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Joey Wells finds a hilarious news story about a bad Yelp review and asks Kevin what he does to handle criticism on his flicks. Wayne decides to fact check Kevin and all hell breaks loose. All-new episode of #StraightFromTheHart coming your way!
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Jay Clemons
Jay Clemons Prije mjesec
As soon as Kev said that bull watch how fast Harry and Wayne get to fact checking. Got to have some real ones with you at all times. You smart Kevin.
Ododo Ogundiran
Ododo Ogundiran Prije 2 mjeseci
About Last Night is an amazing movie too🥰
Nazzy Sosa
Nazzy Sosa Prije 2 mjeseci
Kevin do this podcast for fun
Nazzy Sosa
Nazzy Sosa Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm sureeee Soul Plane wasn't #1
Miles Solomon
Miles Solomon Prije 2 mjeseci
About Last Night ranked number 2 behind the Lego Movie
Kev Tv
Kev Tv Prije 2 mjeseci
Kevin hire me
Truuu Prije 2 mjeseci
About last night one of my fav movies from Kev
Jack Leone
Jack Leone Prije 2 mjeseci
As a guy who doesn't love romantic comedies, I loved About Last Night. It's up there with Brown Sugar for me.
Mina Mina
Mina Mina Prije 3 mjeseci
I don’t think Wayne is really his friend 🥴
Jack You
Jack You Prije 3 mjeseci
Stop communism! Vote trump!
Richard Rice
Richard Rice Prije 3 mjeseci
Harry u on the air Harry 😂😂😂😂😂
Nicole Sutton
Nicole Sutton Prije 3 mjeseci
Best radio show! The only reason I have SiriusXM!!!
kabala youri
kabala youri Prije 3 mjeseci
I don’t understand it ! Kevin went places and performed all over the world, he has fans from everywhere but nonetheless he though of having this available only in the US? Sirius XM is not available in Europe, he should’ve done a podcast on the LOL app (make that worldwide too) and maybe make more money ? Wants to be a billionaire but doesn’t use everything he already has his hands on
Ken Perry
Ken Perry Prije 3 mjeseci
KT so solid
KT so solid Prije 3 mjeseci
The noise that spank makes when he laughs kills me!!! 😂😂
chris cave
chris cave Prije 3 mjeseci
Wayne is a true hater.
MoE MoE Prije 3 mjeseci
dreamteamunleashed Prije 3 mjeseci
A Logan
A Logan Prije 3 mjeseci
As much money I am making as Kevin I wouldn’t really care lol
Tyson TV
Tyson TV Prije 3 mjeseci
Wayne found 4 other movies. In total 5.
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley Prije 3 mjeseci
Only in Florida😂😂😂
Vincent Tucker
Vincent Tucker Prije 3 mjeseci
😂😂😂 I'm convinced that Wayne doesn't really like Kevin 😂😂😂
kareem kelly
kareem kelly Prije 3 mjeseci
I’m here to tell @kevinHart. Remake Osmosis Jones!
K Ben24
K Ben24 Prije 3 mjeseci
Soul Plane is undeniably Kevin Hart's best movie.
Meg Prije 3 mjeseci
William Waddy
William Waddy Prije 3 mjeseci
The Lego Movie got y'all (About Last Night) 2014 Valentine's Day Weekend
d'angelo corn
d'angelo corn Prije 3 mjeseci
“It’s FACT check not FAT check” “P.H.A.T?” 😂😂😂
Tommie Moore jr
Tommie Moore jr Prije 3 mjeseci
Soul plane wasn't number 1
True Son
True Son Prije 3 mjeseci
Wedding ringer was the best one
Gavin ActivateJA
Gavin ActivateJA Prije 3 mjeseci
ride along, central intelligence, jumanji
panksalot Prije 3 mjeseci
Soul plane was not number 1
Precious Prije 3 mjeseci
Soul Plane got leaked before the premier so by the time it premiered many people had seen it. He spoke about it somewhere
Jeremiah Jackson
Jeremiah Jackson Prije 3 mjeseci
I know they’re joking but they Lk always hating on kevin
Stephan Terry
Stephan Terry Prije mjesec
@Jeremiah Jackson did you watch the documentary or watched Kevin’s interviews where he clearly states why he keep his team around him to keep him grounded.
Jeremiah Jackson
Jeremiah Jackson Prije 3 mjeseci
@TheeKidd Unknown you are just assuming. Nothing you said was factual. Pretty sure Kevin was in a cheating scandal a few years back
TheeKidd Unknown
TheeKidd Unknown Prije 3 mjeseci
Naw that’s just how they joke literally everyday & it keeps kev grounded, lowkey his boys are responsible for him stayin on track & doin so good like he doin so chill💯🤧
H M S !
H M S ! Prije 3 mjeseci
Stephan Terry
Stephan Terry Prije 3 mjeseci
Kevin don’t know his reputation with movies?
Josh H
Josh H Prije 3 mjeseci
Wayne found a few more later on
Bri Prije 3 mjeseci
At first I thought Spank was sleep looking down like that
Deshawn Richardson
Deshawn Richardson Prije 3 mjeseci
Sarthak Swarnkar
Sarthak Swarnkar Prije 3 mjeseci
Hey Kevin ❤️❤️ love from india Big fan
No Face Bikers
No Face Bikers Prije 3 mjeseci
Kevs the best!!!
xXPłUM BÖxX Prije 3 mjeseci
Ayo kevin wassup bro ( when’s jumaji 4 coming)
Jael 21
Jael 21 Prije 3 mjeseci
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