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DL Hughley returns with another episode of #DLUncut. Faizon Love pays a visit and talks about his recent battle against COVID which makes him look like more of a baller. Check out the tips he gives to DL and the rest of the world. Watch the full episode on Pluto TV NOW - bit.ly/DLUNCUT_Ep2
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Rich Banks
Rich Banks Prije 2 mjeseci
2 Bears brought me here
The Senior
The Senior Prije 2 mjeseci
The irony that DL caught it as well months later.. im glad them brothers recovered! 🙏🏾
selfmade boss
selfmade boss Prije 3 mjeseci
Wow all these celebrities getting paid to say they have the corona virus
Thinking Like A VIRTUOUS Woman
Thinking Like A VIRTUOUS Woman Prije 3 mjeseci
You actually did make it praise God @ 5:52
Tee Madis
Tee Madis Prije 4 mjeseci
Did both these dudes JUST admit to being in New York at the same time and getting sick? At the same time .. that’s why DL is Asymptomatic
michael mendoza
michael mendoza Prije 4 mjeseci
Now dl has it Stay good dl
reelblack Prije 4 mjeseci
Praying foe a speedy recovery, DL.
S Rodriguez
S Rodriguez Prije 4 mjeseci
DL is a treasure man. This man has brought me laughter damn near my whole upbringing. God bless him
Rosie Lee
Rosie Lee Prije 4 mjeseci
Damn, this just made me completely cancel my well woman check up until this virus is completely gone, i don't want to go No clinic and get nothing i don't got 😷
one lifetolive
one lifetolive Prije 4 mjeseci
Faizon Love: "DL, listen to me. Don't you go down there and let them people give you something you ain't got." that's next level being woke, that's being enlightened. deep.
EL BASIR Prije 5 mjeseci
Itchy and Scratchy.
Aharon Yasharahla
Aharon Yasharahla Prije 5 mjeseci
I wonder how much he got payed for telling the lie about the biggest hoax sense the moon landing
Donald Curry
Donald Curry Prije 5 mjeseci
I heard Fason dated Vivica Fox, Janet Jackson, Tyra Banks, Jada Pinkett, Venessa William's, Beyonce & Kim Kardashian. There's more coming out in his book "Dr Strange Love".
Donald Curry
Donald Curry Prije 5 mjeseci
Fason is one Super Duper snuggly as all hell deep dark chocolate Big Bear Ranger looking greasy & oily Nose Tackle & funny as hell Comedian. You can look at him & start laughing.
El Wormy
El Wormy Prije 5 mjeseci
Jason Burrows
Jason Burrows Prije 5 mjeseci
Bryant Mungo
Bryant Mungo Prije 5 mjeseci
How did he have the virus and not give to his Mother, who he said he was around when he had it ??
Robert Walker
Robert Walker Prije 5 mjeseci
No Michael Jackson beat it. Now knock off the fat. What is it?? A figment of the powers that shouldn’t be imagination projected on to the general public.
Lorrie Kelly
Lorrie Kelly Prije 5 mjeseci
So glad He recovered !
Ruth Cook
Ruth Cook Prije 5 mjeseci
Ruth Cook
Ruth Cook Prije 5 mjeseci
biggmonie Prije 5 mjeseci
DL still fine! Damn
biggmonie Prije 5 mjeseci
Take a mama's love. Faizons mama was not playing!!! She said tou gon make it baby!❤❤❤
biggmonie Prije 5 mjeseci
I'm so glad Faizon is OK❤❤
biggmonie Prije 5 mjeseci
Dj Reeves
Dj Reeves Prije 5 mjeseci
Loving that itchy and scratchy board behind him I definitely want one for my studio
Armon Williams
Armon Williams Prije 5 mjeseci
So ain't nobody gonna say nothing about the Itchy & Scratchy in the background of Faizon's crib???
Edward Daniels
Edward Daniels Prije 5 mjeseci
He probably lying for attention. He hates on other comedians so much. Had a old Rib Tip in his throat!
Sky Brown
Sky Brown Prije 5 mjeseci
Omg . I'm glad he's ok.
michael elliott
michael elliott Prije 5 mjeseci
God bless this brother and I'm glad he overcame but eating was the last of his problems. Lol!!!!!!
Candy Salters
Candy Salters Prije 5 mjeseci
Gone, Big worm with your tough self!!
JJ JUTIKA Prije 5 mjeseci
Praise God he survived!!!!!
