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It's been a hot minute since the Kevin and the Plastic Cup Boyz got to some Fan Mail. Some of the messages are incredibly nice and others are... well you just gotta check it out. All new episode of #StraightFromTheHart!
It's all about real life and laughs on Straight From The Hart. Every week on the LOL Network channel on SiriusXM channel 96.
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Adrianne Johnson
Adrianne Johnson Prije 2 mjeseci
Caused Wayne don't and can't do Jack!!!
kabala youri
kabala youri Prije 2 mjeseci
I don’t understand it ! Kevin went places and performed all over the world, he has fans from everywhere but nonetheless he though of having this available only in the US? Sirius XM is not available in Europe, he should’ve done a podcast on the LOL app (make that worldwide too) and maybe make more money ?
Michelle Hendrix
Michelle Hendrix Prije 4 mjeseci
Missing new episode on Tuesday and Thursday 😔 you guys are awesome 💜
STILLME_67 Prije 4 mjeseci
omarr Phillips
omarr Phillips Prije 4 mjeseci
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Kaseim Ezell
Kaseim Ezell Prije 4 mjeseci
Wasu ... Wassup 😂😂😂😂
J Woods
J Woods Prije 4 mjeseci
Why y’all keep doing Harry like that 🤣🤣🤣🤣
True Son
True Son Prije 4 mjeseci
The producer is “selfish and immature” 🤣😂☺️😂
daniel heinz
daniel heinz Prije 4 mjeseci
Waffle houseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol
Prophetic Beauty TV
Prophetic Beauty TV Prije 4 mjeseci
Harry reading 🥴🥴😆😆😆
MrAanthony1 Prije 4 mjeseci
No breaks Kevin! Ashley can wait
Noe Calderón
Noe Calderón Prije 4 mjeseci
Kevin Hart and Marlon Wayans for The episode 16 What the Fit
Sammy Fitch
Sammy Fitch Prije 4 mjeseci
These niggas funny asf
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley Prije 4 mjeseci
Jessica Plourde
Jessica Plourde Prije 4 mjeseci
Kev practice what you preach 😂
Aldo Giant
Aldo Giant Prije 4 mjeseci
Hawesome V.
Hawesome V. Prije 4 mjeseci
Great Job Harry
Shelton Foye
Shelton Foye Prije 4 mjeseci
Maaaaaan when harry started readin and fucked up immediately i died
Anthony Linzie
Anthony Linzie Prije 4 mjeseci
I’m crying laughing 😂😂😂at Harry tryna read
Shalon Rivers
Shalon Rivers Prije 4 mjeseci
I don't know why theses guys be getting on Kevin when multi tasking and tryna work...if he don't work NONE OF THEY ASSES EAT (a word) LOL
curlton_j smith
curlton_j smith Prije 4 mjeseci
Hey Kevin can you play another movie cause die hart those episodes were to short and they were only ten
- Prije 4 mjeseci
Brianna Prije 4 mjeseci
waking up in the midnight just to watch this funny podcast 🤣🤣♥️♥️
John Nelson
John Nelson Prije 4 mjeseci
He said a hemi of a note I'm dead 😂😂😂😂
Love You
Love You Prije 4 mjeseci
Stop making these so short. We need 1hr minimums.
Russ Hunt
Russ Hunt Prije 4 mjeseci
Jwda thefax
Jwda thefax Prije 4 mjeseci
Taona Tondoya - Oh ok.
Taona Tondoya
Taona Tondoya Prije 4 mjeseci
@Jwda thefax there is no Sirius XM in Africa or Europe
Jwda thefax
Jwda thefax Prije 4 mjeseci
They will when it’s old. Til then, they want you to get Sirius XM.
Russ Hunt
Russ Hunt Prije 4 mjeseci
yus how do you get teh fan mail to the stinky unless you give it goid and send it to fb or teh MAIL in youtube but still going to touch funny style on spanky spank and wayne trying to check pros lolol;lolol. Kev is that tiny stinky but gave stuff up in there!
Russ Hunt
Russ Hunt Prije 4 mjeseci
@Jonathan Billingslea yus
Jonathan Billingslea
Jonathan Billingslea Prije 4 mjeseci
Russ Hunt ohhhhhh lol I no lie that’s had me kinda confused like I thought I couldn’t read for a minute
Russ Hunt
Russ Hunt Prije 4 mjeseci
@Jonathan Billingslea i do like it and teh paper cup boys englisch is funny when you are trying tobkinda sneak it in lolol ; lolol
Jonathan Billingslea
Jonathan Billingslea Prije 4 mjeseci
Is this your first time typing in English
Victor Crespo
Victor Crespo Prije 4 mjeseci
Any other car guys get triggered when kev said LS3 when they were talking about dodge at first Lol
Victor Crespo
Victor Crespo Prije 4 mjeseci
Yea just Wayne me.....😂
Harold's Random Videos
Harold's Random Videos Prije 4 mjeseci
Kevin Hart is nuts
Thomas Owes
Thomas Owes Prije 4 mjeseci
He flubbed.
Abdirisak Awes
Abdirisak Awes Prije 4 mjeseci
When life gives you hundred's of reasons to cry, show life that you have thousands of reasons to smile
Kuzo Dawg
Kuzo Dawg Prije 4 mjeseci
U was lookin for a thousand likes huh LOL
d'angelo corn
d'angelo corn Prije 4 mjeseci
KingJohn301 Prije 4 mjeseci
😭😭😭😭 not tryna be the only one lmaoo
Jamar Roby
Jamar Roby Prije 4 mjeseci
"Hemi of a nose 👃" 😂🤣☠💀
Ezequiel Penaloza
Ezequiel Penaloza Prije 4 mjeseci
Yooooo wassaa
Fred Rodriguez
Fred Rodriguez Prije 4 mjeseci
You and the plastic cup boys are the best I dont care if ppl hear me laugh while listening to the fam.
Kyra Lee
Kyra Lee Prije 4 mjeseci
Where are the new episodes on Sirius?! I don’t see them
Tano Davis
Tano Davis Prije 4 mjeseci
There aren't any new shows until 9/22
Chaille Coleman
Chaille Coleman Prije 4 mjeseci
season break I think, i peeped the pause too
ashwin sreekumar
ashwin sreekumar Prije 4 mjeseci
Yo man wasss uppp
Summer Lembo
Summer Lembo Prije 4 mjeseci
KevinTooturnt Reacts
KevinTooturnt Reacts Prije 4 mjeseci
For everbody who is listen 🗣🗣 dont giv up we in this together🤜🏾🤛🏾 i pray if yall wanna be HRpostrs like or Great dont give up💛
A K Prije 4 mjeseci
Y'all are squad goals FORREAL!!
prsupreme 1
prsupreme 1 Prije 4 mjeseci
Kevin the king 👑
Olivia Perez
Olivia Perez Prije 4 mjeseci
Hi Kevin!
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