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Over the weekend, the GOAT of comedy Dave Chappelle hosted another episode of Saturday Night Live and damn, it's what we needed. Kevin and the Plastic Cup Boyz talk about how he did and the process of what goes down when you actually have to host the show. All new episode of #StraightFromTheHart coming your way.
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Sara Mcgaha
Sara Mcgaha Prije 17 dana
Oh people are judgmental. Jealous?
Gabby Girma
Gabby Girma Prije mjesec
First dude is a hater!! Dave Chappelle is enlightening and FUNNY as hell. Stop hatin!!
Henny Hardaway
Henny Hardaway Prije mjesec
@7:34 he really hating on the low, he smooth wit it tho
Turd Sandwich
Turd Sandwich Prije mjesec
God dang right bow down. I wouldn’t recognize the plastic cup boys if they were wearing plastic cups
kay loc
kay loc Prije mjesec
Charlotte Wenzel
Charlotte Wenzel Prije mjesec
First guy is a hater. “Nervous”. Was part of the story, dopes. He was clearly “not” nervous. His (Dave’s) performance was brilliant. Kevin gets it.
Charles Moore
Charles Moore Prije mjesec
Dave wasn't nervous
Onyx Austin
Onyx Austin Prije mjesec
It was like 16 minute
redprincess36 Prije 2 mjeseci
I see some Chapelle haters around you Kev! What is with the time check? I wanted to hear more!
D. Martin
D. Martin Prije 2 mjeseci
Loved it💜power! Dave being himself 😊
Michael Beastly
Michael Beastly Prije 2 mjeseci
If only we got the results earlier so he had more time. Back to back emmys.
Tysnoop Williams
Tysnoop Williams Prije 2 mjeseci
Kevin Hart wants everybody to be like him a gopher a yes sir yes sir
karen shulman
karen shulman Prije 2 mjeseci
you look high Kevin
THE LOVE OF GOD Prije 2 mjeseci
Especially after Martin came there and said what he said 😂 snl be trynna make sure thing said appropriately
Tironda Demanya
Tironda Demanya Prije 2 mjeseci
Kev was high as heck.....
Dat Brotha K
Dat Brotha K Prije 2 mjeseci
Is Kevin high? 😤😤😤
Roscoe Doggy
Roscoe Doggy Prije 2 mjeseci
The Dave Chappelle we see now is NOT Dave Chappelle, he’s an imposter, an actor, not even close to the real Chappelle. Perhaps it’s Bokeem Woodbine. Even these guys are agreeing “he looked nervous” etc... but voice, cadence, body type, delivery, lack of his litany of voices, look... ALL OF IT is different now.
Roscoe Doggy
Roscoe Doggy Prije mjesec
@Turd Sandwich tru, probably not Woodbine,, but you have to admit, Chappelle is different - and is NOT acting like a comic during these interviews, not acting like himself, has a completely different soul. Perhaps he was reprogrammed - but I’m pretty certain he was replaced somehow. Look at his old interviews, his tone, what he was exposing (eg. Hollywood, suspicious of the money and what you gave up to get it) etc.. New guy seems like he’s just a spokesman for the elite’s agenda (divide and conquer). Even in Rogan’s podcast as a “surprise guest” he closes out with the question: “are you going to take the vaccine”... old Chappelle just wouldn’t do that. Lemme know what you think.
Turd Sandwich
Turd Sandwich Prije mjesec
Bro you off that loud pack or something. How is this random guy Dave chappelle?? I’ve heard the clone/imposter stuff too. I think you’re jumping at your own shadow on this one. Those haters are agreeing with nobody. Not even a clone of Dave chappelle would be able to perform anywhere near the way Dave chappelle performs. Plus your so called bokeem woodbine imposter of Dave chappelle just request and succeed in getting chappelles show pulled off Netflix because he still hasn’t been paid for his work. Why tf would that random guy being fighting for the real Dave chappelles shows and asking his fans not to watch his show on HBO max either? The mans changed since the early 2000s I don’t think the conspiracy fits for this one my guy
D. D.
D. D. Prije 2 mjeseci
Dave Chappelle is the greatest. Took some huge nuts to do what he did
Luke Aldrich
Luke Aldrich Prije 2 mjeseci
Goat ish for sure...
Josue166 Prije 2 mjeseci
We don't know it yet, but he's probably one of the best public speakers of our generation
Brian Marks
Brian Marks Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey, Wayne. SNL started late because the football game went into OT, so his monologue wasn't 26 min
Sx Barrett see
Sx Barrett see Prije 2 mjeseci
He wasn’t really nervous it was a Segway to the type of monologue he was about to do, he said that to create calmness in the audience then he could say what he wanted to. Fucking genius!!
