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Prije godine

Shark in the water! Mark Cuban trades in his shark tank for a cold tub as he joins Kevin to discuss the state of the country, buying the Mavs, and awful officiating. Plus, Kevin busts out his pitch for the next billion dollar business. And for those reasons, Mark is OUT.
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LOL Network
LOL Network Prije godine
What idea would you want to pitch to Mark Cuban?
Carlisle Davidson
Carlisle Davidson Prije 13 dana
K Ewrrqq yo
Torrey Hill
Torrey Hill Prije 29 dana
He did say chris Broussard gave false info!!!!!
ButterToast Prije 5 mjeseci
A baseball
Dumb At's
Dumb At's Prije 5 mjeseci
Im not telling you slick rick
Tipene Whana
Tipene Whana Prije 6 mjeseci
Can I have a loan please bro just 1 million u have 4.6billion this is like 10 cents to you u wouldn't even know u gave me 1 million lol
xDragonKing007 `
xDragonKing007 ` Prije 5 sati
The original fun guy
Master Prije dan
Mark Cuban, Kanye West, and Elon Musk are the most down to earth billionaires and I love it. Respect to Mark Cuban for being a true leader and a great owner
Splamming Imre
Splamming Imre Prije dan
Kevin is small but he's friggin ripped. He's like the Hulk for midgets.
Thompen J Lester
Thompen J Lester Prije 7 dana
This the chilliest billionaire i've ever seen
Trey MattHen
Trey MattHen Prije 8 dana
Gotta love Mark Cuban lol
the boy doingthings
the boy doingthings Prije 9 dana
Kevin freezes his balls for a living
Adrian Grubb
Adrian Grubb Prije 10 dana
Sheffield Wednesday
Ayanna Nichole
Ayanna Nichole Prije 11 dana
Do one with Bruno Mars please I love him lmaoo
Gemel Sipin Fitness
Gemel Sipin Fitness Prije 10 dana
That would be incredible
_ Real1ne
_ Real1ne Prije 11 dana
Been trying to get ahold of mark
_ Real1ne
_ Real1ne Prije 9 dana
I have a killer invention idea I just need to get in touch
Gemel Sipin Fitness
Gemel Sipin Fitness Prije 10 dana
My favorite shark 🦈
Gemel Sipin Fitness
Gemel Sipin Fitness Prije 10 dana
Haha heck yeah
Jay Garcia
Jay Garcia Prije 11 dana
That cold China money
Dometch Prije 12 dana
Yo, Mark seems like a dude I'd just kick it with. Rich dudes can be down after all.
Gemel Sipin Fitness
Gemel Sipin Fitness Prije 10 dana
Yeah for sure 💯 in an interview he says he only wears suits when on TV or events
Ruben Garcia
Ruben Garcia Prije 12 dana
Imagine spending 2.5 million bc of words you’ve said
N Lee
N Lee Prije 13 dana
Hanging out with 'Mr.Cooper is Mark Cubans' jam!
Martin Sosa
Martin Sosa Prije 14 dana
I get a feeling that mark into black girls lol
First Last
First Last Prije 15 dana
This was funny...
Gemel Sipin Fitness
Gemel Sipin Fitness Prije 10 dana
Super funny episode
Timotius Simanjuntak
Timotius Simanjuntak Prije 16 dana
Kevin should invite Trump to the show
Cdany Prije 16 dana
rip kobe
Gemel Sipin Fitness
Gemel Sipin Fitness Prije 10 dana
Audrey Smith
Audrey Smith Prije 16 dana
Cuban talking really fast. That coke got him going
Gemel Sipin Fitness
Gemel Sipin Fitness Prije 10 dana
Or the cold water 🥶🥶🥶
ZoMbY WoOf
ZoMbY WoOf Prije 17 dana
Gotta be warm water with fake ice...
Theo Prije 18 dana
"Do you like kids?" "Yea." "Ok. I love kids." *FBI OPEN UP*
Enasa Jackson
Enasa Jackson Prije mjesec
"ii love the way you move", NO ii don't like the way you dance😂
ShellChase Prije mjesec
Lmao did mark just say he bought de andre’s house and go there.
SomeSkillzTV Prije mjesec
I got shivers when they hopped in the ice cold tub
Gemel Sipin Fitness
Gemel Sipin Fitness Prije 10 dana
Straight up 🥶
FTW-_- Official
FTW-_- Official Prije mjesec
😂🤣😭 CLASSIC!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
br 1251
br 1251 Prije mjesec
Manny Oommen
Manny Oommen Prije mjesec
I’ve never seen Mark Cuban with man boobs
Gemel Sipin Fitness
Gemel Sipin Fitness Prije 10 dana
Haha well I’ve never seen him shirtless
lolo lola
lolo lola Prije mjesec
He is a real rags to riches story. Does he even have bodyguards? I cant imagine people stabbing him because he is such a likable guy.
