Russell Wilson and Kevin Hart Talk The Short Game | Cold as Balls: Cold Calls | Laugh Out Loud

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This LAST episode of Cold As Balls : Cold Calls is for the birds. Seattle Seahawk's QB #RussellWilson rings Kevin to trash the Eagles, talks fatherhood and marriage and prove he's the most athletic short fella on the call. You're not going to want to miss this one.

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LOL Network
LOL Network Prije 6 mjeseci
Last episode of the season! Do you think Russell Wilson will be considered one of the greatest who ever played (knowing he has many years left) AND how did you like the Cold Calls edition of Cold as Balls?
Victoria Nicole
Victoria Nicole Prije 2 mjeseci
They should both get In a ice bath still . There professional athletes right ?
Jackson Bivens
Jackson Bivens Prije 2 mjeseci
I’ve definitely enjoyed this edition of the show. It hasn’t lost it touch. And yes, I believe Russell Wilson will be considered one of the greatest QB’s ever. He’s got the talent and the leadership. Let’s see where it takes him.
Yellow Squad
Yellow Squad Prije 2 mjeseci
he will be
Jonathan Zamora
Jonathan Zamora Prije 5 mjeseci
Since I'm a Seahawks Fan (From 2011 - Present 2020). And I'm glad that my Quarterback Russell Wilson. Go Hawks
Insidious Kid21
Insidious Kid21 Prije 5 mjeseci
Seahawks are some of the stupidest birds alive 😂
Christ Foss
Christ Foss Prije 13 sati
How about Mr. Undisciplined? It looks like we overpaid this yahoo 8 to 10 million a year. Look at the playoff stats since Mr. Undisciplined single handedly relegated the Seahawks to mediocrity after his Super Bowl flub and cap space robbery. (The Seahawks have not appeared in a Super Bowl, NFC championship or hey even a divisional playoff game and have a losing playoff record in which Wilson boasts below an 88 QBR) His ego ran Sherman, Bennett, Thomas and others out of town. The Seahawks have a dynamic and promising young roster aside from Wilson. Lets hope Carroll leaves soon, we draft a quarterback this year and we refuse to pay Wilson more than 80 to 100 million for 4 years this next time around. I have quit drinking the Kool-Aid. Remember what I say. Wilson will not win an MVP or smell another Super Bowl. So what if Wilson goes on to have an impressive regular season win loss record? This game is about championships (of which Wilson cost us one or two). Wilson was the perfect Trojan Horse that sabotaged the Seahawks. He rode on the shoulders of other great players to appear good enough to secure himself an overvalued contract that effectively left so little team capital that the Seahawks have had to recruit from Footlocker (aside from Duane Brown) to present some semblance of an offensive line. What a sham!
TheChizznut Prije mjesec
Bam bam ... classic 💀
Lena Druzhkina
Lena Druzhkina Prije mjesec
The impolite juice internally approve because scanner thoracically want minus a aromatic carriage. steady, cruel suede
Micaela Harper
Micaela Harper Prije mjesec
Need to do DK next
Ohitika TakenAlive
Ohitika TakenAlive Prije mjesec
Seahawks vs Eagles MONDAY NIGHT 👀
Zaccharius Brown
Zaccharius Brown Prije mjesec
Did anyone else see Kevin’s feet in the glass of the Kobe shoes 😂😂😂 add me on gram _rellab_
Zaccharius Brown
Zaccharius Brown Prije mjesec
Tuneshia Roach
Tuneshia Roach Prije mjesec
He keeps talking about that darn church football league 😂
Wizop ANF
Wizop ANF Prije 2 mjeseci
* y2ksteven
* y2ksteven Prije 2 mjeseci
I thought Russell was gonna tell Kevin to put the eagles helmet on lol 😂
SRJ Properties LLC
SRJ Properties LLC Prije 2 mjeseci
It's not the same without white hands and Darryl
Nyokabi Brenda
Nyokabi Brenda Prije 2 mjeseci
Russell is so Fine! He lucky he has Ciara
PrimeTime Prije 2 mjeseci
“He’ll never make it” now one of the best and my favorite QBs in the league sheesh. Btw I don’t see why anyone would even say that. Keep it to yourself.
