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On this episode of Cold as Balls, JR Smith sits down with Kevin Hart to talk about skipping college, life in the NBA, his relationship with LeBron and his infamous flub against the Golden State Warriors.

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LOL Network
LOL Network Prije 9 mjeseci
Last episode of the season, who are your top picks to cast for next season?
Click Here
Click Here Prije mjesec
James Harden
Click Here
Click Here Prije mjesec
LOL Network KD
Tonyesz Prije 2 mjeseci
i would love to see bam and white hand
Ann Drummond
Ann Drummond Prije 3 mjeseci
joshuajw KING
joshuajw KING Prije 3 mjeseci
Lebron james of course
Exodus 20:7 Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.
Haron Takes Five
Haron Takes Five Prije dan
If y'all hire an Asian dude for the hand guys, what would you call him in the show?
George McCrary, II
George McCrary, II Prije dan
Lol almost a year later lebron don got him another ring
Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams Prije 4 dana
How can you laugh and lebron would've won a chip that 2018 yr that was lebron best year the whole szn I'll take 2018 lebron over anybody we not gone forget lebron had 51 and kd has 26 that game, but we can't leave george hill off the hook tho , but in the overtime the Cavs got cheated, they always cheat in Oracle they cheated the rockets in game 7 they always cheat in Oracle tho
avree trivette
avree trivette Prije 6 dana
i wonder how much "bam bam" gets paid
Dr.J 412
Dr.J 412 Prije 7 dana
We need a directors cut that shows when bam bam cracks a smile... I know he does
Joanna S
Joanna S Prije 8 dana
He whispered delonte west, read his lips
KillaRilla Prije 9 dana
Ik jr got ptsd when Kevin did that Lebron impression
Russian Spy
Russian Spy Prije 10 dana
JR Lucky he didn’t get playing time in 2020 finals and do what he did in 2018
Elvis Hilario
Elvis Hilario Prije 10 dana
Jr laugh is so genuine lol
Makai Prije 11 dana
man he need curry on here🙉
Kon Psychedelic
Kon Psychedelic Prije 11 dana
that Bron impression was so on point
Walter wicks
Walter wicks Prije 11 dana
Kevin Hart impression of Bron had me crying
Freddie Jeffress
Freddie Jeffress Prije 11 dana
Got Caesar Borgia tatted on his chest smh
truongvinh nguyenthuy tv
truongvinh nguyenthuy tv Prije 12 dana
i need a hero
Shaun Petker
Shaun Petker Prije 15 dana
Jr is the new Rodman
Michael Barrett
Michael Barrett Prije 15 dana
Kevin Hart went in on Lebron head 😂💀
Tony O'Neal
Tony O'Neal Prije 15 dana
'this like 'dude where's my car''
Gnarly ICY
Gnarly ICY Prije 17 dana
Kevin hart: HuH
Gina Cheng
Gina Cheng Prije 20 dana
elders react
Stephon Payne
Stephon Payne Prije 28 dana
Tommie Hamlet Jr
Tommie Hamlet Jr Prije mjesec
suwqp fkxks
suwqp fkxks Prije mjesec
“This your mom too?” “We got the same babies ? “
Christopher Suarez
Christopher Suarez Prije mjesec
Best episode of the show kev
Escobar Escobar
Escobar Escobar Prije mjesec
Jr looks like he smokes out of a Sherlock pipe
Jacob Basilevac
Jacob Basilevac Prije mjesec
If only I could get paid to be Darrel or Bam Bam the two easiest jobs I have ever seen
megan sites
megan sites Prije mjesec
Hi Thoughts
Hi Thoughts Prije mjesec
"This your mum too?" 🤣🤣🤣
Vincell Paras
Vincell Paras Prije mjesec
whos here after JR won a championship ?
Nate Torres
Nate Torres Prije mjesec
Lmfaoooo this has to be the funniest episode😭😭😭
Michael Malta
Michael Malta Prije mjesec
Jr is clapped
Shemzinho Prije mjesec
I need a skit of LeBron playing cards 😂😂😂😂😂
Thomani Tshivhase
Thomani Tshivhase Prije mjesec
JR legitimately looks concerned for the bam bam 😂
CapitalSTEEVE Prije mjesec
6:24 did he say jeremy lin?
Neozzzy Prije mjesec
Why jr have 1 peck only
Rasco Williams
Rasco Williams Prije mjesec
Could any one tell me why there sitting in a tub of ice,where is the joke in that.a hot tub would be more appropriate, And understanding.any one who will sit in a tub of ice to be part of a talk show is compromising there dignity in my humble opinion.
michael davis
michael davis Prije mjesec
2x time champ 🏆 😎 👏 👌
Andrey Olenyk
Andrey Olenyk Prije mjesec
Bam bam Thing is childish....
Tom Talks Movies
Tom Talks Movies Prije mjesec
World champ again!!
Slow Grind
Slow Grind Prije mjesec
That Lebron impression killed me
BabyKorey Kopasetik
BabyKorey Kopasetik Prije mjesec
JR looks a little chubby Jersey boy
Gould Prije mjesec
Now he back playing with bron
Jay Tualetonu
Jay Tualetonu Prije mjesec
Jr high af😂😂
Unity Prije mjesec
2nd ring Yeah
Jovan Singh
Jovan Singh Prije mjesec
get a better celebrity
David Sorto
David Sorto Prije mjesec
anyone here during the 2020 NBA finals
Pu Reh
Pu Reh Prije mjesec
I got a condition 😂😂
CJ Hunt
CJ Hunt Prije 2 mjeseci
Jr a real down to earth person.
no pass
no pass Prije 2 mjeseci
Jr laugh is so cool , i laughed every single time
Mist Nabeel
Mist Nabeel Prije 2 mjeseci
We got same babies?? 😁😁😁
Mahalaleel Yahawadah
Mahalaleel Yahawadah Prije 2 mjeseci
Pretty stupid to have a white jesus tattooed on your skin. You're gonna feel like a fool when you find out he's black. SMDH!
