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2020 has really gotten to the best of us. With everyone separated, Kevin and the #PlasticCupBoyz talk about their isolated Thanksgiving meals and how they weren't impressed with it. Harry pops off to discuss his and Kevin's unseasoned meals and looks like he might have a career as a food critic. All this and more on this episode of Straight from the Hart!
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Chuck Carter
Chuck Carter Prije mjesec
4:19 pausssssssse
Anitres Lucien
Anitres Lucien Prije mjesec
I'm that Aunt
freddy Flores
freddy Flores Prije mjesec
boutta bring sharold with that back arm meat
bob bib
bob bib Prije mjesec
hello cam someone let me know why we only get short clips of these and why how to get longer cuts of it. without a xm account
suwqp fkxks
suwqp fkxks Prije mjesec
The frantic rub ultrascructurally bless because snow dolly form apropos a fast polo. courageous, brief dedication
Ariel Bermudez
Ariel Bermudez Prije mjesec
Blue9 MultiMedia Group
Blue9 MultiMedia Group Prije mjesec
Don't feel bad Na. I'm not a morning person either LoL [SF]
خصوصية كرة القدم
خصوصية كرة القدم Prije mjesec
Do you know who Kevin is? Write to me in the comments you will be amazed
Jaah Jahhh
Jaah Jahhh Prije mjesec
"It was white people good" chu mean? You trying to say white people don't like good food?
Douglas Stern
Douglas Stern Prije mjesec
We go some good food called Kugel Noodle Pudding. Egg noodles, cinnamon, raisins, butter, cottage cheese, eggs, sugar, etc. For white food, we love that dish lol. Brined turkey too with gravy and stuffing, and other sides
triisha kaur
triisha kaur Prije mjesec
Hi Kevin hart
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley Prije mjesec
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley Prije mjesec
$60 for Turkey 😮
Eugene Joseph
Eugene Joseph Prije mjesec
I like when they analysed the white people food
Nickdaquick Prije mjesec
I’m Harry! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Taj Peterson
Taj Peterson Prije mjesec
🤣The apples was Crunchy in the apple pie? 😂 you know what was missing???? SOUL DAMMIT! IT WAS MISSING SOUL!
Te’Dra Time Capsule
Te’Dra Time Capsule Prije mjesec
How he ain’t gone hire a black cook 👩🏿‍🍳 😹🤨
Raynebeau Noir
Raynebeau Noir Prije mjesec
Bruh when Harry said the stuffing looked like an omelet...I'm dead 🤣🤣🤣☠☠
Alison Gardner
Alison Gardner Prije mjesec
Ohhhh dear, Mac and fancy troffel oil Cheese! White flavorless Apple Pie But the turkey was good!!! Normally that would be dry as tinder Sh!t😅😆 🙄🙁🤤
Dwayne Murdock
Dwayne Murdock Prije mjesec
My aunt name is Shirley and she definitely got that reenforcement muscle on her arm and she been cooking up for the holidays Catered services available
Cameron Manning
Cameron Manning Prije mjesec
Why he say seasoning like that lol
Ian K
Ian K Prije mjesec
I was swimming in grass downstairs in the attic...
oneal walker
oneal walker Prije mjesec
We need these full episodes, even though I listen to all of the on series xm its different and better when watching it.
Alex Nicole
Alex Nicole Prije mjesec
Yesssss I agreee !!!!!
LIL WALKER Prije mjesec
Im here
marlin thrower
marlin thrower Prije mjesec
Best video 👍❤✌🤑😋🤩😛😼
GodzillaTMNT F.W
GodzillaTMNT F.W Prije mjesec
This too funny
abbykako Prije mjesec
“Fried chick with no bone”. That’s a chicken Tender, lol
- Prije mjesec
What's Kevin saying at 0:23?
- Prije mjesec
🎶 Wah, wah, wah, wah. 🎶 2:15 [Audience]: Aww… 3:20
Sagina Adekunle
Sagina Adekunle Prije mjesec
Tevin Gamage
Tevin Gamage Prije mjesec
Yah .... thats why its called LOL network .....
Bribri Prije mjesec
Bruh I got sick
Sagina Adekunle
Sagina Adekunle Prije mjesec
Omg I am soo early
FIRST CLASS Prije mjesec
Kevin Hart is a damn Legend
Monky Dollqueen
Monky Dollqueen Prije mjesec
You're off to great places, today is your day. ...
The Best of Youtube
The Best of Youtube Prije mjesec
_2020 be like :_ *Stay in drugs* *Don't do Vegetables* *And eat your school*
Chardonay smith
Chardonay smith Prije mjesec
Happy belated thanksgiving!!
The Best of Youtube
The Best of Youtube Prije mjesec
*To the early squad reading this : sending virtual hugs to all who need it . stay safe and happy*
Caio Rosa
Caio Rosa Prije mjesec
The Galaxy S21 Ultra is Better than you think.
Pregleda 2,9 mil.
The Galaxy S21 Ultra is Better than you think.
Pregleda 2,9 mil.