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After a little conversation with his daughter, Harry finds out that KIDS THESE DAYS don't get upset over Yo Mama jokes which gets the Plastic Cup Boyz talking about the old days. Also, an earthquake hit recently (because California) and the guys chat about their first time...in an earthquake. All new Straight from the Hart (Zoom) Edition heading your way! #SiriusXM #Channel96
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Joshua E. Way
Joshua E. Way Prije 25 dana
You all, Lord is coming back and these are the signs
Mr P
Mr P Prije 4 mjeseci
Wayne seems happier-wonder if it’s because Kev ain’t here 🤔🧐
L B Prije 4 mjeseci
I was in the office saying "he said yo momma"!
AJ Montgomery
AJ Montgomery Prije 5 mjeseci
Yo, where is the unedited verison of this podcast?! 😂
Angel Bivins
Angel Bivins Prije 5 mjeseci
This fool said ,"African booty scratchers " ROTFF
I DELIVER L's Prije 5 mjeseci
20 years in the UK I never felt a earthquake or any type of natural disaster
Aïs Dia
Aïs Dia Prije 5 mjeseci
Same in Paris
Wealthbuilderz TV
Wealthbuilderz TV Prije 5 mjeseci
Earthquake came fast huh? Lmao 😂
Prophetic Beauty TV
Prophetic Beauty TV Prije 5 mjeseci
Instead of the beep, maybe use cancel out/silence (no sound) where the demonitizing words are😏 bc I feel like I'm constantly listening to that "We interrupt your regularly scheduled program" emergency test on tv. Lol!!! Let the brothers be themselves and speak how they speak BUT GAAAAAHHHHH-LEEEEEEEEE, I could not fully enjoy the podcast bc I was too busy counting the beeps😩😩😩...tht thang wore me OWWWTTT!!! 🥴🥴Lmao!! Keep us laughing...Love u guys!!!😚🙃😁🤘🏾🤎
Simone Chapman
Simone Chapman Prije 5 mjeseci
Where is Kevin? 😏 👀
Hawesome V.
Hawesome V. Prije 5 mjeseci
Where Kev at?
New Dawn
New Dawn Prije 5 mjeseci
If you are in need of a fb or IG hacker i full recommend CYBORGHACK on IG is your man...he is a pro and very reliable
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley Prije 5 mjeseci
Karem Flowers
Karem Flowers Prije 5 mjeseci
Joel S
Joel S Prije 5 mjeseci
Random kid: “Yo mama” *3 secs later* Everyone hears a loud thump like someone fell
Niners 21
Niners 21 Prije 5 mjeseci
Haha it was long fast and hard ha hes tripping
Niners 21
Niners 21 Prije 5 mjeseci
Na my dad was in prison and if you said your dad I had to try and not kill u
F1 77
F1 77 Prije 5 mjeseci
Mannn aint nobody wna listen to you F' Boys... Where KEVIN HART at????
lakersfan4ever1 Prije 5 mjeseci
Wait did they just say a earthquake isn’t that bad ohhh noooo
Hamtastik Prije 5 mjeseci
Kevin need to stay where at, Wayne funny as hell
V h
V h Prije 5 mjeseci
Wayne seems more relaxed and he engages more when Kevin is not there.
Bigfoot 3000
Bigfoot 3000 Prije 2 mjeseci
Stevo Shuler
Stevo Shuler Prije 5 mjeseci
MOODS. We all have them ! There All funny but Kevs gone so can't sleep on the grind especially now. Imagine if the came in moody and weren't funny. Niggas can't wait to see you fall so be ready.
912Kev Prije 5 mjeseci
I was just about to type that 😂
Duke Da Fool
Duke Da Fool Prije 5 mjeseci
I swear 😂
MrBuliths Prije 5 mjeseci
4.5 wow... how many you been thru? earthquake in Washington DC.. that's a 1st. wow..
MrBuliths Prije 5 mjeseci
i told all of you plastic cup boyz.. Wayne have all you the side friends.. smh
dominion arts
dominion arts Prije 5 mjeseci
Free f*ckery. What else is there to do.
Maurice Abrafo
Maurice Abrafo Prije 5 mjeseci
I’m in Baltimore we don’t get earthquakes except that 1 time and it was light and it made me feel how insignificant everything on this damn earth is one light shift could wipe us all...ants to a mother fucking boot
matheus santos
matheus santos Prije 5 mjeseci
Wayne always happy when kevin is gone lol
Jwda thefax
Jwda thefax Prije 5 mjeseci
Yea I think “attitude Wayne” is fake. He purposely tries not to look like he’s pressed about being around any celebrities when the cameras are on. In the beginning, people looked at them like they were just dudes who hung around Kevin and I don’t think he liked that. Now it’s just a habit to be that way.
bobbydeazy Prije 5 mjeseci
Earthquake will f you up try a Richter 9, it will shake the soul from your tiny nuts
Gerald Cager
Gerald Cager Prije 5 mjeseci
Lmao pause na'im entire comment!!
kevin e-anaba
kevin e-anaba Prije 5 mjeseci
facts lmao
malikbukaii nyc
malikbukaii nyc Prije 5 mjeseci
Ann M
Ann M Prije 5 mjeseci
6:09 ok you said it.
