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Kevin Hart and the Plastic Cup Boyz are BACK with a new season of Straight from the Hart. 2020 has been a year, to say the least, and this election is a pretty big one at that. Kevin and the PCBz talk about why it's important to get all of our voices heard and to not be discouraged with the voting process this year. Make sure you register to vote and make a plan on how you're going to do it.
It's all about real life and laughs on Straight From The Hart. Every week on the LOL Network channel on SiriusXM channel 96.
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Adrian R
Adrian R Prije 10 dana
“Nahh that’s ignorant” I died bro lmao
Danie Erasmus
Danie Erasmus Prije 24 dana
@ kevin hart hey why did you say black people need to go vote? dont most black people vote? or are you only trying to get black people,s attention, dont get me wrong iam not trying to be racist or play the racist card it just sounded weird since you hardly hear anyone refer to any ethnic group specifically these days where everything can be considering rasisme. i agree with what you say everyone should vote, but here in south africa i refuse to vote because all the political partys are corupt and all lie. they only make promises to get votes and use natzi tactics to devide the nation
Sharissa Platero
Sharissa Platero Prije 26 dana
Not a fan of your political decisions but that's your American right. I will vote TRUMP2020 because I want this country to stay free. Im still a fan of yours and its nice to see the growth you've gone through.
Giovanni Monsanto
Giovanni Monsanto Prije 27 dana
Hart is a liar
david prendergast
david prendergast Prije 27 dana
I Was a huge Fan Kevin!! Latest comments Not anymore .
Russ Hunt
Russ Hunt Prije mjesec
Why does teh celebs all vote and teh need too keep me voting and viting when i cant get mail in and you needs this with coruna virus if you DO try and make fun. also kev def touching funny style here i SEE it loll;lolol
Talisa V
Talisa V Prije mjesec
I subscribed to SiriusXM but I feel like I always miss the live show. What time does it start?
crocodile2006 Prije mjesec
Vote against the party of slavery, Jim Crow and segregation... vote Trump 2020
Ville Prije mjesec
Trump is truly the champion of minorities, I need what you've been taking.
Rachel Cantu
Rachel Cantu Prije mjesec
Imagine You
Imagine You Prije mjesec
Okay kevin i will, just make sure you vote for Trump and not for creepy joe.
Imagine You
Imagine You Prije mjesec
@Mike Lawry you're so clever.🤣
Mike Lawry
Mike Lawry Prije mjesec
This is a great example of how delusional Trump followers are 😂😂😂 you gotta better chance of Obama voting for Trump over Kevin but I'll let you think that
Rachel Cantu
Rachel Cantu Prije mjesec
Hell naw Trump is the worst 👎🏽
True Son
True Son Prije mjesec
If you are in CA - Yes on Prop. 16 - It ends the ban on Affirmative Action
BRODYMAN83 Prije mjesec
Like Cube said, what we'd be voting AGAINST would be settled on day one. What would we be voting FOR? If both sides keep falling for the "vote out the boogeyman" trick, things will keep moving slowly or standing still.
Michael King
Michael King Prije mjesec
Trump 20/20
Rachel Cantu
Rachel Cantu Prije mjesec
Imman Jyaii
Imman Jyaii Prije mjesec
I agree with the message! It's better to be an informed voter than an ignorant rioter!
Willie Murphy
Willie Murphy Prije mjesec
Somebody please tell me the episode were Harry was copying snoop dogg talking about gate king ???
ShynAwkward Prije mjesec
It's funny how media & celebrities keep telling us (especially Black People) to vote. But, they can never show you ANYTHING that voting will do to improve YOUR life - (Left Wing + Right Wing = BOTH RACIST LIARS). Just endless wars, higher rent, more racism, and more power to "elites" who have oppressed for over 400 years.....
The Balder Thor
The Balder Thor Prije mjesec
Keep voting democrat and ruining black communities. Just ask Kim Klacik.
The Balder Thor
The Balder Thor Prije mjesec
Kevin, you are my favorite comedian. And I am voting for secure borders, treating our veterans right, 21% tax on companies and not 40% which would kill the economy and American jobs, and I'm voting for capitalism and not socialism.
