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Run the Jewels and Activist Killer Mike swung by last month during DL Uncut to talk with DL Hughley about how the Black community can get together and make the change we all need. Be sure to hang around to catch his hilarious story with 2 Chainz.
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Viv Pace
Viv Pace Prije 6 mjeseci
Peaceful sad never associated with or ascribed to protests of white ppl when they destroyed Black towns schools churches & businesses. "Peaceful" destroys the elements for change thru protests and defends the unwillingness of the offender.
Laz Noyb
Laz Noyb Prije 6 mjeseci
i understand wanting to listen to people that "look like" you. but i think it is dangerous to assume that just because someone shares a physical attribute with you, they have YOUR best interests at heart, or share your perspective, or even consider you an ally. i used to argue with feminists that talked about "safe spaces" of females only. as if the fact that someone has a pussy means they present no possible risk to another female. that is demonstrably not true. all that said, i definitely empathize with the horrific systemic racism that black people in the u.s. (in particular) face every fucking day. it is beyond enraging; it causes murderous feelings in me. i fantasize constantly about what ought to happen to the cops that killed breonna taylor, george floyd, and every black individual that is abused and oppressed by a racist system of "justice". i also recognize that police brutality is not limited to being perpetrated against black folks, it happens across the board (deep-rooted authoritarianism doesn't tend to limit its targets). but black folks definitely get the brunt of it. i know it is a pipe dream, but i wish group identity was non-existent. i wish the world consisted of nothing but autonomous individuals, freely relating as individuals, not based on some group identity that subsumes the individual. and that does not preclude "communities" from forming, hopefully based on affinities and practical considerations, not "nationalism", "patriotism", skin color, sex/gender, religion, etc. like i said, a pipe dream.
Knowledge ENTV
Knowledge ENTV Prije 6 mjeseci
never talk more then your guest. thats just stupid. you should know better. you keep interrupting Mike
person who's real
person who's real Prije 6 mjeseci
I'm white but I never understood why poor white people don't fight for black rights. Cause rich white people ain't giving nothing to blacks that whites don't benefit from.
mrsbrownsugarsweetz Prije 6 mjeseci
I love killer mike! And of course I love that DL always speaks his Mind no matter what. Much respect, wish we had more like u🤷🏽‍♀️
Demair77 Prije 6 mjeseci
Killer Michelle is a charlatan. He's a big mouthed sellout put in place to control the plantation.
Tony Jones
Tony Jones Prije 6 mjeseci
Killa a hamburger lol
Real Dude Uprising
Real Dude Uprising Prije 6 mjeseci
Man Killer Mike is that dude! Garvey 2.0
Davetta Arnold
Davetta Arnold Prije 6 mjeseci
Tony Vodka
Tony Vodka Prije 6 mjeseci
Please stop recommending this dribble youtube. I'm not into racist propaganda. Thanks
Bigg Eee
Bigg Eee Prije 6 mjeseci
Love this conversation!!
Bigg Eee
Bigg Eee Prije 6 mjeseci
Adjust the sound D.L!! Low sound quality!!
Todd Tollfree
Todd Tollfree Prije 6 mjeseci
As LONG as you call yourselfs BLACK you will NEVER. Receive about reinstalling your natural sovereignty from this corporation.
MrModesty Prije 6 mjeseci
First day of college... History professor: name 2 people you would like to have dinner with Me: 👆🏿
Clif Vaughn
Clif Vaughn Prije 6 mjeseci
If yall aint talking about giving me my money and letting me sink or swim then goodbye. They been had their hands on the cash register...we basically just saying put my name on that receipt brody stop it....
E. Ward
E. Ward Prije 6 mjeseci
Could you of either you please make one video that outlines Obama’s accomplishments as it relates to the Black community and/or Trumps accomplishments in the same vein? I feel like I would completely understand it coming out of your mouths because you are amazing!!!
H M Prije 6 mjeseci
As Black People we need a fully educated culture. All of us must value education. Prize learning even if it makes us uncomfortable for a while. The masses are not prepared. Struggling Single mother, incarcerated men and women, newly released prisoners all Black people must education and skills themselves to build our own brands. Everything we currently buy should be replaced by our own brands from the food that we eat to our bed sheets. We need our people to do the accounting, banking and bartering. This is not impossible but you must come to the table with knowledge and understanding. You must be a nerd and understand how the world and companies are organize. It's is not brain surgery. The center of our children lives should be education and vigorous study. If our family center themselves around the joy of learning and organization, the change will follow.
Believe What you want 2021
Believe What you want 2021 Prije 6 mjeseci
America was so called founded by mentally ill people, which can only produce a mentally ill society, now let that sink in , and do a actual self assessment please.......for who ever needed to hear this. Everyone else enjoy delusion 💯🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙃
Wet Polish
Wet Polish Prije 6 mjeseci
Abortion is the number one killer of Black people! Please Don't believe me look it up for yourself.
