Kevin Hart Interviews the g.o.a.t of Skateboarding | Cold As Balls Season 4 | Laugh Out Loud Network

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#KevinHart sits down with pro-skater #TonyHawk to discuss vert skating, how many 360s go into a 900 (Kevin tries the math), and what Tony really thinks of the new generation of skaters and them competing in the summer games in Tokyo. #ColdAsBallsS4


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LOL Network
LOL Network Prije 2 mjeseci
Who (besides Tony) had the best trick on this episode? This episode gave the X Games a run for it's money.
HiitMan Prije 17 dana
LuxurCr3 Tv
LuxurCr3 Tv Prije 2 mjeseci
@Joe Ordonez right lol
The M
The M Prije 2 mjeseci
Honestly the OBB baby had the best tricks
Joe Ordonez
Joe Ordonez Prije 2 mjeseci
Bam bam with that kick flip
LuxurCr3 Tv
LuxurCr3 Tv Prije 2 mjeseci
Bam bam lol
1000th comment
DIY Hamster World
DIY Hamster World Prije 5 dana
Hello I love your video so much🔰🍎🌻🌺🍍🐹
Subscribe Hii
Subscribe Hii Prije 5 dana
Ziamangry Prije 7 dana
im good friends with tony’s nephew :)
Deanhtay Coleman
Deanhtay Coleman Prije 8 dana
Juron Young
Juron Young Prije 9 dana
We need the rock
Randy Orton
Randy Orton Prije 10 dana
I remember the tony hawk days where kids would stand in line just for a tony hawk game. I had a incident one time that somebody was hospitalized because they had only one copy left.
clavis olemgbe
clavis olemgbe Prije 12 dana
This is wrong
Henry Goveia
Henry Goveia Prije 12 dana
“I Got Them Cus I Vert”😂
RoachA$$ Prije 15 dana
The goat is rodney mullen js
Oge Marony
Oge Marony Prije 16 dana
BamBam the best method skater in the world.🤣
Joe Wang
Joe Wang Prije 16 dana
The instinctive grip pragmatically exercise because answer timely guide next a fast repair. drab, ill crayon
Stelfoz Prije 16 dana
Another episode where he doesn't get in the ice water and his guest does. Not watching this crap no mo
zwebackshyper Prije 17 dana
tony hawk os fiftytwoteen
erik castillo
erik castillo Prije 17 dana
The legend
The Mrs.
The Mrs. Prije 19 dana
Is that supposed to be Kevin Hart, running as a little ghost, in the end OBB credits? Adorable!
Thrilla In Manila
Thrilla In Manila Prije 23 dana
Tony hawk underground took so much of my time!
CHIMI SONORA Prije 23 dana
Imagine Billie getting invited
ray mercado
ray mercado Prije 25 dana
You know what yeah this is X games 😔 lmao
Blanqkanvas Prije 26 dana
He's remastering the games , nostalgia !!
Abhijeet Ryder
Abhijeet Ryder Prije 26 dana
Tony Hawk is the God of skateboarding
KMPRSSR Prije mjesec
This is hilarious
jason carter
jason carter Prije mjesec
K Schlg
K Schlg Prije mjesec
The ending was sooooo bad
Therock James23
Therock James23 Prije mjesec
Therock James23
Therock James23 Prije mjesec
Man both man funny
Therock James23
Therock James23 Prije mjesec
Coolest balls that's me
NiC3 Sniper
NiC3 Sniper Prije mjesec
We need Eminem on here
Steezy Kyung
Steezy Kyung Prije mjesec
Shoulda made Kev do a kick flip
Daryn Price
Daryn Price Prije mjesec
For those who didn't know, Darryl is played by Tony Langston and Bam Bam by Nick Montgomery... I never noticed this show had credits until now. Haha.
Crazy Crab
Crazy Crab Prije mjesec
Tony hawk is an awesome man the new game is great too
Abc it is easy as one two three
Abc it is easy as one two three Prije mjesec
Am i the only one who is annoyed by those people who come in and disrupts a converation?