Ville Prije mjesec
@The Balder Thor He was downplaying the whole thing most of the beginning of the year and we have countless of evidence for that. Do you think the U.S failed so miserably compared to rest of the western countries for no reason?
The Balder Thor
The Balder Thor Prije mjesec
Ville Trump isn't a lab in Wuhan China. Trump was taking action as early as January when he limited travel to and from China. And you know what he got for doing that at the time? The left called him xenophobic and racist. So if a liberal was in office and not Trump the death count would be higher.
Ville Prije mjesec
200 000 people dead, where is his accountability?
Melody Davis
Melody Davis Prije mjesec
2FAST 4YOU82 Prije mjesec
Biden saves the jars he pees in.
2FAST 4YOU82 Prije mjesec
Heels Up Harris vs. Trump
The Apex Beat
The Apex Beat Prije mjesec
I am voting for Trump. Democrats created the KKK, Jim crow laws, had black begging for money for HBCUS every year, destroyed the black family, practiced red line laws, burned down black wallstreet, supported riots which burned down many black businesses and Joe Biden is a blatant racist.
John Reed
John Reed Prije mjesec
10,490 to watch
Spencer Hoffman
Spencer Hoffman Prije mjesec
10,345 person to watch...YESSIR
GuyCyber Prije mjesec
Does anyone even watch these?
Gudda Riley
Gudda Riley Prije mjesec
Naim lost TOO much wgt...he looks a lil weird
G Aguilar
G Aguilar Prije mjesec
spank said the quiet part out down the middle!
Melody Davis
Melody Davis Prije mjesec
I am going to vote. ♥️ U hart BUT my vote is TRUMP
LUIZ-CHACAL Prije mjesec
Bolsonaro 2022 ;-)
Keith Anderson
Keith Anderson Prije mjesec
Country Locs & Crafts
Country Locs & Crafts Prije mjesec
Can you make a video for our community to understand each person that’s running for each seat? Say their name... tell us what they can do for our community..... Help the people understand who and why they they should vote for each person... 💜
stop theRword
stop theRword Prije mjesec
vote trump
QuisTheGreat Prije mjesec
I vote for Kim Jeong Un
Chris Morris
Chris Morris Prije mjesec
I’m voting . And I’m voting for the amazing Trump .. Trump 2020 and beyond
Travis Smith
Travis Smith Prije mjesec
I registered and I'm voting for Trump 4 more years
Butters Birge
Butters Birge Prije mjesec
If you do your home work then you will definitely see who to vote for TRUMP 2020
Kristopher Bradley
Kristopher Bradley Prije mjesec
Blue9 MultiMedia Group
Blue9 MultiMedia Group Prije mjesec
mje19D Prije mjesec
It is a shame we only have these presidential choices. We need a board of presidents. A fake popularity contest to "vote".. one person into office is archaic and in our modern times, it is simply foolish and deeply polarizing. Be your own person, do your own research and make a decision based on logic and understanding. Being proud is not the same as following what others are doing even though the impact is cultural. Don't be a puppet. Find the facts people. We are in trouble either way so don't hurt inocent people's lives, businesses or ability to provide for their familys.
TimCJ Prije mjesec
Already registered. Gonna be the first presidential election that I'll be voting! Excited
SCurry 30
SCurry 30 Prije 4 dana
@Danie Erasmus You only think that of Trump because of propaganda
Danie Erasmus
Danie Erasmus Prije 24 dana
you should vote for the best man or woman i dont know how trump is but i think he is a nob but then again he isnt anty gun and iam pro gun lucky for me iam not from the usa. i dont vote cause all parys are to corupt here
Debonaire Jimenez
Debonaire Jimenez Prije mjesec
Lavinia Redmond
Lavinia Redmond Prije mjesec
X Æ A-12
X Æ A-12 Prije mjesec
Problem is it’s not Trump versus Biden. It’s Trump v. Kamala. Everyone knows this. Nobody approved her, not even Democrats in the DNC debates. Careful what you ask for.
