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#KevinHart has picked a new protege for #ColdAsBalls host and it's none other than (🥁drumroll please)......Bam Bam. Kevin gives his best tips on interviewing and it all comes down to how fresh you look and smell. #OldSpice Moisture Body Wash is here because Men Have Skin Too. (So watch your bottle from being stolen by the opposite sex). #PoweredByOldSpice #ColdCalls #MenHaveSkinToo


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Laugh Out Loud is a comedy brand and multi-platform network founded by the world’s top comedian Kevin Hart. Through his network, Hart delivers his vision for the future of comedy: social, mobile, multicultural and seriously funny. From stand-up legends to globally-recognized digital influencers, Hart and LOL curate comedy’s boldest voices to produce original scripted and unscripted series, stand-up specials, live broadcasts and special events. Hart brings the groundbreaking social-first strategy that earned him 100 million+ followers to Laugh Out Loud, with one core mission: keep the world laughing. Dope Comedy. Delivered Daily. Always On. Always Loud. Directly from Kevin Hart and his hand-picked crew of comedic rockstars.

LOL Network
LOL Network Prije 4 mjeseci
Would you watch Cold as Balls if Bam Bam hosted instead of Kevin Hart?
Danielsen Montilla
Danielsen Montilla Prije 3 mjeseci
Yes , but together they make a good team.
Manan Prije 3 mjeseci
Kevin hart , you're the best , no one can take your place. Massive respect , cause what you do is not easy 👍🇺🇸😃
Anxiety_Astro Prije 4 mjeseci
@Kim Dillon no it wouldn't but it would be funny
L C Prije 4 mjeseci
Kim Dillon
Kim Dillon Prije 4 mjeseci
LOL Network hell yes. It would be way funnier
Christopher Telesford
Christopher Telesford Prije 2 mjeseci
I’m buying me some old spice today!!!
Yung JJ
Yung JJ Prije 3 mjeseci
Cornelius Johnson
Cornelius Johnson Prije 4 mjeseci
It's on right now!
A S Prije 4 mjeseci
Dammnn BamBam always cracks me up and he's not even talking! Thats talent right there, plus he looks like a real life Peter Griffin with a beard!😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Deester Reachnitz
Deester Reachnitz Prije 4 mjeseci
With junior a new hero... Idk if I should go Dave bit IF WE MEET.... Gotta car gig thou soOoooooooo.....!!
Deester Reachnitz
Deester Reachnitz Prije 4 mjeseci
Deester Reachnitz
Deester Reachnitz Prije 4 mjeseci
It's so QgOoooooood nonono no no no no no no No EhhitSOo gooooooooooooooood
Deester Reachnitz
Deester Reachnitz Prije 4 mjeseci
Lucky day?
Deester Reachnitz
Deester Reachnitz Prije 4 mjeseci
123?? Ready?...... STUPID STUPID STUPID
Deester Reachnitz
Deester Reachnitz Prije 4 mjeseci
O I SEE!! So erry body hMmmmIghT know about HhhmEEE HUH OG....EEEEEYYYEEeeeeeeeeaaahhhhhh SmH smh
L C Prije 4 mjeseci
😂😂😂. Thank you for laugh Bam Bam is funny
light ride
light ride Prije 4 mjeseci
Sometimes brand placements pick their celebrities right. Such a good fit for the brand, Kevin!
terry a
terry a Prije 4 mjeseci
I wanna know what his uncle got to say about it...Say it wit yo chest! Miss the ol kev hart before all the apologies. But he makin it though. Good for him. Even flava flav said...they gotta pay me though!
Kim Dillon
Kim Dillon Prije 4 mjeseci
Love Bam Bam.
Christine Mae Estocado
Christine Mae Estocado Prije 4 mjeseci
Hey man shout out to you and to all of your family, respect respect!!! I just finished irresponsible and dont fuck up in Netflix!!!! Had put me sane from all this corona Honestly, the level of energy you bring up on stage, the way you deliver and the happiness just makes my next choice difficult to match you up!!!! You are amazing , dont forget to sleep and shower Boss is my type of guy, hook me up with him if his single,,,, never stated in your docu! So i didnt get to know With love her in PH!!!! Not philidelphia but philippines 😁
Christine Mae Estocado
Christine Mae Estocado Prije 4 mjeseci
I hope boss notice my post hahaha😂😂😂
Christine Mae Estocado
Christine Mae Estocado Prije 4 mjeseci
Please notice my post 😁😁😁😁
Shalon Rivers
Shalon Rivers Prije 4 mjeseci
He makes me laugh, Kevin is hilarious 😂 and I need to hear to Bam Bam’s voice. In my head he has a down south country tone like kelly clarkson 😊
Sherry Lynne
Sherry Lynne Prije 4 mjeseci
I literally can never expect what I'll see on this channel! I love it. =D
Robert Gonzalez
Robert Gonzalez Prije 4 mjeseci
Bam bam the best keep him
Adrian Nieves
Adrian Nieves Prije 4 mjeseci
That was funny and awesome 😆👍🏾👍🏾
K Parker
K Parker Prije 4 mjeseci
SUPER random question. Some dude has Drake- All Me 3:22 in his dating profile.. What does that even mean?
