Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains America’s Failed Pandemic Response | DL Uncut | Laugh Out Loud Network

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Celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson joins DL Uncut to talk about why he thinks America’s response to the COVID pandemic was such a failure. Is it ultimately a problem with the U.S. education system, or is it ironically a result of American freedoms? #DLUncut
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Delaney Elliott
Delaney Elliott Prije 23 dana
Good show d.l. this is your lane. I love it.
Anna Gonzalez
Anna Gonzalez Prije mjesec
I love how Tyson uses so many flowery words to basically tell us that we are st^*%*pid
Omaru Shakur
Omaru Shakur Prije mjesec
„Worldwide pandemic“ haha
Charle Normon
Charle Normon Prije mjesec
love him
Dukes Prije mjesec
Neil snake in Degrasse Tyson is full of 💩.
ExpertGains Prije mjesec
Agree with everyting NdeGT said
fadethechannel Prije mjesec
The disconnect is that childlike curiosity is stunted at around age 9. Instead of learning and learning how to think, kids are thrown into concrete pedagogy without the tools to reconcile natural skepticism and the world around them. That’s why many people are drawn to conspiracies: the wonderment of fantastical events taps into that childlike curiosity and natural skepticism that was stunted so early. They learned that a hot stove was hot and hurts if you touch it, but not that the earth is not flat.
Sebastian Fairchild
Sebastian Fairchild Prije mjesec
Neil love white girls, I can’t trust trust him. The Unibomber was right. (Edited) spelling
Yassar Malki Bey
Yassar Malki Bey Prije mjesec
superpoof Prije mjesec
Total democrat sell out. Useless for this subject. Now if you ask him what Mars would do for the requirement for masks, he may have an answer.
TheGuyFromBulgaria Prije mjesec
The real issue is called misinformation and the cause is social media. The algorithms are designed in such a way, that they create a buzz around things that have the potential to reach the mass audience. Conspiracy theories seem to be one of the worst weapons of misinformation. People, wake up, and inform yourselves by using many sources but also consider their relevancy. The American society seems to be in a pitfall, it's up to you to recover.
Magnus. Prije mjesec
about wearing masks: "people didnt understand its not only their freedom, but theyre putting others in risk" shouldve added "people STILL dont understand this" lmao, americans needs to wake tf up.
saintyl montfleury
saintyl montfleury Prije mjesec
tonton nwel se ou nap tann pour président Jovenel Moïse+ JoeB+DT/EMMANUEL pou yo ka pense m ak kon kou
saintyl montfleury
saintyl montfleury Prije mjesec
tonton nwel se ou nap tann pou TNH concour TNN
saintyl montfleury
saintyl montfleury Prije mjesec
tonton nwel se ou nap tann pou TNH
saintyl montfleury
saintyl montfleury Prije mjesec
tonton nwel se ou nap tann pou TNH
SailorMoon Prije mjesec
Good insight, giving it to us straight is the kind of wisdom we will have to have to progress.
BaliAgha Prije mjesec
Correct, the vast majority of civilians today are below average in terms of having educated responses. Self entitlement, arrogance and down right stupidity is running rampant in our country.
fadethechannel Prije mjesec
It’s a failure of the American public school system. Those that become top thinkers, innovators, etc in our society are anomalous if they did so as a product of the public school system, instead of that being the norm. The most “successful” in our society are recognized as becoming so IN SPITE OF public schooling if they come from such, and not BECAUSE they attended public schools, which is how it should be. And like you said, (AMERICAN) ARROGANCE (and American exceptionalism) is also to blame, as it has replaced logic, facts, and reality.
juanm227 Prije mjesec
One Word: Trump
Johnny York
Johnny York Prije mjesec
Cuomo out here putting positive covid patients in nursing homes. I guess Trump caused France, Germany and the Uk to lockdown again.
juanm227 Prije mjesec
@Aaron Keane lol Trump was out there denying Coronavirus and “liberating” states even as far as proposing bleach as a cure with his dumbass, sooo.. I think he did much more harm than those two you mentioned
Aaron Keane
Aaron Keane Prije mjesec
De blasio Pelosi
Average Jane
Average Jane Prije mjesec
So well said! I work in healthcare and I hear so many different views. It’s frustrating.
Life Trod
Life Trod Prije mjesec
Let's practice a bit of that skepticism and challenge what we see and hear a bit... General masks which people wear, DONT actually help anyone, as if these masks were N95 somehow. The difference to belief here, now by public shame, is Fear....
MsDisagree Prije mjesec
There are just as many studies saying masks do help. So you would rather not wear a mask and get someone sick that could die than be cautious and wear one? Doesn't make sense to me.
Life Trod
Life Trod Prije mjesec
@Dean Sadler btw, Research how viruses actually work. These measures are placebo effects. Strengthen your immunity.
Life Trod
Life Trod Prije mjesec
@Dean Sadler you can find studies right here on HRpost. Apart from that, you can research fitted not masks and understand why the generic masks and face coverings which the public wears arent equipped to withhold droplets. Now if the request for citations was an attempt to somehow debunk my claims, I got no time for games. If sincere, do your research. Peace.
Dean Sadler
Dean Sadler Prije mjesec
Can you cite where you’re getting the info that general mask don’t help anyone?
GKENERAL RED Prije mjesec
Amerikkka is not the land of the free.
DownloadDeX Prije mjesec
Who is?
JayyL Prije mjesec
1maccin Prije mjesec
This is soooooo true
Loki D. Wolf
Loki D. Wolf Prije mjesec
This country is filled with a minority of people that require no proof, believe opinions over facts, won't research to get real answers and enjoy conspiracies for false gains. It's up to those that are the complete opposite to speak up, respond online and basically make sure we're not taken over the cliff with the aforementioned!
Suvigya Basnotra
Suvigya Basnotra Prije mjesec
America is doomed unless they're taught how to be 'properly' sceptical about stuff...and also that believing something doesn't make it so. 'Wanting' to believing something to be true doesn't make it true.
Magnulus76 Prije 20 dana
Absolutely. We need empirical and/or ethical grounding to believe something, not merely wishful thinking.
saintyl montfleury
saintyl montfleury Prije mjesec
tonton nwel se ou nap tann pou nou ka genyen sante
GKENERAL RED Prije mjesec
Well said
marlin thrower
marlin thrower Prije mjesec
Randy Enriquez
Randy Enriquez Prije mjesec
God dam ....Prayer to everyone
Potato Prije mjesec
Don't let this make you forget when nate robinson went Zzzzzzz
Daryl Perpignan
Daryl Perpignan Prije mjesec
You're baked
Daryl Perpignan
Daryl Perpignan Prije mjesec
Jesse Torres
Jesse Torres Prije mjesec
It's strange to think that people living in poverty in many European countries still have better/more affordable healthcare then middle class people living here in the United States, and if you're living in poverty in the United States (which last I checked was living on less then $13,000 a year for an individual and about $26,000 for a family of 4) you're doubly screwed if you don't have don't have healthcare!
Jason what?
Jason what? Prije mjesec
GKENERAL RED Prije mjesec
@Jason what? false bro. He is a diabetic and suffers from hbp
Jason what?
Jason what? Prije mjesec
@GKENERAL RED thats because your boy doesn't have any medical problems.
GKENERAL RED Prije mjesec
@Jason what? my boy moved to Vancouver and he says it's better than here
Jason what?
Jason what? Prije mjesec
@GKENERAL RED and it sucks. That's why Canadians come here for treatment. Facts
dawnofthefifthage Prije mjesec
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