X Æ A-12
X Æ A-12 Prije mjesec
@Ville I didn't disagree with you, idiot. I just don't think Biden could do any better and for sure he would've made things worse. And it was democrats made things worse in New york (US hub for covid) and the rest of the nation...thats not up for debate anymore. They forced covids into the nursing homes and encouraged subway use amongst other nonsense. By the way, DeBlasio is hell bent on opening up schools.
Ville Prije mjesec
@X Æ A-12 He has handled the covid worse than any other Western nation, and by a mile, but still you give Trump a pass. Jesus, he wasn't joking when he said he could just shoot somebody at Times Square and get away with it.
X Æ A-12
X Æ A-12 Prije mjesec
Ville maybe. Except Biden said it was racist to close travel with China and wanted to continue , same with his Democratic colleagues in New York and many liberal states. Like when Cuomo put covids back in the nursing home... his own personal inadvertent genocide. Did everyone forget that? 200,000 would’ve easily been half million ifit was Biden, that’s just the nature of logarithmic growth. Biden easily would’ve wiped us out. he means well but he is not qualified.
Ville Prije mjesec
200 000 people dead... nothing could be worse than Trump.
Jwda thefax
Jwda thefax Prije mjesec
mje19D -People on both sides have been “following blindly” for years. Everyone thinks they’re “right” and if you disagree you’re “wrong” and there’s no wiggle room with either side. When you’re standing on the outside looking in, you ALL look like puppets.
Brian B
Brian B Prije mjesec
All these celebs say get out and vote....just know they want you to vote for the liberal POS Biden. These celebs do not know what is best for this country! Take it to the bank 🏦
tavon massey
tavon massey Prije mjesec
I watched COACH CARTER yesterday n seen Harry was a referee lol
floater_ mike
floater_ mike Prije mjesec
Seriously? I gotta go watch that
bud lee
bud lee Prije mjesec
All blacks have been programed to vote Democratic. Yet Democratic party was started by the KKK thats a known fact.Biden is a huge racist has said wants to put blacks back in chains,He pushed to keep school buses segregated,Has dropped Nbomb many times. These are all easy to research. He been in government for 47 years and has sold jobs to china and suppressed blacks. Yet these stars keep feeding you BS to vote for this racist trash Biden
True Son
True Son Prije mjesec
If you are in CA --- YES ON Prop. 16
Diego Gomez
Diego Gomez Prije mjesec
@True Son if you wanna to talk about affirmative action in the sense of giving poor people an opportunity, then yeah that's good, but prop 16 is making it all about race which will just perpetuate racism and allow people to discriminate. Not just against white people, but also Asians and Indians because Asians and Indians are the two richest ethnic groups in this country.
X Æ A-12
X Æ A-12 Prije mjesec
@True Son I'm against racism and YOU SHOULD BE TOO. You can't pick and choose favorites. Shame.
True Son
True Son Prije mjesec
@X Æ A-12 So you are going to look past systemic racism and just say "others" don't value education?
True Son
True Son Prije mjesec
@Diego Gomez Hey that is a lie. Let talk about the real problem Prop 209. that ended affirmative action in CA in 1996.
X Æ A-12
X Æ A-12 Prije mjesec
True Son it’s clearly targeted against Asians, Indians, Pakistanis, Middle easterners, Jews, Muslims. Basically against “foreigners” who value education and study. If you don’t know this by now then this is truly a pointless conversation.
Nash Bearden
Nash Bearden Prije mjesec
I won’t vote for nether
G Aguilar
G Aguilar Prije mjesec
thank you
Justin Moore
Justin Moore Prije mjesec
Trump 2020
asang imsong
asang imsong Prije mjesec
Listening from Nagaland, India... Y'all are lucky to see Kevin's stand ups Live. For us it's like a dream that's never coming true but that doesn't mean we stop dreaming for it. Because the good thing is dreaming doesn't cost a thing. Lots of Love!
Stonerproject 420
Stonerproject 420 Prije mjesec
If Biden wins this country will fall. Believe that.
Stonerproject 420
Stonerproject 420 Prije mjesec
Blue9 MultiMedia Group id LOVE to see Biden fix that problem when he cant even finish his sentences lmao you probably watch CNN you bum
Blue9 MultiMedia Group
Blue9 MultiMedia Group Prije mjesec
@Stonerproject 420 ummmmm..... That's already happening and he's not even in office so..... I think that's a good sign Trump should go, don't you?