Queen Ebony
Queen Ebony Prije 5 mjeseci
So happy for this brother and whatever your mother was doing keep doing it don’t let up and stop smoking immediately 💕
Rodney Harris
Rodney Harris Prije 5 mjeseci
Thank god man. Had he died they would of acted like he was the funniest man alive and they love him..give people a rose while they alive.
K Blue
K Blue Prije 5 mjeseci
So glad he's better.
Marcus Anderson
Marcus Anderson Prije 5 mjeseci
Stay out of the hospital , I went out and purchased about 100 dollars worth of over counter meds .
angela hendricks
angela hendricks Prije 5 mjeseci
He told the truth about NOT GOING TO THE HOSPITAL!
#dangitdeezy Prije 5 mjeseci
Arizona is good for people with breathing problems.
Dj Reeves
Dj Reeves Prije 5 mjeseci
Arizona is the most racist State in the world correct me if I'm wrong but didn't they just recently recognize MLK day as a holiday and they nationality hate Mexican people please stop trying to get black men and women killed in Arizona that's a white Privileged State ...... White Privilege is Terrorism
krs1 Prije 5 mjeseci
I’ve heard that before.
Kunle Ayanjoke
Kunle Ayanjoke Prije 5 mjeseci
You can't blame Kevin Hart on this bro!
Wendell Kirton
Wendell Kirton Prije 5 mjeseci
What's up Big wormmm Lol 😂😂😂😂😂
Keith Macias
Keith Macias Prije 5 mjeseci
Much love from philly San Diego born baby SD Love baby glad to see you ok brother
willie417 Prije 5 mjeseci
I didn't know that DL was sick with roni too
Adrian Nieves
Adrian Nieves Prije 5 mjeseci
Ay good to see Faizon doing better now ✊🏾✊🏾 good to see. 💪🏾💪🏾✊🏾✊🏾
Walter Hunter
Walter Hunter Prije 5 mjeseci
What all did your mom give you? I need to go and get all of that for my house hold
idledamnation 5
idledamnation 5 Prije 5 mjeseci
Fai-Z made it through God bless
Chfis Clines
Chfis Clines Prije 5 mjeseci
Chfis Clines
Chfis Clines Prije 5 mjeseci
Julian Colvil
Julian Colvil Prije 5 mjeseci
How come all of these celebrities are so quit to share that they had the Corona virus? How can a man have asthma, bronchitis, be obese, be a habitual smoker, and survive the virus? How was he unable to eat for 3 weeks and still be fat as hell? Inquiring minds would like to know!
Rosalyn Mack
Rosalyn Mack Prije 5 mjeseci
My ex-husband had Covid-19 & he’s not as big, has asthma, smokes & he lost 20 lbs so he say but I couldn’t tell he lost. When you’re heavy 20 lbs is a bowel movement. 😉 You won’t see the weight loss. I know me ex had it when he called our kids, telling them he loved them which was rare. I saw him after he got out the hospital which was 3 wks later, he just walked slow. He said, he thought he was going to die!! He said it felt like glass in his lungs. Note: We don’t know how big Faizon was before he got sick. He could’ve been much heavier.
Jerz White
Jerz White Prije 5 mjeseci
lance Kelley
lance Kelley Prije 5 mjeseci
For anyone who reads this get as much sun as possible take black seed oil elderberry and moringa, oh also add zinc to that. If you cant get sun take a 5000 iu vitamin d3😉 Stay safe everyone
Rosalyn Mack
Rosalyn Mack Prije 5 mjeseci
And don’t forget your diet!!
willie417 Prije 5 mjeseci
vitamin D3, vitamin C with zinc is all you need, and don't take any chances
Benson Thomas
Benson Thomas Prije 5 mjeseci
Maybe it was karma cause he was making fun of the disease saying it was bogus.
J Good
J Good Prije 5 mjeseci
I hate when we insult other our people's intelligence when it first hit none of was getting it so yeah alot of us thought that soon as we seen different we was like oh it's real. Meanwhile white folks protesting to go outside but we don't take it serious🤔🤔
Ulysses Grant
Ulysses Grant Prije 5 mjeseci
That's why we should all have black doctors. You need that test. Faizon was blessed and moms don't play. Everyone ain't that lucky. I'm scared to go to work due to watching people die from this. Don't be stupid. Just don't wait until the last minute. Go to your black primary.
