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If you could take a pill to give you whatever you wanted without knowing the side effects, would you do it? Kevin talks about how the Netflix show Containment is similar to life and the Plastic Cup Boyz roast when a joke goes south. Here's the latest edition of Straight from the (Zoom)Hart for you. #SiriusXM #Channel96
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Enasa Jackson
Enasa Jackson Prije 24 dana
KEV SOoOOOO GLAD U GOT this PLATFORM 💖💯🎙️🎧.....but that SNOW🤙 doesn't let them CUM.....THATS A PROBLEM 4ME😢
Alison Gardner
Alison Gardner Prije 3 mjeseci
Things are stretched but we got COVID-19!!!! jus saying🤷
Shalon Rivers
Shalon Rivers Prije 5 mjeseci
I guess Harry doesn’t believe in “POPULATION CONTROL “either
Shawan Shenek
Shawan Shenek Prije 5 mjeseci
The Movie OutBreak movie from 1995 which is about infectious disease just like today
Dan Berger
Dan Berger Prije 5 mjeseci
Harry is cooking hahahahah
Shante’ M.
Shante’ M. Prije 5 mjeseci
Sometimes when I’m alone I go in my kitchen turn the light off lay in the floor and pretend I’m a crumb
MANSA Musa Prije mjesec
Ms Cherry
Ms Cherry Prije 6 mjeseci
I try to watch 'Containment' but they took it off Netflix.
Rivvvaaa 0117
Rivvvaaa 0117 Prije 6 mjeseci
That’s called cocaine !!! 🤣🤣🤣
Big Red
Big Red Prije 6 mjeseci
Also watch “ The Strain”
Sophia Baine
Sophia Baine Prije 6 mjeseci
I loved that show containment, I hated that it only had one season.
Yulian L. Tang
Yulian L. Tang Prije 6 mjeseci
My dad cut my hair😂 I got the same head as an onion 🧅
Alison Gardner
Alison Gardner Prije 3 mjeseci
Ace K
Ace K Prije 6 mjeseci
It’s a show named Limitless on Netflix that’s exactly like what they’re talking about. It’s dope asf too I binged that whole series during quarantine lol.
MANSA Musa Prije mjesec
U fine
Tom Tom
Tom Tom Prije 6 mjeseci
@kevin to expand on your 'containment show' argument; we (the dutch) created a fictional scenario in 2003 during the SARS outbreak, created by dutch scientists to sort of 'wargame' against any virus that we don't have resistance-cells for in our immunesystem. That fictional scenario played out a series of events occuring during and after that virus would've struck our healthcare system. It set the scene for 2020. Now we can go conspiracy-theorist style or we can just accept that scientists made a prediction and they were right; and politicians ignored their warnings. Then you eventually get a virus thats going to prove the scientists right. They expected it to happen; politicians ignored. They warned again a few years later; more ignorance from politicians because it was a 1 in a 1000 chance it'd happen. This is why you need to elect leaders/senators that have a basic understanding of such things so they won't react like Trump or various other government leaders out there; otherwise you get politicians valueing Economy more than the Lives that keep the Economy alive. Without Lives/people you won't have an economy. Without an Economy you will still have Lives/people given you provide them with food, water, shelter and basic healthcare guarantees without fees. Don't get yourself in the virus-crosshairs; many have died in europe; many more will in America because of your (type of) government. :(
1stplace2nd Prije 6 mjeseci
Actually the film Contagion is way more precise when it comes to what’s happening now.
Sophia Baine
Sophia Baine Prije 6 mjeseci
1stplace2nd that’s a good movie. Scary AF!!
Polly Boy
Polly Boy Prije 6 mjeseci
Bill Gates owns the company that created the virus . Now he's pushing for everyone to take the vaccine which he also owns . Do the math .
Malis Wade
Malis Wade Prije 6 mjeseci
This show is great. I laughed out loud watching this😁😂😂👏👏 thank you All💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 laughter is the key too happiness!
Malcolm Andrews
Malcolm Andrews Prije 6 mjeseci
They sold the bats at the wet market.
J. Prije 6 mjeseci
I JUST mentioned the zombie-like behavior to a friend a few days ago.