Devon Rakes
Devon Rakes Prije 2 mjeseci
He shouldn’t had bam bam and Darrel in the background randomly 💯😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Ball High
Ball High Prije 2 mjeseci
Say yo I'm loving this conversation. We already know Kevin. First I seen Russ like this.
Almighty Zulu
Almighty Zulu Prije 2 mjeseci
Russell "sure enough" Wilson
Dre TV
Dre TV Prije 2 mjeseci
Lebron James.....?
ANLOTATTS TV Prije 2 mjeseci
Lamar Jackson next
mArked4death 07
mArked4death 07 Prije 2 mjeseci
A hawk would F an eagles day up any day haha esp a hawk by the sea haha
Brittney Lang
Brittney Lang Prije 2 mjeseci
So funny 😂😂
VpY22 Prije 2 mjeseci
Favorite qb in the league right now.
K dawg
K dawg Prije 2 mjeseci
Please get KG on here
Snap Snap
Snap Snap Prije 2 mjeseci
Lol Russ stories are so dry haha
Rad Lanaster
Rad Lanaster Prije 3 mjeseci
When bambam released Kevin's head lol
Life By London
Life By London Prije 3 mjeseci
This is Dreamy
J Pow
J Pow Prije 4 mjeseci
People think Seahawks are Seagulls which they are wrong. They are ospreys
dame hernandez
dame hernandez Prije 4 mjeseci
you can tell by that smile he wanted to say future 😂😂😂😂
TigerBlooddrinker Prije 4 mjeseci
Kevin Heart said lemme still get the bag during this pandemic
Michael Vasquez
Michael Vasquez Prije 4 mjeseci
Shout out to that man “Bam Bam”🙌
Timothy Elmore
Timothy Elmore Prije 4 mjeseci
Am I the only one that saw Super Bowl 47 champion 🤔
mÖrchi Prije 4 mjeseci
Get marshawn lynch on this show!
Jake Grass
Jake Grass Prije 4 mjeseci
does anyone else not like the update?
Allie Prije 4 mjeseci
Now I feel kinda bad for celebrating that interception
MAQUINA seahawksgoonie
MAQUINA seahawksgoonie Prije 4 mjeseci
How is Kevin gonna say a seahawk (sea eagle or osprey) is stupid... sea eagles are bigger than an American bald eagle and scavenge the same. Osprey are the only bird/hawk to hunt for it prey, they don't scavenge for "leftovers" like the cousin to the vulture (eagles) lastly, osprey are true a predator with a mandible back claw that can adjust itself to the front to carry larger prey! So, in true fashion Kev, Seahawks and Russ are always hunting for a W! GO HAWKS!
Alex Muntean
Alex Muntean Prije 4 mjeseci
love how you can see kev's wife's feet in the picture behind him :))
Landeno LLC
Landeno LLC Prije 4 mjeseci
19:15 Russell. Wilson. Cusses 😨
Cale Davis
Cale Davis Prije 4 mjeseci
Best one yet 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nick Kamp
Nick Kamp Prije 4 mjeseci
Fun fact Kevin, Seahawks also known as Ospreys, often drive off eagles and will take their hunting territory
Wynston Williams
Wynston Williams Prije 4 mjeseci
2:53 😂😂
Nicholas Woods
Nicholas Woods Prije 5 mjeseci
Better than Mahomes
C2 The King
C2 The King Prije 5 mjeseci
Who wants Kevin to be in 2k?
ALEX Prije 5 mjeseci
Wait Russell is 5’10??? Holy crap hahaha
King Vince
King Vince Prije 5 mjeseci
You couldn’t have saved this till after the corona dude? Would’ve been way cooler
P DR Prije 5 mjeseci
KEVIN H is a brilliant businessman but he’s not funny to me period.