Wendy Hestick
Wendy Hestick Prije 5 mjeseci
Mark Williams
Mark Williams Prije 5 mjeseci
Damn, u are not going to ask the MOST IMPORTANT question of How He Successfully Treated the Virus!!!
Veronica Scroggins
Veronica Scroggins Prije 5 mjeseci
He didnt take the shyt the hospital gave you...? My sister was worse Inn the hospital on those stupid meds that didnt work when she went home she used meds to fight the flu and rest and thats it it took her about a month
The Truth
The Truth Prije 5 mjeseci
Hey Y'all agreed. He def would have said how he beat it
Hey Y'all
Hey Y'all Prije 5 mjeseci
I don't think he had it. He's just looking for attention
Mike G.
Mike G. Prije 5 mjeseci
What do you expect from celebs, I dont even wanna watch this but I hope its funny and not some race baiting bullshit from D.L as usual
B skrilz
B skrilz Prije 5 mjeseci
This is the new Norm 😷💯
B skrilz
B skrilz Prije 5 mjeseci
Stay 😷 safe fellas
Ilan Castro
Ilan Castro Prije 5 mjeseci
Yaya Alim
Yaya Alim Prije 5 mjeseci
He didn't eat for 3 weeks and didn't lose weight 🤔 Not any🤔 Happy he made it through tho
Pamela Green
Pamela Green Prije 5 mjeseci
MsAlle SHOW Prije 5 mjeseci
Did Love gain back the weight - he said he didn’t eat for 3 weeks. Just wondering.
Jamie Walton
Jamie Walton Prije 5 mjeseci
willie417 Prije 5 mjeseci
he wasn't eating like he regularly eat, I got sick a few years back, I ate some food, but it wasn't much, lost like 28 pounds in like 8 days, it was back in about a month.
Sherri Anderson
Sherri Anderson Prije 5 mjeseci
Wait 😯 you didn't eat for 3weeks 😱 Really
LITTY SMITTY Prije 5 mjeseci
Come on 😂😂😂
Erik Bridges
Erik Bridges Prije 5 mjeseci
I dont think he had cv19.just the flu.cause his mom didnt catch it
Erik Bridges
Erik Bridges Prije 5 mjeseci
How is his mom doing?
Chena Bee
Chena Bee Prije 5 mjeseci
I had Corona and was in hospital for a week. If you have shortness of breath go to the hospital cause you need oxygen
Chena Bee
Chena Bee Prije 5 mjeseci
Michelle Love, when it attacked me it was right after my father died. My back started aching, then the next week it was a really bad headache and diarrhea. No smell or taste became weak from not eating because everything tasted horrible by then I was so weak from the virus. And really bad dry cough that lasted for over 2 months.
Michelle Love
Michelle Love Prije 5 mjeseci
I believe I had the virus a month ago. I was SUPER exhausted and my breathing was shallow. I started back taking my vitamins d, c, multi, Elderberry syrup, green tea with my own home grown mint leaves, ginger and turmeric root, and lemon. Then I started practicing deep breathing exercises and I got up out the bed and made myself move around. It took a whole month and some change to get my body right but it worked. I still drink water to stay hydrated and that entire routine so I've been fine. Personally, I am not a fan of hospitals and they should be avoided at all cost...unless you feel lead in your spirit to go. If we treat our bodies right, God has given us all things in the earth to heal, repair, and reverse many illnesses. Heal thyself!
President Oneday
President Oneday Prije 5 mjeseci
😂😂😂😂 he's like F-that .. not going to the hospital.
Dee Nice
Dee Nice Prije 5 mjeseci
STOP it I'm from MA go get tested.
Dereck&Venus Prije 5 mjeseci
SouthEast San Diego Emerald Hills finest
Nikita Watkins
Nikita Watkins Prije 5 mjeseci
Then DL tlkn bout he has a appointment to get tested for the anti body , 😒 like c'mon yo
Sherri Anderson
Sherri Anderson Prije 5 mjeseci
Nikita Watkins
Nikita Watkins Prije 5 mjeseci
created chocolate melt
created chocolate melt Prije 5 mjeseci
Not only with the asthma it also affect people differently everyone has to keep their immune system up I've been telling people don't go to the hospital because they will walk in there with nothing and walk out with everything they didn't have thats bad
Michelle Love
Michelle Love Prije 5 mjeseci
IF they walk back out at all...
created chocolate melt
created chocolate melt Prije 5 mjeseci
It's not just black people that don't understand it's a lot of people from other races that's hanging in groups without face masses and they're not social distancing and a lot of things is being swept under the rug if y'all know what I mean.
voygent Prije 5 mjeseci
Vitamin D deficiency is lowest in the elderly, males and people of color especially Black people, also the demographics of COVID19. The lower Vitamin D levels the higher risks and severity of COVID19. African American average Vitamin D levels is 16ng/ml and Africans is 40ng/ml. Vitamin D levels under 20 doubles risk for type 2 diabetes.
cherryD Prije 5 mjeseci
Interesting. Thank you for sharing this.
