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You gotta support the arts! Kevin Hart and the Plastic Cup Boyz talk about Kenya Barris, creator of Blackish and Mixish, new show BlackAF. The crew dives into what the show means to them while Kevin talks about how it hits home. What should Kevin and the Plastic Cup Boyz watch next? Here's the latest edition of Straight from the (Zoom)Hart for you. #SiriusXM #Channel96
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Kaylin Balogun
Kaylin Balogun Prije 20 dana
i mean black people arent rich and mixed people AREN'T black so yeah, actually it does have to do with your skin tone
Kaniah Marie
Kaniah Marie Prije mjesec
I don’t really like the acting and the confessionals but the show has good points
Al Prije 2 mjeseci
Nyiam look like a cat clock 🤣🤣🤣🤣 i missed that at first
Kevin S. Oshiro
Kevin S. Oshiro Prije 2 mjeseci
like Eddie Huang's "Fresh Off The Boat" - a biopic of an immigrant family (from China). the Plastic Cup Boyz member that was wearing the "Get Your Shirt" t-shirt kinda sounds like Oswald Bates - from "In Living Color" (played by Damon Wayans) in this mof#$kin' interview)..
Kia Mackenzee
Kia Mackenzee Prije 2 mjeseci
Well thanks kev for breaking it down . Ima go back and watch it bc i couldn’t get into it at first
Keshon drew
Keshon drew Prije 3 mjeseci
I love it... it's a classic
Kim Williams
Kim Williams Prije 3 mjeseci
I luvv how they pick on each other so funny 😂 😂
Mary Bean
Mary Bean Prije 3 mjeseci
my favorite show ever. A brilliant masterpiece
Ashanti King
Ashanti King Prije 3 mjeseci
Great show but tbh it does need a lot more darskins in it
Love You
Love You Prije 3 mjeseci
Mai Forsman
Mai Forsman Prije 3 mjeseci
Funny AF, can’t wait for new season
Mr Slate
Mr Slate Prije 3 mjeseci
Is that Spank?
The Professional
The Professional Prije 4 mjeseci
When this show really is based on Kenya Barris real family, is this really how black parents talk to their family usually?
Kruise Kontrol
Kruise Kontrol Prije 4 mjeseci
Black people are hard on other black people
Kruise Kontrol
Kruise Kontrol Prije 4 mjeseci
Dry humor but it is good
Kim Jong un’s chairman
Kim Jong un’s chairman Prije 4 mjeseci
Mixed review from me liked marlon more
Denisha Rae Baylor
Denisha Rae Baylor Prije 4 mjeseci
Not everything is for everyone but the acting is unbearable.
Fly High, Lay Low
Fly High, Lay Low Prije 4 mjeseci
When he recreated the interogation scene from menace.... You know you dun f'd up right 😂😂😂
Fly High, Lay Low
Fly High, Lay Low Prije 4 mjeseci
I'm on my 3rd time watching the season. ....Kenya is hilarious
Smiles and the Twisted MD
Smiles and the Twisted MD Prije 4 mjeseci
I love the show. It's a satirical comedy "autobiographical" mocumentary. Kenya is the type of comedy you have to have higher thinking to understand.
Toni Patrice Jones
Toni Patrice Jones Prije 4 mjeseci
I love it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
CMarie Prije 4 mjeseci
Much Love!💜
Robert Broadhead
Robert Broadhead Prije 4 mjeseci
Educate yourself
Sixfoursoul Prije 4 mjeseci
I like mixed ish better
Karen Green-March
Karen Green-March Prije 4 mjeseci
My 19 year so and I watched Black AF together and we couldn't stop laughing. It's a damn good show..funnyAF😄😄😄
jarre toles
jarre toles Prije 4 mjeseci
Joey is handsome. His whole demeanor makes him handsome. GET IT 30 PLUS 20!
s8peed Prije 4 mjeseci
Kaye K
Kaye K Prije 4 mjeseci
We love Blackish.. sooo stop it!! All of his stuff is good, just couldn’t get into this show, sorry guys!
AhkMan Peoples
AhkMan Peoples Prije 4 mjeseci
I love the show ✊🏿👍🏿🙌🏿 ‼️if you didn't enjoy it you got personal problems 🤷🏿‍♂️
Angelina Briscoe
Angelina Briscoe Prije 4 mjeseci
Never watched it.....I have actually gotten tired of Blackish as well
John L
John L Prije 5 mjeseci
The show has a terrible title. I saw 2 episodes and got bored. We need to stop putting black in everything. It alienates people for no reason.