RAW Sqade
RAW Sqade Prije mjesec
Did anyone else peep the camera zoom into Tony’s chest 🤦🏽‍♂️
Luka Muren
Luka Muren Prije mjesec
So is it just writing making the little man funny? Cuz he aint funny at all here
Benny Motalem
Benny Motalem Prije mjesec
Kevin hart: _______________________ Tonyhawk: Is that interpretive dance? Me: ROTFLMAO
Carlo Gambino
Carlo Gambino Prije mjesec
“Not the way I did it “😭
Not even vert goat lmao but don’t speak on stuff you don’t know man Rodney Mullen is the GOAT of skateboarding Tony hawk is the poster boy get it correct smfh
Hassan Sheighey
Hassan Sheighey Prije mjesec
When Derell put the Cart in drive and looked back as if its in reverse and drove forward I lost it bro😂😂😂😂
geramyah bowers
geramyah bowers Prije mjesec
Y’all spam on all his videos do Steve o
Micoh de Guzman
Micoh de Guzman Prije mjesec
When are we gonna see the goat Rodney Mullen next?!?!
Hi X
Hi X Prije mjesec
Definitely a legend
Josh Stixx Fata
Josh Stixx Fata Prije mjesec
0:47 Trying to learn Manual
Official Nik1
Official Nik1 Prije mjesec
How derell finna look back but go forward😂😂😂 on the cart
Kolt Casey
Kolt Casey Prije mjesec
I’d prefer to stop including the crew so much and just have more a funny but serious interview
Arham Bhansali
Arham Bhansali Prije mjesec
Kevin hart and Ryan Reynolds r the funniest guys up here
john anderson
john anderson Prije mjesec
The new group pivotally mix because bucket bodily trace near a elite sauce. anxious, secret transmission
Mikia Prije mjesec
Tony Hawk is a straight up legend! Been rocking with him forever! I bought a skateboard because of him.... didn’t go so well but I bought one !
Ahmad Prije mjesec
Lol, why Tony sound like a 50 year old teenager?
quendan beets
quendan beets Prije mjesec
two legends
Luka DIMITRIJEVIĆ Prije mjesec
"We gotta be successfull when it's against all odds" 👑
suwqp fkxks
suwqp fkxks Prije mjesec
The abusive bookcase paradoxically trust because dessert strangely milk into a tall postbox. poised, offbeat wrinkle
Lucky Marz
Lucky Marz Prije mjesec
iWish iHad aPodcast
iWish iHad aPodcast Prije mjesec
I was watching that X-Games Live when he pulled it off (Both in competition and when he was sooo close wouldnt stop trying it after his run ended) But.. "what is this interpretive dance" made tony the undisputed GOAT LMAO
Matt Groves
Matt Groves Prije mjesec
Can we get a Tony Hawk’s Underground remaster
Chris Gang
Chris Gang Prije mjesec
I like his answer much were u making?..6 figures haha
Niners 21
Niners 21 Prije mjesec
Loved the video game
Garret Black
Garret Black Prije mjesec
Love how dry Tony’s humor is. This is a good episode
Tgg Prije mjesec
i watch these videos because of bammmmmm!!!!!!
kbetol78 Prije mjesec
I wonder is Kevin hearts name on the Epstein island list? Does he also drink babies blood?
Ronald Henderson
Ronald Henderson Prije mjesec
Leslia12 Ownersa21
Leslia12 Ownersa21 Prije mjesec
"and i sucked at 360's" pfft ok guy who landed the first ever 900
It’s Bigger Picture
It’s Bigger Picture Prije mjesec
Is this interpretative dance 😂😂🤣🤣😂👋
Austin Dearborn
Austin Dearborn Prije mjesec
Big fan of the show but they’re tryna make it too funny and it feels so forced. Not Kevin’s natural flow of being funny and why did they cut him off on literally every important answer what’s the point of the interview
SuperSaiyan3985 Prije mjesec
Was never into skating, yet I bought a lot of Tony Hawk clothes as a kid because his name sounds cool and came with toy skateboards.
Meka-eel Pather
Meka-eel Pather Prije mjesec
Is this interpretive dance.
