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#KevinHart gets his second cold caller and it's none other than living legend, Donovan McNabb. Donovan shows off his office floor made of jerseys and discusses the pressure and what really went on during his time with the Eagles. #PoweredByOldSpice #ColdAsBalls #ColdCalls

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LOL Network
LOL Network Prije 4 mjeseci
Episode #2 of Cold as Balls: Cold Calls is here! How did Kevin do?
terran4927 Prije 4 mjeseci
Did Daryl statue have on a mask 😷? Lmao 😂
Odessa Franklin
Odessa Franklin Prije 4 mjeseci
Always great, the best
Raid Ready Gaming
Raid Ready Gaming Prije 4 mjeseci
Great. Get Ricky Waters yo
Jaylee Clough
Jaylee Clough Prije 4 mjeseci
Bring on carson wentz.
Elizabeth M
Elizabeth M Prije 4 mjeseci
Great! & the sound quality on this video is amazing.
Low-Class - Sayain
Low-Class - Sayain Prije mjesec
I was named after that guy
Lana Stevens
Lana Stevens Prije mjesec
tv promos
Julian Navarrete
Julian Navarrete Prije 2 mjeseci
hahaha "first of all, imma need you to sit up!"
Dominique Delay
Dominique Delay Prije 2 mjeseci
Love it Kev glad you still found a way to give us a show .. Love Bam & Darryl also lol
Yung Faness
Yung Faness Prije 2 mjeseci
Madden The Video Game
Yung Faness
Yung Faness Prije 2 mjeseci
Donovan Mcnabb is StiLL ALive Some Where Somebody KiLLed Steve Mcnair
Paid Boogie
Paid Boogie Prije 2 mjeseci
I recommend the Old Spice Shea Butter ‼️
mje19D Prije 2 mjeseci
After Randall, McNabb was set for success. Both are legendary athletes.
The One
The One Prije 3 mjeseci
😂😂 yo someone do a portrait of Kevin Hart riding the dog and send it to him 😂😂
Da Shae Garnett
Da Shae Garnett Prije 3 mjeseci
As a fellow Philadelphian I must say I loved this moment. 🖤 2 of Phillies finest🖤💯
james westman
james westman Prije 3 mjeseci
Donovans head is so damn big
Don Juan
Don Juan Prije 3 mjeseci
Kevin is the funniest man alive
Bern Bar
Bern Bar Prije 3 mjeseci
Cry EGALS Cry 🔥🔥🔥😂😂
211sheem Prije 3 mjeseci
Only 3 receivers eclipsed the 1000 yard receiving mark as Nabbs receivers....Terrel Owen, Desean Jackson and can yall guess the 3rd? Only my real Eagles fans will know this.
Patrick Mahomes's arm
Patrick Mahomes's arm Prije 3 mjeseci
Terrell Owens: I'm individual, that's me.
juwita Sujatmiko Afandi
juwita Sujatmiko Afandi Prije 3 mjeseci
yeboi dp
yeboi dp Prije 3 mjeseci
Eagles are trash
Tramaud Dotson
Tramaud Dotson Prije 3 mjeseci
I will never fw dude he two faced asf
Benjamin Prije 3 mjeseci
Kevin Hart: If they woulda said unattractive I woulda said Donovan Mcnabb. LOL
Young Creator
Young Creator Prije 3 mjeseci
Mcnabb funny to
XLSOLIDSNAKEXL Prije 4 mjeseci
Your dog looks bigger than you your point lol 😆
Elizah Howard
Elizah Howard Prije 4 mjeseci
The show isn’t even cold anymore just saying
Big Stepper
Big Stepper Prije 4 mjeseci
“Bo knows so does Kevin 😂😂”
Jim Chavez
Jim Chavez Prije 4 mjeseci
I used to like KH until that song
Sky1Luv Prije 4 mjeseci
Tell him I said, he gonna make it. Lol
Low-Class - Sayain
Low-Class - Sayain Prije 4 mjeseci
I was named after him
Products Big
Products Big Prije 4 mjeseci
McCabb look like a 40 yr old bronny James in the face
Anthony A-M-P Jimenez
Anthony A-M-P Jimenez Prije 4 mjeseci
What kind of uni’s were they!? Were they Reversible? Lol 😂
Anthony A-M-P Jimenez
Anthony A-M-P Jimenez Prije 4 mjeseci
That was a great commercial ad for Chunky to tie in the new face. This is why Kevin is so successful! Imagine how his board room meetings are.
Danny Golden
Danny Golden Prije 4 mjeseci
He should’ve asked him about throwing up in the fucking huddle during the superbowl..