Phaedra Prije 5 mjeseci
I got dragged because I said it was purely for entertainment and that some people were taking this too seriously. I see it as his character talking about his rich black people's problems and his crazy attempts to over fix the situation.
Rishi Sahgal
Rishi Sahgal Prije 5 mjeseci
It was a good show. Not perfect but it was funny and interesting
Kayin Sanders
Kayin Sanders Prije 5 mjeseci
The show is hilarious. It has a some funny one liners and I want a season 2 so bad.
freer561 Prije 5 mjeseci
Right!!! Black AF and Blackish is about his life, it is slow in the beginning, it get better if you continue to watch. Both shows the same way. This is about what his biracial family is like, so stop criticizing. We all have a story, we should be proud to see our black people come up. 👏 👏 White people do it all the time.
K Queen
K Queen Prije 5 mjeseci
Black Twitter was right. All those ppl are light and damn near white!! There is no representation of BLACK AF!!
Saletha Gipson
Saletha Gipson Prije 5 mjeseci
Show was hilarious!! Hope they do a season 2. I get it....Favorite episodes 3 and 5 😂
GRIND ETHIKS MEDIA Prije 5 mjeseci
Technically no one is Black we all have Brown skin complexion and tan shade .... we call ourselves Black because the Europeans labeled us Black then we fight over a term that really dont physically pertain to us .... I wish most of our ppl just use common sense ... we got to understand that the term Black separates us from other dark skin or melanated ppl ... this is what white supremacy wanted ... we melanin ppl of different cultures and the term bi racial or mix race is bullshit... biologically there is no such thing as a race ...
appletrio Prije 5 mjeseci
Mixed AF
Curls& Culture
Curls& Culture Prije 5 mjeseci
Such a great way to break it down Kevin! Honestly I feel like any black person who’s ever had to work with or live around white people can relate to this. The show made me feel seen! Forget being around white people, for any black person who ever felt the need to stay black and show honor to their blackness can relate to this. It’s funny and corny because it’s so real. Folks who don’t like it probably feels seen too.
O L Prije 5 mjeseci
Black AF is an attitude not a complexion and those who don’t understand that are ignorant AF
Maya J
Maya J Prije 5 mjeseci
I loved it!! Especially as someone who is mixed. Ppl need to calm down with bashing it so much
David Prije 5 mjeseci
Pause I'm giving my feedback before I finish the video. The show is called black asf because of how the dad acts not the family. It's about how he feels on the inside as a black man not about their skin color for that I'm calling black Twitter dumb asf
iluvdissheet Prije 5 mjeseci
Thanks Kev for this....I enjoyed the show and was disappointed there was backlash.
Ueno Ocean
Ueno Ocean Prije 5 mjeseci
The show is very honest. It’s real life behavior
Shug Howard
Shug Howard Prije 5 mjeseci
I don't really care for Black-ish but I really did like BlackAF. Deeply appreciate when Kenya told the back story about it.
brandymercedez Prije 5 mjeseci
All black people do not like power 🙄
LaVerne Jackson
LaVerne Jackson Prije 5 mjeseci
Coming from an era where I saw NO black people on Television and if I did the were servants or some of tap dancer. I feel black people complain too much . If u don’t like it fine but to get up on social media platforms and complain dang even the cartoon characters of today have blue eyes. Every black person doesn’t have to watch every black show, but you don’t have to go and bash them.
Pradigy Musicman
Pradigy Musicman Prije 5 mjeseci
Episode 4 of BlackAF is classic tho
Dxrryl2Times Prije 5 mjeseci
It’s not correct to say that people “missed the point.” A lot of people UNDERSTOOD and just didn’t like it.. and that’s perfectly fine.
Paige Turner
Paige Turner Prije 4 mjeseci
I didn't even "get the point" but I still liked it.
LaVerne Walker
LaVerne Walker Prije 5 mjeseci
Right on!! Kev
daniel Aj
daniel Aj Prije 5 mjeseci
wow... the show is actually well done!! nice quality content.. each line is actually funny.. this isn't some kinda cheap Tyler Perry comedy lines... these are solid. the guy Kenya is natural and effortless. i cant believe he owns the whole thing--owners aren't usually this talented.
Roy Limbrick, jr.
Roy Limbrick, jr. Prije 5 mjeseci
Loved it.
Ricardo Campbell
Ricardo Campbell Prije 5 mjeseci
Who are these Goofy Goober Genetic retards?
