Kevin Hart Hosts the MDA Kids Telethon

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Dont Wait, Donate Now -
MDA provides funding for research, care and advocacy for those living with neuromuscular diseases.
Watch right here on our (LOL Network) HRpost channel on Saturday, Oct 24th at 8pm EST to see #KevinHart host and invite some of his closest friends to help raise donations and awareness of those living with muscular dystrophy, ALS, and related neuromuscular diseases. #MDAKevinHartTelethon #ReadySetGIVE #DJKhaled #JackBlack

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LOL Network Prije 2 mjeseci
1. Donate Now at 2. Call us at 800-MDA-Give 3. Text MUSCLE to 243-725 4. Bid now at 5. Give Cryptocurrency at
Geralda Cupallari
Geralda Cupallari Prije 2 mjeseci
Blue Panda
Blue Panda Prije 26 dana
kelly i love you!
Xander Prije mjesec
I love this bro this is amazing
U gl
U gl Prije 2 mjeseci
1:31:58 don‘t mind this did it for me
Ant Jonez 218
Ant Jonez 218 Prije 2 mjeseci
Jack Black is one of the select few that can rock the faded hairline and make it look good in style. You could probably jus show his silhouette and most people could know who it was. Same for Lebron James. Dude been rockin the robocop hairline for ever and it looks good on him. He'd look weird wit a regular hairline 🤣
Novelist Davis Da Wine Luva
Novelist Davis Da Wine Luva Prije 2 mjeseci
How did I miss this! I used to get my popcorn, pillow and blanket every year wkd watch this when it was Jerry Lewis Telethon. I am a MDA Kid. I was diagnosed with MG at the age of 2 1/2 years of age and went into remission at age 26. I'm now 43 and still in remission! "But God" but I can't believe I missed this one. Love MDA KIDS and I love Kevin Hart! ❤ ❤ ❤
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez Prije 2 mjeseci
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Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez Prije 2 mjeseci
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Ilan Leibowitz
Ilan Leibowitz Prije 2 mjeseci
Bring it back to Labor Day weekend!!!!
Margaret Kerins
Margaret Kerins Prije 2 mjeseci
God Bless the Children and people with MDA
Novelist Davis Da Wine Luva
Novelist Davis Da Wine Luva Prije 2 mjeseci
Thank you! ❤
Anabella Garcia
Anabella Garcia Prije 2 mjeseci
liz gillies asmr 2:00:54
Ysl Charm
Ysl Charm Prije 2 mjeseci
Thanks Dawg I'll watch the actual video later
Dana Carter
Dana Carter Prije 2 mjeseci
I wasn't able to finish this. I stopped when it got to 8 million. But seriously Kevin Hart can take this and run with it. He has some big shoes to fill but he can grow into them. And one things for sure, he is going to actually help. I don't know any other celebrity who is truly going to lift this organization up.
Minecraft Master
Minecraft Master Prije 2 mjeseci
Leave positive comments and spread positively 😊😊😊
George Petrou
George Petrou Prije 2 mjeseci
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Jonathan Allen
Jonathan Allen Prije 2 mjeseci
Jerry Lewis would be proud up above that something he devoted most of his life to for many Labor Day weekends has come back, even in October and while we’re still in pandemic mode
JennieLeigh826 Prije 2 mjeseci
I've been watching this today & I think it's amazing that Kevin Hart has taken the lead on the Telethon cuz it takes a lot to fill Jerry Lewis' shoes & nobody's come close but Kevin! It's wonderful that he was able & willing to do this especially during Covid-19 & the quarantine & all the live issues that has become a new normal for us this year, he did awesome at hosting & trying to roll with it! Only thing is I'd love it to be over Labor Day weekend again & I hope Kevin is the new host every year! God Bless all involved! 💜🤹🏾‍♀️🔥Love the throwbacks to all the old telethons! It was always a huge thing growing up & only time we got to stay up all night long & it was special to us & a yearly tradition I miss... Thanks for doing a great job & giving me the same type of feels Jerry did Kevin! 💜🙏🏽🦋
khalid_ Ar
khalid_ Ar Prije 2 mjeseci
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Wheelchair Warrior
Wheelchair Warrior Prije 2 mjeseci
As a person living with muscular dystrophy I found this to be very ableist
Peter Galloway
Peter Galloway Prije 24 dana
They put on a telethon for our benefit. I welcome their generosity.