Hey Y'all
Hey Y'all Prije 5 mjeseci
I guess I'm the only one that believes Faizon is lying about Corona 😑
Joshua Crippen
Joshua Crippen Prije 5 mjeseci
He keeps looking up as if he reading.
Cameron Thompson
Cameron Thompson Prije 5 mjeseci
Hey Y'all he said he didn’t take the test and he advised US not to take it and don’t go to the hospital 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐😠 I smell bullshit. He had a flu
RODRICK MYERS Prije 5 mjeseci
Why would Faizon, Bebe and Idris be lying about the Corona?? Were you there???
Nikita Watkins
Nikita Watkins Prije 5 mjeseci
Yeah he's definitely lying and he absolutely wouldn't be able to try to attempt to smoke no cigarette he would feel to sick and if he ain't go to the hospital then what test did he take to let him know caught the Corona virus like gtfoh
IAmMalikk Prije 5 mjeseci
Love and respect 🖤💯
Lucas Prether
Lucas Prether Prije 5 mjeseci
Rona played with his emotions and lost.
D Jilla Fo Rilla
D Jilla Fo Rilla Prije 5 mjeseci
That's hilarious 😆😂 where my money Smokey 💀💀
Dub Prije 5 mjeseci
Who's working the curse beeper? Beeping the S word but MF was cool? lol
Veronica Scroggins
Veronica Scroggins Prije 5 mjeseci
It is zoom maybe they are a couple ofd secs behind or didnt hear everything😂😂😂😂😂
Stebo Ma'at
Stebo Ma'at Prije 5 mjeseci
That's what I'm saying!!
Kenneth Graham
Kenneth Graham Prije 5 mjeseci
Thank God! We need to give the community hope not hurt
Melvin Carlton Johnson III
Melvin Carlton Johnson III Prije 5 mjeseci
this was uh excellent uplift... thanks... III
Charlye 6
Charlye 6 Prije 5 mjeseci
Yeah if u went to the hospital u probably wouldn't have made it
Mike Lawry
Mike Lawry Prije 5 mjeseci
DL was laughing but he was telling the truth about the hospitals
Yaya Alim
Yaya Alim Prije 5 mjeseci
LOL Network
LOL Network Prije 5 mjeseci
Uncut versions are on Pluto TV.
KEVINsss ss
KEVINsss ss Prije 5 mjeseci
Love Life
Love Life Prije 5 mjeseci
They had it on the news that black folks couldn't get it. The numbers began changing. Information keeps changing.
MrAlex3132003 Prije 5 mjeseci
What Faizon aint saying is: in AZ, they are NOT letting ppl come thinking they can lay up in the hospital. It is one of the least testing States. Maybe its a good thing. That's why they are not overwhelmed with patients.
willie417 Prije 5 mjeseci
COVID-19 Hospitalization Tracking Project Arizona Current Hospitalizations: 812 Hospitalizations to Date: 1,830 Currently in ICU: 299 Currently on Ventilator: 208 In ICU to Date: Total Deaths: 763
Mel Bea
Mel Bea Prije 5 mjeseci
Check out UTUBE young pharaoh DL he can and will share information that one haven’t any information to the black community that we need to be educated about...
klynch572 Prije 5 mjeseci
How is this DL uncut when every curse word is edited
lotusvirus . com
lotusvirus . com Prije 5 mjeseci
Another fake news promotion
Battle Rap Critic
Battle Rap Critic Prije 5 mjeseci
BR Prije 5 mjeseci
Key words: Don't you go down there and let them people give you something you ain't got! 🤔
Rosie Lee
Rosie Lee Prije 4 mjeseci
And that's why im canceling my well woman check up, until this Bs leaves 😷
brake chamber
brake chamber Prije 5 mjeseci
WTF ?!?! Is False Positive ? still can't figure that out.
