joey, Naim and definitely Wayne really speak their piece. Without Kev the show flowed so smoothly because it was like we were just in the room listening to a group of close friends having natural topical conversation. I re-listened to those 2 episodes repeatedly. I even downloaded them so I can listen again later on days when the guys are on break.
Kendall S.W.
Kendall S.W. Prije 27 dana
Naim don't like Kevin foreal
SaiS SaiS
SaiS SaiS Prije 27 dana
When will chocolate droppa get a special
Frankie Brooks TV
Frankie Brooks TV Prije 27 dana
Do some interviews of other comics.... will improve this channel
Tonia T
Tonia T Prije 27 dana
Gregarious = fluffy 😂😂😂 congrats on ur new baby girl🥰. God bless you both 🙏🏽
Kim Williams
Kim Williams Prije 28 dana
On and off air yessss personality 😂😂😂😫😫🥰🥰🔥🔥🔥🥰🔥🔥
Tk Hannibal
Tk Hannibal Prije 28 dana
He said Spank don't do that let me readjust to that rough ish you do...
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley Prije 28 dana
JoshhmadeIt Prije 28 dana
We need the whole video Live streammmmm
Karem Flowers
Karem Flowers Prije 28 dana
"I thought it meant fluffy"😆 🤣 😂
African Chess Lounge
African Chess Lounge Prije 28 dana
What you guys do resonates and here in Africa we always look forward to your material !
Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson Prije 28 dana
Congratulations may she be blessed with your gift and so much more...
Aldo Giant
Aldo Giant Prije 28 dana
Congratulations Mr Hart :)
Lisa Thacker
Lisa Thacker Prije 28 dana
If Wayne doesn’t like Kevin on the radio then why be on radio. If u hate someone while working with them then u shouldn’t work with them.
Rachel Lay
Rachel Lay Prije 28 dana
Congratulations Kevin to you and the family , that’s awesome!
Frayzer Nyambe
Frayzer Nyambe Prije 28 dana
Spank was a good host too yeah.
Michael Varner
Michael Varner Prije 28 dana
Congrats kev like I know you
Darrell Stevenson
Darrell Stevenson Prije 28 dana
Well I be damn, Kev still got on the hospital bracelet and Covid covered clothing... Boy if you don't go wash yo @$$....
AnimeTopProductions Prije 28 dana
When Kevin Hart gets old he will be the funniest old man in the history of the universe 🤣
BoyifUdonT Prije 28 dana
Pause haha 😂
DaVon Jiles
DaVon Jiles Prije 28 dana
2:34 good for yall
Jaren Reid
Jaren Reid Prije 28 dana
The Plastic Cups Boyz need a separate show. They some Real N***as 😂 💯✊🏾
Jason A. Ruth
Jason A. Ruth Prije 28 dana
Erica Henderson
Erica Henderson Prije 28 dana
Haha. We all need friend like these boys.
Aileen Oliphant
Aileen Oliphant Prije 28 dana
. Congratulations Kevin to you and your family on the birth of your baby girl best wish from Glasgow Scotland 🍼🍾💗🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
David Bahati
David Bahati Prije 28 dana
I think it's not only me who wants to see kevin hart and ice cube make ride along 3
name smsmama ghshj
name smsmama ghshj Prije 27 dana
Yes bri
Tunde S.
Tunde S. Prije 27 dana
I think it is just u lol.
Johnny Prije 28 dana
Kevin hart has a big heart 💓
2PACADEMICS Prije 28 dana
Wayne is a totally different person when Kevin is gone 😂
kaneatha hargrove
kaneatha hargrove Prije 28 dana
Congratulations on the new baby !!! ❤️❤️❤️ can yall Please think about posting at least half of the show or the entire show ! We would love it and we need laughter right now !
Travis G
Travis G Prije 28 dana
You your daddy's son so am sure you did😂😂
Josh Jacob
Josh Jacob Prije 28 dana
@Travis G You gon' learn today!
Travis G
Travis G Prije 28 dana
@Keisha W it would have been even more fun. If one of them had said, Aright Aright Aright😂😂
Keisha W
Keisha W Prije 28 dana
Travis G
Travis G Prije 28 dana
Made up is what it is😂😂😂
Tara Davarpanah
Tara Davarpanah Prije 28 dana
i missed you kevin❤️ And again congratulations to you and eniko for your new baby girl💕🎉
Tomas K-Bond
Tomas K-Bond Prije 28 dana
LoL, Men! 😎
Travis G
Travis G Prije 28 dana
Early for once
Amanda B
Amanda B Prije 28 dana
Hey I’m here 1 minute late wheeew love you Kevin! All heart, no brakes!
Sister Fun Time
Sister Fun Time Prije 28 dana
Troydangaming 2
Troydangaming 2 Prije 28 dana
What is up kevin
Edward Tynes
Edward Tynes Prije 28 dana
3 rd comment
Ritvik Singh
Ritvik Singh Prije 28 dana
Yo second view.
Kendall Samuel
Kendall Samuel Prije 28 dana
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