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Sometimes we get a good night's sleep before we gotta go to work in the morning and other times you pull a Wayne and have a long evening of self-care / partying and don't want to do a radio show. Also, Na'm brings up if Work comes over family which sparks a debate amongst the group.
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Ramogaje Mhulatsi
Ramogaje Mhulatsi Prije 3 mjeseci
I fvcks with wayne
Deandre Walker
Deandre Walker Prije 3 mjeseci
I know what naim mean by that work thing cause if you don’t work you won’t have a family to take care of
A b
A b Prije 3 mjeseci
Tywanna Grice
Tywanna Grice Prije 3 mjeseci
Damn y’all made me feel broke af talking bout that Kroger water because Lord I keep cases of that water I buy atleast 5/7 cases of that water every month for me n my family to drink and we tear it up with no problems but damn now after this conversation I feel some type of way now(even tho we goin continue to drink that “penny/party” water that ain’t goin change)!!
Nile Jones
Nile Jones Prije 3 mjeseci
Wayne yo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Carl Rowland
Carl Rowland Prije 3 mjeseci
Gladys is the only women i believe that wants harry she's never wore the same church hat twice.
Carl Rowland
Carl Rowland Prije 3 mjeseci
We gotta get harry a good set because he is hilarious
Carl Rowland
Carl Rowland Prije 3 mjeseci
How old is wayne because he's living like he's in his early 20's😂😂😂😂😂
Conner Marcheskie
Conner Marcheskie Prije 3 mjeseci
How fried is Kevin? 😂
Tara Gilbert
Tara Gilbert Prije 3 mjeseci
Wayne funny AF!!! Funnier than Hart hands down lol
Monica Brandt
Monica Brandt Prije 3 mjeseci
I love Wayne
Nikki Johnson
Nikki Johnson Prije 3 mjeseci
I swear I looooove Wayne😂😂😂
Zone Pistolez
Zone Pistolez Prije 3 mjeseci
Smh. What Kev said was simple and easy to understand. How he couldn't see that off top.
Dominique Ballou
Dominique Ballou Prije 3 mjeseci
Some ppl not making millions they working and barely making ends meet, i understand it but don't agree w it
Andrew Prije 3 mjeseci
Yo drake Wayne one of the smartest dude ever
NopeNot4It Prije 3 mjeseci
I’m done with Kevin 41+9🤦🏾‍♀️😆
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley Prije 3 mjeseci
Bridge Bounty
Bridge Bounty Prije 3 mjeseci
🤣🤣🤣🤣😂 yo what’s wrong with these dudes
Branden Jerrell
Branden Jerrell Prije 3 mjeseci
Wayne sauced!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
YouuPrettyy Prije 3 mjeseci
Niam always sound salty af 😂
Deep Barnes
Deep Barnes Prije 3 mjeseci
Vanessa Whitehead
Vanessa Whitehead Prije 3 mjeseci
Why Wayne got his hood on again, what happened?
NopeNot4It Prije 3 mjeseci
He drunk
Thrill Gil
Thrill Gil Prije 3 mjeseci
Hoodie Wayne
Ish Will74
Ish Will74 Prije 3 mjeseci
Wayne is hilarious 😂
Monkydollqueen 69
Monkydollqueen 69 Prije 3 mjeseci
You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.
H K4mmy
H K4mmy Prije 3 mjeseci
It's all about the dollar sign then her pants 😈
Yolanda Goldsmith
Yolanda Goldsmith Prije 3 mjeseci
How do you watch the full episode? By the time they finish the AKAs nothing left!
Dominique Ballou
Dominique Ballou Prije 3 mjeseci
Gotta have Sirius XM which was a terrible business decision....should of did a regular podcast
Nickdaquick Prije 3 mjeseci
Harry is the funniest out of Kevin’s friends.
Mark Murray
Mark Murray Prije 3 mjeseci
Harry is the funniest...fact
E.G. Harris
E.G. Harris Prije 3 mjeseci
@KingJohn301 all facts
KingJohn301 Prije 3 mjeseci
Nah na'im the funniest lowkey
GGQuezzo Prije 3 mjeseci
It’s even funnier because he the one that writes his jokes
Marissa Cummings
Marissa Cummings Prije 3 mjeseci
Lol! I knew Harry wouldn't let me down 😍
Gudda Riley
Gudda Riley Prije 3 mjeseci
Let me turn your frown upside down Wayne
Devyn Hughes
Devyn Hughes Prije 3 mjeseci
Who else thought this was micheal blackson
Khalid Basha
Khalid Basha Prije 3 mjeseci
This do really be garbage.
Khalid Basha
Khalid Basha Prije 3 mjeseci
Naim is already a low life
Kruise Kontrol
Kruise Kontrol Prije 3 mjeseci
WOF the American way
Kashawn Jones
Kashawn Jones Prije 3 mjeseci
Booski R.
Booski R. Prije 3 mjeseci
Constance!!! Harry, you and I have never met. Lolololol!!!!!
Isiah Prije 3 mjeseci
been asking for weeks how we watch the show on zoom and never get an answer =/
Favor Ahaotu
Favor Ahaotu Prije 3 mjeseci
When your really early and don't know what to say
MovieSpot Prije 3 mjeseci
Raymond Harris
Raymond Harris Prije 3 mjeseci
Kev watch your back!! I think Naim is out to get you on the lo...😳 LOL!!
Kush_hash _Toker
Kush_hash _Toker Prije 3 mjeseci
Party Water water 💦 lol
Kush_hash _Toker
Kush_hash _Toker Prije 3 mjeseci
Luv TESHA Prije 3 mjeseci
10th Comment Wassup Ppl
Dexxpeo Prije 3 mjeseci
01 Noir
01 Noir Prije 3 mjeseci
Ms. Stephanie Nicole
Ms. Stephanie Nicole Prije 3 mjeseci
Aka water water! 😂
Lucky Tolliver
Lucky Tolliver Prije 3 mjeseci
1 sub before 2021?
1 sub before 2021? Prije 3 mjeseci
To the person who is reading this: Stay safe and I wish you all the best have an amazing rest of your day!🙂
Easy Simmons
Easy Simmons Prije 3 mjeseci
Appreciate it...thank you....you have a blessed day and I wish you positive vibes
Raymond Harris
Raymond Harris Prije 3 mjeseci
And to you as well.
O O Prije 3 mjeseci
Thanks i subbed :D
TanTanMan 327
TanTanMan 327 Prije 3 mjeseci
the IceDragon47
the IceDragon47 Prije 3 mjeseci
First comment.
O O Prije 3 mjeseci
BDE Prije 3 mjeseci
Deundray Williams
Deundray Williams Prije 3 mjeseci
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