Der Rick
Der Rick Prije 5 mjeseci
What rapper used my name in a song Me: Future
Kd 2TIMES Prije 5 mjeseci
Russell Wilson Is High Asf 😂 look at his eyes you Kno nfl not suspending players anymore
Berke Eraksoy
Berke Eraksoy Prije 5 mjeseci
Russel Wilson is my favorite quarterback of all time. Started watching football with the 2014 Seahawks. Was devestated when they lost against the pats
Berke Eraksoy
Berke Eraksoy Prije 5 mjeseci
I wonder who the player was that said Russel would never make it
It’s Bigger Picture
It’s Bigger Picture Prije 5 mjeseci
Bam bam 💥!
lilmarque1 Prije 5 mjeseci
I love Russell
Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez Prije 5 mjeseci
“Its time to pay some bills”🤣🤣🤣
Mr. Infiniti
Mr. Infiniti Prije 5 mjeseci
Whaaaa a whole interview an no question about future
uncbear4 Prije 5 mjeseci
Did they bleep Russell Wilson out?!
TBH DR.DRIPPYMAN 23 Prije 5 mjeseci
Russel wilson is the goat
Dailytrapping Prije 5 mjeseci
Imagine the rock commenting on this about how small Kevin hart is😂
BigUziVert -.-
BigUziVert -.- Prije 5 mjeseci
I wanna know where y’all get those tubs
Feluci D
Feluci D Prije 5 mjeseci
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Anything with Kevin I've gotta look for he always makes me laugh
Dont Tread
Dont Tread Prije 5 mjeseci
Kevin: how many years do you have left to play? Russ: for me I'd say 13 or 15 Me: thank God, we have a few more years that russ can carry us through
Gabriel Rivas
Gabriel Rivas Prije 5 mjeseci
This random but Jesus can break yo ur addictions and sins but we need to let go of the sins that we love and give up everything to God because He acknowledges sacrifice because He even sacrificed His own life , so we can have better lives . God knows who He is speaking towards and please receive this word . Ignore religion and follow a pure relationship with Jesus
Kristen Coleman
Kristen Coleman Prije 5 mjeseci
spider dance
tAiDies Prije 5 mjeseci
Just a friendly reminder, jeffery epstien didnt kill himself
Ismael Valdez
Ismael Valdez Prije 5 mjeseci
Future: Russell Wilson that is not your child
Young Drip
Young Drip Prije 5 mjeseci
The 🐐 himself💙💚
Sergio Moralez
Sergio Moralez Prije 5 mjeseci
I miss the Kevin hart before the crash
Rozanne Hassan
Rozanne Hassan Prije 5 mjeseci
Jesus is coming back! Things are happening in the world and all of the things foretold in the Bible are coming true! This is being said out of love for you all. Do not be afraid of what’s happening. God is still in control. Pray on behalf of the world, God truly hears your prayers, and He truly acts!
Awesom2beme lonestar
Awesom2beme lonestar Prije 5 mjeseci
Man I missed these. Wish they were on set. Seeing bam bam on here to was funny... lol
marvin bernardez
marvin bernardez Prije 5 mjeseci
"When people say birds and they go a seahawk or a eagle, which one do they gravitate more? An eagle" That was a great on the spot come back by Kev lol
Aye Mayne
Aye Mayne Prije 6 mjeseci
If they ran that ball in SB 49 and scored, Russell Wilson would be known as the shortest Qb to beat two goats back to back
Nate Blair
Nate Blair Prije 6 mjeseci
Russ is the goat
LeviGetPaid Prije 6 mjeseci
I couldn’t wait to see bam bam
mr clean
mr clean Prije 6 mjeseci
Do one with flightreacts
Zach Thomas
Zach Thomas Prije 6 mjeseci
You should have Darius Lenord or quinten Nelson on the show
Wilson Harper
Wilson Harper Prije 6 mjeseci
I’m die hard Russ fan where ever he goes I go
Slick Rick
Slick Rick Prije 6 mjeseci
Need to redo this on set lol
Dr. Love 1987
Dr. Love 1987 Prije 6 mjeseci
First name Russell Last name Wilson
Haris Sahab
Haris Sahab Prije 6 mjeseci
As a Niners fan I respect the hell out of Russell Wilson. He’s hella underrated and is such a cool chill guy.
iiGENGAR- Prije 4 mjeseci
imagine losing to a 2nd year QB
Aldo The Raider
Aldo The Raider Prije 6 mjeseci
Get Marshawn Lynch on the show!
