Reggie Bush Explains The Bush Push To Kevin Hart |Cold As Balls S4 | Laugh Out Loud Network

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#ReggieBush joins the ice tubs this episode of Cold as Balls and discusses collegiate athletes getting paid, giving back his Heisman, and why Kevin Hart would make the WORST quarterback. #ColdAsBallsS4

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LOL Network
LOL Network Prije 2 mjeseci
Tell us who would be your two fantasy picks for receiver if Kevin Hart was your QB in a game of pickup football?
Jonathan Prije 16 dana
Nate Robinson and Spud Webb :)
Vanghost Art
Vanghost Art Prije 20 dana
Kevin Hart Qb in the Nugget football League
samuel kim
samuel kim Prije mjesec
no YELLOW hand?
Destruction 2 America
Destruction 2 America Prije mjesec
Donald driver and dennis rodman
Young Reggie
Young Reggie Prije mjesec
Emmanuel Tamui
Emmanuel Tamui Prije 3 dana
bring steph curry on cold as balls mr. comedic rockstar
Wavy Chunkz
Wavy Chunkz Prije 4 dana
Get Deestroying on here
margot oscorima
margot oscorima Prije 4 dana
Outside the Wire
Trevor Rodgers
Trevor Rodgers Prije 7 dana
That’s Kevin hart clone
Leslia12 Ownersa21
Leslia12 Ownersa21 Prije 9 dana
The cautious shingle architecturally belong because breakfast energetically weigh at a dashing gear. debonair, big romania
Allday Ski
Allday Ski Prije 10 dana
nba24 nba24
nba24 nba24 Prije 13 dana
Moss and Steve Smith
arnhay Prije 16 dana
Real talk, Black men don’t like to be touched like that.
steelnation Prije 4 dana
So what about 12:54 is that ok?
Travis Andrews
Travis Andrews Prije 17 dana
I hate reggie bush because hes usc football team beat the university of Illinois
daddy walker
daddy walker Prije 17 dana
People is crazy Kevin Hart is funny he makes bam bam and Darryl funnier they play well off each other Kevin Hart haters are funny haha
Brian Barg
Brian Barg Prije 20 dana
Reggie Bush is such a good dude. He is incredibly level-headed.
Vanghost Art
Vanghost Art Prije 20 dana
Kev like the dollar store version of Reg
Joe Marshall
Joe Marshall Prije 23 dana
Sandy Moua
Sandy Moua Prije 23 dana
I always think Kevin hart is done making me laugh , I’ll stop thinking that !
House Of Ex
House Of Ex Prije 24 dana
Genuinely don’t get how bam bam and Daryl don’t laugh 😂😂😂
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo Prije 25 dana
Has Kevin hart ever been taller than anyone on this s how?
Dorsey Sells Cars
Dorsey Sells Cars Prije 26 dana
Wayne Brady got hair and swole !!!
Molly Young
Molly Young Prije 27 dana
The premium search daily scratch because glockenspiel structurally connect plus a daily sign. tasteful, next kevin
Julio Guillen
Julio Guillen Prije 27 dana
“How can you sweat in a cold tub” hahahaha got em!
Eugene Perkins
Eugene Perkins Prije mjesec
“Put together aintcha?” 😂😂😅
Decoya Slaughter
Decoya Slaughter Prije mjesec
Get ochocino (Don’t know if I spelled those right) or Terrell Owens.
Trending Machic
Trending Machic Prije mjesec
can yall get skip bayless so you can cap on him?
Jomel Joiner
Jomel Joiner Prije mjesec
Bam Bam Funny Asl But Give My Man Reg His Heis Back
EFTJacob Prije mjesec
ClutchUp Sports
ClutchUp Sports Prije mjesec
2:55 I'm dying
Elvis Hilario
Elvis Hilario Prije mjesec
Put together ain’t cha 😭😭😭
1 Marrc
1 Marrc Prije mjesec
Darell has me crying 😂😂😂
kymberly francis
kymberly francis Prije mjesec
Heisman trophy winner..Reggie is the big reason why NCAA about to start paying athletes
Larry Leos
Larry Leos Prije mjesec
I didn’t know Sean Payton was a savage
Aaron Sebbag
Aaron Sebbag Prije mjesec
Anybody else mesmerized by Reggie Bush’s arms
lakon harrison
lakon harrison Prije mjesec
Your man got the 1993 Dominican fade, cmon Kevin you got to do better
Nicolas Giraldo Montoya
Nicolas Giraldo Montoya Prije mjesec
10:39 dude is trying so hard not to laugh XDDDDD
Asia Jeffries
Asia Jeffries Prije mjesec
All imma say is Kim ... I understand now sis ..
Sharule Ricks
Sharule Ricks Prije mjesec
Lmao Bam is white with ashy elbows.
Bryce McElhaney
Bryce McElhaney Prije mjesec
Daryl almost laughed this time 😂
K Schlg
K Schlg Prije mjesec
Touchdown mother fuckers lol
JitterJam Prije mjesec
Stupid Of rdr
Stupid Of rdr Prije mjesec
1000 comment
Charles Trey
Charles Trey Prije mjesec
Kev the truth man this gloden
Khi Baby
Khi Baby Prije mjesec
Get tyreek hill on the show
Southside Royal
Southside Royal Prije mjesec
Hike sike
Southside Royal
Southside Royal Prije mjesec
Yep ... I need to work out lol
bob loblaw
bob loblaw Prije mjesec
i see reggie bush is STILl hitting them steroids pretty hard. lol at "genetics". he's not "put together"; he's molded by science.
