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It's go time! 🎇 We're kicking off this season of Cold As Balls: Cold Calls with San Francisco 49er Richard Sherman. Sherm talks life during quarantine, the joys of being an NFL vet and asks the question we all want asked: who really runs the Hart household? #ColdAsBalls #RichardSherman #PoweredbyOldSpice


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LOL Network
LOL Network Prije 4 mjeseci
Who do you wish would cold call you if you could pick anyone, living or dead? Comment below!
kobe or juice wrld
Elite Zayyy
Elite Zayyy Prije 2 mjeseci
Rashard Stallworth
Rashard Stallworth Prije 3 mjeseci
Sada Baby
Rashard Stallworth
Rashard Stallworth Prije 3 mjeseci
Mac Dre
Rashard Stallworth
Rashard Stallworth Prije 3 mjeseci
Trumaine Johnson
Justice McCullough
Justice McCullough Prije 2 dana
It was funny when you curse I start busting out laughing
Gilchrist Atchaoue
Gilchrist Atchaoue Prije 15 dana
I gotta look back at the tape. Lollllll
TheVacinator Prije 18 dana
Please have Jimmy Butler on the show
mrscotton1ify Prije mjesec
Cliffton Tarver
Cliffton Tarver Prije 2 mjeseci
😂😂😂Kev gone start off callin him sherm
The Elusive Man
The Elusive Man Prije 2 mjeseci
I like the other one better.
Joe Onemanteam
Joe Onemanteam Prije 2 mjeseci
RUMAR GONZALEZ Prije 2 mjeseci
Ryan Silvas
Ryan Silvas Prije 2 mjeseci
Thank god for Darryl and Bam Bam. Had me dying come on 2021 I need funny comedy again. In person.
Fly solo 28
Fly solo 28 Prije 2 mjeseci
Richard Sherman is such a amazing role model.
John Dixon
John Dixon Prije 2 mjeseci
Low key that sword is dope 😂
Holy Trinity
Holy Trinity Prije 2 mjeseci
I feel like sherm would be good in a movie
Marlon Nonya
Marlon Nonya Prije 2 mjeseci
Bambam had me dying
skippy winkerbean
skippy winkerbean Prije 2 mjeseci
Is sherm wearing a seahawks hat? Hes a niner
mje19D Prije 2 mjeseci
Sherman is dense
C C gang
C C gang Prije 2 mjeseci
Good marquise Goodwin
Dont Tread
Dont Tread Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm a seahawks fan but I have nothing but respect for sherman and I wish him good luck for the many battles the 9ers and Seattle will put on.
Kingdonny G TV
Kingdonny G TV Prije 3 mjeseci
Ayyye ...................ight man 💀💀💀💀
jackie chan
jackie chan Prije 3 mjeseci
Panama jacks ahahahahahah who ever says Kevin is not funny is too serious.
Ronda Brumfield
Ronda Brumfield Prije 3 mjeseci
no guidance chris brown
Olivia Green
Olivia Green Prije 3 mjeseci
John Cena, Dave Bautista, Dave Chappelle, Jack Black, Roy Wood Jr, Ms Pat, Marshawn Lynch Bernie Mac, Tupac, Charlie Murphy, Chris Farley RIP🙏💪
D R Prije 3 mjeseci
Sam Andros
Sam Andros Prije 3 mjeseci
Kev we know you quit when you cheated on her while she was pregnant smh
Jredd Prije 3 mjeseci
8:30 this made me cry laughin😭😭
Carol Lee Pirro
Carol Lee Pirro Prije 3 mjeseci
You boys make me cry!😇
isaac wilson
isaac wilson Prije 3 mjeseci
when they hit their heads tho lol
21 wrenches
21 wrenches Prije 3 mjeseci
Sherman had to br wearing a seahawks hat in this vid lmao
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson Prije 3 mjeseci
Bam bam is great 😂😂
Krystal Banner
Krystal Banner Prije 3 mjeseci
Thrawn 23&21
Thrawn 23&21 Prije 3 mjeseci
Doesnt he mean kickin it off with a BOOM
Borie Seng
Borie Seng Prije 3 mjeseci
Sherm with the seahawks hat on low key lol
Robbie Danger
Robbie Danger Prije 3 mjeseci
I felt like I needed a shower from the start. The bottle placement was perfect lol.