JerrBear81 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Rose Arellanes I wouldn't call Jerry Lewis lovable. Not only did he write a horrible article calling those of us with MD "half people", but he also said we should stay inside if we don't want to be pitied. Definitely not the role model a lot of people claim he is
Rose Arellanes
Rose Arellanes Prije 2 mjeseci
I respectfully disagree that telethons are an outdated way to fundraiser but I am of the opinion that Kevin Hart does not have the personality to fill the shoes of the spectacular and lovable Jerry Lewis. I can say without a doubt that Kevin Hart did not grab and hold my attention the way Jerry use too
Just Jokes Alright
Just Jokes Alright Prije 2 mjeseci
JerrBear81 Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm about to check it out myself, but I had a feeling it would be. Telethons are an outdated way of fundraising. Piss on pity
Lily Jr., Jeremiah 29:13
Lily Jr., Jeremiah 29:13 Prije 2 mjeseci
This is important above all things worldly. 1 John 1:9 “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness”.
Chibaflow Makasinistro
Chibaflow Makasinistro Prije 2 mjeseci
Kmk salut
Chibaflow Makasinistro
Chibaflow Makasinistro Prije 2 mjeseci
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Chibaflow Makasinistro Prije 2 mjeseci
Carmor'E Gougisha
Carmor'E Gougisha Prije 2 mjeseci
Keven ❤️💜🖤🧡💛🤍💚🤎💙💗💞💓💝💕💘💖❣️
Carmor'E Gougisha
Carmor'E Gougisha Prije 2 mjeseci
Carmor'E Gougisha
Carmor'E Gougisha Prije 2 mjeseci
Who else just. Started. Watching. This
Angieluvsdmb Prije 2 mjeseci
Great job 🥰🙏🏽💕🤩👏
Rose Arellanes
Rose Arellanes Prije 2 mjeseci
I watched Kevin Hart and Jerry Lewis he is not. If this was MDA’s idea of an upgrade as I have heard over Jerry in my opinion they failed mersibly!
Rose Arellanes
Rose Arellanes Prije 2 mjeseci
@Novelist Davis Da Wine Luva I helped with MDA for many years. I lost my first love to DMD at 15. Jerry knew how to be funny, loving, and compassionate all at once. Jerry was amazing💕💕
Novelist Davis Da Wine Luva
Novelist Davis Da Wine Luva Prije 2 mjeseci
Its 2020 and he is not Jerry he's Kevin so it will never be the same regardless to who host it. No one can do this the way Jerry did it and as a MDA KID myself there was and will always only be ONE Jerry Lewis! 💕
Wawasjohn Prije 2 mjeseci
He did alright. Ur too harsh, did his job. And was passionate
Joy Kiwanuka
Joy Kiwanuka Prije 2 mjeseci
Kevin is very good at hosting
Alysia W
Alysia W Prije 2 mjeseci
Exosfeer Prije 2 mjeseci
Love every aspect of this video and it's purpose. Thank you, Kevin Hart
plexid Prije 2 mjeseci
for those here for crypto it’s at- 1:01:34
lightgorm Prije 2 mjeseci
Manu John
Manu John Prije 2 mjeseci
Big Begging Bowl extended by Kevin. Give your money, people, so that your money can reach the people who really does not need it & those people can really spend it for what they don't want to have..............Hahahahahahahahahaha
Ilan Leibowitz
Ilan Leibowitz Prije 2 mjeseci
Great Show Man! But bring it back to LABOR DAY! An American tradition! live with performers after we have wiped out the coronavirus!!
