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On the newest episode of Cold As Balls: Cold Calls, #KevinHart narrowly escapes death as he jumps from a burning building in downtown LA to rescue an old lady...wait, sorry. Wrong show. Uhum. On this episode of Cold As Balls, Cold Calls, Kevin Hart is surprised by NBA All Star and Los Angeles #Clippers, #PaulGeorge. Pauls talks balling while Kevin talks Kevin. Go ahead, get your laughs. You deserve them.

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LOL Network
LOL Network Prije 6 mjeseci
Paul George and Kevin share some memories of Kobe on this episode of Cold as Balls. RIP to the legend, share your favorite Kobe Bryant memory.
Queens B
Queens B Prije 3 mjeseci
Get no chill gil on
Jacob Clark
Jacob Clark Prije 5 mjeseci
LOL Network put Damian Lillard on the show
abdullah jidda
abdullah jidda Prije 5 mjeseci
Kevin hart : “the combo of you and kahwi Leonard PG : 😏
GALAXY CLICK TV Prije 6 mjeseci
Game winning shot at the buzzer to beat the bucks in Milwaukee I was at the game Dec. 2009
Eugene Barretto
Eugene Barretto Prije 6 mjeseci
clutch tying 3 and ridiculously very hard 3 point game winner against the trailblazers. anyone remember that?
Daryn Price
Daryn Price Prije mjesec
"...tail end of the pandemic..." Where???
Queens B
Queens B Prije 3 mjeseci
Get no chill gil on
Mr Requis
Mr Requis Prije 3 mjeseci
This didn’t age well mr pandemic p. Or wayoff p... or playoff p, or “ballgame”. I love Paul George, He’s a great dude and a awesome human being. Hopefully he figures it out bc his playoff p is his legacy rn
George Jr
George Jr Prije 3 mjeseci
I miss the set😪
Tanaka Kondo
Tanaka Kondo Prije 4 mjeseci
Shawn Campbell
Shawn Campbell Prije 4 mjeseci
Harley Lover
Harley Lover Prije 4 mjeseci
Love Kevin but professional sports has seen it's day, get woke, go broke!
Off the Bench TV
Off the Bench TV Prije 4 mjeseci
This man has 2 middle names that are also first names 😂😂😂 this man has 4 first names. He was meant to be special.
Melbert Estolloso
Melbert Estolloso Prije 4 mjeseci
Pandemic P out here 🔥🔥
Ebony Ball
Ebony Ball Prije 4 mjeseci
Why did you say what's goin on with you champ
Chris Lynn
Chris Lynn Prije 4 mjeseci
Kevin you must have the glove in the tub. Gp all the way. That would be an episode.
Knoda Prije 4 mjeseci
They wasn’t even in the cold tub 🤦🏽‍♂️
JM MM Prije 4 mjeseci
PG is a good looking man! 😊 Great smile 😁
nurfajri Prije 4 mjeseci
PG13% is COLD AS BALLS in this series
Mason Williamson
Mason Williamson Prije 4 mjeseci
Who’s here after pandemic p showed out in the playoffs?
Matthew Goliath
Matthew Goliath Prije 4 mjeseci
PG playing cold as balls
Zion Waaka
Zion Waaka Prije 4 mjeseci
Pandemic P
chandler berry
chandler berry Prije 4 mjeseci
Why was this randomly recommended, after he only had 9 points
Joshua E. Way
Joshua E. Way Prije 19 dana
KINGP_123 Prije 2 mjeseci
Pandemic P 😂😂
Henwy Prije 4 mjeseci
Does it rly matter how much he scored for this video?
2k mobile
2k mobile Prije 4 mjeseci
why u hating
Sirk Skywalker
Sirk Skywalker Prije 4 mjeseci
Paul George has been cold as balls these days
Don Julio
Don Julio Prije 4 mjeseci
“Clipper town” 🤔 PG obviously not from LA
Zach Starling
Zach Starling Prije 5 mjeseci
clips gonna win it all this year
Taef_TTV TTV BTW Prije 5 mjeseci
Trenton Reason
Trenton Reason Prije 5 mjeseci
They need to get giannis out there
Kwane KtV
Kwane KtV Prije 5 mjeseci
The beginning when he guessing who it is is the funniest keep doing that
chrisc2131 Prije 5 mjeseci
Thanks for Shai, DG and the picks bruh
Donovan Young
Donovan Young Prije 5 mjeseci
I’m a Laker fan, but I sure respect Paul George and how he had to journey back to get to elite competitiveness after the injury
Donovan Young
Donovan Young Prije 5 mjeseci
Makes this matchup a hell of a lot better
Yisroel Weiss
Yisroel Weiss Prije 5 mjeseci
Paul George is a hell of a player Also Luca Doncic- that’s all!