Gemel Sipin Fitness
Gemel Sipin Fitness Prije 10 dana
Super likeable guy but he’s pretty tall
Cartd Offell Mittkwarck
Cartd Offell Mittkwarck Prije mjesec
"Let´s just agree, right? That they are all my friends, right? Haha, billy billy billions, right?"
DB Cooper
DB Cooper Prije mjesec
If I'm Kevin I'd have Mark as a Business Partner. Guy is a Business Savvy Dude, very astute and forward thinking.
Gemel Sipin Fitness
Gemel Sipin Fitness Prije 10 dana
Yes and very grounded
sak pase
sak pase Prije mjesec
"Billionaires and still snitching" 🤣🤣🤣
The Spine of the Divine
The Spine of the Divine Prije mjesec
Bryan Thng
Bryan Thng Prije mjesec
why does mark cuban have an urban accent
Arinze Major
Arinze Major Prije mjesec
I have nothing bad to say about mark cuban! Good dude
Gemel Sipin Fitness
Gemel Sipin Fitness Prije 10 dana
Incredible guy and one of my favorite sharks
mondaymusic Prije 2 mjeseci
Kevin should get Jürgen Klopp for an Interview!
Gemel Sipin Fitness
Gemel Sipin Fitness Prije 10 dana
That would be awesome
George Jr
George Jr Prije 2 mjeseci
Cuban is an amazing guy!!!!!!!
Bravo Dude
Bravo Dude Prije 2 mjeseci
Cuban is the leader
Chad Kral
Chad Kral Prije 2 mjeseci
going bad
nguyenthuy truongvinh Music
nguyenthuy truongvinh Music Prije 2 mjeseci
knocked loose
Dusan Vukicevic
Dusan Vukicevic Prije 2 mjeseci
Isaiah Wright
Isaiah Wright Prije 2 mjeseci
Mark is the type of guy you would want to have a cup of coffee ☕️ with
Obsolete account
Obsolete account Prije 2 mjeseci
Mark is a big kid hahaha
Karljc Lozano
Karljc Lozano Prije 2 mjeseci
A Billionaire wearing no Jewelries in this episode. So humble
Dominic Delgado
Dominic Delgado Prije 2 mjeseci
shaq on shark tank
Nayeli Perez
Nayeli Perez Prije 2 mjeseci
I wonder if they're feeling hot or cold..🤔
Tay Going Up
Tay Going Up Prije 2 mjeseci
Rickey Stephens
Rickey Stephens Prije 3 mjeseci
This has to be the best interview of all
why does kevin never get in the tub
Alex Fisher
Alex Fisher Prije 3 mjeseci
Any chance the ice is fake?
JDH Prije 3 mjeseci
Joey Crawford is the one that ejected Tim Duncan for laughing
Rudy Renderos
Rudy Renderos Prije 3 mjeseci
Mark needs to hit leg day
koaw Prije 3 mjeseci
I realize mark’s tub has a toy shark in there
Brandon Pugh
Brandon Pugh Prije 3 mjeseci
Probably the coolest owner in sports.
Dias Baraev
Dias Baraev Prije 3 mjeseci
Bring Elon, guys! Right to the TOP ⬆️
N A L U . K
N A L U . K Prije 3 mjeseci
Mavs in 6!!!!!
Raghav Sharma
Raghav Sharma Prije 3 mjeseci
Mark Cuban is a mutated *BOOMER*
ML fantics
ML fantics Prije 3 mjeseci
Mavs might actually win this year's play offs
Travis Andrews
Travis Andrews Prije 3 mjeseci
Mark is funny
Missy Jean
Missy Jean Prije 3 mjeseci
Mark Cuban and ALL the WOKE sports world think that advertisers will continue to pay triple the cost to advertise when their ratings are dropping in half and more! Mark Cuban also thinks is ok for the CCP to run the NBA and get away with all their crimes against humanity! This is ALL about money people! Wake up and follow the money 🙏🏾🇺🇸🙏🏾
john lin
john lin Prije 3 mjeseci
They kept that camera on the man tities on purpose
Thomas Johnson
Thomas Johnson Prije 3 mjeseci
Why does Mark Cuban just seem like a good drinking buddy.
Rohith Saji
Rohith Saji Prije 3 mjeseci
Mark Cuban is a frat boy who ended up with a lot of money
colin james
colin james Prije 3 mjeseci
true cause he actually was in fraternity
him self
him self Prije 4 mjeseci
Who else thought Kev will drown in the tub when he removed his car seat from the tub!? 🚿
Garrett R.