Mariah Wonders a lot
Mariah Wonders a lot Prije 5 mjeseci
I don’t think the show is funny because of the characters themselves not their complexion. Majority of the characters are assholes and the ones that aren’t are just boring. The situations they’re put in sometimes keep my attention but other than that it’s Black-ish but everybody hates each other. And most of the history lessons felt out of place.
Joseph Gitau
Joseph Gitau Prije 5 mjeseci
Anyone who did not like the show was unable to balance between the comedy and the substance of the show.. Kenya was telling his story.
Spencer Williams
Spencer Williams Prije 5 mjeseci
I've been in my feelings over this con for YEARS now. I got the humor. I got the title. It's still not funny. The thing that kills me is the opposite of what this conversation is. Someone mentioned Seinfeld, but nobody ask all Jewish people to support the show are asked them how relatable it is to them. I can't relate to the humor therefore it's not funny to me. This idea that we as a community have to support "Black" is crazy to me! A lot of black people didn't support Amos & Andy, Stepin Fetchit, ect because of the imagery or because they couldn't relate, & to now ask me as a black man to see humor in a show where one episode this brother is going through a mid life crisis so he buys a 100k+ car when most of us are trying to make our car note is not going to be funny to us. Nobody wants entertainers to say broke & on our level, but when most celebrities start out be it "Music, Comedy, Acting" they tell stories for an AVERAGE person prospective "i.e. Roseanne starts the series as an average mid America family" people can relate. Then the character hits the lottery, we can't relate so it's not funny to people on the city bus. I once saw an interview with Jimmy JJ Walker where he said something to the affect of "Good Times was the last time you will see an average/poor black family. Now every black show someone's got to be a doctor, lawyer, business owner."... Look some black people are salty because it's lighter skin blacks I get it "Willie Lynch syndrome", but some of us could just not like it because it's not funny to us. I wanted to like & support the show. I watched 5 episodes back to back I LITERALLY laughed twice! You know before social media you used to be able to not like a show, music, comedy whatever because you didn't like it & people was cool with that. Now if you don't like something people analyze why & then call you a hater. It's just not funny... Sorry so long.
Samantha Robinson
Samantha Robinson Prije 5 mjeseci
the first episode is bad but afterwards good
JustAFan Fave
JustAFan Fave Prije 5 mjeseci
Black people policing other black people's complexion is gross af.
Tikia Robinson
Tikia Robinson Prije 5 mjeseci
I loved it
Marleise Rashford
Marleise Rashford Prije 5 mjeseci
Corny show.
Okie Dokie
Okie Dokie Prije 5 mjeseci
BiracialAf mixedAf multiracialAf blackishAf so many options
r lewis
r lewis Prije 5 mjeseci
I enjoyed it!
Jacquie Johnson
Jacquie Johnson Prije 5 mjeseci
I love the show 😄
kellifit4life Prije 5 mjeseci
Me and my hubby be crackin' up at BlackAF. It's funny.
80" Reach
80" Reach Prije 5 mjeseci
The show is Trash..... Nothing like the Bernie Mack Show
JESS Prije 5 mjeseci
The show is not funny. I hope it gets canceled.
Kolour T.V
Kolour T.V Prije 5 mjeseci
Regardless of how I feel about it, I think in order to really get that show you have to had gotten a lil money. Like you would have already had to have experienced some of that stuff personally or know someone who has and THAT ain't the majority in our community. 🤷🏽‍♂️
4everpunkin Prije 5 mjeseci
I loved BlackAF! I love dry humor tho too.. it's the best kind to me.. it's the realist humor..🤷🏾‍♀️
lateef johnson
lateef johnson Prije 5 mjeseci
I think people freaked out because they didn't know Rashida Jones is black
Mariah Wonders a lot
Mariah Wonders a lot Prije 5 mjeseci
She's mixed
Okie Dokie
Okie Dokie Prije 5 mjeseci
Are we sure she’s actually black. Love her don’t get me wrong but how do we know she’s actually black
Lisa Cox
Lisa Cox Prije 5 mjeseci
In relation to Rashida Jones, Malcolm X and Rashida Jones probably had similar amounts of African and European ancestry. Yet, she gets looked at as not black enough and he is considered one of the most famous black historical figures. Let's be honest...biology didn't determine was based on his connection to black people. People don't see Rashida as black, not because of her phenotype but because she has never gone out of her way to connect to the black community. Yet, I also don't think she has tried to live as a "white woman" either. I think she just lived her life. Most people of a certain age knew who her parents were and she has always been around famous people so she had the privilege to just be herself without having to remind people who her dad was.
armond lopez
armond lopez Prije 5 mjeseci
I'm just now finding this video! Yes. Complexion has nothing to do with how black you are. That's like saying Mindy Kaling is too dark to be Indian. IGNORANT AS HELL!!