Charle Normon
Charle Normon Prije 4 mjeseci
that was good
karan singh
karan singh Prije 4 mjeseci
Jerry Smith
Jerry Smith Prije 4 mjeseci
Lol u and bam bam funny as hell together
Lydia Ghansah
Lydia Ghansah Prije 4 mjeseci
I just love you Kevin Hart, keep on putting smiles on our faces. God bless you more.
Tshiamiso Ukwuagu
Tshiamiso Ukwuagu Prije 4 mjeseci
I thought Bam Bam was gonna speak his first words 😂😂
Jourdan X
Jourdan X Prije 4 mjeseci
Why are these non funny people on here
Rafael Silva
Rafael Silva Prije 4 mjeseci I Love brasilian❤🙏
J H Prije 4 mjeseci
Effing Ad
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley Prije 4 mjeseci
Sweet Laugh
Sweet Laugh Prije 4 mjeseci
Man I can't put into words how much I love Kevin Hart
GG Tube
GG Tube Prije 4 mjeseci
we should be youtube buddies gG1W
nbbim2012 Prije 4 mjeseci
Is EVERYONE SLEEPING on the fact that Bam Bam has its forearms covered in fake tan??? Always knew Bam Bam was more than a hottie with a body #smarttoo !!!!!
Sun Shine
Sun Shine Prije 4 mjeseci
True Black Knight
True Black Knight Prije 4 mjeseci
Mir Ali
Mir Ali Prije 4 mjeseci
Only here for Bam Bam
Matthew M
Matthew M Prije 4 mjeseci
Kev offers so much more than someone like bill burr what a legend
Dj Neumatic
Dj Neumatic Prije 4 mjeseci
RS. HHO Prije 4 mjeseci
LOL :D Poland loves you
Tawanda Smith
Tawanda Smith Prije 4 mjeseci
Old Spice with shea butter...
King Eric
King Eric Prije 4 mjeseci
Hey Kevin... big fan man... hey, will you please tell everyone that when Dennis Rodman was on Cold As Balls, that he had been dead for a minimum of 2 weeks.
KenyelxoTV Prije 4 mjeseci
Bam Bam could be a bouncer or a professional hunter. Either way, I want to meet him!!
Kim Dillon
Kim Dillon Prije 4 mjeseci
KenyelxoTV I have. He is HILARIOUS
TK Stillman
TK Stillman Prije 4 mjeseci
MCSkyDaddy Prije 4 mjeseci
Who liked before watching this?👍🤭👍
king naloz
king naloz Prije 4 mjeseci
Bri Prije 4 mjeseci
Kevin: Bam Bam us don’t have running water Bam Bam: ..........
Altagracia Tavarez
Altagracia Tavarez Prije 4 mjeseci
That my favorite man smell 😊chip tho jajaja
Genevieve Capuano
Genevieve Capuano Prije 4 mjeseci
Lol no he didn't
DUNCAN KAMAU Prije 4 mjeseci
wooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh last time i was this early i wasnt born iknow it doesnt make sense to me either
Jenean McCluney
Jenean McCluney Prije 4 mjeseci
Kevin is crazy I love him and Congratulations Bam' Bam ask for a raise so you can get running water...
Altagracia Tavarez
Altagracia Tavarez Prije 4 mjeseci
Te amo Kevin 😍🥰
Tatum-Toni McIntyre
Tatum-Toni McIntyre Prije 4 mjeseci
You are the best don’t ever change
Saptak Maitra
Saptak Maitra Prije 4 mjeseci
You are amazing🙏 You are my idol...And forever will be. I always look up to you man! I really hope to meet up with you some time... It's a dream of mine. Living Legend -- Kevin Hart
FRANTZLEY BALAN Prije 4 mjeseci
Where white hand at ?
Rana Abuhurera
Rana Abuhurera Prije 4 mjeseci
I love kavin
Jo Brook
Jo Brook Prije 4 mjeseci
we have skins too, you know?
Erick Phom
Erick Phom Prije 4 mjeseci
He what with Michael twice? Swam?
Rana Abuhurera
Rana Abuhurera Prije 4 mjeseci
Big love Big respect
Day P
Day P Prije 4 mjeseci
I love Kevin Hart and Bam Bam is a great addition to this network👏👏👏👏👏
Eriqa Moore
Eriqa Moore Prije 4 mjeseci
tip number two is elite.
Alaisha Cousette
Alaisha Cousette Prije 4 mjeseci
emery hicks
emery hicks Prije 4 mjeseci
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