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Kevin Hart and the Plastic Cup Boyz talk all things you need to know and sometimes things you don't want to know! All this and more on this live edition of #StraightFromTheHart.
To watch the rest of the episode go to #SiriusXM Channel 96. #SFTH airs every Tuesday and Thursday on Sirius Radio.

dominion arts
dominion arts Prije 15 dana
Harry don’t get it. When one side of you says something, it does not mean the whole of you doesn’t understand. Nah doesn’t understand that mixed people have issues with “sides”. Kevin is slow af.
mitsumeeshi Prije 28 dana
Major props to Harry and Spank on the “white side” conversation. They both spoke up for a lot of us who feel the same and have been told we’re not black enough when we embrace our blackness and have gone through similar experiences as the guy who wrote the email.
Hollywood NM
Hollywood NM Prije mjesec
Just make they own HRpost’s and upload em there
Blessed Da boss
Blessed Da boss Prije 2 mjeseci
It was a joke in the beginning so bringin it to a serious point I get but it was misunderstood because it was all a joke from the beginning. Jokes go towards everyone it was just a joke. The point is to take the serious out of it to laugh
Blue9 MultiMedia Group
Blue9 MultiMedia Group Prije 2 mjeseci
Is it me or does Na'im look like a light-skinned Michael Blackson? 😆
Rachel Lay
Rachel Lay Prije 2 mjeseci
Good talk boys! 👍
Love You
Love You Prije 2 mjeseci
Grande Richard
Grande Richard Prije 3 mjeseci
We out here getting prepped, tenderized, seasoned, battered and ready to be thrown in the Fire 🔥 $@ Others can eat, grow, survive and live off of our nutrients while they retain the fresher/lighter meats 4 Later in the freezer, Frigidaire and cooler to finish later when they’re really “$+@rvin” & not just thirsty or hungry.... It’s not just AmeriKKKa! It’s more missing ppl. every day than those who die. We bury da dead 💀, where r all da “Missing persons?” 😇😎💯
Phillip Dlamini
Phillip Dlamini Prije 3 mjeseci
Didn't get hit the boring button when they was talking about Brady and Joe Montana
Kwesi Stone
Kwesi Stone Prije 3 mjeseci
Okay, Okay Y'all Politickin' a little bit over here. Respect!
Rosera Lee Calder
Rosera Lee Calder Prije 3 mjeseci
Kevin: Huge stand-up comedy fan. Been watching you from early on. Pretty sure I've seen every stand-up routine ever. It's a coping strategy for me. Keeps me happy. You and yours bring more joy than you can ever know. Love your ability to tell a good story. Always loved the story tellers most. Just found this new comedienne who is REALLY good. I'm afraid for her. She's going to be huge. Check her out. Maybe give her some practical advice to help her avoid the dangers of Hollywood. Her name is Liz Miele. I promise you will like her. Shes a diamond in the rough.
Isis F
Isis F Prije 3 mjeseci
I still sing Harry’s “Naim has a dream Naim has a dream🎶”
Ray Campbell
Ray Campbell Prije 3 mjeseci
harry stupid
NXSA Prije 3 mjeseci
A lot of reaching going on in the biracial discussion
Kruise Kontrol
Kruise Kontrol Prije 4 mjeseci
H1n1 Ezekiel virus Ebola outbreak all pandemics Obama handled them better than orange
Young Alias aka Bang Bang noel Oguntokun
Young Alias aka Bang Bang noel Oguntokun Prije 4 mjeseci
No wonder these niggaz happy with you since you giving them money and phalacio
fatgirl fedup
fatgirl fedup Prije 4 mjeseci
Everytime I see spank I think of george flloyd
Jeffrey Parmer
Jeffrey Parmer Prije 4 mjeseci
Harry funny as hell! That’s my guy! 😂😂😂
d'angelo corn
d'angelo corn Prije 4 mjeseci
Well I guess we know the truth 😂😂😂
Katero L
Katero L Prije 4 mjeseci
Harry is my guy he be killin me 🤣🤣
Uma U6
Uma U6 Prije 4 mjeseci
4.69 m subs
Karla M
Karla M Prije 4 mjeseci
That was not True To The Game by Teri Woods!!
