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On this episode of Cold As Balls: Cold Cuts, LA Clippers' Paul George talks to Kevin Hart about teaming up with Kawhi Leonard to breathe new life into the Clippers organization. They talk about the prospect of re-starting the season and Kevin offers advice on how to deal with performing without fans.

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Live Love Life
Live Love Life Prije 16 dana
Lol from win right away till we got time
Kevin Vuong
Kevin Vuong Prije 3 mjeseci
You talked about coming in to win it all. You're winning a ticket to Cancun PG. Cancun on 3. 1 2 3 on Cancun! Go to Cancun and catch some rats.
jack boyon
jack boyon Prije 3 mjeseci
Very contradicting What he’s saying during post interview after game 7 lost to denver!!! After choking and blowing 3-1 lead!
GMB Bali
GMB Bali Prije 3 mjeseci
They need a year for process 🤣. George said that. Lets see next year
Sanjeev Kumar
Sanjeev Kumar Prije 4 mjeseci
He said that they have Championship aspiration. And after getting knocked out he's like "It's a process"
SteamyNuts Prije 4 mjeseci
Yo Kevin did you know corykenshins doing a live charity stream you should go look
Waleed Hussien
Waleed Hussien Prije 4 mjeseci
@Kevin hart I wish to meet you bro
Ocean Marx
Ocean Marx Prije 4 mjeseci
Kevin hart is the new black panther.
The kingg Thomas
The kingg Thomas Prije 4 mjeseci
Get kawhi leonard
Robert Sam
Robert Sam Prije 4 mjeseci
He’s taking your shine kev. Lol
Aldo Giant
Aldo Giant Prije 4 mjeseci
omarr Phillips
omarr Phillips Prije 4 mjeseci
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Ricardo Griffithsiu
Ricardo Griffithsiu Prije 4 mjeseci
@TheDarkLord_3137 nh mi
TheDarkLord_3137 Prije 4 mjeseci
Why did I click read more
NINESET Sk Prije 4 mjeseci
wtf kevvvvv
Abdirisak Awes
Abdirisak Awes Prije 4 mjeseci
When life gives you hundred's of reasons to cry, show life that you have thousands of reasons to smile
T flahr
T flahr Prije 4 mjeseci
This literally came out before 😂
Chris B
Chris B Prije 4 mjeseci
pandemic p
LoopedSoup Prije 4 mjeseci
Usain bolt
THE AVENGERS Prije 4 mjeseci
Kevin and Paul is a better pair than him and Leonard
I got 5 on it
I got 5 on it Prije 4 mjeseci
When the Conference Finals come around this dude better step up.. Kawhi is going to pretty much carry them until then
Live Love Life
Live Love Life Prije 16 dana
vanityngreed Prije 4 mjeseci
How about we talk about Breonna Taylor
Mackensie Hicks
Mackensie Hicks Prije 4 mjeseci
May she rest in peace.
Mattninja Prije 4 mjeseci
What about her bf?
KenyelxoTV Prije 4 mjeseci
Pandemic P.
China Bill
China Bill Prije 4 mjeseci
To the kind American people that’s reading this. You are unique and likable, stay happy and healthy during this pandemic. Bless you. I am from China, my dream is to reach 10k. I been struggling to get there.
PieZello Prije 4 mjeseci
ThatComplimentGuy Prije 4 mjeseci
To the person, reading this hope your parents live long to see you succeed.
Omar Plays
Omar Plays Prije 4 mjeseci
JC A Prije 4 mjeseci
Where's the ice kev?
Athul Jay
Athul Jay Prije 4 mjeseci
If Kevin interviewed Playoff P during the mavs series, this interview would been hella different.
Mo's Channel
Mo's Channel Prije 4 mjeseci
Pandemic P*
Dutch Parisien
Dutch Parisien Prije 4 mjeseci
Nice est très Nice
Yoel Pachuco
Yoel Pachuco Prije 4 mjeseci
I like PG but he be chocking kawhi be carrying him...
Spurs_ Prije 4 mjeseci
How many times will they post this one interview? Seriously.. stop it.
Spurs_ Prije 4 mjeseci
@Flash Gordon I hoped for a new interview.
Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon Prije 4 mjeseci
james4Real facts
james4Real Prije 4 mjeseci
Flash Gordon It’s kinda funny cuz of how George Paul showed up to the playoff
Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon Prije 4 mjeseci
Why are you watching it again then
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