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NBA Celebrity MVP Kevin Hart and the Plastic Cup Boyz talk about Kyrie Irving's comments about not continuing the season due to it being a distraction. We also find out Harry has been a little sneaky with his hosting abilities. All this and more on the newest episode of Straight from the Hart on SiriusXM.

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Black Governor
Black Governor Prije 6 mjeseci
the Nets are in the playoffs big softy
Black Governor
Black Governor Prije 6 mjeseci
They all coming down there with the virus now 🤷🏾‍♂️
Life of a Dj
Life of a Dj Prije 6 mjeseci
So many different streams of income for kevin hart 🤯
Miles Meadows
Miles Meadows Prije 6 mjeseci
Yal need to cut your levels up on the mics. Sound like Yal having a secret meeting
Desnes7 Prije 6 mjeseci
Yes, the season is over. We don't need it this year, damn.
lxrdPedrx悪魔 Prije 6 mjeseci
Happy birthday Kevin Hart!
John r
John r Prije 6 mjeseci
Happy Birthday Kevin!!
Niccolo Calarco
Niccolo Calarco Prije 6 mjeseci
Plan on getting on the course, Royal St. Cloud tomorrow. Sharing my thoughts. (Golfing Gods be with me tomorrow) Kev hit me up bro, 6897776369
Jorell Butler
Jorell Butler Prije 6 mjeseci
NBA should resume the season where they left off in March of 2021
Yun Paidway
Yun Paidway Prije 6 mjeseci
Kyrie never said that we need to start our own league, the media is lying. Don’t believe everything you hear
Bridge Bounty
Bridge Bounty Prije 6 mjeseci
PREACH SPANK‼️‼️‼️‼️. 🖕🏾 🏀 🏈 🎾 🏒 ⚾️ ⚽️. clear distraction‼️
cpressley57 Prije 6 mjeseci
Gotta say I agree with Spank. It's a distraction. Nothing they do on the court can compare to them sitting out and contributing off the court
p m
p m Prije 6 mjeseci
I mean I miss sports a lot, but do I it's worth players putting their health on the line? No because they are human beings just like us and I wouldn't want anyone or any players of any sport to contract the virus. As whole we gotta really come together and help one another. As the pandemic cases go up its clear we aren't ready health wise for things to go back to normal
jermaine Riddle
jermaine Riddle Prije 6 mjeseci
Too much going on can’t risk it
jermaine Riddle
jermaine Riddle Prije 6 mjeseci
Not feeling it unless it’s robots
Sal M
Sal M Prije 6 mjeseci
The way the room is setup is kinda awkward
Eddy Deathwishe
Eddy Deathwishe Prije 6 mjeseci
and bleeping curses
Voodoo Child
Voodoo Child Prije 6 mjeseci
bruh how are there no white guys in this podcast, smh
Prince Miles
Prince Miles Prije 6 mjeseci
Hey bud , you obviously wanted some attention so ya doing ok? hope the fam is great , heard they’re out of paper towels at the store down the street what a bummer . Other than that glad everything’s going smoothly lovely chatting with you now you take care ya hear, alright god bless.
Ju Jack
Ju Jack Prije 6 mjeseci
Why dose it even matter so much, we rely so much on other people’s making us feel good that majority of us are so far outside of ourselves. But this is America smh
Sue Chun
Sue Chun Prije 6 mjeseci
Thank God for President Trump he works for Americas greatness even when he faces fowl comments that are straight up lies.
Tracy B
Tracy B Prije 6 mjeseci
Off the Bench TV
Off the Bench TV Prije 6 mjeseci
Not trying to take attention away but Kevin still has that overall 60 2k shirt on.
Davida Hand Craft Soap
Davida Hand Craft Soap Prije 6 mjeseci
MrBuliths Prije 6 mjeseci
aaaaaaaaa black blessings. lol
mario rojas
mario rojas Prije 6 mjeseci
“Is the nets even in the playoffs... “ lol what a way to end
Whitney Denise
Whitney Denise Prije 6 mjeseci
Back in the studio!!! 🙏🏾🙌🏾
Willie Murphy
Willie Murphy Prije 6 mjeseci
Why did y'all cut the video ? Come on now !
BENCHINO B Prije 6 mjeseci
Talking way too low
Mindydezereaoates Prije 6 mjeseci
Lol... Harry doing the "Baby Hands" when he had to read! Lol
Ander Martinez
Ander Martinez Prije 6 mjeseci
You say there are no sports or entertainment yet they are providing entertainment as he speaks. They're pockets aren't hurting people are in high demand for entertainment right now
Ju Jack
Ju Jack Prije 6 mjeseci
Entertain yourself
Rander Fernandez
Rander Fernandez Prije 6 mjeseci
Nets are in the playoffs they 7th
Thrill Gil
Thrill Gil Prije 6 mjeseci
The nets are in the playoffs actually.
E Smith
E Smith Prije 6 mjeseci
They should at least try to play. Can’t let the rona ruin everything
Ju Jack
Ju Jack Prije 6 mjeseci
Why tho
phloozy Prije 6 mjeseci
The NFL showing fake love, they just need the black people in their league.
