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On this episode of Cold As Balls: Cold Cuts, Tennessee Titans' running back Derrick Henry talks about making the leap to the NFL and landing in stride while scoring 99-yard touchdowns. If you're impressed, your name isn't Kevin Hart because Kevin has a story of doing something similar, only Kevin's run was longer.

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Hunkygod2.0 From Thunder hunktropolis
Hunkygod2.0 From Thunder hunktropolis Prije 8 dana
D.K Metcalf should really be on here
Stephanie Bobo
Stephanie Bobo Prije 21 dan
Love this!💚
T Guiette
T Guiette Prije 24 dana
Kind patient and understanding about illegal activity I cant believe it
T Guiette
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Something is wrong in the community I cannot finish viewing
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Charles Mr. Emoji Eley
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley Prije 25 dana
Pinoy Jay
Pinoy Jay Prije 25 dana
Kevin Hart eats one Fish Stick every pre-game and thinks Derrick Henry's nickname is The Cat In The Hat 😂 😁
YoogiNation Prije 25 dana
Henry too damn big!! I’m a Ravens fan and I’m scared as hell to face the Titans again in the playoffs cuz of that dude.
Keshaun Harvey-T
Keshaun Harvey-T Prije 25 dana
Kevin hart your a legend
Keshaun Harvey-T
Keshaun Harvey-T Prije 25 dana
Eagles for life
Kelvin Hart is the man, I got inspired by him and I decided to create my own channel, please guys support me by subscribing to my channel.
thad33 Prije 25 dana
Monkydollqueen 69
Monkydollqueen 69 Prije 25 dana
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Coach Jackson
Coach Jackson Prije 25 dana
😂 😂 😂
Makaveli Prije 25 dana
Kevin had that 100 yard run when back in high school that big girl was bullying him 😂
Courtney Johnson
Courtney Johnson Prije 25 dana
chet tostevin
chet tostevin Prije 25 dana
kevin funny af
TroubleTeeTooFunny Prije 25 dana
I’m the 10th person to like the video
Jamar Lyons
Jamar Lyons Prije 25 dana
Chris comedy
Chris comedy Prije 25 dana
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mercado1011 Prije 24 dana
Love yell . Bless up
YoogiNation Prije 25 dana
Repentance ain’t gonna get u saved, believing in the Gospel will. Repentance is a by-product of believing.
Reboundzzz TG
Reboundzzz TG Prije 25 dana
Derrick arms big ASH🤣
Reboundzzz TG
Reboundzzz TG Prije 25 dana
Valdezseb26 Ong🤣
Valdezseb26 Prije 25 dana
He just big ASH😂
KevinTooturnt Reacts
KevinTooturnt Reacts Prije 25 dana
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