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Kevin has a little surprise for the guys and it's their own special theme songs during the AKAs. Unfortunately, the Producers weren't ready for the rebuttals but they're pretty solid. What would be your theme song? New episode of Straight from the Hart coming your way!

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Love Life
Love Life Prije 5 mjeseci
Ny'im got to be my favorite
union108 Prije 7 mjeseci
This is one of the funniest introduction to the show. The Na'im Joey and Harry song had me crying. Then Na'im flipped it on kevin with the different strokes. This is a classic.
Asiya Bagley
Asiya Bagley Prije 7 mjeseci
Something about Wayne🤔
Diego Zambrano
Diego Zambrano Prije 7 mjeseci
You mama like it
Kristopher Bradley
Kristopher Bradley Prije 7 mjeseci
Lakers In 5
Lakers In 5 Prije 7 mjeseci
"One of El Chapo's goons" 😁😂
Tr3 Gilliespie
Tr3 Gilliespie Prije 7 mjeseci
Aka😁Aka😂 Aka 😆
Diego Zambrano
Diego Zambrano Prije 7 mjeseci
You mom like it
Juan T
Juan T Prije 7 mjeseci
One of El Chapos goons wish I had Siri's XM I be looking forward to these
Vincent Tucker
Vincent Tucker Prije 7 mjeseci
Wayne does not really like Kevin Hart😂😂😂
MCH Prije 7 mjeseci
6:40 🤣🤣🤣
Ibraaa the goalkeeper
Ibraaa the goalkeeper Prije 7 mjeseci
Mine is hilarious lord Huron travellers
Richard Rice
Richard Rice Prije 7 mjeseci
When ur eyes look into mine 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Shelton Foye
Shelton Foye Prije 7 mjeseci
kordelic Prije 7 mjeseci
I know damn well Wayne train ain’t get no FABLETICS. FABLETICS AINT REPPIN FOR THE XXXL MEN!!!!
bran russ
bran russ Prije 7 mjeseci
Yo....so I like Kev, right? But, you know how there's an "old Kanye"? I feel like there's an "old K-Hart". Like, before SNL... I love the energy they all have on this pod...I was just dying laughing. AND, I have an autographed copy of Kev's book, 'I Can't Make This Up', so I definitely uck with Kev...But, does anybody ever think, "I miss the old Kev."??? Like, "Kev, the Little Bastard"?
Sir Charles Mr. Emoji Eley
Sir Charles Mr. Emoji Eley Prije 7 mjeseci
Junior Valentine
Junior Valentine Prije 7 mjeseci
Mr I will steal your aunty 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
N R Prije 7 mjeseci
Where the song?? Y’all not gon do a dime like that!!
Braylon Johnson
Braylon Johnson Prije 7 mjeseci
Where can I fully watch these
Mimi Benjamin
Mimi Benjamin Prije 7 mjeseci
whitney denise
whitney denise Prije 7 mjeseci
Lol mannnnnn
thegodinhere Prije 7 mjeseci
Kev aka should be " the knee high private i"
J Woods
J Woods Prije 7 mjeseci
Kinya Mccrary
Kinya Mccrary Prije 7 mjeseci
Love you guys keep up the good work
slim cutta
slim cutta Prije 7 mjeseci
That’s the first time I’ve seen Naim laugh that hard he usually just sit there looking mad....
MCH Prije 7 mjeseci
Well played with the songs. 🤣🤣🤣
💛🐍Jayzo  Black Mamba Bryant Jr 💜🐍
💛🐍Jayzo Black Mamba Bryant Jr 💜🐍 Prije 7 mjeseci
Wes Prije 7 mjeseci
Why homie in the bottom left so serious looking lol
Darrius 325
Darrius 325 Prije 7 mjeseci
They definitely cut out Harry’s song lol. Listen to the radio show you’ll see😂😂😂
Naima Aliye
Naima Aliye Prije 4 mjeseci
Omkar Jondhale
Omkar Jondhale Prije 7 mjeseci
What was the song?
Raymond Harris
Raymond Harris Prije 7 mjeseci
My opening theme song is the very beginning of:FREDDIE'S DEAD by Curtis Mayfield. And you have to have the (THE SLOW MOTION WALK) with it...
Watch The Bros VLOGS
Watch The Bros VLOGS Prije 7 mjeseci
Cxshout jay
Cxshout jay Prije 7 mjeseci
Literally to the 1%who,s reading,this God bless you,stay safe and have a wonderful day.❤️(my dream is to become a famous HRpostr) thanks sub pls
Deven Hennelly
Deven Hennelly Prije 7 mjeseci
6th Comment
Deven Hennelly
Deven Hennelly Prije 7 mjeseci
Can you say hi Kevin?
تيمون الاردني
تيمون الاردني Prije 7 mjeseci
Yao kiv.. Am from Palestine and i love so much sooooo much man. Just do any thing for me lol any thing Ps5 ..am oki with that
Daniel Musick
Daniel Musick Prije 7 mjeseci
Activo con Kevin desde República Dominicana
Jesse Crum
Jesse Crum Prije 7 mjeseci
So we can’t hear Harry song?
Bidwellz9 Prije 7 mjeseci
@Omkar Jondhale without kevin, its a joke lol
Omkar Jondhale
Omkar Jondhale Prije 7 mjeseci
@Bidwellz9 what's the reason?
Bidwellz9 Prije 7 mjeseci
ja rule "where would i be without you" obvious reasons
Udoro Gatewood
Udoro Gatewood Prije 7 mjeseci
The songs were HILARIOUS!! 😂😂Thank y’all! Just saying.
asang imsong
asang imsong Prije 7 mjeseci
9:44 PM Nagaland, India. Not possibly possible to see 'em plastic cup boys Live but that doesn't diminish my love for them. Bigggggg Fannnnnn!!! Thank y'all for the laughter!
Snowblak DJ
Snowblak DJ Prije 7 mjeseci
Dope show
Big JJ671
Big JJ671 Prije 7 mjeseci
Awkward moment! 😳😅 #prank
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