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#KevinHart and #ThePlasticCupBoyz are back for a livestream of their hit show, #StraightFromtheHart! Hit the like button and subscribe to stay up to date when we go LIVE!
To watch the rest of the episode go to #SiriusXM Channel 96. #SFTH airs every Tuesday and Thursday on Sirius Radio.

Thats_yoni L
Thats_yoni L Prije 3 mjeseci
I was watching cold as ball then I wake up to this
pauline purifoy
pauline purifoy Prije 3 mjeseci
I would love to know your secret for weight loss Spank. Awesome job!
WeeZ theDreamer
WeeZ theDreamer Prije 4 mjeseci
When Spank is missing its so noticeable . I can miss the whole joke and still die laughing just hearing Spank's laugh
Craigjuiceboomin Prije 4 mjeseci
It’s Sword not Ss-Word 😂😂😂 bruh gained an immediate lisp 😭
Deion Daniel
Deion Daniel Prije 4 mjeseci
Very genuine person Im forever with you kev
Mil M
Mil M Prije 5 mjeseci
Tbh there’s nothing funny about getting your acl torn I been through it as a college hooper and it can be pretty depressing in the moment so joking about it is like joking about a death you just don’t do it usually if so not that soon but I love the podcast keep putting out good content!🙏🏽
karen beal
karen beal Prije 5 mjeseci
Spank does look great. Keep up the good work. Inspiring
Joe Cole
Joe Cole Prije 5 mjeseci
What is the brand of Ultra Tequila? Clase Azul?
MannyTwice Prije 5 mjeseci
Nobody: Kevin Heart: Reason being
Prince Opoku
Prince Opoku Prije 5 mjeseci
Elene Barnhill
Elene Barnhill Prije 5 mjeseci
Lovely E. Like this new segment
Elene Barnhill
Elene Barnhill Prije 5 mjeseci
Lovely E. Kevin you are a great friend to those who need you
Avahn Gosherr
Avahn Gosherr Prije 5 mjeseci
Avahn Gosherr
Avahn Gosherr Prije 5 mjeseci
Or Apple pops owwwowowwwwwwoooowwowwowwowwwwwwwwwwoowwwwwwwwowwowowowwoowoowoooowwwwwwwowwoowwwwwowwwwww
Avahn Gosherr
Avahn Gosherr Prije 5 mjeseci
You oooowwowwowwwww
Avahn Gosherr
Avahn Gosherr Prije 5 mjeseci
You oooowwowwowwww
Avahn Gosherr
Avahn Gosherr Prije 5 mjeseci
MattOnEverything Prije 5 mjeseci
GO GATORS! I can't believe Kev just shouted out the University of Florida
Lakers In 5
Lakers In 5 Prije 5 mjeseci
Lemon Pepper Lou
Wealthbuilderz TV
Wealthbuilderz TV Prije 5 mjeseci
Wtf is designated sayer? Lmao
Shawn Clark
Shawn Clark Prije 5 mjeseci
I love these guys! This is what a real friendship is suppose to be like! Continue being the best yall can be!
Danielle Prije 5 mjeseci
People have lost their minds!
Raynebeau Noir
Raynebeau Noir Prije 5 mjeseci
"Who's gonna be the designated sayer?"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Erica Jones
Erica Jones Prije 5 mjeseci
@WayneBrown-- get YOUR LIFE!!! Master P WAS NOT trash. He was a good player. Good enough to be scouted and brought in by U of H to play college ball. Unfortunately, he got hurt. ALL BEFORE he was thinking about having a rap career.
Eltayeb Elsunni
Eltayeb Elsunni Prije 5 mjeseci
The podcast is sooo good ... please make the show a hour long
WeeZ theDreamer
WeeZ theDreamer Prije 4 mjeseci
its 2 hours long. You have to get siriusXM to hear the rest
Limelight Customs
Limelight Customs Prije 5 mjeseci
Dam spank!!! 30 pounds in 45 days that’s incredible
Corey Davis
Corey Davis Prije 5 mjeseci
Wayne got his teeth to Big
TEEINALLCAPS Prije 5 mjeseci
They are killing me pronouncing SWORD with the W🤣🤣🤣
Love You
Love You Prije 5 mjeseci
I'm glad they said it 1st because I didn't want to be the weirdo in the comments, but Spank is looking good/better lately. Definitely noticable. Proud of you
Ca Be
Ca Be Prije 5 mjeseci
They should edit out 10:10. That part wasn't funny.