BMitch Enterprise
BMitch Enterprise Prije 6 mjeseci
I know the audio of these episodes are available via SiriusXM....HOWEVER, it’ll be dope to get to watch the full episode in video form/video recording exactly like this. I would be able to enjoy the show even more if I can actually watch them vs. just listening to them. Hopefully they can make it happen. If these are already available, please let me know where I can find them 🙏🏾
RailLovely 1216
RailLovely 1216 Prije 6 mjeseci
Containment is sooooo close to what's happening to now, beside the terrible blood craze mental moment when the individuals die. How the virus was created, how some people are immune, the reaction from the people... Out of all the Virus Crazy Films or Shows this is the closet.
Situation vlogs
Situation vlogs Prije 6 mjeseci
I love your show it is honestly so amazing I really enjoy watching your videos 🌴🔥please help me out here🔥
Exist N Nature Media
Exist N Nature Media Prije 6 mjeseci
No one really knows shyt, even when we think we do.
Lucas Meneses
Lucas Meneses Prije 6 mjeseci
Gracias por los subtítulos
Kenneth Smith
Kenneth Smith Prije 6 mjeseci
Truly, this s**^ is exactly like 'containment' 😷😷 and I've been saying that for a minute!!!!
mnhiggins Prije 6 mjeseci
look up who owns the patent on the vaccine
Lamar Anderson
Lamar Anderson Prije 6 mjeseci
I watch it the first when we was shutdown
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley Prije 6 mjeseci
Reoccardo Mumba
Reoccardo Mumba Prije 6 mjeseci
Wayne: Kev only fun cause his short!😂😂😂
DetailXPerts Prije 6 mjeseci
Liked the vid as soon as it plays. Kev is just funny 100% What's the first thing you'd do after taking that limitless pill?
Billdolladrmz_ B
Billdolladrmz_ B Prije 6 mjeseci
Containment Was So Close To Whats Going On It Was Kinda Scary , Definitely Wanted A Season 2
Percs On Da Beat
Percs On Da Beat Prije 6 mjeseci
This is my first time hearing about it. Imma definitely check it out.
Kandice Mitchell
Kandice Mitchell Prije 6 mjeseci
I'll take the Limitless pill
Kandice Mitchell
Kandice Mitchell Prije 6 mjeseci
Containment is a really good series
kenneth price
kenneth price Prije 6 mjeseci
Tuskegee experiments is documented, they only experimented on black men for like 40 years. So of course the government don't mind to experiment on people, especially black people
BLUE COUTURE Prije 6 mjeseci
Theres the movie Containment... and there's Contagion... in Contangion on Amazon video(where i watched it)the bats were dieing from a virus and the pigs ate them(they happen to fall where the pigs were) we humans ingested pork and it was the start of an epidemic
Gladys Padilla
Gladys Padilla Prije 6 mjeseci
AUTOMATIC LIKE! thank you for this ... thank you for doing this ... you all are on point! who's driving these ideas for entertainment ... it's feeding me!
Ca Be
Ca Be Prije 6 mjeseci
The thing that kills me...who in the heck is "they"? Who is the man that made this stuff? And if we live in a world of supervillains then who's on the opposing side?
Tywanna Grice
Tywanna Grice Prije 6 mjeseci
Sickle Cell Anemia came about because of a vaccine they created for Malaria that’s why ppl with Sickle Cell can’t get Malaria but that vaccine they created turned into a whole disease and killed millions over the generations!!
RDC - Profondeur TV
RDC - Profondeur TV Prije 6 mjeseci
Kevin you're full of life, love it. Please keep up!
Brotha Phillip
Brotha Phillip Prije 6 mjeseci
Reminds me of hanging around the older crowd of my family and friends. While they playing dominoes and hold 40s
Kween Ke84
Kween Ke84 Prije 6 mjeseci
I love Harry!!!!!
KT so solid
KT so solid Prije 6 mjeseci
All of these dudes are straight off the dome funny!!!
Bill Louis
Bill Louis Prije 6 mjeseci
I Love the show but is this show censored or not because whomever is doing the editing really sucks at it.
O.G. Shy
O.G. Shy Prije 6 mjeseci
It's only a theory until it's proven fact. You can look at the history of the US and all of the declassified material. The Tuskegee experiments is one example.
Rockn Out
Rockn Out Prije 6 mjeseci
Kevin Hart's wine glass is taller than him.