Theresa Hollins
Theresa Hollins Prije 5 mjeseci
The show was funny as heck.
Dinah Charles
Dinah Charles Prije 5 mjeseci
Thank you Kevin for your thoughts
Dinah Charles
Dinah Charles Prije 5 mjeseci
I love the show. Ive watched it 3 times and will watch it again. it reminded me about back in the day. It is a show true or not, light or dark skin I watched a show that made me laugh and not judge. Great job Kenya. I will now go and watch Mixed-ish. I watched Blackish and loved it.
Simon Maduxx
Simon Maduxx Prije 5 mjeseci
mic eatah
mic eatah Prije 5 mjeseci
So basically black ppl being racist as usually lol
BrezziBabe28 Prije 5 mjeseci
Why did everyone forget Parks and Recreation lol 😂
Ms De
Ms De Prije 5 mjeseci
I love the show. My dark skinned son has been bullied about his complexion by other Black kids. When my son told these same privileged kids that they're Black too, they said they're not Black, they're light skinned. These same kids also told my son that Black ppl can't get coronavirus. How ignorant is that?!
Rosalyn Thomas
Rosalyn Thomas Prije 5 mjeseci
Loved it!
Wendell Sisnett
Wendell Sisnett Prije 5 mjeseci
Kevin Hart gets it! He articulated it in the fashion that I’ve been trying to for weeks! That show is freakin hilarious! And beautiful!!
#askMissMaria LOVELYHOMECREATIONS Prije 5 mjeseci
It was Funny AF
#askMissMaria LOVELYHOMECREATIONS Prije 5 mjeseci
I didnt do Power love 50 no power
#askMissMaria LOVELYHOMECREATIONS Prije 5 mjeseci
Stein whatever got famos beCAUSE IT was in Cosby's spot
#askMissMaria LOVELYHOMECREATIONS Prije 5 mjeseci
Where is BOSS????? SERIOUSLY where is he.
#askMissMaria LOVELYHOMECREATIONS Prije 5 mjeseci
#askMissMaria LOVELYHOMECREATIONS Prije 5 mjeseci
#askMissMaria LOVELYHOMECREATIONS Prije 5 mjeseci
David Thompson
David Thompson Prije 5 mjeseci
The show is great...the writing is incredible...its funny...its a great show...However it is derivative. Its Blackish with curse words...Now I get that both blackish and BlackAF mirror his life, But can we have different episodes...Can we not have two Junetenth episodes. I'm going to continue to watch because it it a great show...but it is a slight variation of shows I've seen on BLACKISH!
John Ganda
John Ganda Prije 5 mjeseci
that show is objectively really good and everyone needs to chill. Still, not everyone is going to like it
Jeffrey Obi
Jeffrey Obi Prije 5 mjeseci
The show being called "BlackAF" doesn't necessarily mean all members of the cast are dark skinned black. I thought it meant within context of the lives of the family in their environment.
iluvdissheet Prije 5 mjeseci
You're absolutely right. However some people are mad only because the cast wasnt dark skinned.
Big Dawg
Big Dawg Prije 5 mjeseci
Facts! Thanks Kevin!👏👏👏
I love all Kenya Borris shows. Black AF is a great documentary of his family. I watched every episode. Its odd to hear black men depict another black mans work. The view points are sad to hear. Poor blacks do the same for their kids. Their children just don't have the freeform to cuss and fuss back. Poor and rich dad's have the same stress and depression, Also relatives.
sharon pearson
sharon pearson Prije 5 mjeseci
It'Its a Parody
Author G D Grace
Author G D Grace Prije 5 mjeseci
Episode 2 is when I was hooked! Loved it!
courteo Prije 5 mjeseci
BlackAF is a good show. I enjoyed it.
Shelley Ross-Chaderton
Shelley Ross-Chaderton Prije 5 mjeseci
Show is funny AF.
Lisa Landry
Lisa Landry Prije 5 mjeseci
How many of us were allowed to cut up in a restaurant or throw balls across our living rooms as the kids did in the first episode?
WaxPrint Media
WaxPrint Media Prije 5 mjeseci
you shouldn't have to explain comedy. funny is funny. it's just not funny.
Loyda Santana
Loyda Santana Prije 5 mjeseci
I really liked the last two episodes, but most of it felt like the way white people would describe the Dré Johnson’s family when they are in rich spaces. The oldest daughter is the only likeable character. Kenya should NEVER act again. I’d watch a second season to support, but he needs to move on and write about more than just himself.
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