Rose 117
Rose 117 Prije mjesec
Bams elbows ashy as hell
rashadd26 Prije mjesec
Too bad Reggie isn't an actor b/c he could be The Black Panther. Rip Chadwick Boseman
Sawyer Smith
Sawyer Smith Prije mjesec
Please get Logan Paul on here before the may weather fight! Something we need to see
Tofi Prije mjesec
Tofi Prije mjesec
Giant Joints
Giant Joints Prije mjesec
Why have a show in cold tubs if kev never gets in the tub
Martijn Borst
Martijn Borst Prije mjesec
Did you know it's actually warm water with fake ice cubes?
NonStop Hustla
NonStop Hustla Prije mjesec
When yall gonna get Charles Barkley on here?
Sedrick Holmes
Sedrick Holmes Prije mjesec
Kevin Hall
Kevin Hall Prije mjesec
Some episodes get cringy but the end n sike hike was funny
A Prije mjesec
Lisa Sewell
Lisa Sewell Prije mjesec
Who Dat 💛🖤
J.R. Elgran
J.R. Elgran Prije mjesec
He should get it back that award was earned. Not, like he used roids or something.
Muzy Ntini
Muzy Ntini Prije mjesec
Lol..its funny every episode how Kevin doesn't really go deep in that cold water
Jose Julio
Jose Julio Prije mjesec
They gotta do one w the rock
AllThingsCFB Prije mjesec
I want to buy some Old Spice now.
Jogador15 Prije mjesec
Steffan Walter
Steffan Walter Prije mjesec
King Naaz
King Naaz Prije mjesec
My first time watching cold as balls
I am_Shakesha_Sharee
I am_Shakesha_Sharee Prije mjesec
Stay Woke103
Stay Woke103 Prije mjesec
Darrell tryn hard asf nt too laugh 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nick Hruza
Nick Hruza Prije mjesec
Boom, its hairy!
xFallen_Angelx XXX
xFallen_Angelx XXX Prije mjesec
Get beetle juice on. He’s a boxer
llpressstartll Prije mjesec
Dex R
Dex R Prije mjesec
Man I’m crying...bush push haaaa
Ryan Fitzgerald
Ryan Fitzgerald Prije mjesec
He call them 'Evan flows"?!? 😂😂
Jen Prije mjesec
“Alfred” 😂
A King's Kid
A King's Kid Prije mjesec
Yong BoGee aka Yung Pac aka YP
Yong BoGee aka Yung Pac aka YP Prije mjesec
🤣🤣🤣skskssssawwhaahaaa🤣🤣🤣 weak at the ending
ISAIAH SMITH Prije mjesec
Bam bam is becoming a living legend
Peter Soto
Peter Soto Prije mjesec
This one was hilarious
Ryan Ross
Ryan Ross Prije mjesec
Bush was a nightmare
Norditha Hippolyte
Norditha Hippolyte Prije mjesec
Lol...the game though...i cant with kevin sometimes
Hakim Prije mjesec
They both got no sideburns
Vitaminelius S Eulat
Vitaminelius S Eulat Prije mjesec
is kevin floating
Vitaminelius S Eulat
Vitaminelius S Eulat Prije mjesec
seems like a great guy, nice body too no homo
Adonna Rowe
Adonna Rowe Prije mjesec
Busting Yewls
Busting Yewls Prije mjesec
Put together ain’t ya 😂
Skies No Limit
Skies No Limit Prije mjesec
Yea they needed guys there to catch and throw a ball lol hey ppl Katrina happened and Reggie was sent to New Orleans not for humanitarian service to support community rebuilding. Nope he was there for millions , bagging a kardashian and scoring td’s. Poor Reggie lol
Sweet Tart Tartin ass
Sweet Tart Tartin ass Prije mjesec
He lost his trophy?
the.memphis massage.therapist
the.memphis massage.therapist Prije mjesec
“EXOTIC DANCING!” “ what!? “i don’t know...” LMFAOOO BRUH!!!!!! this dude is hilarious 😫🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Soul Food Chef
The Soul Food Chef Prije mjesec
Reggie Bush was cold in college.
Jessica Hernandez
Jessica Hernandez Prije mjesec
I remember when I was in middle school back in 2005-2006 era and I was taken aback when I saw Reggie Bush highlights. He was the best running back to me when I was a youngin.
Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones Prije mjesec
Reggie had some good years with miami dolphins
Michael Carr
Michael Carr Prije mjesec
To bad you can’t get Michael Jordan
Michael Tuzzolo
Michael Tuzzolo Prije mjesec
“I’m licking the fence”
sav law
sav law Prije mjesec
Football season and Kevin hart both are short..
Julien Stepetin
Julien Stepetin Prije mjesec
This man Reggie look like he’s juicing
Stephen Knight
Stephen Knight Prije mjesec
erik puka
erik puka Prije mjesec
Reggie would feast in the Alvin Kamara role playing alongside Brees in todays NFL
erik puka
erik puka Prije mjesec
Reggie has been looking 17 years old for about 20 years now
Hollywood Boogie
Hollywood Boogie Prije mjesec
"Ima pop you good" 😂😂😂😂😂 Hilarious man
Nicholas Gorewich
Nicholas Gorewich Prije mjesec
How you not gonna bring up when the eagles laid Bush out?!
DeepspaceAlien Prije mjesec
DeepspaceAlien Prije mjesec
DeepspaceAlien Prije mjesec