Greatness Awaits
Greatness Awaits Prije mjesec
You’re gonna look even more foolish when you find out Jesus is a myth
Matthew Breese
Matthew Breese Prije 2 mjeseci
Do derrick rose
Ruben Correia
Ruben Correia Prije 2 mjeseci
We miss this😂😂
Ricky Rodriguez
Ricky Rodriguez Prije 2 mjeseci
Kevin Gates is too jokes... he roasted James and the tattoo
Pmf Lawrence
Pmf Lawrence Prije 2 mjeseci
If you haven’t already please repent and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Jesus died for you and he loves you tomorrow is not promised so please accept Jesus today. God bless🙏🙏
Aayush Sahgal
Aayush Sahgal Prije 2 mjeseci
wonder if bron seen this..
Ascender Prije 2 mjeseci
Get jimmy butler on here!!!
Daniella daniella
Daniella daniella Prije 2 mjeseci
That's your nose lol
Jae Bands
Jae Bands Prije 2 mjeseci
One of the funniest ones !
Brandon Munoz
Brandon Munoz Prije 2 mjeseci
Jr sound and look so manly here with Kevin hart but with lebron he looks like a little kid
Nehemiah Mcdonald
Nehemiah Mcdonald Prije 2 mjeseci
When he turns into Karen right at the very end lmao
Jonathan Ransier
Jonathan Ransier Prije 2 mjeseci
It's the henny god Jr smith himself
Linda Llorens
Linda Llorens Prije 2 mjeseci
Love you keven
Leroy Hamilton III
Leroy Hamilton III Prije 2 mjeseci
So we gone act like he not high through this whole video😂
David rps
David rps Prije 3 mjeseci
Soo funny
andrienne djiki
andrienne djiki Prije 3 mjeseci
JR is very likable
ChronosGaming Prije 3 mjeseci
He said it hurts my fingers 🤣🤣🤣
Saul Manzo
Saul Manzo Prije 3 mjeseci
Bam bam is weird
Defusion Blurr
Defusion Blurr Prije 3 mjeseci
This has to be the funniest Episode I ever seen when he said “You Know u F**ked Up When Ur First Response is Huh.”
francis ngannou
francis ngannou Prije 3 mjeseci
Take andre iguodala
Neiborhood SpadeXo
Neiborhood SpadeXo Prije 3 mjeseci
Darryl broke character for a second 😂
Brandon Pugh
Brandon Pugh Prije 3 mjeseci
J r smith is one of my favorite players in the nba.
2TONE TV Prije 3 mjeseci
2tone tv
Shane Sommer
Shane Sommer Prije 3 mjeseci
Anybody remember jr smiths incident in Colorado
Mao Zedong
Mao Zedong Prije 3 mjeseci
“This your mom too” 😂😂😂😂😂
Carter Zillgitt
Carter Zillgitt Prije 3 mjeseci
JR Look like he in boxers
Brandon Spalding
Brandon Spalding Prije 3 mjeseci
Can we get Dame Time on here.
Ronal Martinez
Ronal Martinez Prije 3 mjeseci
What a likable guy
Travon Hill
Travon Hill Prije 3 mjeseci
im one of those people who cant watch a movie twice or watch anything twice but i just love this episode i watched this like 14 times
No Chill
No Chill Prije 3 mjeseci
Pack it Up
Pack it Up Prije 3 mjeseci
He gotta have Lebron on here now 💀
DRE WRIGHT VLOGS Prije 3 mjeseci
The Daryl and bam bam bits aren’t funny Ngl, the rest is dope
DRE WRIGHT VLOGS Prije 3 mjeseci
The Daryl and bam bam bits aren’t funny Ngl, the rest is dope
Reginald House
Reginald House Prije 3 mjeseci
Exactly what I was thinking. Runied it.
Master Prije 3 mjeseci
I feel like those interactions are cringe all the time but the interviews are great
郭祥和 Prije 3 mjeseci
I need Chinese subtitles
SWAGY_ _KIDZ Prije 3 mjeseci
So let’s talk about your downfall
Мадияр Халелов
Мадияр Халелов Prije 3 mjeseci
Есть где нибудь русская озвучка?
Goat Ok
Goat Ok Prije 3 mjeseci
Who’s here after he signed with the lakers
Anthony Crucitti
Anthony Crucitti Prije 3 mjeseci
I absolutely love jr smith the first high flyer with style an class
nula bodova
nula bodova Prije 3 mjeseci
he is so high
Kay B
Kay B Prije 3 mjeseci
🤣🤣🤣🤣 the tattoo shirt
Brian Cooke
Brian Cooke Prije 3 mjeseci
Damn Jr Smith really don’t like Lebron?
firecracker 69
firecracker 69 Prije 3 mjeseci
Is jr getting chubby
Kirk the Notation
Kirk the Notation Prije 4 mjeseci
"We got the same kids?!"
Laura Rushing
Laura Rushing Prije 4 mjeseci
Omg exhausting
Laura Rushing
Laura Rushing Prije 4 mjeseci
Ahhhh JR ok
Katleho Mothebe
Katleho Mothebe Prije 4 mjeseci
Daryl 😭😭😭😭
Samuel Prije 4 mjeseci
Yo Jr is so high 😭😭😭
Michael Lightell
Michael Lightell Prije 4 mjeseci
Jr the older version of flight
Kia Mackenzee
Kia Mackenzee Prije 4 mjeseci
We got the same babies 🤣
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