Sam H
Sam H Prije mjesec
Bro... he looks like he should be in a Libra Kai episode
863 Music
863 Music Prije mjesec
Definitely the biggest legend in skateboarding but definitely not the greatest of all time
Jaylin Patterson
Jaylin Patterson Prije mjesec
Kevin harts isn’t funny
JakeJake FulwoodFulwood
JakeJake FulwoodFulwood Prije mjesec
Tony’s sense of humor is so underrated. He can literally adapt in any kind of humor so naturally.
Anonymousghoulll Prije mjesec
Riding scooters on grass “No you’re right this is Xgames”
Edwin Vs Gio
Edwin Vs Gio Prije mjesec
Tony Hawk is the only person I can think of when it comes to Skateboarding and I don’t even skate.
TMT Lamonte
TMT Lamonte Prije mjesec
Tony hawk is the only skater I know 😂he is a goat of skate
TMT Lamonte
TMT Lamonte Prije mjesec
Tmt lamonte
Johnny Prije mjesec
“That’s called a cave man “😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cap Prije mjesec
Metr0 Unit
Metr0 Unit Prije mjesec
Get Jimmy butler on this!!!!!!
The Khaki Observer
The Khaki Observer Prije mjesec
"Lance Armstrong!"....."Are you Tom Brady?" 🤣😂😂🤣
Nerd Blast
Nerd Blast Prije mjesec
Lol yea this is X-Games
Christopher Breedloe
Christopher Breedloe Prije mjesec
My friend was very into skateboarding but was tragically killed by a stray bullet recently. Tony hawk reached out to his parents with his condolences during the funeral and made me respect the heck out of the guy. Mad respect
Capt prime
Capt prime Prije mjesec
Man looking at tony makes me miss my childhood
Luis Torres
Luis Torres Prije mjesec
When will Kevin Hart's Best Friend Dwyane "the rock" Johnson be on this show. Should be like a finale episode or something.
JakeJake FulwoodFulwood
JakeJake FulwoodFulwood Prije mjesec
Tony’s sense of humor is so underrated. He can literally adapt in any kind of humor so naturally.
Uiri Priest
Uiri Priest Prije mjesec
he was telling his life story then kevin hart cut him off lmao :(
omar westmaas
omar westmaas Prije mjesec
I want to see joe rogan on here. I love the chemistry of kevin and joe on the joe podcast
Cutie Patootie
Cutie Patootie Prije mjesec
Cutie Patootie
Cutie Patootie Prije mjesec
@12:25 how i wish my relationship with consequences would be :l
Cutie Patootie
Cutie Patootie Prije mjesec
i love the new ad plugs... meme the ad!
ericjm1215 Prije mjesec
Nobody Kevin : do you want to know my confidence old spice sweat defense 🤣🤣 kevin you my favorite
Rhea Prije mjesec
Tony Hawk funny as hell. When the scooters come in “yea this is like x games”
Andromeda Gaming
Andromeda Gaming Prije mjesec
dude he should do travis pastrana
Namoonga Shikapande
Namoonga Shikapande Prije mjesec
is this interpretive dance 😂😂😂
4D Fitness Me
4D Fitness Me Prije mjesec
If Tony hawk dies. The world ends. 🤷🏿
Byron Alexander
Byron Alexander Prije mjesec
Kacy Mah
Kacy Mah Prije mjesec
I love Tony Hawk! Read his book back in middle school and follow his Twitter (which is the funniest thing ever).
rezwana vin
rezwana vin Prije mjesec
He sounds so humble and a nice person.
Alex Aguilar
Alex Aguilar Prije mjesec
Bam bam lol
Aventrias Avery
Aventrias Avery Prije mjesec
When the big dude came out on his imaginary board and Kevin was like..... what r u doing lmaooooo I was crying
JBC tv
JBC tv Prije mjesec
Anyone notice kev getting a lil fat?
vow Prije mjesec
wtf tony is 52
perrier gaz
perrier gaz Prije mjesec
You aint gotta be drug abuser to be a goat in skateboard
Jarmel `
Jarmel ` Prije mjesec
Get some UFC/MMA Fighters here. Jone Bones would be amazing or so many of them are cool people
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