Arash Ghavasi
Arash Ghavasi Prije 5 mjeseci
So like yo momma's Kevin hart!!!!! That's the best I had
Kaseim Ezell
Kaseim Ezell Prije 5 mjeseci
You older Joey, You didn’t get no warning signs in your knees 😂
Kaseim Ezell
Kaseim Ezell Prije 5 mjeseci
Wayne curse every other word ! Everytime he talk it sounded a dial tone 😂
Danny Danny
Danny Danny Prije 5 mjeseci
FLORIDA-BOY Prije 5 mjeseci
heeelll nah no earth quakes. ill take a hurricane any day
Abdirisak Awes
Abdirisak Awes Prije 5 mjeseci
Hey person scrolling through the comments, you're awesome, have a great day/night
Niners 21
Niners 21 Prije 5 mjeseci
Haha ima steal this
LOL Network
LOL Network Prije 5 mjeseci
We gotta hear those Yo Momma jokes. What ya got?
Fiona Bro
Fiona Bro Prije 5 mjeseci
@Giacomo Quattromano 👌👌👌👌
Giacomo Quattromano
Giacomo Quattromano Prije 5 mjeseci
Yo mama so fat she don’t need the internet she already worldwide
Zote Prije 5 mjeseci
Yo mama so fat she jumped in the air and got stuck
Duke Da Fool
Duke Da Fool Prije 5 mjeseci
Yo momma so freaky.... she’s your auntie 🥴
Fiona Bro
Fiona Bro Prije 5 mjeseci
You need to pin this comment so more ppl see it
Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer Prije 5 mjeseci
Back in the day growing up in New York City the first thing we said was "Yo Mamma" and nobody got upset. We had a series of Yo Mamma jokes we would run on each other. We called it "snapping"
Tarik Cohodar
Tarik Cohodar Prije 5 mjeseci
and that is how snapchat was made
Jwda thefax
Jwda thefax Prije 5 mjeseci
They’re talking about when you’re actually arguing with someone.
Kaylan De Bruyn
Kaylan De Bruyn Prije 5 mjeseci
Yo mama is so fat, when she walked pass the TV I missed 3 episodes
LOL Network
LOL Network Prije 5 mjeseci
Were they 20 min sitcom episodes or 50 minute Game of Thrones? Cause that makes a huge difference.
Brian Bell
Brian Bell Prije 5 mjeseci
Wait til the OnlyFans era kids get older .... It's gonna be chaos.
Teenie Free
Teenie Free Prije 5 mjeseci
LOL Network
LOL Network Prije 5 mjeseci
Thanks for swinging by!
Bri Prije 5 mjeseci
This whole video is beeped out u might as well just cut they voices off and just have a silent video
fonternez Prije 5 mjeseci
When you hear them by themselves, you can tell which jokes Kevin got from each of them...
Manu Casa Rabb’El
Manu Casa Rabb’El Prije 5 mjeseci
bleep the bleep outta da video...cant watch this bleep...! if it wasnt fot the bleepin’ id be cool with watchin and listenin to whatever the bleep they sayin...til you fix that, im out...!
Candice Watts
Candice Watts Prije 5 mjeseci
For real though, we had 1 earth quake here some years back, and I was like oh, hell nawl😂🤣😅
Thomas Clark-Puia
Thomas Clark-Puia Prije 5 mjeseci
Living in New Zealand we have a quake every week
Abdirisak Awes
Abdirisak Awes Prije 5 mjeseci
@LOL Network 👍
LOL Network
LOL Network Prije 5 mjeseci
I ain't messing with quakes.
Mathani Khawlhring
Mathani Khawlhring Prije 5 mjeseci
Yes im early😻😻
Ronnie Birondo
Ronnie Birondo Prije 5 mjeseci
God bless this Channel 🤗 ofcourse same us with kevin hart 🤗🤗
LOL Network
LOL Network Prije 5 mjeseci
Appreciate the love, Ronnie!
Candice Watts
Candice Watts Prije 5 mjeseci
So funny...then y’all come to GA and like lil B’s when a tornado run through
Criptonite Prije 5 mjeseci
WADE 420
WADE 420 Prije 5 mjeseci
Suggondem nuts
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