I D Prije 6 mjeseci
Black folks are the tide that rise all boats!!
Tell Me Something Good
Tell Me Something Good Prije 6 mjeseci
Promoting violence will promote foolishness and unproductive anarchy. The BLM movement was hijacked. After November 4th, one day after the election let's see if the powers that be behind many of the destruction will come to the rescue of black folks.
Travis Darnell
Travis Darnell Prije 6 mjeseci
Killer Mike for president 👏
YahBabeUmNu Prije 6 mjeseci
Killer mike is lost he too focused on equality. God didn't want us equal, well some of us anyway. I can't stand the dude, plus he is a truth blocker
Thaddeus Brown
Thaddeus Brown Prije 6 mjeseci
Explain? I don't get that from anything he has every said.
Tara S.
Tara S. Prije 6 mjeseci
Two of my favorite brothas!!!
davenalford74 Prije 6 mjeseci
"Only a squeaky wheel gets the oil"
Theorytheorythesis Prije 6 mjeseci
Love & Respect!!!
panama1 colon
panama1 colon Prije 6 mjeseci
Volume is too low
KingLeo8179 Prije 6 mjeseci
This needs to be shared as much as possible. I love the fact that they can disagree but still be respectful and love each other as brothas. Too many of us feel like if we disagree we can't get along smh... D and Mike may disagree on certain things but like D said.... "I know we're trying to get to the same place..." And that's what matters in the end. We as black people dnt always have to agree on the route. But we need to wake up and realize that if we don't work together and stop all the fighting and name calling that we'll never reach the destination.... ✊🏾
Michael Lopez
Michael Lopez Prije 6 mjeseci
Terry Cruz had the right to speak and form his own opinion. And DL cussed him out for it. Hypocrite.
Descendant of Chaos & Controversy
Descendant of Chaos & Controversy Prije 6 mjeseci
That's the only thing I don't like about people on both sides of the fence, you can't have an opinion opposite of your own. I know I don't agree with alot of people, but I respect their point of view even if arguing against it.
Mickey Jones
Mickey Jones Prije 6 mjeseci
Naw! Don't like Killa Mike! Like that!💯🤦🏽‍♀️
Sharie Blanding
Sharie Blanding Prije 6 mjeseci
Love them both ❤️😍🤗
Darius Lovehall
Darius Lovehall Prije 6 mjeseci
President Killa Mike.....Has a ring to it😂
Tyrone Frye
Tyrone Frye Prije 6 mjeseci
Killer Mike dat dude tell me u don't want him and king face to sit down talk no cap checkout the main squeeze
Kenenite The Good Deed Channel
Kenenite The Good Deed Channel Prije 6 mjeseci
Teegrey Prije 6 mjeseci
Reparations is the most racist idea in modern media. Slavery was outlawed over 150 years ago. Maybe you can go back in time to the 1800s and demand money from the slave owners?
Michael Jimerson
Michael Jimerson Prije 6 mjeseci
@feltdog exactly
feltdog Prije 6 mjeseci
Japan got reparations after WW2.. So??
MrAthinkingperson Prije 6 mjeseci
ADOS reparations
MrAthinkingperson Prije 6 mjeseci
The right to bar arms killa mike
ericasuzy Prije 6 mjeseci
I wonder what killer mike thinks about the ice cube proposed Contract with Black America.
True Black Knight
True Black Knight Prije 6 mjeseci
1 SUB BEFORE TOMORROW ? Prije 6 mjeseci
Literally 99% won’t see this but, I hope everybody is having a good day, and god bless your soul !
William Holland
William Holland Prije 6 mjeseci
You too...thank you!
Scott Hack
Scott Hack Prije 6 mjeseci
Thank you, and to you as well!
Chris Shaw
Chris Shaw Prije 6 mjeseci
It's gonna take 10 years to fix all this! Get ready
Chris Shaw
Chris Shaw Prije 6 mjeseci
I seen it! Now look up "The House Cafe Night Live by Joe Dzwonnik" i can help spread your message.?!
Nora's son
Nora's son Prije 6 mjeseci
Where is full interview
BetaRayChill Prije 6 mjeseci
Killer Mike is a national treasure
Candice Marie Creations
Candice Marie Creations Prije 6 mjeseci
Love killer Mike.
DAVID GEO Prije 6 mjeseci
Kevin you are good man! Nice to meet you!
Jim Hamberg
Jim Hamberg Prije 6 mjeseci
😮😱😱 No incorrect use of the number signs/pound signs
Tyler Dude
Tyler Dude Prije 6 mjeseci
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