Childhood Memories, Cheesesteaks and the Debate | Straight from the Hart | Laugh Out Loud Network

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The Plastic Cup Boys lead today's show talking about Harry's childhood and discuss which Philly cheesesteak place is actually the best and spoiler: it's not what you are thinking. Also, Spank let's the guys know the debates are about to kick-off and the Boyz have some thoughts about it. Be sure to register to vote! All-new #StraightFromTheHart coming your way!
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Hizze Mills
Hizze Mills Prije 14 dana
Harry my guy!
kentrock Prije 21 dan
Wayne always mad😂
shadynine Prije 26 dana
Harry is half ______?
Slim Gordon
Slim Gordon Prije 26 dana
Paganos went down smh
GLOVEMMM Prije 27 dana
They look so happy when Kevin not on here 💯
Kev Tv
Kev Tv Prije 27 dana
Those drops are hilarious
alimuh007 Prije 27 dana
Caribbean Queen!!!
Keanu Pitt
Keanu Pitt Prije 27 dana
Was Na’im on fubu street snaps back in the day? Edit: Nevermind, I just saw a video on comedy hype confirming it. I just knew that face
Karem Flowers
Karem Flowers Prije 27 dana
I love when rich people talk about how dumb they was in school 😄😄
Leori Blancher
Leori Blancher Prije 27 dana
Maxs is bangin. But remember the muslim spot near Cheltenham mall. They had the best fish jawns as well
Leori Blancher
Leori Blancher Prije 26 dana
@tracy wells that used to b a nice spot as well. A lot has changed. Is dwights still open off Erie
tracy wells
tracy wells Prije 26 dana
Yeah they been gone over a decade like the oak lane dinner
Leori Blancher
Leori Blancher Prije 26 dana
Ty Tracy. I was upset when i came back and was told they were gone
tracy wells
tracy wells Prije 27 dana
Nash Bearden
Nash Bearden Prije 27 dana
Me and my brother had a Afro lol like you guys just shared lol
James Broome
James Broome Prije 27 dana
Lol Wayne keep everyone in check.
The Big Jawhdin Podcast
The Big Jawhdin Podcast Prije 27 dana
podding with a wife beater on is wild lol
Wealthbuilderz TV
Wealthbuilderz TV Prije 27 dana
He took 3 months off to live life?
Richard Rice
Richard Rice Prije 28 dana
"Waffle House" 😭😂😂😂😂
Ash Ed
Ash Ed Prije 28 dana
Joey kills me with the “Caribbean Queen” ever so often since they let him open when Harry was gone 😂
Kruise Kontrol
Kruise Kontrol Prije 28 dana
South is not the only place racist, its everywhere
Tommy husband
Tommy husband Prije 28 dana
How can I get a PCB cap
Tommy husband
Tommy husband Prije 28 dana
How can I get a PCB cap
Rachi Prije 28 dana
When people speak as if there is no hope it fuels the belief that our vote doesn't count. The only way things change is if we vote. We have seen his beliefs. It is someone else's turn. They count on us to be hopeless and not vote for the easy win. Voting is more than who is the President. Remember the president appointments people who make policies and lead organizations utilized by everybody.
Alex Nicole
Alex Nicole Prije 28 dana
Gawk !!!! Learned something new hahah
Robert Williams
Robert Williams Prije 28 dana
Someone needs a class in etymology...
Josh Jacob
Josh Jacob Prije 28 dana
To all those demotivated and feels that Trump is going to win this term too then let me tell it all depends on us. Like joey said there is more of liberals than conservatives so we if we decide to go out and vote, biden's victory is a done deal.
thegodinhere Prije 28 dana
Did Wayne go on a football scholarship?
kevin e-anaba
kevin e-anaba Prije 27 dana
naw he went on a burger king scholarship
F1 77
F1 77 Prije 28 dana
Where da heck is Kevin?????!
Richart Jacobs
Richart Jacobs Prije 28 dana
Still good without Kevin 😆
CB 2 Smoove
CB 2 Smoove Prije 27 dana
The fact that you have to say that means it’s not.
King David
King David Prije 28 dana
Blacks for trump 2020 💪🏾
Paranoid Civilian
Paranoid Civilian Prije 28 dana
Yo is right I’m from Baltimore and I definitely vacationed In philly did know that was looked down upon until I posted a few pictures on ig them fuckers attacked me calling me cheap and broke lol
True Son
True Son Prije 28 dana
No he not going to win.
Spirit Warrior
Spirit Warrior Prije 28 dana
I fucks with south side cheese steaks 💯💯💯 and their hot wings on GAWD 🤷🏾‍♀️♉️😎
Aileen Oliphant
Aileen Oliphant Prije 28 dana
You didnt mention how Kevin and his wife have just had there new baby. Girl or was this pod cast done before they had there baby 👍from. Glasgow Scotland
Aileen Oliphant
Aileen Oliphant Prije 27 dana
Thanks for answering that's ok best wishes from Glasgow Scotland 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Reinaldo Pessoa
Reinaldo Pessoa Prije 27 dana
Kevin likes mention his own news so they probably couldn't.
DewsRandom Prije 28 dana
the impures
Kayla Holleman
Kayla Holleman Prije 28 dana
Quality content everytime!
MrBuliths Prije 28 dana
Harry coming with it.. He said i took months off.. Harry said I had a collarbone.. 1 up manship on you Wayne.. check ✔ mate
Johnny Prije 28 dana
Hi I am your biggest fan
Addie Rose
Addie Rose Prije 28 dana
madog666 Prije 28 dana
Preach it
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