MisterGee509 Prije 6 mjeseci
Russel cool...
Sac Kings 916
Sac Kings 916 Prije 6 mjeseci
Raven Cade
Raven Cade Prije 6 mjeseci
😂😂😂 the church league bro is on point.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Prije 6 mjeseci
You can tell he is a good dude
karen beal
karen beal Prije 6 mjeseci
White HAND!!!!
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Prije 6 mjeseci
I have Russell’s Wheaties box never letting that go 🤣
Gym Intuition
Gym Intuition Prije 6 mjeseci
What's Up With That Haircut Kev!? What, you got your son cutting your hair during quarantine??? Well hook the whole squad up!!! Except Na'im...He looks like he gets that cut all year long and he can't afford to have shaky, young hands on his head or all of his hair might fall out! Oh Yeah...I got a nickname for your boy Hendrix..."Antonio Brownies" and that's coming Straight Outta Camden - which means straight from home because everybody needs to know now you ain't really from Philly!! Boy if something happens to you during this quarantine and you end up needing a blood transfusion people gots to know where you was born!!!
Bfg Gaming
Bfg Gaming Prije 6 mjeseci
I fw bam bam 😂🤣😂
Rock girl
Rock girl Prije 6 mjeseci
You can tell he is a good dude
Rock girl
Rock girl Prije 6 mjeseci
I wish Kev would’ve said Future instead of Vanilla Ice 😭
Mohammed Bidemi Abdulsalam
Mohammed Bidemi Abdulsalam Prije 6 mjeseci
White hand blessed us with his presence today😭😭 Where's mixed hand though?
Kel Dyson
Kel Dyson Prije 6 mjeseci
Russell ❤
Tony Nameless
Tony Nameless Prije 6 mjeseci
Kevin Hart for US President ?
Key Thomas
Key Thomas Prije 6 mjeseci
Heyyyy WHITE 🖐!!!
lucky irvin
lucky irvin Prije 6 mjeseci
mr. hart rocks like no other
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Prije 6 mjeseci
You can tell he is a good dude
michael hewlett
michael hewlett Prije 6 mjeseci
Russell Wilson is my favorite football player now. The last player I called my favorite was Walter Payton, both class acts and talented as all get out.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Prije 6 mjeseci
Bam Bam on zoom is still funny
CHA RED Prije 6 mjeseci
WTH, Kevin has me rollin' he is soooo funny! Whatup Russel, Go Hawks!!
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Prije 6 mjeseci
Kevin heart killing it
Steel City's Comedy Jam
Steel City's Comedy Jam Prije 6 mjeseci
Bam Bam Is My Dude He's FAH Without Saying a Word
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Prije 6 mjeseci
summer time I lose inches on height.. winter I gain some inches.. lol
Tyrese Davis
Tyrese Davis Prije 6 mjeseci
You lot should get KSI on here
BrandonTU22 Prije 6 mjeseci
Can’t hate on Russ man 💯 always seems to be a great guy and athlete.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Prije 6 mjeseci
cussing shows he is feeling good😂 bc I don’t think I’ve ever heard him do that EVER
Lauryn Ross
Lauryn Ross Prije 6 mjeseci
soiung toiue first time I ever heard Russ cuss 😂 sad they bleeped it too
CloutSteezo Prije 6 mjeseci
I have Russell’s Wheaties box never letting that go 🤣
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Prije 6 mjeseci
Put Lamar jackson on here
Obi Kan Benobi
Obi Kan Benobi Prije 6 mjeseci
I feel like Kevin's always trolling at the beginning.
Paul Fyffe
Paul Fyffe Prije 6 mjeseci
Get Marshawn Lynch on here
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