Blue9 MultiMedia Group
Blue9 MultiMedia Group Prije mjesec
@mje19D and they're not doing that with Trump? FOH
mje19D Prije mjesec
​@Stonerproject 420 China will prey on Biden's ignorance and willingness to worry more about his image then the facts in front of his face. These are scary times man.
mje19D Prije mjesec
@E. Jones look at the actual statistics maybe?
Danny Klaus
Danny Klaus Prije mjesec
Ha! Vote straight D... F what they are about lmao
Wrestling Mini-ClipsZone
Wrestling Mini-ClipsZone Prije mjesec
Everyone saying “VOTE” , they mean vote for Biden. Man if trump wins we in trouble
Stonerproject 420
Stonerproject 420 Prije 18 dana
@Wrestling Mini-ClipsZone yeah it's gonna be super violent after the election i agree with that 100%.
Wrestling Mini-ClipsZone
Wrestling Mini-ClipsZone Prije 18 dana
@Stonerproject 420 I meant te riots and violence may get off charts. I don’t mean that trump himself will damage anything. I’m not supporting nobody man
Michael King
Michael King Prije mjesec
So stupid
G Aguilar
G Aguilar Prije mjesec
you weren't in trouble when you got that stimulus check
Surprise623er Prije mjesec
Just like we where before the pandemic?
Dogcatmom Prije mjesec
TRUMP2020 🇺🇸
WoahZerve Prije mjesec
Literally 99% won’t See this but if you do, God Bless you, Stay Safe and have a Wonderful DaY sub to help a brotha out
Pratham Adhikari
Pratham Adhikari Prije mjesec
41 to Lee
Ohio State Cavs
Ohio State Cavs Prije mjesec
Trump2020. Hilarious that Black people are voting for Racist Biden. Good job idiots. 😂😂😂😂😂
geoffrey Agutu
geoffrey Agutu Prije mjesec
ur biggest fan
Christopher Rice
Christopher Rice Prije mjesec
The media and celebs are trying so hard to get Biden elected lmao like he's gonna change America to an utopia
Tonia T
Tonia T Prije 4 dana
@Justin Moore - u just wasted all that time in that reply. U will never get that time back bc u’r crazy if u think I’m gonna sit here and read all that malarkey! I already voted so there’s no need of trying to reply again... Biden/Harris 11/3/2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Tonia T
Tonia T Prije 4 dana
mje19D - haha the fact that your president will give you covid if you get w/in 6 ft of him?
Tonia T
Tonia T Prije 4 dana
@SCurry 30 - u’r entitled to think what u want. I lived through Ronald Reagan, the Bushes and Trump. Trump has taken the place of Bush as the worst president ever! I hope u have lots of money and can afford to buy a $250,000 tickets to his fund raising events. I’m talking like billions because that’s only way Trump gives dang about anybody. Then, if you don’t agree w him, he’ll kick u to the curb and won’t have any use for u. I’ve already voted so I’m not the one you should try to persuade to vote for his covid ridden behind!!!
SCurry 30
SCurry 30 Prije 4 dana
@Tonia T Trump is the best president since Ronald Regan and it’s not even close
Queen 1111
Queen 1111 Prije 27 dana
@Justin Moore 💯truth people are just too naive or lazy to do some research it's just exhausting.
Inklizian Prije mjesec
Good to have you back kev
Liberator The Master Instigator
Liberator The Master Instigator Prije mjesec
Lalokeragarib Prije mjesec
Joeskii Prije mjesec
Second to watch this video 😭
Jordy Aguilar
Jordy Aguilar Prije mjesec
Keep dreaming
Jordy Aguilar
Jordy Aguilar Prije mjesec
Your mom must be proud
KFC For LIFE Prije mjesec
i’ve been waiting 😌
Marcos Amparo
Marcos Amparo Prije mjesec
You guys better vote!
mje19D Prije mjesec
@Christopher Rice Terrible mentality.
Christopher Rice
Christopher Rice Prije mjesec
Doesn't do anything so why vote
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