Diane Marioana
Diane Marioana Prije 2 mjeseci
I admire Dave Chapelle he is a fine human,funny,smart.and real.
Tauheed Jermany
Tauheed Jermany Prije 2 mjeseci
Besides 1st sketch the ish was wack
m. topa
m. topa Prije 2 mjeseci
I don't know how long can you rely on your previous success , but really what he is doing lately is sad and I am starting to think that Dave is full of shi**. Honestly I am starting to lose respect for this man.
danullb Prije 2 mjeseci
Yep. Agreed.
Yvette Mckinzie
Yvette Mckinzie Prije 2 mjeseci
He was deliciously savage as only he can be!
C. Carter
C. Carter Prije 2 mjeseci
Dave is a comedian I respect because he’s not afraid to tell the truth. He does it so well that the truth has become his brand.
gloster sonia
gloster sonia Prije 2 mjeseci
all facts
ChikaLicious Dessert
ChikaLicious Dessert Prije 2 mjeseci
KH should do this podcast alone.
ChikaLicious Dessert
ChikaLicious Dessert Prije 2 mjeseci
First guy is a hater. “Nervous”. Was part of the story, dopes. He was clearly “not” nervous. His (Dave’s) performance was brilliant. Kevin gets it.
sparklesandseahorses Prije 2 mjeseci
I agree. I sensed the jealousy
big city
big city Prije 2 mjeseci
Once again Dave Chapple is ahead of his time. (or always was, hmm) Eventually, the ones who didn't laugh at first came around, the same thing will happen again...
Wolf Lord Bradley
Wolf Lord Bradley Prije 2 mjeseci
No cap, I wasn't feeling it. Just my opinion.
Jermon Green
Jermon Green Prije 2 mjeseci
Dave evolved into a satirist ?
- CYRUSS - Prije 2 mjeseci
The monologue was 16 minutes long.
Kay-Kay Brown
Kay-Kay Brown Prije 2 mjeseci
God Bless all ! Much success
Brian Griffin
Brian Griffin Prije 2 mjeseci
My favorite part was when he made it clear that he was pretty excited about white people dying from drug overdoses.... Twice. And then (!), as a punchline, said that he doesn't hate anybody! I spit out my drink! GOAT
BECAUSE I'M BATMAN Prije 2 mjeseci
I know Kevin Hart, who the other dudes?
A. WAL Prije 2 mjeseci
Dave is the top comedian of this generation period .
JSU Tigers
JSU Tigers Prije 2 mjeseci
DAVE SPOKE THE TRUTH!!!!!! 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
tylertxcritic Prije 2 mjeseci
Dave going Carlington old man style
DecemberBaby Prije 2 mjeseci
I loved it
James Friedman
James Friedman Prije 2 mjeseci
Yang Gang
Howard Cohen
Howard Cohen Prije 2 mjeseci
"Sold more times than my great grandfather" is funnier than a joke. "They don't have a problem with masks at the KKK meeting..." "Keep those racist white-boys locked at home - no more mass-killings..." Bull's-eye each time.
Mark Stevens
Mark Stevens Prije 2 mjeseci
You can't blame Lauren. It's a live show. Lauren been in the business for decades. I think there is a certain amount of trust with Lauren(though I know dude be sweatin' a lil).
Quantez Dort ch
Quantez Dort ch Prije 2 mjeseci
Wtf is y'all talking about, dave chappelle is funnier than all y'all when he talk people listen
Quantez Dort ch
Quantez Dort ch Prije 2 mjeseci
Dave chappelle is always confident his confidence is different from yours he speaks the truth instead of talking about relationships with your wife or girlfriend all the time and when he speaks it's the truth and it's funny
ru Jones
ru Jones Prije 2 mjeseci
Everybody saying the same thing be original
ru Jones
ru Jones Prije 2 mjeseci
Plus all comedians are not talking politics
Chad Pulaloma
Chad Pulaloma Prije 2 mjeseci
I see y'all are doing Damage control for ya boi!!!!! "Those Whites' 🤔
djhart25 Prije 2 mjeseci
I love Dave, and found the set funny.. but are we really calling him "brave" for making Trump jokes on SNL?
gula-gula getah sabah
gula-gula getah sabah Prije 2 mjeseci
@danullb oh? You didn't hear audience go "ooo0000". To us, maybe not but to network TV like SNL, that is controversial
danullb Prije 2 mjeseci
@gula-gula getah sabah uh... those are not sensitive topics.
krystal Prije 2 mjeseci
The SNL fan base & general TV style is not at all the typical fan base of Dave but he did not change himself/ presentation to suit the situation. That is what the "brave" is referring to.
gula-gula getah sabah
gula-gula getah sabah Prije 2 mjeseci
Not Trump jokes per se but "crazy white people" and "that's why women don't make as much as men". Those are considered sensitive statement in today's climate for comics
Mohammed Hemedy
Mohammed Hemedy Prije 2 mjeseci
Dave Chappelle is bigger than comedy.... he's a philosopher who knows how to be funny.
