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Kevin and the Plastic Cup Boyz talk about that sponsorship life and how sometimes you gotta do your homework before you take that big check. Also, Kevin has a roommate that just keeps screwing up his hosting duties. All this and more on the newest episode of #StraightfromtheHart
It's all about real life and laughs on Straight From The Hart. Every week on the LOL Network channel on SiriusXM channel 96.
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Laugh Out Loud is a comedy brand and multi-platform network founded by the world’s top comedian Kevin Hart. Through his network, Hart delivers his vision for the future of comedy: social, mobile, multicultural and seriously funny. From stand-up legends to globally-recognized digital influencers, Hart and LOL curate comedy’s boldest voices to produce original scripted and unscripted series, stand-up specials, live broadcasts and special events. Hart brings the groundbreaking social-first strategy that earned him 100 million+ followers to Laugh Out Loud, with one core mission: keep the world laughing. Dope Comedy. Delivered Daily. Always On. Always Loud. Directly from Kevin Hart and his hand-picked crew of comedic rockstars.

Shesha626 Prije 3 mjeseci
They will not upload full episodes because this is their podcast on Sirius XM. If they do that then no one will pay to listen to them on the subscription.
Mary Foster
Mary Foster Prije 3 mjeseci
Christine Kowal
Christine Kowal Prije 3 mjeseci
I wish Boss would be in one or two episodes. And I also think it would be great to just once, do a wife version of the show. I REALLY would love to hear the ladies dish on the guys
Ken Blake
Ken Blake Prije 3 mjeseci
ignorance is no defence, research who your about to represent
Deshawn Richardson
Deshawn Richardson Prije 3 mjeseci
Can y’all just upload a hour pod? Not little segments...
Vladimir Brillante
Vladimir Brillante Prije 3 mjeseci
Shannan Prije 3 mjeseci
I'm just here to see Wayne😍
Lynn Myers III
Lynn Myers III Prije 3 mjeseci
Nope.. I caught it.. Hence.. The Accident.. Hence the Affair disclosure.. Hence the renaming and branding being key word.. It's Absolutely a small circle on those that "Dig" whay you're sayin. Soo.. Nope. I got it.. No Convo needed.. He's blessed and once again hence the podcast hence the "Covid" of 2020.. Keep Rockin and Speaking Fellas.!
Christ Chick Conversations
Christ Chick Conversations Prije 3 mjeseci
Joey your skin is glowing @2:27 yesssss very nice sir...
F1 77
F1 77 Prije 3 mjeseci
Ya'll are slow with these uploads man. Been waitin a minute out here 😑 n why dnt you upload the full stream??? Good conversations 👍👍👍
Zenner Scott
Zenner Scott Prije 3 mjeseci
Cocoa say secure the bag love y'all guys and especially kevin Hart
Kwesi Stone
Kwesi Stone Prije 3 mjeseci
What about when that Whack Script comes across your desk? Kevin Hart, do you read the scripts?!
Charle Normon
Charle Normon Prije 3 mjeseci
kabala youri
kabala youri Prije 3 mjeseci
Harry always come up with some of the craziest words that he has to explain to everybody afterwards 😂
Cash Prije 3 mjeseci
FREEWILL 724 Prije 3 mjeseci
I got what Joey said... read between the lines
Daniel Olujobade
Daniel Olujobade Prije 3 mjeseci
I really love the 'what the fit' section of this chanel.... Please do more of what the fit kevin
Jurgen Witbeen
Jurgen Witbeen Prije 3 mjeseci
30 like
Bee Prije 3 mjeseci
Ico /:
Ico /: Prije 3 mjeseci
Hi Kevin
melanie Prije 3 mjeseci
Shakira Ali
Shakira Ali Prije 3 mjeseci
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