Edward Robinson
Edward Robinson Prije 3 mjeseci
Bruh this joint was hilarious
D Man
D Man Prije 3 mjeseci
Panama Jack's, you don't have time to google that??? In QUARANTINE..... lol Funny episode 😂😂😂😂
TrevMan3 Prije 3 mjeseci
marvin bernardez
marvin bernardez Prije 3 mjeseci
"It's one of those situations that be everywhere but nowhere, and I ain't never there" that was cold lol
FREDDY CASTRO Prije 4 mjeseci
Niners!! We r Comin' . Niners are still hungry.
Big Stepper
Big Stepper Prije 4 mjeseci
😂😂😂 Kevin hart is crazy
S. Thomas
S. Thomas Prije 4 mjeseci
Sherman: What was my High school GPA? Kev: 78.6! Me: What...... 😂😂😂 !!
Shoot The Breeze
Shoot The Breeze Prije 4 mjeseci
I don’t get how some people say Kevin Hart isn’t funny. I just don’t get it
austronite mahalo
austronite mahalo Prije 4 mjeseci
13:04 Kev Processing words
Justhinkin Prije 4 mjeseci
Sherman complaining about your bro low offer with NE? He’s lucky to play in NFL after throwing the game, aka taking a dive in the Super Bowl, roll the tape brother... Ask the Vegas bettors that lost millions coz yer boy quit in the first quarter.... Dudes a loser .. P.S. Yer getting slow too ...
Justin Byrd
Justin Byrd Prije 4 mjeseci
The thing is with the whole contract part is, Cam didnt have to sign it.. he was a free agent. Its not like they were in talks for a new contract or an extension. Newton couldve easily said no..
Dathen Holley
Dathen Holley Prije 4 mjeseci
michel moleka
michel moleka Prije 4 mjeseci
The ending was hilarious
Kendravious Watkins
Kendravious Watkins Prije 4 mjeseci
Kevin shudlve asked him wah happened in da SuperBowl🤣🤣
DWAYNE HENDERSON Prije 4 mjeseci
King Nazio
King Nazio Prije 4 mjeseci
We need Steph curry next.
Jonah Marquis
Jonah Marquis Prije 4 mjeseci
His braids look like they're a part of his hat.
Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson Prije 4 mjeseci
Kendrick Bell
Kendrick Bell Prije 4 mjeseci
"The Panama Jack's".😆
Chapstick Cereal
Chapstick Cereal Prije 4 mjeseci
truthfully 2 of my favorite dudes.
Ed Zimmer
Ed Zimmer Prije 4 mjeseci
this interview started so baddd
Jhevahnni Graham- Jhevy
Jhevahnni Graham- Jhevy Prije 4 mjeseci
4:09 my what? 🤣🤣
Eduardo Tomlinson
Eduardo Tomlinson Prije 4 mjeseci
Curtez Carter
Curtez Carter Prije 4 mjeseci
but richard sherman sold the superbowl lowkey smh!!!
Meat Washington
Meat Washington Prije 4 mjeseci
when Sherm speaks.. I listen
michael davis
michael davis Prije 4 mjeseci
You gotta get your kids to ice bucket you when you get the answers wrong
Samuel Uzoma
Samuel Uzoma Prije 4 mjeseci
Standford you knowwwww😹😹😹😹😹
tsleel escappa
tsleel escappa Prije 4 mjeseci
Celebrities are the only ones still quarantining
UrTalkinTaurus #kai
UrTalkinTaurus #kai Prije 4 mjeseci
"Who loves Orange Soda?" 🤣
Russell Johnson
Russell Johnson Prije 4 mjeseci
Carl Lewis sugg knight 🤣🤣🤣
TheMamour113 Prije 4 mjeseci
"i'm under the desk" Kevin is too silly
k c
k c Prije 4 mjeseci
Didnt even have the plastic cap off the deoderant
Stephen Chiu
Stephen Chiu Prije 4 mjeseci
Anthony Miranda
Anthony Miranda Prije 4 mjeseci
🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦 Panama league lol
Lucey Reneé
Lucey Reneé Prije 4 mjeseci
My Cat knows how to open My Bedroom door🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Gorgeousbronze -Madison-
Gorgeousbronze -Madison- Prije 4 mjeseci
LOL "I had time"
Rafia Isabelle Nazneen
Rafia Isabelle Nazneen Prije 4 mjeseci
Richard and Kevin are showing something here. Something that has been seen since the beginning of time. Something to be against since the beginning of time. It is not each other we should hate, we should all follow that inner voice that tells you whats wrong and right. Fire doesn't fight fire, and that's really not hard for anyone to understand. Listen to the message and the point being made. Don't just hear what you want to hear.