Kruise Kontrol
Kruise Kontrol Prije 5 mjeseci
Any player make it to that level is not trash
Kia Mackenzee
Kia Mackenzee Prije 5 mjeseci
Kevin must be high 🥴
Brightside Prije 5 mjeseci
He look it!!!
liban_ali24 Prije 5 mjeseci
Qofka Fariintan Aqrinaya ma Garanayo walal Allah hooyada jannada ha ugu deeqo Subscribe li saar pls
Chan Thorn
Chan Thorn Prije 5 mjeseci
Soooo Kevin Hart supports pedophiles... birds of a feather...
Thomas Prije 5 mjeseci
man quit playing and bring back the Boss episodes 🥱
Michele Bennett
Michele Bennett Prije 5 mjeseci
I love y'all ❤️ I need to get your boys in the purple cup club
Tonia T
Tonia T Prije 5 mjeseci
Shirley Chisholm shoes 😂🤣😅
Steve Kelley
Steve Kelley Prije 5 mjeseci
ALL LIVES MATTER BLM is terrorists
Sharell Balkcon
Sharell Balkcon Prije 5 mjeseci
Lol...he said spank got to the track and started putting on gloves 😂😂😂
Imma Jimenez
Imma Jimenez Prije 5 mjeseci
Kevin hart, can you give me a shoutout?... im your no. 1 fan here
Suz S
Suz S Prije 5 mjeseci
LOL There is no right or wrong.... only thinking makes it so. :}
Logan Hepworth
Logan Hepworth Prije 5 mjeseci
y'all should talk about other sports, like hockey. even though you guys probably dont know much about the sport. a lot of blm stuff going on there too!
boyce1204 Prije 5 mjeseci
Cancel culture is straight bullshit!!! Everyone has an opinion, and they're all different, so cancelling someone or something is real selfish.
Pascal Prije 5 mjeseci
Kevin is the funniest man on the planet!😂
Lorenzo Graham
Lorenzo Graham Prije 5 mjeseci
lmao 🤣 🤣 Harry can spell can't read
Michael Mendes
Michael Mendes Prije 5 mjeseci
20:33 Was that edited out?
sophisticatedbadgurl Prije 5 mjeseci
10:58 - 11:01. "Come down on him" "cum on him????" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Green Orchid
Green Orchid Prije 5 mjeseci
Cancel the cancelled culture of cancellations 🙄🙄😷🚨⏰🏛2020
Quamby62 Prije 5 mjeseci
So funny. Love the way y'all rip into each other. Say in Hi from Liverpool UK 💜😎
Frank Garza
Frank Garza Prije 5 mjeseci
Hart 👍🏽😎🍻
Stetson Harris
Stetson Harris Prije 5 mjeseci
I love you guys
QueTv Prije 5 mjeseci
Chris PGSD
Chris PGSD Prije 5 mjeseci
If you need anyone to tell you or others a life matters, it is sad. I hoped this podcast would promote the philosophy of the latest Book but I was wrong.
Curtis Curtis
Curtis Curtis Prije 5 mjeseci
I love this pod... Wish yall could put a hour out each show
WeeZ theDreamer
WeeZ theDreamer Prije 4 mjeseci
get Sirius XM they are on channel 96 and the show is actually 2 hours long. Laughs the whole time.
WeeZ theDreamer
WeeZ theDreamer Prije 4 mjeseci
@GGQuezzo bullshit the whole 2 hours be lit. Stop the negativity
GGQuezzo Prije 5 mjeseci
🤣🤣 I got the siriusxm subscription and basically you’re not missing out on anything literally what they post be the best part of the show and on top of that most of the clips be from the same show so you’re not missing anything
Polo Marg
Polo Marg Prije 5 mjeseci
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