TEA CELL Prije 6 mjeseci
Why no one is talking about experimenting with black people with FEMA camps with this bubble and chip induction with this ring they have to wear. Oh, I forgot sports clouds true vision of when your being attacked. But go make your money guys and watch the powers to be laugh at you as nothing will change...unless you get your own league.
tracklacer414 Prije 6 mjeseci
*NEVER SPEAK ON SPORTS 🏀 AGAIN* stick to comedy. You just said Brooklyn wasn’t in the playoffs so KYRIE should “STFU”. They are the No. 7 seed. Idiot food 🌾!!!!!
Jerry Simon Jr
Jerry Simon Jr Prije 6 mjeseci
The Brooklyn Nets actually ARE going to the bubble to potentially be a playoff team.
Your Tube
Your Tube Prije 6 mjeseci
Look I get the need for sponsors and all that LMAO but if you get to choose please don't tell me you actually chose Plenty of Fish as an actual sponsor LMAO they are nothing but a hook-up site... Tired of the damn hook up sites... Come on Mr Hart I want something real...
Julius Wilkins
Julius Wilkins Prije 6 mjeseci
Spank i see dat band aid lmao wtf
Kruise Kontrol
Kruise Kontrol Prije 6 mjeseci
Spank is absolutely right
FRED OWUSU Prije 6 mjeseci
Why even think about openin the nba season again? I know, there are a lot of Basketball players that need to work again but the league should find a way to support these players and focus on bringin solutions to problems we facing now...
FRED OWUSU Prije 6 mjeseci
@LWilliams True!
LWilliams Prije 6 mjeseci
They make millions they need to manage their money
juwita Sujatmiko Afandi
juwita Sujatmiko Afandi Prije 6 mjeseci
Gavin Offutt
Gavin Offutt Prije 6 mjeseci
I think it’s a bad idea because you have all these states whose numbers continue to rise every single day and bringing Sports back and with all of his players impossible crowds can make the numbers of Covid even worse because as it goes right now we could be facing a second lock down
martinsmillionmoves Prije 6 mjeseci
*Kevin tell the boys to speak TF UP!😂Ole midnight radio voice tryna sound sexy head asses* *Fix ya damn mic levels*
Django Is Back
Django Is Back Prije 6 mjeseci
We about to see how much the entire show of the audience reactions, crowd noise and energy from the atmosphere in arenas play a roll. Can't see myself watching constantly and being entertained. Not even getting into the other stuff. Now its just a bunch of dudes playing basketball. Is that really that entertaining?
Magoti ya Jogoo
Magoti ya Jogoo Prije 6 mjeseci
Jae Page
Jae Page Prije 6 mjeseci
Kev, that's the best thing said by far! Everyone will be right there together, and will have a much larger influence not just on us but the world! Everyone views the NBA
Ju Jack
Ju Jack Prije 6 mjeseci
noremaC at this point it wouldn’t even be as valid, they dun had a 4 month break
noremaC Prije 6 mjeseci
They watch the NBA for the basketball, not the t-shirts and statements. They've already tried this for years and have yet to move the needle. Most fans just want to see if LeBron can get his 4th ring and could care less about black lives
LOL Network
LOL Network Prije 6 mjeseci
Hope ya'll are doing alright! Thoughts on sports coming back?
Tai Harris
Tai Harris Prije 6 mjeseci
The coronavirus is still prevalent and I don't see why their lives should be on the line for our entertainment. FL is a mjor hot spot right now. In this digital age, we have enough new and old content to hold us over.
Bhil Smith
Bhil Smith Prije 6 mjeseci
Let them do their job
st ko
st ko Prije 6 mjeseci
No, hell no. We have a pandemic going on. Its getting worse brother. Why have 30 to 100k ppl togetheral at one time. It's crazy, like the protesters coming together to protest. Just sayin.
Your Tube
Your Tube Prije 6 mjeseci
As for sports coming back... As long as the players are safe... Even though they play for the teams, and those teams have managers and owners... We the fans actually own the teams... We the fans are actually the investors of the players... So as long as our investments in our teams are safe... Then yes I agree they should come back
Tonia T
Tonia T Prije 6 mjeseci
Yeah with proper protocols... I think it can be gr8. Even if they do like futbol (soccer) and start out w empty stands...
Dathan Malone
Dathan Malone Prije 6 mjeseci
:l I want to go outside but the rona is lurking on every handle sidewalk and air particle so i guess I have to stay inside and watch HRpost all day🤷🏽
Ju Jack
Ju Jack Prije 6 mjeseci
I thought it wasn’t airborne
panther gaming M
panther gaming M Prije 6 mjeseci
I thought that guy was keegan michael key
panther gaming M
panther gaming M Prije 6 mjeseci
@ScAnDeLeZ keegan michael from key and peele
Nightmares Prije 6 mjeseci
I'm here
Fr33stylers KSF
Fr33stylers KSF Prije 6 mjeseci
All Good
All Good Prije 6 mjeseci
When it says no views
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