Yisroel Weiss
Yisroel Weiss Prije 5 mjeseci
The Clippers are basically the most underrated team of the NBA. All the players are so cool and amazing personality athletes. I love everything about the NBA In general but on different levels.
Yisroel Weiss
Yisroel Weiss Prije 5 mjeseci
Kevin Hart talking sh** when he said the cold calls is sponsored by A shampoo brand or something
Yisroel Weiss
Yisroel Weiss Prije 5 mjeseci
Carl Lewis is a king
Kevin Rivera
Kevin Rivera Prije 5 mjeseci
That you dont want me on the float lol
cool kid 101
cool kid 101 Prije 5 mjeseci
BYT Beats
BYT Beats Prije 5 mjeseci
It’s gotta be a weird feeling when you’re a celebrity and you see someone you’re a big fan of. Kev prolly like “omg it’s pg!!!” But then a second later he’s like “oh yeah I’m famous too” 😂
Karson Morrissey
Karson Morrissey Prije 5 mjeseci
PG my favorite player, I’ve been waiting for this vid forever!
Phylano Palmer
Phylano Palmer Prije 5 mjeseci
It can't be me alone thinks PG sounds like LeBron 😂😂
Zachary Smith
Zachary Smith Prije 6 mjeseci
Angello Gherardini
Angello Gherardini Prije 6 mjeseci
Bring lebron man!!!!
Kenneth Andre Pitts III
Kenneth Andre Pitts III Prije 6 mjeseci
I love Bam. He’s hilarious af
craze09 Prije 6 mjeseci
Pg got that voice that can sell you anything
Eduardo Osorio
Eduardo Osorio Prije 6 mjeseci
We need a Kawhi interview
李彦祖 Prije 6 mjeseci
Deedoc Prije 6 mjeseci
As a Chicagoan PG was Upcoming before that broken leg He was taking over the the Division after D-Rose Our Baby Brothers was in the spotlight and played like The Thibs Bulls DEFENSE REBOUNDS aka HEART HUSTLE AND MUSCLE
Joseph Macias
Joseph Macias Prije 6 mjeseci
Wait... where’s this “clipper town” located?????
Joseph Macias
Joseph Macias Prije 6 mjeseci
After the goat Kobe pg was my favorite player but as a laker fan when he resigned with okc then went to the clippers.. naturally I hated him.. but much respect to that picture of him and the mamba🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽
Asher Prije 6 mjeseci
Get joe Rogan on
iipxlse ______uzumaki
iipxlse ______uzumaki Prije 6 mjeseci
RIP KOBE💜💛💜💛💜💛💛💛
Freezy DMX
Freezy DMX Prije 6 mjeseci
Paul George is a legend!
Raven Cade
Raven Cade Prije 6 mjeseci
Thank you @PaulGeorge for being down with O City.
arvo Prije 6 mjeseci
Clifton had my crying lmfao. "a mechanic"
Anthony Desantis
Anthony Desantis Prije 6 mjeseci
Kevin hart so damn funny man
Alberto De la cruz
Alberto De la cruz Prije 6 mjeseci
That painting tho
J Kennedy Vlogs
J Kennedy Vlogs Prije 6 mjeseci
kevin, this was hilarious man. PG got a great personality!!!
Skateboard Blues
Skateboard Blues Prije 6 mjeseci
This sucks. I hate the new Norm!
Jack Prije 6 mjeseci
Playoff P is the real nickname
Dylan OG
Dylan OG Prije 6 mjeseci
Lakers are better
Claudia&Michael Mc Gerr
Claudia&Michael Mc Gerr Prije 6 mjeseci
no they aint. clippers are better by far.
Michael Oliveira
Michael Oliveira Prije 6 mjeseci
My favorite player!! PG-13!!
fortinito06 Prije 6 mjeseci
Kevin doesn't want to go because he is a Lakers fan.
Steve Steve
Steve Steve Prije 6 mjeseci
Hoopers get competitive in empty gyms all the time. When you make your first shot or get scored on, OOOHHH ITS TIME TO BALL NOW
Keyshawn Brown
Keyshawn Brown Prije 6 mjeseci
When is LeBron coming on?
BJGRINDHARD Prije 6 mjeseci
PG da goat
Money Makin Mitch Da Rep King
Money Makin Mitch Da Rep King Prije 6 mjeseci
Darrell trolling with the King crown
Terry Johnson
Terry Johnson Prije 6 mjeseci
Close your eyes and you’ll hear Lebron.😳
Elizah Howard
Elizah Howard Prije 6 mjeseci
Clips in 6
RamzGo 2x
RamzGo 2x Prije 6 mjeseci
Gang gang
Chris Kim
Chris Kim Prije 6 mjeseci
Am I allowed to say LOL ahahahah
Pearson Johnson
Pearson Johnson Prije 6 mjeseci
"I'm only 24 at that age."