Nicole Nikita
Nicole Nikita Prije 5 mjeseci
You know they were saying them test were already covid 19 in them.
Nashanta Stanley
Nashanta Stanley Prije 5 mjeseci
He's absolutely right the hospitals...clinics...doctors offices ALL HAVE VIRUSES, GERMS AND SICK FOLKS and once you are at the front desk in the waiting room then UR EXPOSED!!!😳😳
biologyprodigy Prije 5 mjeseci
Fix your lighting Faizon
Gepson Jean-Baptiste
Gepson Jean-Baptiste Prije 5 mjeseci
Glad you're ok.
Sheena Lockett
Sheena Lockett Prije 5 mjeseci
I have bronchitis and asthma, but I smoke like 4 cigars a day... Wait a minute..... 🤦🏾‍♀️
Scr8 Up Factz
Scr8 Up Factz Prije 4 mjeseci
Same here. I have Bronchitis and Asthma but I smoke and drink milk / eat dairy products. I be chokin on mucus all day but im happy
cassandra king
cassandra king Prije 5 mjeseci
Yeah ...that part.
Verla Hatcher
Verla Hatcher Prije 5 mjeseci
I had asthma when i was little.
knoni Prije 5 mjeseci
Other than staying home. What are some ways to beat it or get yourself better? I don't have it. I'm just asking
Battle Rap Critic
Battle Rap Critic Prije 5 mjeseci
He doesn't know
Michelle Love
Michelle Love Prije 5 mjeseci
@knoni Right!
Gym Intuition
Gym Intuition Prije 5 mjeseci
Lime juice!
knoni Prije 5 mjeseci
@klynch572 hospitals are killing people
klynch572 Prije 5 mjeseci
Call the hospital ASAP
M Johnson
M Johnson Prije 5 mjeseci
Faizon looks like he has a fresh haircut too 😃
HusbandGuy Saunders
HusbandGuy Saunders Prije 5 mjeseci
Not really
Travis Blair
Travis Blair Prije 5 mjeseci
@Joe Limbus it really is!
Joe Limbus
Joe Limbus Prije 5 mjeseci
I mean is it really hard to be bald? Lol
Break Harpe
Break Harpe Prije 5 mjeseci
Good he beat it & thank God his Moms didn't catch it also
Nikita Watkins
Nikita Watkins Prije 5 mjeseci
Yeah this exactly why i dont know how true this is
Elizes Francea
Elizes Francea Prije 5 mjeseci
Didn't he think of her first, he could of killed her.
Elizes Francea
Elizes Francea Prije 5 mjeseci
He Went to his mum.
CDUBB TOO WAVY Prije 5 mjeseci
Breaking B
Breaking B Prije 5 mjeseci
Fat's ya r a lucky man.kuvukile looks upon u..😂
maNcube Prije 5 mjeseci
Translation: kuvukile looks upon you ("It's woken up" is upon you) As an African: 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😂😂💀💀 ohh boy!!!
TheOriginalSting Prije 5 mjeseci
Glad he beat it 💪🏽💪🏽
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley Prije 5 mjeseci
Haryoko Yoko
Haryoko Yoko Prije 5 mjeseci
Well done, brother. 😀🤝👍
Shua01 Prije 5 mjeseci
Stand-up is way more funny live than watching it on a screen, so I pray this is not the new normal. Glad he's alright. Glad mama's alright too : )
Davis Muriithi
Davis Muriithi Prije 5 mjeseci
Faizo..igwara gwara
Tim Dinkins
Tim Dinkins Prije 5 mjeseci
These the type of stories that need to be share!
Michelle Love
Michelle Love Prije 5 mjeseci
The hospital would be an absolute LAST resort! Hospitals kill, period;especially now with this virus that they have weaponized against black people. I've heard multiple stories of nurses, white nurses confessing to "murders" they have witnessed with their own eyes! Doctors giving lethal doses of insulin, using ventilators when unnecessary, not reviving dying patients, the list goes on. I believe them because I used to work in a hospital for over 10 years and I saw a lot. Keep trusting these people!
Tim Dinkins
Tim Dinkins Prije 5 mjeseci
I get that but my main point is survival! People have gotten the virus and survived.
harleiux12 Prije 5 mjeseci
But you can’t tell people to not go to the doctor.... that’s not healthy lifestyle
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