Sara Mcgaha
Sara Mcgaha Prije 17 dana
That’s why I love Dave and George Carlin.
10oneluv10 Prije 2 mjeseci
Chappelle was only in 2 sketches that whole episode. Something behind the scenes must have happened.
D H Prije 2 mjeseci
Sorry to throw salt* DC is definitely the GOAT of our generation and he has been unapologetic for years now. Hart, you buckled and wussed out about old postings. You had so much support to “nut” up about your past comments and in my eyes crapped the bed. You had the ability to transcend as DC exampled.
CYT Magazine TV
CYT Magazine TV Prije 2 mjeseci
He touched on a good amount of topics that need to be looked at differently. He is a phenomenal mind and I pray for his longevity as well as yours Kev.
H. Dregoes831
H. Dregoes831 Prije 2 mjeseci
Dude with red hat sounds like he sucks his thumb all the time
Live4 HIM
Live4 HIM Prije 2 mjeseci
Dave is not in bondage to anyone anymore or any company's contract. So much respect to be able to stand and subliminally say 'You Do Not Own Me'. Kind of think that is why some people don't like Kanye...people fear what and who they can't control
SILVABAK X Prije 2 mjeseci
CDSXCalibur Prije 2 mjeseci
Phenomenon. I want to do this
sam30296 Prije 2 mjeseci
Blauqkween Prije 2 mjeseci
I didn't care for his appearance and I am a big fan. I did like the Weekend Update.
Tony Law
Tony Law Prije 2 mjeseci
Kev we waitin on you to address RACISM
Jbaby82 Prije 2 mjeseci
Folks need to grow a spine, with all that’s been happening in 2020 Dave has always been edgy! This is nothing new, Dave killed it once again 🔥😂
danullb Prije 2 mjeseci
There was nothing edgy about Dave's monologue.
Nona Fleming
Nona Fleming Prije 2 mjeseci
Genius he is
justize365 Prije 2 mjeseci
So why are you Kevin hart , now you wanna do " no fucks given " , after Dave Chappelle so 🤷🏿‍♂️
Iris Cox
Iris Cox Prije 2 mjeseci
Dave Chappelle uses his intelligence to spread his messages in truth.
Hanshi Ray Torres
Hanshi Ray Torres Prije 2 mjeseci
16 minutes
Revbo Goldie
Revbo Goldie Prije 2 mjeseci
That sh**t was funny everybody talking all slow.
Lil Brah
Lil Brah Prije 2 mjeseci
Lmaooo I thought that was Corey Holcomb in the red hat
Nikki Smith
Nikki Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
What is this dude talking about?! Dave Chappelle is funny and profound.
Nikki Smith
Nikki Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
I feel some negative energy coming from these dudes. I feel hater energy, but not from Hart. Chappelle is a comedic genius.
Marcus Walton
Marcus Walton Prije 2 mjeseci
I didn’t get that energy at all. I’ve followed Dave Chapelle every since Def Comedy Jam. As far as the plastic cup boys. Naheem was just pointing out that he felt a little nervous. Even I recognize it. Which is why I had to rewatch several times. You have to understand that it was not a full audience and this SNL. (Hint Live T.V. ) take a look at the white faces of the band members. You can tell they didn’t like what he was saying. At one point the one white guy barely clapped. They are all comedians who have a lot of respect for Chapelle. I just did not see it as hate. But I do respectfully respect your opinion😂
LovelyDayOneDay Prije 2 mjeseci
I noticed the hater energy as well. Seems like jealousy because we don’t know who these guys are. They are literally just Kevin’s lackeys. Dave is a comedic genius who is more free than they will ever be. Why can’t they just respect that instead of being ultra critical?
RJCHOICE Prije 2 mjeseci
Aren't they like Kev's boys? Entourage?. They probably tryin to be careful not to bite the hand that feeds them.. you know some of these egos are off the scale.
LPenzel Prije 2 mjeseci
Martin Lawrence’s monologue on SNL got him banned. Lol. That prime time #1 tv sitcom Marty Marrr version. I’m still looking for that footage.
obolo78 Prije 2 mjeseci
give us a link .. cant see this maestro otherwise for some fucked up reason
Philip Deshazor
Philip Deshazor Prije 2 mjeseci
Wolf pack 🐕
Brent Williams
Brent Williams Prije 2 mjeseci
It’s like that because at this point it’s not comedy anymore it’s just the TRUTH and it’s uncomfortable to some
L C Prije 2 mjeseci
Dave Chapelle rocks.......