Rockn Out
Rockn Out Prije 6 mjeseci
Spank: How much is that check for a guinea pig? It's hard times out here. 🤣
Alison Gardner
Alison Gardner Prije 3 mjeseci
Eric Magnetics
Eric Magnetics Prije 6 mjeseci
It was a bat and armadillo on top in the wet markets got it from a source can't say lol for real though
Jourdan X
Jourdan X Prije 6 mjeseci
Yall be acting simple.
Rockn Out
Rockn Out Prije 6 mjeseci
The writers of The Simpsons are obviously from the future.
If You Know, You Know.
If You Know, You Know. Prije 6 mjeseci
Hell nah
Rockn Out
Rockn Out Prije 6 mjeseci
Podcast culture making our entertainers go independent.
Rada Salim
Rada Salim Prije 6 mjeseci
You are funny
Tom Cruze
Tom Cruze Prije 6 mjeseci
Waynes shoes collection 🔥🔥
Rada Salim
Rada Salim Prije 6 mjeseci
I from iraq What is the name of the actor? I forgot his name
Monkydollqueen 69
Monkydollqueen 69 Prije 6 mjeseci
Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see.
Brandon Malone
Brandon Malone Prije 6 mjeseci
Only if it's in ya face
Percs On Da Beat
Percs On Da Beat Prije 6 mjeseci
That statement has been true since day ONE.
Hooked on Kicks
Hooked on Kicks Prije 6 mjeseci
Harry must have never heard of Tuskegee experiment
Exotic Lifestyles
Exotic Lifestyles Prije 6 mjeseci
Limitless pill, hell yeah. I don't even need to think about it. Use all that brain to figure out how to live beyond the side effects later. Give me my NZT right daphuq now!!!!!
Exotic Lifestyles
Exotic Lifestyles Prije 6 mjeseci
He worked out the kinks in the last part of the movie.
Connor Wise
Connor Wise Prije 6 mjeseci
5 hour energy
Brookie Taylor!
Brookie Taylor! Prije 6 mjeseci
Yes early
Music GameMix
Music GameMix Prije 6 mjeseci
Interesting video my friend! Thanks for sharing the good video. Appreciate your great channel, Always coming up with the best and good one, Thumps up 👍 BIG LIKE👍👍
NopeNot4It Prije 6 mjeseci
100% of my brain, not taking it. The side effects are way too unknown.
Cooli Highh
Cooli Highh Prije 6 mjeseci
I’d take that limitless pill once or twice no cap
gabi lynn
gabi lynn Prije 6 mjeseci
Bro. Tolliver
Bro. Tolliver Prije 6 mjeseci
I had no idea Ken has 4.5 MILLION subscribers. Dayum where have I been.
Cy Clones
Cy Clones Prije 6 mjeseci
I agree the movie comes out then it happens ! Seems coincidental I think not 🤔
Tyron Prije 6 mjeseci
it is
Javere Lopez
Javere Lopez Prije 6 mjeseci
my hair is longer than this quarantine
Rzlick official
Rzlick official Prije 6 mjeseci
Piss on Apple podcast
Dylan Nord
Dylan Nord Prije 6 mjeseci
Yall got a haircut🤣🤣🤣
Karam Yassen
Karam Yassen Prije 6 mjeseci
I’m a big fan
tamara paauw
tamara paauw Prije 6 mjeseci
love ...SFTH.....love vibes
Levi Prije 6 mjeseci
I love limitless
Urban Boys US
Urban Boys US Prije 6 mjeseci
Don’t lie who’s been a fan of Lol Network before 2020?😇” (ɪ’ᴍ ɢɪ𝙵ᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ 𝚂ᴜʙ𝚂 ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ ᴡ/ɴᴏᴛɪs)🎉
Celina Jewett jones
Celina Jewett jones Prije 6 mjeseci
Mariha Imtizam
Mariha Imtizam Prije 6 mjeseci
Nandini Singh
Nandini Singh Prije 6 mjeseci
U r really funny kevin
Juice Matthew
Juice Matthew Prije 6 mjeseci
This video has more views than I have in all my videos # plzzz subscribe to me channel
richard omara
richard omara Prije 6 mjeseci
he high as a kite
ChickenStrips Prije 6 mjeseci
Lmao this is so stupid I love it
José Manuel Cab Paau
José Manuel Cab Paau Prije 6 mjeseci
lil eddy
lil eddy Prije 6 mjeseci
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