Crozbozy Prije 2 mjeseci
It's not too late to buy bitcoin if you're still thinking about it. Even if you make a few thousand dollar investment now for fun in a few years it could be worth several times more
Sara Ankerson
Sara Ankerson Prije 2 mjeseci
@Crozbozy I didn't know this was an investment video. I don't know what MDA is. I thought it was just another kids presentation show that he was a host for. Didn't watch the video lol
Crozbozy Prije 2 mjeseci
@Sara Ankerson If you can't risk a few thousand you don't really have any business being on an investing video to be fair. You should first work on getting some savings
Sara Ankerson
Sara Ankerson Prije 2 mjeseci
A few thousand dollar investment... For fun.... 😂😂
The GOAT Prije 2 mjeseci
I thought it said “MDMA Kids Telethon”. Would’ve been a *very* different stream.
tinybrownin Prije 2 mjeseci
I know I struggled in the song to figure out what it was..... I was also wrong 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lost Flyer
Lost Flyer Prije 2 mjeseci
What an amazing way to use your platform to help others! Always respected the hustle 👌🏾
MegaMr46 Prije 2 mjeseci
I’m used to Kevin Hart not swearing because he was on Secret Life of Pets and Captain Underpants.
mohmaed abdalla
mohmaed abdalla Prije 2 mjeseci
You the best k H ❤️
امیر محمد مرادی مفرد
امیر محمد مرادی مفرد Prije 2 mjeseci
Alien Prije 2 mjeseci
Robin Thicke should quit music
Alayzha sweetlove
Alayzha sweetlove Prije 2 mjeseci
Come on Kevin Kevin Kevin
LISA MILLER Prije 2 mjeseci
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Mary Williams
Mary Williams Prije 2 mjeseci
That's right, bitcoin is not only a legitimate investment, but the BEST one since its inception in 2009. If you don't have any... get some now! You can start with $10, $50 or whatever, and buy weekly. Get on with the bitcoin revolution and freedom from central powers! (You can get it on cash-app, coinbase, gemini).
MainAccount Prije 2 mjeseci
Thank you son, for that great BITCOIN shout-out. Bitcoin is the people's decentralized platform of the future, an immutable worldwide-distributed platform that no central power or government can prohibit or mess with (other than make the fiat-crypto exchange more difficult). From instant, borderless, almost free tarnsfers (see Lightning Network app on top of Bitcoin), to store of value, unforgeable registers, contracts, voting. Be your own bank, opt-out of the current print-to-infinity pro-war government fiat debt-slave system. Bitcoin is Freedom for the masses.
Emily Arroyo
Emily Arroyo Prije 2 mjeseci
Emily Arroyo
Emily Arroyo Prije 2 mjeseci
planebat Prije 2 mjeseci
it's so weird saying Kavin with gray hair.
Aya Hashem
Aya Hashem Prije 2 mjeseci
Ayee man you made history. Forever a fan Kevin Hart!!
Aya Hashem
Aya Hashem Prije 2 mjeseci
@Manu John Makes sense 😂😂😂np
Manu John
Manu John Prije 2 mjeseci
@Aya Hashem If I didn't know then why would I ask you🤣🤣🤣🤣
Aya Hashem
Aya Hashem Prije 2 mjeseci
@Manu John You don’t even know
Manu John
Manu John Prije 2 mjeseci
@Aya Hashem Oooohh Really......then why ain't you giving your whole paychecks to it????
Emily Arroyo
Emily Arroyo Prije 2 mjeseci
Yaseen -BIV
Yaseen -BIV Prije 2 mjeseci
Love your videos Kevin
LOL Network
LOL Network Prije 3 mjeseci
We livestream this Saturday to bring you a night of fun and a night of giving. Click the "Set Reminder" button so you don't miss out. You can DONATE now to help!
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