Garrett R. Prije 4 mjeseci
Are we going to ignore the fact that it's a shark tank.?
Mya Malmquist
Mya Malmquist Prije 4 mjeseci
I’m bored, and for that reason, I’m out
Nate Connor
Nate Connor Prije 4 mjeseci
Still can’t believe he keeps getting the Apple Watch when . He prolly gonna buy 10 more after this
Syed Miratul
Syed Miratul Prije 4 mjeseci
Why kevin always keeps his one butt cheek up
Matthew Culver
Matthew Culver Prije 4 mjeseci
Kevin gets massages and facials and STILL ugly asf
Happy Korie
Happy Korie Prije 4 mjeseci
When he mentioned Kobe n the Lakers...
leighgirl123 Prije 4 mjeseci
Lmfao at how Donald called mark cuban.
DBLS LL Prije 4 mjeseci
bro i cracked so f hard when i heard Mark said "11 kids for 20 mill?!" LMAO
Marcus Powell
Marcus Powell Prije 4 mjeseci
This is what we want from America. White Billionaire's who are focused on reality and not towering over the next man. The man is down to earth.
Vaggelis Karavolos
Vaggelis Karavolos Prije 5 mjeseci
41 mil dollars for a private plane from the interneeet?? Hahaha he also looks like a funny guy to be around
Amputee Adventures
Amputee Adventures Prije 5 mjeseci
fake ice lol
Brooke Wilson aka Bruhm
Brooke Wilson aka Bruhm Prije 5 mjeseci
Florida for month extravaganza. And gift him a shark tank in any one house he already owns
Mo Will
Mo Will Prije 5 mjeseci
Mark Cuban as President 2025
Candido Feliciano
Candido Feliciano Prije 5 mjeseci
Shrinkage! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Travon Hill
Travon Hill Prije 5 mjeseci
Mark is like one of the guys that makes a lot of jokes and some aren't funny so you have tofake laugh
steven neato
steven neato Prije 5 mjeseci
“Amnesty that” rip kobe 🙏🏼
Charles Patoshik
Charles Patoshik Prije 5 mjeseci
This dude looks creepy bro
Siegez Prije 5 mjeseci
wait bro I know Bam Bam wtf!! That's crazy, he took me to Fuddrucker's back in the day, grats homie
YXH Prije 5 mjeseci
I wish he asked more questions about the current roster and the 2011 title
Getmurkedouthere Fuckboi
Getmurkedouthere Fuckboi Prije 5 mjeseci
That white guy is a pretty cool guy
br 1251
br 1251 Prije 5 mjeseci
Thomas Hauer
Thomas Hauer Prije 5 mjeseci
Great conversation, just saying this is not real ice, just watch real athletes taking an ice bath, the skin gets red and the voice crackles under the cold while they try to breathe normally and most can't stand it for longer than 5min. You can see that Mark gets lost in the conversation and doesn't even act cold while Kevin a professional comedian at least tries to stay in character. I get it, its more entertaining and TV was never the real deal, but I wonder wouldn't it be more fun to experience a real and authentic moment and share it with the audience?
William guo
William guo Prije 5 mjeseci
is mark wearing apple watch
Jay N
Jay N Prije 6 mjeseci
That shark is adorable..
TGELITE cherno
TGELITE cherno Prije 6 mjeseci
I love mark, I really look up to him as a guy that wants to start my own business and he is really chill
adrian brian
adrian brian Prije 6 mjeseci
bring the rock here
Mason Montague
Mason Montague Prije 6 mjeseci
@4:21. Lol
Pradeep Gopal
Pradeep Gopal Prije 6 mjeseci
This would make a great apple watch commercial :P
B Mohan
B Mohan Prije 6 mjeseci
Kevin hart is in good shape 👌
Lina _
Lina _ Prije 6 mjeseci
Kevin is so cringe and so not funny, his whole act is forced. I came for Mark but couldn’t watch because of how irritating and childish Kevin is.
Dwayne St john
Dwayne St john Prije 6 mjeseci
He seems like a great guy
Bryan Areson
Bryan Areson Prije 6 mjeseci
I wonder why Cuban’s right arm is so much more tan than his left 🤔🤔
Kieran Phelps
Kieran Phelps Prije 6 mjeseci
I’d love to see 50 cent on this
Dylan Augustine
Dylan Augustine Prije 6 mjeseci
this is the greatest billionaire ever
Hoodie Hat
Hoodie Hat Prije 6 mjeseci
As an NBA fan, I must say this interview was perfect.
Just Customs By Cole
Just Customs By Cole Prije 6 mjeseci
at 4:34 that shark got a frowny face
Tyler Ulibarri
Tyler Ulibarri Prije 6 mjeseci
So Donald just admitted he did corna for the stock market
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