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Prije 22 dana

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Things get a little flashy when Ric Flair stops by the tubs to talk The Four Horsemen, how he really felt about being in the #Migos video, and how many O's are actually in the word WOOOOO. This season finale is not one to be missed!

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LOL Network
LOL Network Prije 21 dan
Who was your favorite guest of the season? And who are your top three picks for next season!? Let us know
Benny Saucedo
Benny Saucedo Prije 4 dana
Cody bellinger
YAZ Prije 6 dana
3 picks. Valentina Shevchenko, Conan O'Brien and Conor Mcgregor
Mikhail Benale
Mikhail Benale Prije 7 dana
Ocho Cinco
Mikhail Benale
Mikhail Benale Prije 7 dana
JImmy Butler
Doron Shapiro
Doron Shapiro Prije 7 dana
Stephen A. Smith, Shannon Sharpe and Mike Tyson Honorable mention: LeBron
Jeffrey P
Jeffrey P Prije 9 sati
One of my greatest childhood heroes was Ric Flair, I still love him. Then to show up here with one of my favorite entertainers (Bam Bam)...just amazing! What's up, Kev, LOL...WOOOOOOO!
Tyshem bethea
Tyshem bethea Prije 18 sati
I wonder how much Darell and Bam make
W M Prije dan
Macho Man Randy Savage
W M Prije dan
Remember the million dollar man Rowdy Piper
W M Prije dan
and the masks
Jerome Prije dan
The antics has to stop.. just interview the guests man
Casey Miller
Casey Miller Prije 2 dana
Something tells me Kevin really is that much of a priss.
Kevin's a fool....🤣🤣🤣
Josean Cruz
Josean Cruz Prije 2 dana
Should do one with The Rock
Jordi ENP
Jordi ENP Prije 2 dana
Who is here after Flair and Lacy Evans love affair
Jessewayne79 Prije 2 dana
I wish Kevin would have called the Rock on Facetime so Him and Ric could roast Kevin together
Jessewayne79 Prije 2 dana
i remember watching Nature Boy when i was 7 years old, im now 41. The man is immortal
Positive Gerald
Positive Gerald Prije 2 dana
I’m glad he kept his shirt on
Kirk Cousins
Kirk Cousins Prije dan
Most people are happy when a 71 year old keeps their shirt on.
22AirJordan Prije 2 dana
11:51 "Ladies between 18 and 28!! Im at the Beverly Hilton on Kevin Harts dime!! NO BOYFRIENDS... WHOOOOOO.... NO HUSBANDS!!!" Ric....Effing Flair
irob rf
irob rf Prije 2 dana
I haven’t stopped woooing and my wife is getting hella upset 😆
James Brown
James Brown Prije 2 dana
I love the 4 horsemen because they would jump you before, during, and after the show! Respect.
Ibrahim Sheikh
Ibrahim Sheikh Prije 2 dana
That robe that Ric Flair is wearing is from the 1986 Great American Bash wrestling event. Fire🔥🔥🔥🔥
Savage A1
Savage A1 Prije 3 dana
That entry was completely deserved
Herve Dimandja
Herve Dimandja Prije 3 dana
I appreciate a lot Eric one of the greatest wrestling
VCres1000 Prije 3 dana
Coke days done caught up to ric 😂 he still the man tho
Ømar Rivera
Ømar Rivera Prije 3 dana
When Bam Bam said “Wooooo” 😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭
Youssef Hamidi
Youssef Hamidi Prije 3 dana
Nature Boy certainly sucked every ounce of life-force out of his body.
Mohammed Alaouie
Mohammed Alaouie Prije 3 dana
Bam bam the funniest
steelnation Prije 3 dana
Can i get a Rick Flair
Big Tazz
Big Tazz Prije 3 dana
Kevin hart and Kountry Wayne !
Dee Bo
Dee Bo Prije 3 dana
Fuse Prije 4 dana
Ric Flair , still in great shape! You are an impressive man. Glad to have been alive to have seen what you have done over so many years
zykeveyin malone
zykeveyin malone Prije 4 dana
I can’t believe he brought the High Flying, Limousine riding, kiss stealing,wheelin dealin Nature Boy!!!
Travis Jeffrey
Travis Jeffrey Prije 8 sati
Leandrew Williams
Leandrew Williams Prije 4 dana
Ric Flair is Still the Man!
