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If there's anything Kevin Hart and the Plastic Cup Boyz want you to take away from life it's to make sure you are financially secure. Even if it means walking back into a Starbucks if they overcharged you .20 cents on a drink. Kev and the Boys talk about why life is so expensive in California and why you shouldn't pay cash in the drive-thru. All new Straight from the Hart coming your way! #SiriusXM
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LLOYD KNOWS Prije 3 mjeseci
Wayne sounds smart on this one. This is how companies rob people. It’s not just 40 cents for Wayne. It’s 40 cents for everyone who walks in which equates to thousands in stolen money for overcharging. People need to pay attention to big businesses.
Leland Simmons
Leland Simmons Prije 4 mjeseci
I'm arguing that 4sho!
Janet Wood
Janet Wood Prije 4 mjeseci
3:33 Starbucks is way over-rated. You can get similar drinks at McCafe for like half the cost! Or, better yet, make it at home!
Paperkut ĺive
Paperkut ĺive Prije 4 mjeseci
Paperkut ĺive
Paperkut ĺive Prije 4 mjeseci
add funny kevin hart's -fablettics-
Wild People On Food
Wild People On Food Prije 4 mjeseci
Good video. what do you think everyone?
Russ Hunt
Russ Hunt Prije 4 mjeseci
yus you need to have teh coins! to much is not that much and you know that big peach but in gaf, sc is coins!!! so nast lolol;lolol i touch that funny style ;)
gitra 182 channel
gitra 182 channel Prije 4 mjeseci
Christian Lauren
Christian Lauren Prije 4 mjeseci
I’m with WAYNE!! You not gon play for .1cent lol got me fucked up lmao
road to 1k without any vids
road to 1k without any vids Prije 4 mjeseci
Jonathan Aguilar
Jonathan Aguilar Prije 4 mjeseci
Got about 70 dollars in quarters nickels dimes and pennies🤣🤣🤣🤫🤫
Maria Robinson
Maria Robinson Prije 4 mjeseci
My mom passed away but I can see her everyday her name is Valerie Louise Spann-Browner!!!
Thrilla In Manila
Thrilla In Manila Prije 4 mjeseci
Lol Starbucks lady got over on him!!
Corey Brandon
Corey Brandon Prije 4 mjeseci
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tyrone williams
tyrone williams Prije 4 mjeseci
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Holy Quran Radio
Holy Quran Radio Prije 4 mjeseci
We are honored to visit you 🌺 🌺 🌺
Eric Torres
Eric Torres Prije 4 mjeseci
If 10 cents a bag sound crazy..... then obvi none y’all Kevin himself lol
Eric Torres
Eric Torres Prije 4 mjeseci
Yea down to jersey
Ohmy Prije 4 mjeseci
Just stopping by to say, get this channel off my pluto. Waste of damn space.
Cj Martin
Cj Martin Prije 4 mjeseci
Where can we watch the podcast? I have the SiriusXM app but it’s basically all audio
Wealthbuilderz TV
Wealthbuilderz TV Prije 4 mjeseci
You guy always make me laugh.
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley Prije 4 mjeseci
Pedro Serrato
Pedro Serrato Prije 4 mjeseci
Cash only sign 😂
DoubleG Prije 4 mjeseci
Wayne be turnin into karen when he feel like it
FLORIDA-BOY Prije 4 mjeseci
to one person its nothing but when u do it to 100 people it adds up
Jay Brown
Jay Brown Prije 4 mjeseci
You have to keep people accountable
dre 40
dre 40 Prije 4 mjeseci
So this is the real raw talk. Long convos about grocery bags
Love You
Love You Prije 4 mjeseci
When Wayne feels like speaking he’s hilarious
Love You
Love You Prije 4 mjeseci
Tywanna Grice
Tywanna Grice Prije 4 mjeseci
Sonics do the same thing their prices the menu can say 2.99 but yet your total will end up being 4.50 n I live in Mississippi and our tax is only at .08 cents on a dollar so if something is 2.99 with tax it should be around 3.24 and they quick to say “that’s how the computer add it up” or if u order a slush u would automatically think a flavor is included but it’s not for example if u order a small grape slush which is 1.29 on the menu but it ring up for 1.59 before tax and around 1.72 with the tax and when u question them I was told it’s .30 cent for the grape flavoring and if u get a real fruit flavor like strawberry, lemon, lime basically flavors that involve real fruits it’s .60 extra so basically the menu price for the base of the slush which is just melted finely crushed ice n sugar. No price on the Sonics here in MS are correct they are cheating ppl out their money daily!! And definitely don’t use the Waitr, Grubhub, Uber Eats, postmates etc apps cause the price is anywhere between $1 to $4 on each item u order so if u order 5 items and your total at the store is around $17 on those apps your total can end up being $23/$25 BEFORE taxes n the delivery fee are included so once all that is added up your total can be at $34/$37 plus the tip u goin spend $40 on a $17 order and this part is like this at 90% of the restaurants on those apps the prices are increased significantly n it’s crazy!!
Josh Jacob
Josh Jacob Prije 4 mjeseci
Please stop blurring the cuss words. Be real.
VB M Prije 4 mjeseci
LMAO The starbucks story is hilarious.
Vincent Tucker
Vincent Tucker Prije 4 mjeseci
Kevin Hart couldn't relate to the grocery store story. He probably hasn't personally grocery shopped since Soul Plane. Lmao
Message from Monnie
Message from Monnie Prije 4 mjeseci
This $5.20 vs $4.85 story is definitely how my life goes.
omarr Phillips
omarr Phillips Prije 4 mjeseci
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Abdirisak Awes
Abdirisak Awes Prije 4 mjeseci
To the person reading this, you're beautiful and don't let anyone bring you down ⭐
Jmarie Bradley
Jmarie Bradley Prije 4 mjeseci
💕💕🙏🏿💯🙏🏿 blessing king!!!
Hussien Basher
Hussien Basher Prije 4 mjeseci
You are the Best man
Saxxton Brazier
Saxxton Brazier Prije 4 mjeseci
Thank you 🤗
fabry gass
fabry gass Prije 4 mjeseci
God bless u
Jeremiah Jackson
Jeremiah Jackson Prije 4 mjeseci
Lil Ogburn
Lil Ogburn Prije 4 mjeseci
Wayne cheap as hell lol
KDASH201 Prije 4 mjeseci
vernon jones
vernon jones Prije 4 mjeseci
Raymond Harris
Raymond Harris Prije 4 mjeseci
I never leave this channel without a SMILE on my face...😁
T McCoy
T McCoy Prije 4 mjeseci
Victor Gregory
Victor Gregory Prije 4 mjeseci
Ayyyy 11th comment wasssup wit it
Nikki N
Nikki N Prije 4 mjeseci
Not Charlie
Not Charlie Prije 4 mjeseci
FCUKIN WHAT Prije 4 mjeseci
Yes first they where free and then they charge ya because of we have to safe the world But then they start charging and we still use they same fucken amount of bags So they make profit and the world is still getting fucked So who is the winner here
Craig Bako
Craig Bako Prije 4 mjeseci
Yeah I'm early
Summer Lembo
Summer Lembo Prije 4 mjeseci
YedZ7 Prije 4 mjeseci
Kevin never changes
ThermalSnail Prije 4 mjeseci
What’s up
O O Prije 4 mjeseci
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Flying RC Car
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