Pplla 78
Pplla 78 Prije 2 mjeseci
See how David smoking on SNL!? Enough said 😉
Tonio Chavel
Tonio Chavel Prije 2 mjeseci
I was saying the same thing like wtf!!!!!!Goat status
Sky Walker
Sky Walker Prije 2 mjeseci
Normally you guys have energy around topics, seems like some of you were nervous around his topics and did not have much to say let alone no jokes and no energy except for Kevin. That's funny to me, you all normally act like you don't care on the topics but not with what he said.
Ruga Mas
Ruga Mas Prije 2 mjeseci
He was trusted.
Ruga Mas
Ruga Mas Prije 2 mjeseci
cleve Apollo
cleve Apollo Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey Kevin are you going too address JT on comedy hype . Your fans want too know
martin hill
martin hill Prije 2 mjeseci
Maybe they just gave one of the goats what ever he wanted.
picious Prije 2 mjeseci
the smoking on the scene was wrong and disrespectful. , no one has a problem with that? really? nice ....
danullb Prije 2 mjeseci
oh ffs
picious Prije 2 mjeseci
@Quantez Dort ch which should be , "all have with it', as a right thing ! in a closed env. its bad to smoke, for EVERYBODY. Cancer kills all.
Quantez Dort ch
Quantez Dort ch Prije 2 mjeseci
You have a problem with it
Upstatebackwoods Prije 2 mjeseci
Guys like Dave Chappelle and Bill Burr are needed more than ever in a time like this. The hypocrisy these guys point out about society is fucking genius.
Faustina Taylor
Faustina Taylor Prije 2 mjeseci
allfamyankee85 Prije 2 mjeseci
If comedian loose the ability to tell the truth, this society will self destruct with this heightened sensitivity.
wingxzero978 Prije 2 mjeseci
Did we all watch the same episode? He was in only 2 sketches. I wanted to see more but I think a lot of sketches he did film weren't aired. I was disappointed. The aunt Jemima sketch was funny
Unknown knight
Unknown knight Prije 2 mjeseci
Dave Chappelle is the evolution of Richard Pryor, Chappelle is the greatest comedic storyteller since Pryor. Pryor was controlled by drugs and limited by the media machine of his day, Dave is free from that in a way Pryor could not be.
Bagrad Badalian
Bagrad Badalian Prije 2 mjeseci
Dave chappele is not about comedy anymore, he just wants to be himself, doin wtf he wants, he's the frank ocean of public speaking, if you dont get it, its fine, get used to it.
K Francis
K Francis Prije 2 mjeseci
Chappell was a comic on his show. He is now a social commentator and the truth of what he says makes you laugh at the irony of it all. Dave is on that short list that includes Katt Williams, Chris Rock, and of course the legend George Carlin.
Leori Blancher
Leori Blancher Prije 2 mjeseci
He doesn't have any picks, every1 gets it. I like Dave, he is real
Michael Cameron
Michael Cameron Prije 2 mjeseci
That Uncle Ben/Aunt Jemimah sketch was amazing
Audrey Layton
Audrey Layton Prije 2 mjeseci
Love you and your friends. Kevin you rock!
Patrick Otaweke
Patrick Otaweke Prije 2 mjeseci
When is SNL putting it on HRpost ?
Mr. Know-it-all
Mr. Know-it-all Prije 2 mjeseci
Dave doesn’t give a F*CK!! I love how uncomfortable he made that crowd with truth. Those people were like what K. Hart would say “I’m not ready.”
Alex Ortiz
Alex Ortiz Prije 2 mjeseci
Them Plastic Cup F Boys Don't Know What The Hell They Talking About.
Tavonna McKenzie
Tavonna McKenzie Prije 2 mjeseci
I love how Kevin can talk about how great chapelle is but don’t have the guts to address the same issues that involve his people. Corny little man
Bronxgirl67 M
Bronxgirl67 M Prije 2 mjeseci
It was 16:36 minutes long, Dave Chappelle is GENIUS!!
c k
c k Prije 2 mjeseci
The man is brilliant. Best in the game
Vincent Greene
Vincent Greene Prije 2 mjeseci
A person with knowledge ... Will always be considerd a threat.
G Fears
G Fears Prije 2 mjeseci
Theseeee guys critiquing Dave Chappelle? Nahhhhhhhhhhhh couldn’t be
Termall Williams
Termall Williams Prije 2 mjeseci
Chappelle is a mission to separate himself from the norm. The truth will always be offensive to them who welcome lies in place of TRUTH.
ELBO DARNELL Prije 2 mjeseci
It was 17 mins monologue and dropped the N word like what lol
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