KingTray Prije 4 mjeseci
TO has a different take on t he situation
Marcus Frazier
Marcus Frazier Prije 4 mjeseci
Yo Kev! You gonna learn the words to the Eagles Fight Song...smh We only sing it after EVERY T.D.
Katie Parr
Katie Parr Prije 4 mjeseci
Donovan: He looks bigger than you! Kevin: Your point?! Lmao doesn't even deny it 😂
Wavvy : Brave
Wavvy : Brave Prije 4 mjeseci
I don’t think professor X could cross his legs
Orlando Jurado
Orlando Jurado Prije 4 mjeseci
McNabb is hilarious!!!!
Greg Skinner
Greg Skinner Prije 4 mjeseci
bam! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Greg Skinner
Greg Skinner Prije 4 mjeseci
“what up wojoooo!!!???”
Dewayne McDaniels
Dewayne McDaniels Prije 4 mjeseci
Donavan was funny!!! He asked Kevin does he ride his dog!!!🤣🤣🤣
Mister Mister
Mister Mister Prije 4 mjeseci
That would be a dope ass commercial they just gave Camble soup they just low key pitched 🤣😂
Kyle Wilson
Kyle Wilson Prije 4 mjeseci
Everybody turns into a comedian when they with Kev
Rose Buds
Rose Buds Prije 4 mjeseci
Gotta defend urself, cant let this lil man do me like that type of deal
chadandveronika Prije 4 mjeseci
Dude, awesome video.
Denique Prije 4 mjeseci
You know what Kev, you should still be in the ice tub. You cheating the system Kev... You cheating!! 😂🤣
The Raging Demon
The Raging Demon Prije 4 mjeseci
Kevin when it comes to the Eagles WE DON'T EVER HAVE TO QUESTION YOUR LOYALTY!!!
HB Athletic Training
HB Athletic Training Prije 4 mjeseci
"You tell him I said he ain't gone make it." LMAO!!!
The Almighty Joey Gouda
The Almighty Joey Gouda Prije 4 mjeseci
Bro O’Shea
Bro O’Shea Prije 4 mjeseci
Love it love it love it. Great material. Love bam.... Kevin as always keep grinding man. The humor is real, genuine and is on point. Thanks for the many years of making me laugh. Looking forward for many more to come.
Solomon Rima
Solomon Rima Prije 4 mjeseci
Bambam makes this show💯💯💯💯
Tyrone Frye
Tyrone Frye Prije 4 mjeseci
Daryl and bam bam
Tyrone Frye
Tyrone Frye Prije 4 mjeseci
Bam bam on dis is cold blooded lol
Tyrone Frye
Tyrone Frye Prije 4 mjeseci
Dis actually might be better regular show no cap and hate to say dat cause I fucks wit the real show in ice baths lol killin it check out the main squeeze
ISAIAH SMITH Prije 4 mjeseci
How does Kevin know who wojo is for duke!? Lol he must be a blue devil fan lol
Jeffrey Abbey
Jeffrey Abbey Prije 4 mjeseci
Donovan is hilarious Hated him as a rival Eagles player but he's pretty cool from what I can sense. He ran and held up that franchise for so long
LG3 Prije 4 mjeseci
Appreciate everything Donovan did for the 🦅. So many highlights
Darryl Cravin Jr
Darryl Cravin Jr Prije 4 mjeseci
helsinki Prije 4 mjeseci
Thats not Donovan McNabb...that's Elvin from the Cosby show.
MCETV Prije 4 mjeseci
$5 smash
Erik Camacho
Erik Camacho Prije 4 mjeseci
Kobe 11s on the shelf. Probably worn by the man himself. R.I.P MAMBA
Joash Chepkwony
Joash Chepkwony Prije 4 mjeseci
Yo men am not seeing white hands 😎
Brendan '
Brendan ' Prije 4 mjeseci
Kev should try to get Wentz on
Coral Mimosa
Coral Mimosa Prije 4 mjeseci
Belinda gurley
Belinda gurley Prije 4 mjeseci
I love it!! Keep it up 👍🏾!! Oh and keep the security pop in’s coming . I love it ❤️❤️! Kevin your crazy funny 😄
MECHELLE WHITE Prije 4 mjeseci
Love it. Sending love from Barbados
DaaBoys2138 Prije 4 mjeseci
I’m a huge Cowboys fan, but Donovan is a HOFamer in my opinion. If he won a Super Bowl he would’ve been a shoe in. The Eagles went to four NFC championship games they are like the Buffalo Bills those years they kept losing in the Super Bowl. Donovan was/is highly underrated and he never had legit WRs besides TO for a season who got hurt early on yet Donovan still took the Birds to the bowl. #5 in green was a bad man I don’t care what anybody says. GO Cowboys‼️‼️
MikeBNumba6 Prije 4 mjeseci
The only thing McNabb is missing is the rings. He was underrated due to Tom Brady and Peyton Manning playing with him. Also Mike Vick was the cool popular qb who could run. Unfortunately the injuries caught up with him after the 06 season and he he went down hill. One of my all time favorite qbs
Vague_Voltic Prije 4 mjeseci
Wait I thought he played in Panama not the church league 😂
Rashid Madden
Rashid Madden Prije 4 mjeseci
Lmao Definitely his bat cave 😁
Erika D
Erika D Prije 4 mjeseci
McNabb❤🦅✌ Loved the chunky commercials & got the # of Pro Bowls correct (guessed)
Chytown74 Prije 4 mjeseci
8:22 .. Mj is not the goat!! Lebron is
Kelp Prije 4 mjeseci
Ay Mcnabb was my first Jersey ever
STILL Prije 4 mjeseci
One doesn't own emotion, and when one is owned by emotion, it's a reflection of one's belief that one own's them. Let the Narrative of emotion go. Non-Duality.