Truth_seeker Prije 4 mjeseci
30min, hell yeah
Life In Frame
Life In Frame Prije 4 mjeseci
Love your work Mr. Heart. If I send you your poster of Wicket in Star Wars would you sign it for me? Write: "I'm the mightiest Ewoke on Endor! Yub Yub, sincerely Kevin. Oh please don't get any mini bike smoke smell on it. I don't want to ruin the value on the poster. Keep up the good work.
Bethany Patrick
Bethany Patrick Prije 4 mjeseci
Yeah Phoenix opened up over a month ago and our COVID cases are skyrocketing. No one wears masks here.
Ellie McKinzie
Ellie McKinzie Prije 4 mjeseci
I love Kevin Hart he is amazing and he is the most hilarious guy in the world on every single movie that he has been in and I really want to meet him but during this while virus thing going on I won’t get the chance to meet you but me and my best friend Destiny Self love what you do in your movies it’s amazing and we would love to meet you someday hope you have a great day Kevin Hart and I hope your safe during this time but I’ll see you in your next video catch ya later
Harry Prosper
Harry Prosper Prije 4 mjeseci
Harry looking like Mr Miyagi...wax on wax off
Simone Chapman
Simone Chapman Prije 4 mjeseci
Did you get your haircut Kevin? Looks good
Noah Soltis
Noah Soltis Prije 4 mjeseci
Yo Kevin heard bout your turn down from game on his lambo thought you might tryn an check Gucci to see if you can't get him to come down on a deal with that rarri
Christ Chick Conversations
Christ Chick Conversations Prije 4 mjeseci
Lol spank face expression @14:33 yes indeed I agree.
Letasha Turnbow
Letasha Turnbow Prije 4 mjeseci
Jermaine Mccraven
Jermaine Mccraven Prije 4 mjeseci
Naeem: Kev What Have You Failed At In The Past 5 Years Harry: 35 & Tickin 😭🤣😭🤣😭😭😭😭 only true Kevin hart fans know how bad that movie is 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Taquan Coleman
Taquan Coleman Prije 2 mjeseci
I actually liked 35 and ticking.
Jwda thefax
Jwda thefax Prije 3 mjeseci
I didn’t think it was bad. Wasn’t mind blowing or anything but it wasn’t bad.
LaMeka LaShaun
LaMeka LaShaun Prije 4 mjeseci
Loved that movie
WHO YOU Prije 4 mjeseci
Naim joke and what Harry said not the same at all I tell my family members all the time that's their white side does that mean they dont get the same treatment no it doesn't
Flamingo Barnes
Flamingo Barnes Prije 4 mjeseci
Get rid of Wayne he’s dead weight super negative 👎🏿
Human care Human
Human care Human Prije 4 mjeseci
I love love Kevin I’m from Africa/Ethiopia/ enjoy you guys
iveywebb Prije 4 mjeseci
Completely agree with Na'im.
Flex 5011
Flex 5011 Prije 4 mjeseci
Harry you dumb asf 🤦🏾‍♂️ his comment never implied any of what your saying
Anntoinett Johnson
Anntoinett Johnson Prije 4 mjeseci
Love you guys
Trend Prije 4 mjeseci
Lolll naim dont mess w kev at all
Mike Lawry
Mike Lawry Prije 4 mjeseci
Finally getting longer videos 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 I'm not paying for sirus for one station
Lauren B
Lauren B Prije 4 mjeseci
I just signed up and got four months free and 4.99/month after that! For a two hour show it's worth it!!
joshv6135 Prije 4 mjeseci
I love Kevin hart I wish I could meet him and Dwayne
cubaxx5 Prije 4 mjeseci
I agree with Harry. I get the joke but on a serious note Naim wrong.