ThxGod It'sOver
ThxGod It'sOver Prije 4 mjeseci
Black Kid Denied Entry To Restaurant Because Of "Dress Code" While A White Kid Wearing Same Type Of Clothing Was Allowed In! WORLD STAR! KID IN JORDAN ATTIRE HEAD TO TOE.
Edwards Prije 4 mjeseci
“Ima just wait for your away jersey” 😂😂😂
terran4927 Prije 4 mjeseci
Who’s on Madden right now trying to relocate to Panama and name their team the “Jacks”
Dewayne McDaniels
Dewayne McDaniels Prije 4 mjeseci
"Some guy named Jamal"! 😅
Mister Mister
Mister Mister Prije 4 mjeseci
Yo this was a funny dope episode as usual 😂 🤣
BB Prije 4 mjeseci
My dad. Happy Fathers Day. RIP. Salma Hayek. Bruce Lee. Abe Lincoln. Malcolm X. MLK. Halle Berry.
MyessYallyah Americus
MyessYallyah Americus Prije 4 mjeseci
all you are trying to do is get away with murder and thats not acceptable.
Avondale Legend
Avondale Legend Prije 4 mjeseci
Avondale Legend
Avondale Legend Prije 4 mjeseci
Rihanna Jennifer Lopez Halle Berry Nia Long Tyra Banks
Angelioforos Aletheia
Angelioforos Aletheia Prije 4 mjeseci
BlackFlagOfDeath Gamester
BlackFlagOfDeath Gamester Prije 4 mjeseci
I still can't believe Kevin did Dave Chapelle like that, his son man. His son. I'm trying to get over it, just not there yet.
Doug VanDyke
Doug VanDyke Prije 4 mjeseci
I bet you wont hit up OJ Simpson
Guy Nachio C
Guy Nachio C Prije 4 mjeseci
U where dope in the Panama league; I went to several games. We would like to have come back to Panama to be inducted in our hall of fame. 😉😁
P. SCRILLA Prije 4 mjeseci
peace n love to 1 of my favorit guyz sherm
Dana Williams
Dana Williams Prije 4 mjeseci
This started off 🤣🤣🤣🤣 and they dropped some real knowledge and mixed in more 🤣🤣🤣🤣.
Dustan Bonar
Dustan Bonar Prije 4 mjeseci
Yo, its ware you come from.... I'm white with no Dad...this white boy in last place. You should have, but I don't. You should be in this school, but I'm not. Talk to some one else! Been fighting since been fighting!!! HAVE A NICE DAY...
Ms Shelly
Ms Shelly Prije 4 mjeseci
Each one teach one sounds great for White people. Black People have been held back for generations. We should subscribe to each one teach three.
cam cam
cam cam Prije 4 mjeseci
Im sorry football is seahawks for me only ! Love you kevin h. Just not interted !
Thank You
Thank You Prije 4 mjeseci
I'm guessing yours is a 4.5... then look at Kevin's face😂😂😂🤣
Rocket Prije 4 mjeseci
Ashley Prije 4 mjeseci
Lmao I thought this was waka flocka flame
bill spoon sr
bill spoon sr Prije 4 mjeseci
b alt
b alt Prije 4 mjeseci
athletes dont get the credit they deserve when it comes to helping the youth
Kenyon Long
Kenyon Long Prije 4 mjeseci
There is no space in your house that you can hide from Kids.
TK Stillman
TK Stillman Prije 4 mjeseci
Lol so glad security is on here too! I lit up when I saw Bam Bam!!!!
RON B Prije 4 mjeseci
Jason Williams
Jason Williams Prije 4 mjeseci
Hey Kev wasn't any black producers available to be hired? Hmmmmmm This is what we're talking about right now! No excuses now brotha!
William Chilton
William Chilton Prije 4 mjeseci
Not going to lie, but I swore that 4.0 was the highest gpa
AveolarD Prije 4 mjeseci
grew his hair out? that's a man weave
Mel Bea
Mel Bea Prije 4 mjeseci
You can help me and my family from being homeless nexts month by helping with our security deposit 🤔🤔🤔🤔
LG3 Prije 4 mjeseci
Need to order me a K.Hart Panama Jack jersey ASAP. They flying off the shelves.
Nnamdi Nwaneri
Nnamdi Nwaneri Prije 4 mjeseci
Nice y’all. Long live Bam Bam and Daryl 😂😂
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