CrashTestFetus 01
CrashTestFetus 01 Prije 4 dana
So we aint going to talk about that nut shot 9:46
kraftwerk 9966
kraftwerk 9966 Prije 4 dana
Whoever read this, remember there is always someone who loves you.
Christoh 007
Christoh 007 Prije 4 dana
My love for bam bam just skyrocketed 😂😂😂
Matt The King
Matt The King Prije 4 dana
Ric Flair: “You’re talking to the Rolex wearin’, diamond ring wearin’, kiss stealin’, wheelin’ dealin’, limousine ridin’, jet flyin’ son of a gun. And I’m having a hard time holding these alligators down. Woo!”....
Travis Jeffrey
Travis Jeffrey Prije 8 sati
RICH PORTER Prije 4 dana
Lol 🗣Woooo bacC babby ♿👣💙
Travis Turk
Travis Turk Prije 4 dana
😷You know style and profile ric
bob barker
bob barker Prije 4 dana
Anthony Sakiestewa
Anthony Sakiestewa Prije 4 dana
A legend in tha building. Woooooo!
Justin Rutledge
Justin Rutledge Prije 4 dana
The Nature Boy will have the best entrance to cold as balls as it gets, ever! Legend!! Thank you for all the sacrifices Nature Boy!!
Tia V.
Tia V. Prije 4 dana
Looking like bidens pimped out lil bro!
family ikan
family ikan Prije 4 dana
family ikan
family ikan Prije 4 dana
canel family ikan good
family ikan
family ikan Prije 4 dana
Don't forget to sabscribe the canel fish family, friends
family ikan
family ikan Prije 4 dana
Don't forget to sabscribe the canel fish family, friends
shawnmatlock Prije 4 dana
ric flair, never loss
LWalsh0 Prije 4 dana
Rick flair might be the greatest human on earth.
Mystikka1Gaming Prije 5 dana
Ric Flair, The absolute man!.... Been through alot throughout his life and career, but look at him now..... WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
John Powell
John Powell Prije 5 dana
Ric Flair drip go whoo, man's a legend in North Carolina seen him get kicked out of a bar one time and I got so pissed that they kicked him I never went back, but frfr the man is extremely successful and really humble in person , all around great human being
Ema 97
Ema 97 Prije 3 dana
Yo I Just saw that video of him getting kicked out the bar. This man is a fucking national treasure make this man a statue
Willie Barron
Willie Barron Prije 5 dana
Man I miss NWA wrestling on WTBS.
Karen Jackson
Karen Jackson Prije 5 dana
carlos16ge Prije 5 dana
With all that money he made you would think that he could've fixed his teeth by now🤣🤣
Fudge Don187
Fudge Don187 Prije 5 dana
All imma say is i just hope that its an angel around Ric’s neck, great episode tho m8
AJ's YUGITUBE Prije 5 dana
This was incredible 👏
andrew jaccod
andrew jaccod Prije 5 dana
Migos are garbage
Kingibra Qaeda
Kingibra Qaeda Prije 5 dana
yyyaaaaw kev is jus crazy man...oooh man!!!Even down in Zim
Y. A. Salimu
Y. A. Salimu Prije 5 dana
Chris Sistrunk
Chris Sistrunk Prije 5 dana
Detective Vladimir
Detective Vladimir Prije 6 dana
This is finally one I will Watch
Charlie Cheetah
Charlie Cheetah Prije 6 dana
I’m sure Ric is still bagging 18-28 year olds right now. At 71!
Jawana Rivera
Jawana Rivera Prije 6 dana
This is the best cold as balls EVER WOOOOO
steven mcilwain
steven mcilwain Prije 6 dana
Every wwe event I went to when I was little all I heard when waiting in line into the stadium was WOOOOOOOOOOO!!
margot oscorima
margot oscorima Prije 6 dana
Kal Goatee
Kal Goatee Prije 6 dana
Tuugasala Leiato
Tuugasala Leiato Prije 6 dana
Kevin actually let Ric talk. Im shocked. He usually goes full throttle with his jokes or skits.
