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#Juneteenth is a celebration of Black agency and our ability to create change and move the world forward. Today and everyday we are committed to uplifting our culture, and using our platform to effect change. At LOL Black Lives Matter, always. #BlackLivesMatter

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Danky Doodle
Danky Doodle Prije 2 mjeseci
jake kenny
jake kenny Prije 5 mjeseci
Wtf...blm stands for none of this. You don't kick scream and burn stuff down to make a change. It's a disgrace what has happened. Everyone involved should be ashamed. Abolished the police...ffs. Rip 🙏 To those who have lost there lives and all the best to those who have suffered in anyway from this made up movement.
Jack bass fishing
Jack bass fishing Prije 6 mjeseci
Being a white kid I don’t know what it’s like being bullyed just because the color of our skin. The must change!!!
Queen Ray
Queen Ray Prije 6 mjeseci
black lives matter. period. i will always stand with you brothers and sisters. i love you all 💜
Gus Prije 6 mjeseci
But I can do all of these thing’s
Justine Esparzs
Justine Esparzs Prije 6 mjeseci
Tyler Swartzentruber
Tyler Swartzentruber Prije 6 mjeseci
Big floppa
Tyana S
Tyana S Prije 6 mjeseci
This is so powerful! Thank you!
RÍDË DÆT PØÑŸ TØÑŸ Prije 6 mjeseci
They can do all of those things
wizztizzlm Prije 6 mjeseci
Good vidclip. Something that Theodorius Ghandeli often questions, in relation to "Be the change"...: Could one or more, explain why many beings (still) refer to a person or life as "black"? Has it been thought about, what that is based on? And when has that become, some sort of social structure?
conundrum conundrum
conundrum conundrum Prije 6 mjeseci
Here is a fact, had damn near everyone of the persons here done as they were told and not resisted arrest they would be alive today to contest any wrong they may have been done and perhaps wealthy.
conundrum conundrum
conundrum conundrum Prije 6 mjeseci
Racism in law enforcement is a myth and you tube does not want u to know that.
Cameron Rust
Cameron Rust Prije 6 mjeseci
Since when
TriixR4KiiDz Prije 6 mjeseci
I rest in my car all the time just sober
Rana Abuhurera
Rana Abuhurera Prije 6 mjeseci
I know that's right
Rana Abuhurera
Rana Abuhurera Prije 6 mjeseci
Big love Big respect
SOSENA ASTATIKE Prije 6 mjeseci
Hunter Sweeney
Hunter Sweeney Prije 6 mjeseci
Now I have to unfollow
Devan Jackson
Devan Jackson Prije 6 mjeseci
LMAO... The guy who RARELY, touches controversy, HAS A GENERIC (Even though slightly true) MESSAGE TO CONVEY. Well, its a step but you gotta do better KEV. Don't make this post be the reason your channels called the LOL network.
Devan Jackson
Devan Jackson Prije 6 mjeseci
We've been here this whole time Kev... NOW YOU DECIDE TO SHOW UP. Well better late than never.
Michael Mendes
Michael Mendes Prije 6 mjeseci
"I hope some day we can Leave The Apartment, Stand outside a corner store, and Sell CDS"..... Keep reaching for the stars
Michael Mendes
Michael Mendes Prije 6 mjeseci
@BLAQJAK3 Word. Truth is CDS are obsolete. There's no future (some day) in selling CDS.
BLAQJAK3 Prije 6 mjeseci
Michael Mendes if reaching for the stars is selling cds on a corner....I think we may need to re evaluate our goals!
Joey J
Joey J Prije 6 mjeseci
1953- Marylin Manson just wanted to teach... 1958. - Ted Bundy just wanted to date... 1960 -Jeffrey dahmer just wanted to eat.. 2000- Jared fogle just wanted to have sex.... 2003 - James Holmes just wanted to see a movie .. 2006- Nick Cruz Just wanted to go to school .. White people need to take a look at themselves in the mirror .😂😂
Jason Bloss
Jason Bloss Prije 6 mjeseci
Take a rest in our car.. aka pass out in a Wendy’s drive thru then try to fight two cops and steal a taser and proceed to to taze one of the cops.. can’t believe he got shot omg!!
Sherricca Lewis
Sherricca Lewis Prije 6 mjeseci
Didn't the other cop have a taser? He couldn't kill them with the Taser so why did the cop go to his gun? Also, he wasn't the only one listed what about everyone else? If you only focus is that, then you messed the point... Smh....
Joseph Burroughs
Joseph Burroughs Prije 6 mjeseci
Already have voted 👍💯👍😀
Amata love s*x
Amata love s*x Prije 6 mjeseci
💥 ❤ 👵
Lydia Ghansah
Lydia Ghansah Prije 6 mjeseci
Kevin Hart you are the best of all. But please when will your new episode come out.
Doc Holiday
Doc Holiday Prije 6 mjeseci
Sherricca Lewis
Sherricca Lewis Prije 6 mjeseci
Yes!! You're right!! So, what are you doing or how are you contributing to ensure ALL lives matter? Tell me about some solutions or actions that will ensure that all lives matter?