drip2much 226
drip2much 226 Prije 4 mjeseci
oddly enough,i just watched think like a man too on dvd
Rander Fernandez
Rander Fernandez Prije 4 mjeseci
Look what the wind blew in ... 😂😂😂😂😂
Snoop Carter
Snoop Carter Prije 4 mjeseci
Daryl high as a kite.....
The Drip Kid
The Drip Kid Prije 4 mjeseci
Kevin is the 🐐
Chi Town
Chi Town Prije 4 mjeseci
I absolutely love Donovan, one of the best. ChiTown bound
Chad Garrison
Chad Garrison Prije 4 mjeseci
Haha Bam Bam made an appearance!😂😂 smoking that pipe lmao
Tanya K Borden
Tanya K Borden Prije 4 mjeseci
🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣👏🏾🙏🏽🤴🏾👍🏽😋😂🤣😂🤣Good job
LUMASÉ Prije 4 mjeseci
Kevin Hart just made a real ass “chunky soup” commercial off the dome. they should actually do that with Saquon Barkley. that would be fire 🔥
LUMASÉ Prije 4 mjeseci
i’d even write the script for it👌🏾
Fed7 Prije 4 mjeseci
RickDaHitman Prije 4 mjeseci
Daren and Bam Bam must be canceled. Its not even funny
KenyelxoTV Prije 4 mjeseci
If T.O. And McNabb actually got along they would have at least 2-3 Super Bowls.
CosmicAlbatross Prije 4 mjeseci
Hell yes McNabb is awesome
Rana Abuhurera
Rana Abuhurera Prije 4 mjeseci
You love Kevin Hart like here
Rana Abuhurera
Rana Abuhurera Prije 4 mjeseci
Big love Big respect kevan
jeez shabazz
jeez shabazz Prije 4 mjeseci
The jerseys in the floor is super hard
jeez shabazz
jeez shabazz Prije 4 mjeseci
Uriel Level up Riley
Uriel Level up Riley Prije 4 mjeseci
Awesomevideo!!! Salute to the greatest rakes QB of all time #Dmac #Donovanmcnabb
Uriel Level up Riley
Uriel Level up Riley Prije 4 mjeseci
Greatest Eagles QB not rakes lol.
jamaal gilbert
jamaal gilbert Prije 4 mjeseci
What's up with your beard?
Faceless Music Vines
Faceless Music Vines Prije 4 mjeseci
He ain't gon' make it! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tyrone Chandler
Tyrone Chandler Prije 4 mjeseci
You should have Devale Ellis on, he reps old spice also
Matete Payc
Matete Payc Prije 4 mjeseci
We all know that Kevin Hart is funny but Bam Bam 😂
Samy G
Samy G Prije 4 mjeseci
Donovan out here asking why he gotta cross his legs trynna look like Professor X but Professor X’s legs are paralyzed....
MoneyDrivenNation Prije 4 mjeseci
Ekambir Singh
Ekambir Singh Prije 4 mjeseci
Bam bam is the best part of this show
11thWoods Prije 4 mjeseci
TO has entered the chat...
sean bault
sean bault Prije 4 mjeseci
Come on Kevin where’s white hand!?!?!
Drey Scorchin
Drey Scorchin Prije 4 mjeseci
Lmao funny lol I was watching these videos he did with other athletes
kingggggg Prije 4 mjeseci
Easy earl Boykins lmao
Baggy 449
Baggy 449 Prije 4 mjeseci
French traduction please
Tarajae Gilmore
Tarajae Gilmore Prije 4 mjeseci
That’s crazy he asked both TO and Mcnabb about they beef
Anonymous Fortyseven
Anonymous Fortyseven Prije 4 mjeseci
🤦🏾‍♂️ lol
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