Mackolm X
Mackolm X Prije 6 mjeseci
Everybody else: we used ice though
Ave 2times
Ave 2times Prije 6 mjeseci
Get Lamar Jackson on here
forward momentum
forward momentum Prije 6 mjeseci
Kev , in your next interview please bring on lebron , it gonna be so much fun .
avi finch
avi finch Prije 6 mjeseci
Kyrie man
Kai Balfour
Kai Balfour Prije 6 mjeseci
He has “Participation awards” I’m done
11thWoods Prije 6 mjeseci
8:07 LMAO
Jerrod Garland
Jerrod Garland Prije 6 mjeseci
😂PG not a champ lol
11thWoods Prije 6 mjeseci
Fave player in the L now.. Since no1 will give Jamal Crawford a shot.
Super Nintendo
Super Nintendo Prije 6 mjeseci
Very cool seeing the guards again. They are definitely part of the show.
Orbit puke Lissop
Orbit puke Lissop Prije 6 mjeseci
can we admit that PG deserve a title after all he been through and coming back like this?? cmon now thats pure greatness.
Jude Corlette
Jude Corlette Prije 6 mjeseci
PG boutta average 28p/7a/8r when the season resumes
T Terrell
T Terrell Prije 6 mjeseci
So PG got 4 first names
sean 24
sean 24 Prije 6 mjeseci
pg: "i couldnt guard nobody" also pg: "i knew i had my game, defence...... like it nvr left" ????????????????😂
Stoner Sports Network
Stoner Sports Network Prije 5 mjeseci
Good cap lol
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas Prije 6 mjeseci
He was comparing IQ to physical capabilities.
Yousif Aneer
Yousif Aneer Prije 6 mjeseci
sean 24 I was thinking the same thing💀💀
OUTCROWD FFH Prije 6 mjeseci
I died when Daryl came in
avi finch
avi finch Prije 6 mjeseci
Get Kyrie dog
jan rodriguez
jan rodriguez Prije 6 mjeseci
damn they aint ask him bout lillard lol
Nicholas salari
Nicholas salari Prije 6 mjeseci
Laker town
Shannon Harris
Shannon Harris Prije 6 mjeseci
People aint realize a big reason PG started shining as early as he did was because D.Rose got injured. But PG and the Pacers did their thing fr
ModernGameHero Prije 5 mjeseci
Naw he was gonna be a star it would have been the bulls pacers and heat as front runners of the East. It’s just Roy imploded they could have probably beat the Spurs
Xenovyr Prije 6 mjeseci
Mah boy.
Micai Caldwell
Micai Caldwell Prije 6 mjeseci
As much as I love Kevin Hart and especially this episode, we are NOT at the tail end of the pandemic
Raka Prije 6 mjeseci
At allll
Cole Scrubs
Cole Scrubs Prije 6 mjeseci
PG big bum
tha1Gemini24 Prije 6 mjeseci
2:00 close your eyes and you’ll think it’s lebron
Felix Moreno
Felix Moreno Prije 6 mjeseci
Clipper town???boi u dumb af🤣🤣🤣
Arturo Sanchez
Arturo Sanchez Prije 6 mjeseci
God i miss kobe
Achieve Lem0n
Achieve Lem0n Prije 6 mjeseci
“Tail end of the pandemic”...... lol.
Ricky Daugherty
Ricky Daugherty Prije 6 mjeseci
you and russ had no no, stop u both he a hater
Ricky Daugherty
Ricky Daugherty Prije 6 mjeseci
get back to a place where indiana used you
Red Thunder
Red Thunder Prije 6 mjeseci
3:38 "I couldn't guard nobody... I could still defend. That was untouched" 🤔
CJ HENNINGS Prije 6 mjeseci
Pillow Head
Pillow Head Prije 6 mjeseci
Gotta love Kevin having an ad break 10 seconds into the interview
Drip Wellington
Drip Wellington Prije 6 mjeseci
lmao ngl i lost it when darryl showed up. this show got the best producers
V A Prije 6 mjeseci
Should have ask questions about Kawhi
V A Prije 6 mjeseci
Should’ve asked more Kawhi questions
V A Prije 6 mjeseci
Clippers in 4
Rashid Madden
Rashid Madden Prije 6 mjeseci
OMG I guessed it !!!! Before kev said Martin I said it ! Lmfao Martin is a funny show 😂
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