Joel Prije 6 mjeseci
But we can already do these things......
Sherricca Lewis
Sherricca Lewis Prije 6 mjeseci
You should watch this again and pay attention to the fine print at the bottom.
Carolyn Green-Hairston
Carolyn Green-Hairston Prije 6 mjeseci
No marching for me. We marched already. No change. Time to 👊.
Eyob Mengistu
Eyob Mengistu Prije 6 mjeseci
Thanks Kevin.
Peculiar Woman
Peculiar Woman Prije 6 mjeseci
kozis kozmen
kozis kozmen Prije 7 mjeseci
lol supporting antifa terrorists :D gg :D
Sherricca Lewis
Sherricca Lewis Prije 6 mjeseci
bless ya heart...
Steve Ramos
Steve Ramos Prije 7 mjeseci
Sherricca Lewis
Sherricca Lewis Prije 6 mjeseci
Bless ya heart...
True Black Knight
True Black Knight Prije 7 mjeseci
Dj rob bless
Dj rob bless Prije 7 mjeseci
Joe Scott
Joe Scott Prije 7 mjeseci
Its funny that some black people are saying that BLM is complete bs. Dont get me twisted, I believe everyone should be treated equally but it seems like y'all only think that black people are the only victims here when thats not true. I'm a mixed person of Native American and Irish but I also have a Hispanic niece and black cousins and some of my best friends are black and I consider my brothers. Yes black people help build this place but so did the Asians and Native Americans. Did you know that there are very few Native Americans left but yall don't make a big deal about it, do you?... anyways I said what I had to say, oh and one more thing, don't be a sheep to social media
Chemini Mallikarachchi
Chemini Mallikarachchi Prije 7 mjeseci
Joe Scott
Joe Scott Prije 7 mjeseci
@JABBER WOCKY I'm not stepping on what your saying, but if you believe all lives matter and should be equal than why put a label on it? Why say black lives matter? Besides the money that's donated to the BLM is actually goin to the democratic party not to black people that need it, it seems like alot of people are letting social media direct them like sheep
MK SQUAD Prije 7 mjeseci
All races have suffered including white, in many fashions.. if course black lives matter..99.99% of Americans know that black lives and all other lives are precious.. why make it political.. because of the point zero one percent? Nah the democratic party is getting the money donated to BLM,look it up.. don't be a pawn.. be a king or a queen
JABBER WOCKY Prije 7 mjeseci
When people say BLM, that doesn't mean just their lives matter, of course all live matters, but its like, a medical emergency to put it, let's say a medical responder arrives to sight, and theres two people in need of help, one has a broken arm with no lethal damage, and the other suffered a heart attack and passed out. One Is prioritize first. But you are right native Americans, Asians, Latinos, Mexicans have suffered as well, which is why we must stand united
tamara paauw
tamara paauw Prije 7 mjeseci
Al lives matter!!!!!!!
Sherricca Lewis
Sherricca Lewis Prije 6 mjeseci
Who's Al?
The Influence of Many
The Influence of Many Prije 7 mjeseci
When Jesus Christ returns! Until then, fight the power✊.
The Influence of Many
The Influence of Many Prije 6 mjeseci
@Joel I agree. What I meant was in the flesh.
Joel Prije 6 mjeseci
Jesus is already here, open your minds eye to the will of God.
Nick Kerr
Nick Kerr Prije 7 mjeseci
I take racism personally
Niners 21
Niners 21 Prije 7 mjeseci
Man yall need to stay out of the night club. Yall 40 and over why yall still trying to get drunk and do dumb stuff?
Tiago Guerreiro
Tiago Guerreiro Prije 7 mjeseci
Lool there is a age to go to a night club? And if you just go to a night club to get drunk and do dumbest things, it's you not everyone! LOOOOOL I go to a night club to listen music and be with friends.
Joanna Jordan
Joanna Jordan Prije 7 mjeseci
Powerful message‼ Black lives matter✊🏾
LaZe Creed
LaZe Creed Prije 7 mjeseci
Me as a white persona seeing what some says just makes me think Don’t worry You guys are all good ai appreciate y’all
Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton Prije 7 mjeseci
“You guys” is a very poor Choice of words is that what are culture , as black people, is to you. “You guys” man go on somewhere with that.
Jay Prije 7 mjeseci
Dynasty Sunshine
Dynasty Sunshine Prije 7 mjeseci
Yes preach🙌
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Prije 7 mjeseci
When will we get a trailer of your fatherhood movie
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Prije 6 mjeseci
@The Lion Why do you want to know
The Lion
The Lion Prije 6 mjeseci
Hey! Michael Smith where are you from?
MMA Fighters Club
MMA Fighters Club Prije 7 mjeseci
I love you so much Kevin Hart ♥️♥️
Ray Gaming
Ray Gaming Prije 7 mjeseci
Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton Prije 7 mjeseci
I know that’s right
Aka King
Aka King Prije 7 mjeseci
Drevion Brown
Drevion Brown Prije 7 mjeseci
Jackson Moore
Jackson Moore Prije 7 mjeseci
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