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HE.IS.BACK! #DLHughley returns with his brand new show, #Uncut, and has a VERY special guest. Teddy Riley talks to DL and Jasmine Sanders about what the heck happened during his Versus battle with Babyface. Watch the full episode on Pluto TV NOW- bit.ly/DLUNCUT_Ep1
The Comedic Legend Returns With An Honest and Hilarious Look At Politics, Pop Culture and Trending Topics with his co-host Jasmine Sanders and special guests each week, LIVE, Fridays at 5pmPT/8PM ET on LOL Network Pluto TV Channel 428!

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Terrence Bowden
Terrence Bowden Prije 5 mjeseci
I wonder why the background is blurry on Teddy Rileys screen. Perhaps it's his real residence. That would be understandable.
Latisha George
Latisha George Prije 5 mjeseci
Camille Jarrett
Camille Jarrett Prije 5 mjeseci
Nothing but Love and Respect for Teddy Riley!!!
Arm Jo
Arm Jo Prije 5 mjeseci
He did toooooooooooo much
Generation Green
Generation Green Prije 5 mjeseci
Delliyo_yungkingog on IG got some Dope Muisic check him out
FRAN Prije 5 mjeseci
I want a podcast between Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson and call it "The Hart of a Rock".
Multi Vision
Multi Vision Prije 5 mjeseci
Respect due to all the og’s. I know that he didn’t just want to end on criticism, the new artist of today have their own unique problems. They have to make music at warp speed to remain trending. We got to stop devaluing each other
Braeden Fleming
Braeden Fleming Prije 5 mjeseci
I watched this whole video and I still don’t know what it’s about 😂
K Breezy
K Breezy Prije 5 mjeseci
Y’all ain’t see the teddy riley vs babyface live😭
Tisha Arnold
Tisha Arnold Prije 5 mjeseci
I busted my 12's in my Honda Accord back in the day playing "No Diggity." 😐 No Doubt Fan Forever Love U Teddy😝
Tisha Arnold
Tisha Arnold Prije 5 mjeseci
@Judge Dredd I think I had Pioneer back then. Yeah you really had to be careful cause they would steal your whole car not just your speaker box. And don't forget to take the FACE off your CD player too😂 The good college ole days.
Bridge Bounty
Bridge Bounty Prije 5 mjeseci
D.L & Jasmine have a home @ LOL NETWORK... 🔥🔥
Blind Superman
Blind Superman Prije 5 mjeseci
That showdown was dope
Mz K
Mz K Prije 5 mjeseci
When this is all over...WE the People need a World Tour!!!!! It can be them singing the songs, them bringing the artists who sung the songs, or combination of both!!!
PurpleEssence Prije 5 mjeseci
That needs to happen!!
Own Know
Own Know Prije 5 mjeseci
Future Works
Future Works Prije 5 mjeseci
Pluto???? SMH!! Joe Rogan upload full versions... made over 2.3 million dollars last year. This clip stuff is whack. HRpost TV app is on every TV sold. Wake up! People are watching on 60 inch TVs not just cell phones!
Cory Butdette
Cory Butdette Prije 5 mjeseci
I was hoping to hear her talk more! Come on DL..time to give up some of the spotlight and share.
VCres1000 Prije 5 mjeseci
this late video making y’all look like in the same category as teddy lmao
A life in 2020
A life in 2020 Prije 5 mjeseci
LOL Network
LOL Network Prije 5 mjeseci
What do you guys want to see D.L. talk about this Friday?
Angela Horton
Angela Horton Prije 5 mjeseci
He can talk about whatever he want to--it don't matter!! I'm gonna watch whatever it is!!!!! Love you D. L.!!🤗
Jojo iiiDk
Jojo iiiDk Prije 5 mjeseci
LOL Network favorite Mother’s Day gift he’s given his mom
msrere27 Prije 5 mjeseci
That show down was everything thank you Teddy & Face
Own Know
Own Know Prije 5 mjeseci
@LOL Network*, Sean isn't ready for Dre.*
LOL Network
LOL Network Prije 5 mjeseci
msrere27 waiting for Diddy vs Dre. That should be FIRE.
Zaki Boy
Zaki Boy Prije 5 mjeseci
Random person who sees this 👇🏻 : You are Gorgeous
Must love sweets
Must love sweets Prije 5 mjeseci
Zaki Boy awww thanks ❤️
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia Prije 5 mjeseci
Kevin Hart can I get a shout-out I love you videos
OnePunchSleepy Prije 5 mjeseci
I’m early
anxme tracks
anxme tracks Prije 5 mjeseci
KingBPlays1 Prije 5 mjeseci
Who’s a true fan of LOL NETWORK❤️ (Small channel here) Help would be appreciated
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