Ra Ward
Ra Ward Prije 2 mjeseci
I don't think Harry & the mixed guy understood what Naim was saying. They were making it out to be something else. He was saying something completely different than what Harry & the mix guy were making it out to be. It wasn't about him being mixed and not understanding ... it was about 'Not Understanding' why people were protesting & rioting. So the joke was... oh your white side must not understand why, because black people & minorities, including mixed people and white people with good hearts and are aware.. do understand why.!!
Adrian Nieves
Adrian Nieves Prije 4 mjeseci
That was dope to hear tribe at the beginning yo👍🏾👍🏾✊🏾✊🏾 Scenario
Marissa Cummings
Marissa Cummings Prije 4 mjeseci
Y'all betta not piss Harry off no more!
Daniel Washington
Daniel Washington Prije 4 mjeseci
Wayne is just so dark on the show, he's always negative and never apart of the joy that keep smiles on the listeners face.
Taquan Coleman
Taquan Coleman Prije 2 mjeseci
@Zamad Allah Yeah, Wayne is the only one who was never a comedian. He used to do security for Kevin then he just started working on Kevin's branding.
Zamad Allah
Zamad Allah Prije 3 mjeseci
I think its something behind the scene, they all know why he acting like that but they ignore. I always think Wayne the only 1 who's not a comedian
Flamingo Barnes
Flamingo Barnes Prije 4 mjeseci
Facts! I’ve been saying this for awhile he’s a dark cloud
Beauty Folse'
Beauty Folse' Prije 4 mjeseci
Yo Harry at the top of the show🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
VCres1000 Prije 4 mjeseci
Why Harry come straight mad as hell tho lmaoooo
Wave Bounce
Wave Bounce Prije 4 mjeseci
Where's Kevin? To small to see maybe..i blinked and i missed it
Karem Flowers
Karem Flowers Prije 4 mjeseci
Damn wayne 😂😂😂
Flamingo Barnes
Flamingo Barnes Prije 4 mjeseci
He’s jealous of Kevin
Adarsh Ajai
Adarsh Ajai Prije 4 mjeseci
I'm pro riots and the destruction but why would anyone categorize the anti-looting stand point as white ? So black people can't have that opinion?
Mark Urban
Mark Urban Prije 4 mjeseci
Come on out to Dallas we got you
Guapzilla Dinero
Guapzilla Dinero Prije 4 mjeseci
Not even in the Same Hemisphere Naiam is Right. 1 has Nothing to Do with The Other..
Shaady Blaze
Shaady Blaze Prije 4 mjeseci
More my g put out the old ones
swoleable Prije 4 mjeseci
Harry geekin
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley Prije 4 mjeseci
Jimmy’s Garage
Jimmy’s Garage Prije 4 mjeseci
Always a great time listening to you guys!
Minecraft Draw
Minecraft Draw Prije 4 mjeseci
House they’re only six comments
GG Tube
GG Tube Prije 4 mjeseci
I really enjoy your content A6mR
whitney denise
whitney denise Prije 4 mjeseci
thanks for giving us more time. aye harry is so funny lol ! he won't let that funky dog hair b" die down lol ! it's still so funny omg!
Chanci Moore
Chanci Moore Prije 4 mjeseci
Drunk Harry needs his own show!!!
a100percentReal Prije 4 mjeseci
Yea that's my dude
Barbara Ford
Barbara Ford Prije 4 mjeseci
Kev looks like Roscoe from Martin with that hat tilted to the side...
Diet Fishy
Diet Fishy Prije 4 mjeseci
Keep it up big kev
vinayak dinesh
vinayak dinesh Prije 4 mjeseci
Big fan , love u kev😘
alicia burney
alicia burney Prije 4 mjeseci
Jahmarion wise
Jahmarion wise Prije 4 mjeseci
wow this is cool
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