0 MuRillO
0 MuRillO Prije 6 dana
This is the male version of Tiffany haddish
I Am Tonya
I Am Tonya Prije 6 dana
I want BAm with no shirt confidence 😂👍🏿👏🏿🖕🏿
RS 850
RS 850 Prije 6 dana
drinity49 Prije 6 dana
Not enough Woooos for 13 minutes
A’King Hardy
A’King Hardy Prije 6 dana
Kev hit dude in the balls with the flip flop😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kerolos Beshy
Kerolos Beshy Prije 6 dana
Lucky Charm
Lucky Charm Prije 6 dana
Never in my life I’d thought these two would act together on this show. Legendary.
Kameron Tinnin
Kameron Tinnin Prije 6 dana
Where is he from
Kareem Prije 7 dana
Merl -
Merl - Prije 7 dana
why hasn’t the rock been on yet?!
DAD 4ever-c90
DAD 4ever-c90 Prije 7 dana
I thought Ric's voice was going to go up an octave when hit the water. WOOOOO! Kevin can't walk the Nature Boy Walk if he's too afraid to ice his dice.
Kyle Powell
Kyle Powell Prije 5 dana
That was the funniest part lol
Not So Silent Bob
Not So Silent Bob Prije 7 dana
Or dunk his junk.
Anthonys Man Cave
Anthonys Man Cave Prije 7 dana
I bet Ric Flair can still flip over the rope and take a clothesline.
Ettienne van Staden
Ettienne van Staden Prije 7 dana
Still annoying as ever
Trevor Walsh
Trevor Walsh Prije 7 dana
Prick Diaries
Prick Diaries Prije 7 dana
Wow the most overrated wrestler in history, is doing a show with the most overrated comedian in history.
Slum 45
Slum 45 Prije 4 dana
So Hulk Hogan and Adam Sandler are chopped liver... Shame on you...
Ton-Ifie Shalom
Ton-Ifie Shalom Prije 7 dana
When you finally come out of quarantine. 👇 Watch the entrance
DSP Prije 7 dana
I never knew Ric flair was that funny
kreativeasylum jh
kreativeasylum jh Prije 7 dana
Loved this one! Good for you Mr. Heat oh its heart ohh its Hart.
Anthony Welford
Anthony Welford Prije 8 dana
U would think kevin would b use to the water by now
pijbdhfj lknol
pijbdhfj lknol Prije 8 dana
nature boy STYLIN' AND PROFILIN' at 71 1/2. one for us old guys.
Mack Singletary
Mack Singletary Prije 8 dana
Pelican bay! Lmfao
Abe Harry
Abe Harry Prije 8 dana
We need the rock on here!!
soulbrotherlegendary Prije 8 dana
Whooooo This was a Classic
angel lozano
angel lozano Prije 8 dana
You need shack Snoop Green Trump
angel lozano
angel lozano Prije 8 dana
Anybody has a the link of the video
angel lozano
angel lozano Prije 8 dana
A legend and some comedian
JrodTM tilwedie
JrodTM tilwedie Prije 8 dana
The Rock, glencliff high/woodbine in the house
Andrea Eve
Andrea Eve Prije 8 dana
black people lost today... omfg i can't
EyeEye Kay
EyeEye Kay Prije 8 dana
"Geezz fam, Expression backk in the building, gang biznezz"
Harold Wilson
Harold Wilson Prije 8 dana
Iconic legend RF💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Maxwell Actual
Maxwell Actual Prije 8 dana
Kev barely got his knees wet Ric went scuba diving wtf is happening?
Damien Prije 8 dana
Get Dwayne Johnson
RSI Group
RSI Group Prije 8 dana
That was funny lol
J'Marcus Brooks
J'Marcus Brooks Prije 8 dana
That ending was hilarious 😂
NO HATE Prije 8 dana
For Rick Flair to be still relevant..just imagine in his heyday..He was THE MAN!
Travis Jeffrey
Travis Jeffrey Prije 8 sati
Vulgofanho Prije 4 dana
Ebrahim Musleh
Ebrahim Musleh Prije 6 dana
Eugene w
Eugene w Prije 7 dana
There is no,,WAS,,
Anthony Welford
Anthony Welford Prije 8 dana
My Tube
My Tube Prije 8 dana
Kevin, quit making these videos about just you bra. It’s annoying how good of a chance you create to have a great interview but you make it about you so much. Let your guest shine a bit.
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